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  1. SirLoinOfsteak85

    Have you been taking tips from Linus on segways...?

  2. Your all on steroids

    alex is awkward af. dude's life is all about hating on apple, meanwhile no one there knows who tf he is. damn boy, find something else to do.

  3. Fulckkckc /

    I think he’s gonna play project cars with Andy

  4. Stratix

    I would also like to play Project Cars with Andy!

  5. AnonymousRocker

    New host? He's awkward, but funny. Hahaha

  6. CDC Crazy Don't Cry

    Why are your tech videos in this format? sounds like you got some junkie to scream random shit off camera.

  7. Nive d Hace aay

    Funny. This year beside coronavirus, has been a great year for technology. Allot of different tech seems to surprise with cost to performance. Quest 2, Amd zen 3, Xbox x and Nvidia. Maybe because people can't go out and have fun, all there time goes for work. but I am sure they like there work.

  8. Leonard G

    Imagine if everyone connected to LTT grew beards

  9. Raashid Tak

    I love how they have no idea what the script is xD

  10. Dominik Agejev

    These bad jokes hurt. Just gimme news please.

  11. Paddy Gun

    Once upon a time intel was the one on top

  12. [;'

    Yes. On the gpu side. On cpu side we have yet to see what intel has to offer. We still don't know how much faster amd will be compared to new intel cpus, and with their price increase an amd cpu is more expensive than intel. Considering mobo, amd is maybe $10 cheaper. And I would be willing to pay that little more if the amd cards still have the same heating issues as before.

  13. Do For Fun

    Amd can do only short term :)

  14. DimZumDK

    A boat? I don't see any boats in this video!?!?

  15. temp .x

    I ain't paying 300$ for a 6 core in 2020

  16. Tim R.

    Apple claims the Ceramic shield is more durable and that's it. They don't use it on the back entirely so this doesn't count. It's more like a proof that Ceramic shield indeed is more durable.

  17. Jason Handley

    You’re trying way to hard to be funny and it’s more annoying than anything. Tech news elsewhere for me

  18. Gustav Miedema

    You are seriously in trouble if you give your girlfriend a trimmer called the lawmower 3.0 as a gift. It's a pretty harsh insult.

  19. Ozzy Bogan Tech


  20. MollenS

    Is it just me or is it like 10th time that lmg made another "amd won" video?

  21. FDN

    i need more alex

  22. Tommy BRO

    Next line up: *Coffin Lake - Intel inside*

  23. Fuchs Jan

    2:39 "Glass is glass, and glass breaks" - JerryRigEverything

  24. Jan

    The internet explorer compatibility is mostly about old enterprise apps that no one can be bothered to re-write into something usable. In my organization we still have some stuff running on silverlight.

  25. Chuck

    Hey what happend to the other beta male

  26. MC Henri

    Why would you want to stream mobile games? They run natively on almost every device!

  27. Luca Van herk

    I feel like 2020 is the year of f*CK previous gen and i'ts users

  28. Bad Actor

    Alex is an imitation Linus

  29. RGMUFC1

    You know, Microsoft could just, i don't know, delete support for internet explorer and delete ie all together.

  30. Shashank Suman

    Rip to all intel owners who purchased recently

  31. Illindi

    Sorry Alex, you good at a lot of stuff but maybe not this?

  32. Viggnesh Naik


  33. Argon

    This feels like Riley's writing for sure.

  34. Jyv Ben

    (wo)manscape, does it come in pink for the girlfriend ?

  35. captain custard

    To answer the title yes

  36. Steen Schütt

    Dude, Farmville could make any computer sweat

  37. Mr Screamer

    Why don't the presenters at least read the script once before going on camera? Especially as it seems many of them struggle to read at LTT.

  38. Max Mustermann


  39. candymanmax

    What do I get the 3600x is £16 pound cheaper than the 3600 what do I get

  40. kinetic

    Apple: Removes stem from AirPods, which Samsung and countless other companies did earlier. Fanboys: *InNoVaTiOn!*

  41. NitroRC Stuff

    What time to be alive...

  42. Carlos Ferrari

    3:44 - I would like to see the script here lol

  43. Blake Boyce

    I want my damn Quark Barks back!!!!

  44. Chico Veinte Minutos

    Mom, I didn't kick my brother. I just taken a sample from him.

