Intel ain't done YET...


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    1. notthere83

      Damn, those Game Stop tactics remind me of girls who go "Ah, we don't need a condom, I'm totally clean"...

    2. Pixels

      TechLinked: **Plays Crab Rave for 20 seconds** Nothing happens... Me: **Plays Crab Rave for 3 seconds** *Demonetized*

    3. Robert Leiper

      Telling us to listen to how loud something on youtube has to be the dumbest thing I've seen on TechLinked

    4. PC CORN

      I love Alex but seriously that pronounciation is not right! Side Note: Alex is really cute!

    5. VincetheEditor

      whats that noise coming from the left at 1:12 , sounds like a phone call

    6. Mr. Flowers

      Its MAR-io Not M-AIR-io

    7. Kavi Senanayake


    8. KSib

      2:58 good catch!

    9. The PUNISHER

      I just saw Lotr with all extended scenes

    10. Maanus Mei

      Yeah, that Super Meryo game sounds fun :D hahaha

    11. Wayne Stewart

      Mary-OH!!! Its time to plunger.

    12. GuardianDarkAngel

      Mareio........ I physically twitched

    13. HateG Plus

    14. Alby Tastic

      5.3GHz? that's twice the frequency of a microwave oven!!! No wonder they get so hot!! LOL

    15. CMDR Star Lord

      Isn't the oneplus 8 has a stupid punch hole camera? Is this a new model without one?

    16. JAXi

      In 50 years: Intel Core I292828829-G3838928388292HK

    17. Dbzfanofgoku


    18. IRMacGuyver

      @5:00 who the fuck is Maryo?

    19. IRMacGuyver

      @2:45 doesn't that think have a 38% false positive rate?

    20. IRMacGuyver

      Hey some of us refuse to support digital distribution since it allows companies to remove games from out libraries so yeah game stop is essential.

    21. PhaseSkater

      5g? I heard that’s what’s amplifying the ability to spread the coronavirus

    22. Joel Esteban Rojas

      fan of techlinked and #proudtobeabbott

    23. underground leaks 101

      Aprils fools m8

    24. hardik khatri

      AMD: We give our products weird names. INTEL: Hold my new CPU.

    25. Dean Barrett

      Intel is that guy who gets his ass kicked in a fair fight (repeatedly) and goes home to get a bat or gun to "win". YOU'RE DONE INTEL. Find a new niche.

    26. Tony Riley

      Thumbs down just for how he says Mario

    27. Arthas

      *You dang kids and your Mahrioh kart and your Atari 360 box*

    28. Sonicgott

      It's Mario, "Mah-ree-oh," NOT "marry-oh." :p

    29. Stedman75

      Did he say Mary yo... ???? 😂😭

    30. PEELZboy Plays

      Super *MER-io* 🤦‍♂️

    31. never stop the madness

      Mari-O could be a brand for gaming weed


      Gaming 4k intel 10999k 12c/24th and 3090Ti super 14GB vram....

    33. mbolchunas


    34. Aldude

      Alex: MARRY-O!!! Stop it...

    35. Gustas Madzajus


    36. Michael S.

      GameStop bag idea is actually pretty good

    37. Palamontus 10

      aye aye

    38. TheKrillmeister

      Intel has been done for a while now. And it's Mario, not Maryo

    39. Cactus

      but do you have a cactus?

    40. Oscar Barrios

      Why is Linus still making his staff go to work...

    41. powderedwater


    42. Anshu Kumawat

      Who else read it as Corona i9?

    43. Atharva Vaidya

      You guys messed up the Nintendo intro with OnePlus banner

    44. brokenmyteapot

      Super Mario sunshine remastered?!? Yes please!!

    45. Fletchersketche

      Glad I got my Xbox pic up early then

    46. noob coder

      Linus really knows how to pick the right guys to work for him.

    47. William Cahill

      "Now its time for the Quick bits" *after done quickbits* "Now time for the Quick bits bi i?" Alex: *wispers quietly* (FUCK!!!)

    48. Ian Visser

      If you get bored of Hollywood, perfect time to get into Anime, best watched when binged

    49. Robert Hernandez


    50. Ian Visser

      ID Now is smart, that is something that will stop a pandemic, not hoarding masks and toiletpaper...

    51. Ian Visser

      You noticed the typo right? 10980KH in title, then 10980HK from there on?

    52. BlueJay113

      4:35 The wrong title for the segment, big oof

    53. 川元優希Nsytr0


    54. Data Banks

      5.3GHz? So, expect repeats of the toasted testicles of a decade ago?

