Amazonbasics is DANGEROUS!?


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    Get iFixit's Marlin Screwdriver Set today at
    0:00 Tek nuz, wat is
    0:12 Amazon's the baaad guy
    1:44 Apple iOS game streaming
    2:39 RTX benchmark leaks
    3:33 iFixit Marlin Screwdriver Set
    4:07 QUICK BITS
    4:11 TikTok deadline approaching
    4:40 Control upgrade debacle gets worse
    5:05 Ubisoft Forward games
    5:33 Huawei ditching Android
    5:50 Portland bans facial recognition
    Amazon price gouging
    AmazonBasics products combust regularly
    Apple allows game streaming on iOS in the most Apple way possible
    Delays removal of Sign in for Epic accounts EpicGames/status/1304161283013574672
    RTX 3080 benchmark video, if you are so inclined
    RTX 3060 Ti in October?
    could take on RX 6000 series, leaked card
    TikTok updates
    Trump says Sept. 15 deadline is set in stone
    US won’t take TikTok alive
    Control upgrade fiasco
    Ubisoft Forward
    Immortals Fenyx Rising
    PoP remake
    A Game of Space
    Riders Republic dude
    Scott Pilgrim vs the World
    Huawei shifting to Harmony OS in 2021
    Petal search engine
    Six new devices
    Portland completely bans facial recognition in public

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    1. RiskyB81 RiskyB81

      This why Bezos got threatened and Musk did not, Musk is constantly making his products cheaper and more efficient for end users. I feel like Musk is generally trying to help humanity, Bezos is just plain greedy.

    2. Darolaho

      Never buy another amazon basic product after a cable it fried my ipad.

    3. Robert Brainard

      Wasn't it riley who brought down ncix ? I like Anthony over the ncix former employees.

    4. ElBayadKhalil

      Roasting Amazon, Amazon affiliate link in description. Mmmmm....

    5. When you realize Bill the Butcher was the good guy

      Well, if CNN told us, it must be true.

    6. Thunder Life

      Dangerously a good deal

    7. Peter Clarke Music.

      Amazon basic products always seem to suck.

    8. Pete Nielsen

      Meters away from a sleeping baby for MY SAKE?

    9. kakarroto007

      3:13 James's *"YEAH!"* is epic A.F..

    10. Tyler Mizner

      Smoke is its own alarm.

    11. ItzBrooksFTW

      i love me some tek nuz

    12. Dromus

      Why do people buy antibacterial soaps? Corona is Viral

    13. coosh11

      I never want to see his mouth that close up again lol

    14. Shalashaska 994

      I'm sorry but there is nothing wrong with price gouging for non life sustaining items. If people are willing to pay more, then that's what it's worth.

    15. King west

      never trust someone with a mustache trying to be funny

    16. Corona

      all you have to do is follow the damn train cj 1:52

    17. JohnJaggerJack

      Remember when a shady company would launch a product that burned down a house, it would end up going under because people were too smart to get fooled a second time? Good times...

    18. debbah

      does this guy really think he is funny ?

    19. blvk3

      not surprise about nVidia lying about the uplift in performance, given their track records

    20. Graeme Lastname

      Happy to say I didn't understand any of that at all. Except perhaps I might move to Portland. :)

    21. Frog Dog

      Please make Riley the standard he is really good for this channel. Dont use that annoying dumbass David G.

    22. Alerxz twist kid

      You sound so much like linus

    23. AJ Schay

      Position to have Riley as the permanent host of tech news!!! Please

    24. wnxdafriz

      whether their "systems" were changing to market or not... they breached consumer protection laws of basically like 45 states when dealing with a state of emergency unless they credited people who bought said items to what the price was normally at (or in most cases 10 percent higher than previous) they are in the wrong and should be fined based on each offense you can't give a non-answer and say oh.. our systems messed up... well maybe you shouldn't have system's automatically changing your prices because you may end up getting into legal trouble with consumer protection laws "slaps forehead"

    25. Stephen Lister

      It's simple, if it's an Amazon Basics product, avoid it, as its a cheap knock off of a quality product. They propbably source 90% of it from Wish!

    26. Laberge

      TEK NUS!

    27. BartosH Mistrzowski

      I love listening to Tek nuz!

    28. rollakid

      Corn Starch 1010%. Why...

    29. Logan Treesh

      So you are telling me, before than pandemic, a 50 count disposable mask was $4? I cant find them anywhere for less than $40.

    30. Luke Glover

      Awkward. I have some amazon basics stuff. Also I had an amazon basics space heater last year that amazon contacted me to cut off the power cable, and throw out. They refunded me though. :P "For gamers. The ones that matter." Shots fired haha

    31. Antonio Bahler

      Bullshoit, all retail stores are doing the same. I work for Walmart.

