Microsoft's first Android phone is $1400


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    00:00 That's Tech News, Man.
    00:11 Microsoft Surface Duo
    01:12 Xbox launch, Halo delayed
    02:17 Russia vaccine
    03:20 War Thunder
    04:06 QUICK BITS
    04:10 Mozilla layoffs
    04:32 TikTok tracked users
    05:00 Android earthquake detection
    05:25 Xiaomi transparent TV
    05:49 Charter customers love data caps
    Microsoft Surface Duo
    Xbox Series X in November, Halo Infinite delayed
    “thousands of games”
    pls don’t hate us here’s Xcloud early
    Russia’s going ahead with a COVID vaccine without proper trials
    Mozilla downsizing, needs to make some money
    TikTok tracked individual user identifiers for 18 months
    Android phones will make up world’s largest earthquake detection network
    Xiaomi transparent tv
    120x zoom camera
    Charter tells FCC that consumers love data caps

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    1. TechLinked

      Alright fair enough. It's Microsoft's first ANDROID phone, but like... The Kin is so old. It's a new decade!

      1. Adam J Smith

        @OA Reign Nokia

      2. DCED

        unsubbed sadly because promoting this company: Microsoft'

      3. Ragna B

        we don't talk about that here

      4. Reiner Braun


      5. Saleh Hayati

        jesus christ so much bezel.......

    2. Relaxing Nature

      I'll buy when it hits $299can

    3. NotSharing Notsharing

      Microsoft - Hey has anyone noticed Blackberry hasn’t released a phone with crapping software in awhile, lets do it BUT WITH TWO SCREENS.... EEEEEEE WE R GENIUS!!!

    4. Fixx Foxx

      COVID! The new hip excuse for literally EVERYTHING you can't or don't want to do right, or right now! Use it today!

    5. Fixx Foxx

      Ok Microsoft... XD

    6. Anon A

      Request this news reader to read news a little less clownish

    7. Horst Casper

      Stop the yelling

    8. Z ipf

      Why densest the other guy just stand beside you its not like hes holding the camera

    9. IRMacGuyver

      @5:26 Linus already went and looked at a transparent tv... in 2018... from LG. He seemed to like it. Make him buy one.

    10. IRMacGuyver

      The dumb thing about that price is none of the money will be going to raise the income level of the poor slaves building these things in China.

    11. Joe G.P.

      i don't mind the rona update, but is that TECHnews ?

    12. George Stark

      that intro. white ppl, amiright? btw I'm white.

    13. Maverick

      Not even Apple launch this type of product at this price, at least give us edge to edge display or anything but yester year's specification and design, it's like the repeat of the microsoft kin

    14. Amilio

      Riley is like the Ron Burgundy of Tech News

    15. Amilio

      I'm not here for tech news

    16. Lance Zimmer

      Actually it has two batteries of that size, so it is double the size that you claim in the video.

    17. El mundo de Damián

      jajajaajaja in cargo pants, jajaja

    18. Ben Berkay

      Transparent TV joke was on point. LOL.

    19. Zaiquiri

      I couldn't give a good god damn if a phone has no NFC, who even uses that?

    20. Nightwolf223

      No one wants a transparent TV it's just the pre evolution before we get a floating screen thingy from our watches

    21. Corland

      Surface 360 for the second gen man.

    22. Ryan Amer

      So Riley how’s your shoulder? That explosion must’ve stiffened you up a little.

    23. Orion DeYoe

      "20 million players blowing each other up" there was a split second where I didn't think Riley was going to say "up".

    24. Michael Goodwin

      Terrible Russian Accent - "We need volunteers for vaccine treatment!" "What, nobody" *Cocks Shotgun* Terrible Russian Accent - "We need volunteers for vaccine treatment!" "Ahh, everyone, that's good"

    25. SemiMono

      That phone... what is it supposed to accomplish? It's big enough folded that it's not pocketable for many (most?), yet each screen is still not much larger than a regular phablet. With this combo maybe it could be for hyper-productivity people, yet the battery life is so small that it won't be able to pull a whole day for a power user. So it's left with... no audience? I really liked the concept at first, but that price means I'll never consider it, and that small battery makes me think no one else ever will either.

