Is this Intel's COMEBACK?


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    0:00 seriously?
    0:10 Intel Tiger Lake launch
    1:15 RTX 3000 launch
    2:36 India bans Chinese apps
    3:24 Manscaped
    4:01 QUICK BITS
    4:05 Facebook v Australia
    4:32 360Hz everything
    4:55 Apple in-house GPUs
    5:18 ZTE Axon 20 5G
    5:39 Amazon Driver shenanigans
    Intel 11th gen Tiger Lake
    Project Athena is Evo, can have 5G
    RTX 3090 / 3080 / 3070
    Digital Foundry already has em, what
    Samsung 8nm
    Direct Storage, Reflex, Machinima
    RTX 3070 Ti?
    India bans PUBG Mobile and butt-ton of other apps
    Facebook could block news in Australia if legislation is passed
    360Hz Monitors with Reflex Latency Analyzer
    Alienware laptop
    Apple’s ARM Macs may have Apple GPUs to match
    ZTE Axon 20 5G has under-display camera, but no price or release date
    Amazon drivers hang phones from trees to increase chances of getting gigs

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    1. Divya Vyas

      You know how people get mad when someone says "That song is from TikTok"? That's basically how it is in India but for PUBG.

    2. Falxie_

      I'm concerned about the fragmentation that Apple could cause by doing everything in house instead of using standard computer parts

    3. hanrinch

      AMD: ha! I have finally beat you, learn your fate and accept your destiny! Intel: huh...I never thought I would have to transform, you’ll be the first one to witness this form, first you see and you will die! Grrrrrrr~~~~ AMD: he is not bluffing!! He is pushing the true pinnacle of his power!! People: I hear boss bgm~

    4. Timo jissink

      How about using eye tracking software to real time render the parts you're looking at in higher resolution to you can get 8K gaming in 300 fps with older GPU's

    5. Electric Pheonix

      Intel vs AMD Winner: us

    6. john issa

      james is the best hype man

    7. Rk Gupta

      how many channel do you hav3 ???

    8. Metal Videos

      india got problems with china because they are american puppets

    9. Lumisty -_-

      I just found this dude and he sounds like the dude from Linus tech tips but a bit of a deeper voice

    10. Joe j

      No intel is not back, unless you mean back with overpriced cpus..They only cornered a market that was lacking to begin with.

    11. Chet Fortune

      Riley you need a haircut bro.

    12. Jayne Cobb

      I'm sorry, did I hear a reference from The Nanny in the background by James shouting out "MR. SHEFFIELD" in the background during the Nvidia bit? Because if so, that just made my day.

    13. rickowsky

      Xiaomi is mass producing under screen camera equipped phones in october

    14. TWeezyNDTraq

      as an amazon affiliated delivery driver.......I have no idea what theyre talking about with the hanging phones in trees thing.

    15. KA CHUN LUK

      when is i9 for 11th gen? I want to buy 10900k but also want to wait for 11th gen

    16. kkonsti

      Why does the Nvidia CEO have such an ugly ass kitchen?

    17. WalayatFamily

      This guy needs to do less coke, he's not going to last long

    18. Doc Supreme

      I saw this title, already knew about this and just said "Ha, no."

    19. Corbin Karl

      This just NOW popped up as a notification on my android, and in my yt notifications section, but it was posted 6 days ago. Wtf.

    20. Vertrix

      4:05 Wow sounds just like the situation in Europe. Guess they dont care anymore what people think

    21. Inderchand Jaipuriya

      When will u review the new Asia zen book flip s which has intel 11th gen. it has been showcased by some channels on utube

    22. Ghajik

      This means that Macbooks will always be potato, when they used intel, intel hd is potato, now when intel hd becomes actually HD macbooks no longer have them.

    23. Darrell May

      You are advertising a Razor while sporting a beard?,,, really, and You are telling Me that the razor is good?,,, How so?

    24. peace bringer

      What if intel lowers their price. It will be the end of amd.

    25. Brazen H2

      4th time Riley has made me wonder if he's a Hugh Jackman understudy...