  45. Ryan Brumwell

    Rileys background noises are too good hahahahaha

  46. 6Glitch

    That whole peanut gallery bit really has to go. That was brutal.

  47. Vecinu'

    Microsoft trying to stop us use Internet Explorer-chan? How shameful!

  48. cdcdcd6777

    so... $300 cpu $150 for itx mobo $100 for ddr4 and $500 for new gpu.. oh yeah i need new $100 psu. comes out to... $1200. cha ching!

  49. Calum Cooke

    "(Ryzen 5 5600X) is set to retail for 250-" me: "OMG YESSSSSS" "-dollars less than ..." me: "Goddamnit."

  50. Francisco Fonseca

    Im pretty sure ampere in a laptop will just glow as it melts the screen of the laptop slowly

  51. Agz Zolo

    Amd sucks because 4000 Apu series downgrade from previous model, thanks hate me

  52. Perigee Dynamics

    The dude in the background is not adding anything to the video and is just annoying.

  53. Wolfsokaya

    If something comes out years later at other places,its called too late,but if its at Apple,its called innovative. :D

  54. UltraAlex2000

    3:00 "... functionality of the phone was not affected..." Well, with a shattered camera and a broken back glass that can potentially cut your fingers because of splinters, I would say that functionality is pretty compromised. But don't worry, you can go to Apple and ask for a glass change for just 750$, or buy the more expensive model.

  55. Conza

    I love Alex going off script, YEAH you tell em! "No I don't... that's a lie", bloody legend mate. And for Riley reading this "Oh Hi Mark" ;)

  56. BlewVids

    I'm still somehow triggered by this low saturation of the footage. It feels so flat.

  57. snizer11

    LMAO on Alex complaining on the script.

  58. XplodingMoJo

    Intel will never beat AMD, but will eventually catch up with them. “The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long” - Lao Tzu, Te Tao Ching

  59. ReM[i]X

    I wish everyone would just copy the S9 screen. It's so fking strong idk how it didn't break on me yet

  60. Alpesh Patel

    Okay, I have to ask. Am I in the minority when I say that I find Riley extremely annoying? Everything he says comes across as if he is saying it sarcastically - like a real life Comic Book Store guide. Also the whole shouting things from off camera is dumb and the jokes don’t really land for me. But I am curious as to whether I am in the minority and whether the majority like him or aren’t bothered by him

  61. Sheridan Jegels

    AMD is really RYZEN up the ranks to number 1.... feel free to use that one in your next video.

  62. Formless 243

    You can tell how crazy Riley is because when he writes the scrips, no one else understands what he wants.

  63. Argy Pan

    Ceramic shield is only on the front

  64. Harz.exe

    Everyone who is on the budget is waiting for 5600 though. Non X version. $300 for 6 cores is a bit too much.

  65. raiqulikesyou

    Although, the argument that "Game publishers often enjoy a huge sales boost" is also relevant for music publishers or musical artists.

  66. Drakkon2ZShadows Z

    While everyone is frantically trying to run, facebook crawls calmly like the lizard it is

  67. Ovrlrd Unknown


  68. JakFromSpace

    Alex moving hands really make me unconfortable

  69. Kristoffer Stølen-Brenna

    Why aren't you guys using dark mode?

  70. isaksays

    No new good Intel chips, no new processor for me.

  71. User03

    If you want a drop test of iphone 12 in a controlled environment go watch @phonebuff

  72. i, Scotticus

    I guess you could say Microsoft's efforts to phase out Internet Explorer are... Edge cases. Hurr hurr hurr hurr!

  73. Pølly

    Those hands was born to jazz

  74. Motaz Mansour

    I think it would be very nice if you have a always on screen banner on the right of the screen with the news topics of the video so we can know the news ahead Love your channel yo

  75. XDarkPhoenixX

    Apple claims Ceramic Shield has 4 times better drop protection. *Apple also hopes no one realises that 4 times nothing is still nothing*

  76. RandomVideoProduction

    Saw Linus on a pulseway ad and his been cheating !!!! 🤣

  77. xtreamchance

    When Alex & his VR Headset subbed in for the Great Gatsby!

  78. Adrian Tande Olesen


  79. Boing Flip

    FB corrects errors in Twitter? 😲

  80. Ammar Bin Mahmud Prottoy

    IE is still my default browser.