    26. ihajo

      When I purchased the i-Mate Kjam back in 2005 for $999 I knew after using it for 6 month that I have purchased a prototype and the company released a new ROM patch and they did not include my device, then comes the iPhone 6 Plus with the bend trend again I remembered the feeling of purchasing a prototype and paying top dollars, my new electronics' shopping is wait at least 1 year before investing a new a tech :) of course we all wish to get our tech free ;p

    27. Dudeomfgstfux

      The FCC is easily confused

    28. Nick P. ick

      i love russian riley

    29. Chris Ng

      $1400??? Nope

    30. Smithson52

      "Quick bits!? Noooooooo!" -Riley 2020

    31. 屎可發

      u guys post video in China ? Also TikTok news was deleted in China LOL

    32. Tasunke

      But... every single scifi movie since ever have those sexy transparent screens ? Hell even the S.H.I.E.L.D. has them !!! If transparent screens are good enough for captain America, they are good enough for me !

    33. Pole Tooke

      .... why is Microsoft trying to get back into the phone industry? Didn’t they learn their lesson last time? Lol

    34. tempritus

      Just watched the last NCIX episode again, thanks the PC gods you're still with us Riley!

    35. Dennis Macz

      It's what plants crave!

    36. FB Kensar HD

      @0:52 - 93mm is 9.3 cm The @merican continent and their stupid education system.

    37. Tom Wellbrock

      "A revolutionary hinge" This is the most underwhelming hinge I've seen so far. Its pretty much two fablets with a hinge in between them. Does that even count as a foldable?

    38. Cyrus Xu

      man i love this guy

    39. Mkurugenzi Mkuu

      _"Microsoft's first Android phone is $1400?"_ *More like $100. Microsoft Mobile was responsible for the 2014's Nokia X, X+, XL and X2-DS,* a bunch of Android phones that had Google services stripped off and replaced with Nokia/Microsoft services. Just because your hypothetical bastard-child doesn't have your last name, doesn't make them any less yours.

    40. Vex

      Wait I thought it was safer if they used the max address

    41. Vex

      Idc if Halo is delayed tbh. It will just be well refined and ready to go.

    42. Vex

      Nice, they failed to make a phone again... Maybe they should've just copied a regular smart phone.

    43. Syine

      "Microsoft's first Android phone is $1400" less than 1 min followed by 5 mins of random headlines. what?

    44. World Wide Music

      for 3DS/DS Emulator this would be great

    45. Alim ZazaZ


    46. Raven Ironwing

      What a stupid phone idea. Lol

    47. C G

      I don't like the look of the duo the center bezel just makes it look like watching movies on it will be sh*t

    48. EasyGameEh

      strong like babushka stroganoff? wtf does that even mean? sounds fine though.

    49. Allan Cameron

      Garbage form factor. What a horrible shape.

    50. Caffeinated Frostbite

      thats almost an entire months paycheck after the gov steals some of it

    51. yomarcelojeje

      who forgot to apply the LUT? Come foward!

    52. Scalamaster Electros

      Microsoft dosent get it wee dont want wibows phone os or androed wee want full windows os on a smartphone

    53. Maddy Carbuncle

      I thought LG was the first wth the transparent TV? There was even an LTT video about it. Btw transparent TVs are pointless but the technology could obviously be very useful in AR glasses and such.

    54. Jord

      Idk who this guy is or where he came from. But I like him.

    55. LAIDAN22

      1:36 guy in the back ground sounded like john cena voice “are you sure about that voice”

    56. zenn22

      its not 120x zoom. its "digital zoom" which normal people call cropping, and any phone can do, stop being blind shills

    57. John Knight

      All that space and you can't fit a headphone jack? Apple are not brave. Don't follow them. But hey, when has a Microsoft phone ever been unsuccessful? Oh.

    58. Grant Logan


    59. s ellers813

      Just a heads up vaccines in America don't involve the most important clinical trial every other medication gets called a double blind placebo test which gives some people the vaccine and others a placebo vaccine. Again this is the gold standard on every other pharmaceutical trial but they won't do it on vaccines.

    60. JoshuaVendetta

      Microsoft just need to hire new people to make them phones cause i bet they still have the same team that made the Zune MP3 player.

    61. Vitor Roma

      And has an outdated soc, bulky, small battery. The worst 1400 i've seen

    62. Paul M

      I came here for "tech news", but instead I got some very biased opinions from an annoying guy in glasses. Yeah, definitely not clicking on this channel again.

    63. adrianqtimxta

      Remember Asus eeepc? This "phone" is bigger.

    64. Chris Warren

      How was xiaomi first I thought Linus seen a transparent TV at like ces, e3, or something like that a year or 2 ago he played a game that TV its was like LG or a Sony tv

    65. Shane Kmet

      Thumbs down as xox and russia have nothiu g to do with the topic of Surface Phone. which there was vertulay nothing about in this vid. What a shit vreview

    66. Huma Onyango

      No headphone jack on that giant thing?!