    26. SilentServiceCode

      0:00 No! 0:02 *end credits*

    27. PowerDuDe_DK

      Salut Riley... you're my buddy too *sheds tear*

    28. Henning

      Well now that NVIDIA say PCI-E 4.0 Matters Intel is screwed with 10th series so we will see a new gen Intel processors soon

    29. Ecrensius

      Surprisingly good bogan accent

    30. disclaimer

      intel could've recreated the weird shape around the name like the original emblem they replaced

    31. Gaming Fervidly

      Intel back to cave

    32. Andrew Lane

      Why would the Australian government care that people can't share news articles on Facebook? This is the same government that has jailed journalists who keep anonymous informants anonymous and raided the headquarters of one news group and the homes of journalists for the same thing. The premise of the laws is "to keep the little guy in business" but it is going to benefit Newscorp when they can game the rankings on Google and Facebook to the point where their articles fill up the influential first page of search results (which, ironically, will put the "little guy" out of business)... For any Australians on here, make sure to contact your local MP and ask them why they want to give Newscorp even more influence in Australian politics?

    33. Forbidden User

      Nope.. ARM is still gonna rip their sphincters.

    34. TeleFata

      I want Intel to compete for my wallet's sake😀

    35. Papa Grounds

      "From the _core i-three - eleven ten gee four - to the core i-seven eleven eightyfive gee seven_ " Intel acting like a pro male pornstar with those names...

    36. Tomas Pluharik

      ... 7nm?

    37. Ben Askren

      More of a coming out, I guess

    38. Meme Master

      I havent watched the video yet but lemme guess. 14nm+++super ti ultra pro max xt ks?

    39. HazzyDevil

      4:24 that was spot on hahaha

    40. Killk4809


    41. Evrae Grace

      chip looks pretty cool, but jesus what an embarrassing presentation

    42. Zero Cool

      Intel I am sold to Ryzen ....

    43. Rien

      I got curious about the ryzen 7 4800u when intel kept bringing up those sketchy benchmark numbers against it. That APU is one heck of a beast, it's only 15w but with insane performance. Great for thin and light laptops. No way intel is going to beat it with their upcoming line up.

    44. Job K

      yes we are

    45. Lord Flathead

      Intel's new logo doesn't have the ring around which is where the tone and logo "Intel inside" came from. No wonder when everyone is buying AMD!.

    46. tonkmonster

      Please stop making thumbnails with ridiculous faces. I hate them.

    47. Ksathriyann

      1:58 Stomach burn haha

    48. Scribby

      4:24 Honestly, took me off guard.

    49. Boy Matthew

      Imagine what happens if Intel start bringing their prices down lower than amd.

    50. ____

      5:21 doesnt have a price? You mean other than the ones shown right in the middle of the screen. Those are ~300, ~350 and ~400usd btw

    51. Daniell Adams

      0:05 Riley after being picked up by Linus at NCIX's Trashbins

    52. logan fitzthum

      I'm not your buddy ... guy

    53. Ashley Rajam

      Oh look Tech Jesus from the future (Riley) I'm aware that Tech Jesus is Steve 😂

    54. Franku Doge

      4 cores vs 8 cores, hmm.

    55. TrueGamer007

      I mean both GPUs are made by Raja, so 🤷🏻‍♂️

    56. itsMido2

      My god this guy is gorgeous😍🤤

    57. sidney pierre

      Still team AMD. Intels given me too much crap in the last 5 years

    58. Zac Dillon

      Not a bad attempt at the accent and at least you quoted The Simpsons 😂

    59. Joshua

      Comeback? Intel never went anywhere. It's still superior for gaming which is the only thing that matters to 80% of residential consumers.

    60. Aspro

      Short answer: *_no_*

    61. ChiefsChiLLaXN

      Whats intel's new CPU again?? I think they said 4800U.

    62. Jim D

      Man I've got high hopes for big Navi

    63. Richard Manns

      North American with passable Aussie accent! A bit bogan, but I'm just glad someone noticed they're not British...

    64. Leozero

      I use to like Intel's logo, before I would say "it's better to buy AMD but I like Intel as a company more cause everything they do is in house" Well with that new logo, NO! I officially have no plans to buy any more intel products, I am the family PC builder for my cousins & friends, let me tell you their all getting AMD Ryzen 5's now. They logo is disgusting.