    55. Mad Monarch

      Mary oh

    56. Dylan Mayhew

      This is April first...... I'm concerned..... But I am excited for a Super Mario 64 remaster on the Switch if this is true!...... But I'm old enough to of played it back in the day.... With that age comes wisdom..... It seems to good to be true even tho its an easy way to print money.... So..... I'm now skeptical...

    57. Cable Guy Gaming

      Remember the fx 9590.....guess intel made a better one.........(edit) also screw you I maintain the literal internet. I cant stay home

    58. TheNewGodOfWar


    59. Austino

      If Robert Noyce saw what Intel has become, Jesus Christ

    60. B6 66

      i9-10980KH is the AMD FX-9590 of laptops

    61. Pinz _

      PENIS MUSIC?!?

    62. LeafyIsBack

      Alex has come a long way, I think short circuit helped a lot in getting comfortable with the camera. Oh, anyone else get newegg's april fools ad?

    63. Aman Pahwa

      there is an editing MISTAKE mario news with one plus banner

    64. valyydzn.

      brick wall

    65. Booyamakashi

      This techlinked formula is really bad. If Railey is the one who wrote all that then what is the point in him laughing on his own jokes from behind the cameras and making the material harder to digest? Also, it doesnt help if presenter calls techlinked as "technews".

    66. julian5743

      Did he just say meh rio?

    67. Damoce kay

      Kove Commuter 2 + Madeline Juno (german singer) = great deal.

    68. MrGrombie

      Let's thank AMD for the Intel presents. Thank you AMD for the arms race.

    69. deep pathak

      Amd in corner hmmmm 👾😹

    70. Sharcnad0

      If you go by the movie, he is saying Mario correctly.

    71. Brandon Thompson

      Cringed every time he said Mario

    72. Ray Mak

      I need this

    73. BiMiKi

      MARIO !!!!!!!!!!!!

    74. tolucafreak

      Who the fuck says Merio??? My ears!!!

    75. DrDremelchausen

      The guy has a permanent smile slapped on his face and struggles with it

    76. Chi Chen

      Intel is expensive shit

    77. Raaed Amhar is my profile pic....

    78. Crackalacking_Z

      Mehrio ... lol

    79. Andrew Copple

      Alex cringing at Riley's writing is what this show needs. Linus hardly reacts to it anymore.

    80. Archie Wei

      RNA test have a high chance of false negative as sample from virus moves deeper to the lungs after 6 days so sample from throat won’t be helpful + RNA test method have a 20% fail rate.

    81. RP Ghosty

      I'm kinda with gamestop🤷‍♂️

    82. A_Stephenson3

      Its Mar E O, not Marry O

    83. عبدالرحمن الحربي

      Please fire this man for pronouncing Mario may-rio

    84. Sin Stalker

      Super Mary-oh Brothers.

    85. Clynton van den Bergh

      It would be great if I didn't need to use headphones or turn the volume all the way up just to hear the heckler.

    86. [ ]

      You mean... all this time... you guys were reading our stupid comments here? :O

    87. Ruaraidh Blackwood

      Are you guys not quarantined?

    88. OP

      Welcome to the Super Merriot

    89. KaiUno

      What is friends?

    90. Balkan Bloodpaw

      Good lord, my 6T is already two years old. Unreal how time flies. Oh well, it should be good for at least another two years.

    91. XDRONIN

      Since I'm watching this on April 1st, I'm just gonna go ahead and assume Intel's April's Fools joke, because it seems so sad and desperate that it must be a joke.

    92. sebastian Jørgensen

      Dude its Mario not Mario!!

    93. MusiTech Creations

      How will I watch tech news when my data pack runs out, I cant even recharge as I cant go out

    94. mcsofty

      He put that jumper on and thought "i can be on camera in this". Newsflash bro, you can't. That jumper is absolutely honking.

    95. Yelir Milas

      It’s “Mario,” not “Mario.”

    96. Carl

      Meerrrryyy OOOHHH

    97. renyn21

      5.3 boost. For 5 seconds, on one core, in a bga turdbook. Interesting, not.

    98. Luke Fox

      Stay at home while they're at work passing each other gadgets. The classic do as I say not as I do.

    99. Thefreakyfreek

      This is why steam is a thing I'm sorry game stop it's a shame that steammacines were expensive but if it was on par whit consoles thay would have destroyed the console market like amd destroyed Intel so far

    100. Archer C

      What do you rate my prof pic