    67. Abdalla Abualgasim

      You guys are the best 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️

    68. Joseph Arinaitwe

      They've launched the Duo one year late.

    69. Finnovo

      i liked your shirt! ?

    70. H.King

      5:25 they can make phone with under screen camera now I guess?

    71. Who am I?

      Yikes, those bezels and outdated specs for $1,400.

    72. Кирилл Белоус


    73. albundy06

      The kin two. It's actually shocking to me that such a stupid product is actually coming to market.

    74. D Man

      $1400?!?!... FAIL

    75. Kenneth Porter

      First time watching Techlinked coming from LTT. I hate the off camera constant comments. Can we mic this dude up? This one man presenter and one man heckler situation is weird. If people like it though than feel free to ignore

    76. Tyler

      It looks like they just connected to separate phones together with the hinge. Why would I want this?

    77. Danny Di Giacomo

      I'm my recommends after clicking on this: HUgets knew.

    78. Wood y

      Honestly...Microsoft should just bring me in to fix their silliness.

    79. ismael cruz


    80. Ben Wood

      They HAD good phones. Why not unlock the bootloader and run one of those? The 1020 had the best camera on a phone at the time. That was enough of a discriminator to get people to buy it. Chalk this up to another shameless cash grab. Some idiot will buy it. Not this one though. Fool me twice. Fuck you Micro$oft.

    81. Jonny Boy

      Ohhh microsoft.... Why would you make a "phone" so big its useless as a phone...

    82. Michael Vidouris

      So LTT media is in politics now. So we get our tech news elsewhere. Bye 👋

    83. Dave Publiday

      I like your tech news, but perhaps stay away from politics, you guys aren’t helpful there. Making fun of a Russian accent isn’t exactly “woke”. And, the whole idea that vital information about cures for diseases can be “stolen”, instead of “sharing information that can save lives is a hunan right” is a particularly vile result of unrestrained capitalism, and perhaps not a universal value that is obvious to a worldwide audience. Anything information that can help save lives should be shared immediately with humanity. Withholding such information is evil. Blaming people for “stealing” information which should be a human right to know is a radical political opinion.

    84. Serbian

      Microsoft, Russia... so this is a political show? The race to cocacola producing moon again? "Hey if only them done it it would definately be fake, but since we are doin it its real"

    85. seth Walker

      Surface Duo Duet

      1. seth Walker

        Surface Duo Duex

    86. I guess its Umut


    87. glbernini0

      Folding phones are just stupid. Inch thick weird size just can't make its mind up on what it wants to be.

    88. Gizmo_PugLife

      even if russie stolen info for a vaccine there will share the vaccine to the plannet

    89. Nord Kitten

      that phone needs to make like the 2000s and miniaturize, also I expect it to not be that expensive for long because damn.

    90. MrDetroit1701

      (THE HISTORY OF MAN AND MACHINE) Machines f*ck up, we break the machines, someone comes along and finds a way to profit off fixing the machine.. INNOVATION!

    91. Henry Martínez

      "Mo´ zilla, mo´ problems" lol

    92. matt winward

      2:59 *“the announcement comes after multiple countries accuse Russia of attempting to sell COVID-19 research...”* Honest Question: why can’t all the major countries share research so we can get a vaccine faster? Is there some reason for keeping it secret?

    93. IdunDied

      The question still remains for the surface duo... who TF is going to buy a nearly double price worse LG V50/G8/asus rog phone whatever with the dual screen. Then again microsoft seems to be garnering an apple style fanbase for it's flashy mediocre tech. Also earthquake detection system on phone vs me and the boys deliberately all shaking our phones at different points in the city.

    94. Black Reaper

      If you support data caps on internet, you're trash and I hope you stub your toe every time you walk into your bed room

    95. Black Reaper

      If you support data caps on internet, you're trash and I hope you stub your toe every time you walk into your bed room

    96. JITS

      It's MicroSOFT, not MicroHard. They just don't know how to make hardware, even their software is a bit questionable but there aren't really a lot of alternatives.

    97. CBaez13

      Lol ugly

    98. Actalit Gaming

      I thought this was a 3 year old video when I clicked on it and then you said the same price as the samsung s20 i realized it was a day ago...

    99. the magic conch

      Microsoft " how quick can I evolve to dugtrio"

    100. Jose Eduardo Jimenez Gonzalez

      Your voice is really similar to Jon Prosser 😂👀