    65. UniSwag

      Everyone with a IQ above room temperature: No

    66. Star Hunter

      Answer: No it's not.

    67. Karmabase DJ

      Looks like intel has lost the pc enthusiast market to AMD for good. Now they are being business smart by targeting mobile and lightweight hardware which has a higher potential of making $$s, especially around the globe.

    68. Ghaatak

      Indian govt. made their own version of Pubg called FAU-G, To teach the youth about Indo-China tensions.., 🙆‍♂️

    69. OM3GALUL

      apple going full incest.

    70. Bryce Johnson

      Thanks, buddy

    71. Phil Dawson

      New Intel cpu with a 3080 gpu wooooooooo

    72. Sir Bink

      Is this Intel's comeback? Engineers everywhere: Not even close!

    73. David Stanbery

      It's friday, where are my tech news and quick bits?

    74. NeonFX

      Clicked for the news Stayed for the beard

    75. Johnny Dotson

      If they drop their prices and actual try to go to 10nm and not be assholes about it then they might have a comeback

    76. Arturo Castillo

      You misspelled nvidia

    77. Mat O'Flynn

      So entertaining haha

    78. Masdargames

      For 1400$ it’s supposed to be a 32GB vram card. Cmon Nvidia.

    79. DrHarryT

      I hear Intel and I think IMEI 1 1/2 years ago I bought a 9900K, so I am good for a long time.

    80. US

      Intels new logo makes it look like a in house Furnature brand you only find at staples

    81. Slanguage Freak

      Just to inform people, China occupied a bunch of India's land which India's leader is refusing to admit in a most Trump like way. However, we won't here anything from US gvt because China is our trading partner. So may it build military bases in South China sea, cause communal discord to build a port in Sri Lanka, Exacrbate Rohingya crisis to get an oil pipeline deal from Myanmar or encroach on indian land, USofA will stay mum. BTW, banning apps is not gonna help, India, when your leader has already allowed Chinese banks free reign in your country and has destroyed textiles and other businesses by allowing Chinese products in through Bangladesh. It is almost as if he is giving them this free reign because they help him in his election or something. Wasn't there a massive election bonds scandal recently? All of this is eerily familiar and hits a little close to home with elections in November.

    82. Jona_Sdk

      Nvidia and intel completely destroying AMD together

    83. Chad Burton

      Hey my i51036g7 runs my skyrim se modded just fine. What other game do you need lol.

    84. MediocrityInMotion

      I'm not your buddy, guy.

    85. Delta Elact

      1:20 Gamers: WOO! The new graphics card is on it's way! Me: Why does he have so many spatulas in the background?

    86. Wildehyde

      I like linus tech tips, but i love techlinked.

    87. Cliff Lee

      But they killed off SLI for 3070 and 3080.

    88. FrancoYaya

      Riley Chad

    89. Fish


    90. Itwilsonboiii

      Please use linus, he doesn't make jokes all time and focus on news

    91. Seldom Pooper

      I have seen those side by side gaming benchmarks comparison on youtube. Sometimes AMD is ahead by 5 or 10 fps, sometimes intel is ahead. Some people are in denial.

    92. Alfredo Tabacco

      *ryzen 4000 series: helo*

    93. TeFaZ

      Seriously.... Why the fuck do intel always compare their chipset with AMDs laptop CPUs?! It's so freaking weak. If they can't compete on the desktop scene I've already disregarded them as pure shit.

    94. Satya Prakash Dash

      Finally He talked about India...

    95. Jaivardhan Singh

      "Just 3% of India population, basically nobody plays that". Dude that's highest no. players for PUBG mobile for a country.

    96. Rene Stanneveld

      This Redley Riley Rrr guy is dangerous. met him at Comic con, he tried to hit me with a wooden light saber..

    97. Yeg0r7

      Great, now the "Core i7 10th Gen" sticker on my laptop is gonna look outdated as hell

    98. KajunBowser

      Could have surprised me, I thought Intel was shilling for AMD. 😏

    99. whatsupsevensup

      I don’t like intels new logo, and I don’t like they way their new cpu stickers are. It looks too simplistic and generic

    100. Mrfiufaufou