      1. Antonio Bahler

        The rest of Oregon views Portland as this pretentious younger brother.

    32. SinikkaL

      Kill TikTok.

    33. Hahn Solo

      Can someone explain to me all the benefits of banning facial recognition? Doesn't this only make it more difficult for stores like Fred Meyers and Target to spot repeated offenders that steal or create dangerous situations (i've banned multiple people from my old target when I use to work as a manager, for pulling a knife out on an employee, or stealing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise over many planned visits) for employees and customers? I've only heard good things--in the private sector that is--about facial recognition when actually put to GOOD use, not some google dominating the whole world type facial recognition.

    34. Aurobindo Ghosh

      why aren't electronics getting cheaper?

    35. kgonepostl

      Sue Amazon for breaking the law!!

    36. Yaser Espino

      Fire in the Amazon? Isn't it too soon?

    37. Nate A

      "quickly worked to fix it" eh? did they quickly work to provide refunds even if not requested to anyone affected too.....

    38. martixy

      Increasing by a 1000% is NOT, I repeat NOT the same 10 times the price. It's 11 times the price. Calling US math-allergic. :D

    39. kobodey Pearson

      You will get a like for the Portland comments... The US hates Portland too

    40. Straif

      "Those aren't the only nuts you'll find in portland' as a Portlander myself, I can sadly confirm

    41. Murilo Santos

      Unfortunately the fire in the amazon rainforest is real here in Brazil. 😔

    42. Ethereal Blue Night Sky

      Well walmart sells disposable masks for 20$ which we all know is bs

    43. Lukaroast

      see, thats the problem with babies, theyre so STUPID

    44. Jacob Rivera

      You know what doesn’t leak? A water bottle from LTT

    45. Hotlog

      I want Riley and James daily. Just shooting the shit and telling me about news and things.

    46. Bingo

      shouldn't that be "the bunny rabbits ARE coming?"

    47. Steven Gonzalez

      What happened to today’s video

    48. LaDeX

      This might be the first video where Riley is bearable.

    49. eewre

      Portland definetly is not a great place to move to xD

    50. Wahyu Setiawan

      People : We present you, Gaming streaming service Apple : No! you have to download the game and pay them one by one

    51. eewre

      at this point i dont even care about amd GPUs anymore show what you got or dont get my money its pretty ez so fi they dont show anything before the 3080 releases im ordering nvidia

    52. Aura The Draak

      loads of toxic gadgets for a high price.

    53. MdahTube

      definitely a " back handed shout out" for portland folk, lol

    54. Robert Kurowski

      Is it just me, or does Amazons logo look like a dick?

    55. ZoltanoMoltano

      5:40 and this is why Linus and the others does this better, called being impartial and providing tech news not political opinions.

    56. sumanta mal

      I think Riley got the job because he is whitest of them all 😂😂

    57. Wisakedjak Archetype

      And these assholes don't pay taxes. In the meantime the IRS goes after lower income folks while these billionaires get off tax free.

    58. Crash Gaming

      How muc is Samsung paying you to keep that garbage there behind you on the set ?!

    59. Rob Fisher

      "Price gouging" aka not going instantly out of stock.

    60. Perliner Dudes

      man, i don't like this dude! (no hate tho) where are the other guys

    61. Ben Mitchell

      And... What happens when a game is on stadia and Geforce Now.. do they just make two apps?

    62. B.Anantha Narayanan

      6:25 now I see why Portland bans facial recognition 😂😂

    63. Iivari Mokelainen

      The soyboy face thumbnail is cringy.

    64. Codeplayer

      Imagine James and Riley smoking ... Now there is a party I'd like to pop in.

    65. Pyroteq

      Cheap crap from China is made using low quality materials and 5 year old children labour. Some of this shit carrying high voltage is catching on fire. Wow, this is so surprising. I for one love to risk my families life to save $5 on a USB charger. FFS, people are so utterly stupid. If you die in a house fire because you decided to buy low quality electrical products that's just natural selection working as intended.

    66. Interstate Indy

      I hate Amazonbasics.

    67. Aaron Thomas

      Portland is more like a large town vs a city

    68. BackstageAiden

      looks at microwave I got from amazonbasics "Call the bomb squad"

    69. Chris Collins

      Why is the color so soft in this video?

    70. Itay K

      Nice 4k

    71. Joe Beech

      You mispronounced gamers nexus

    72. Arup Deb

      Couldn't agree more. Amazon nowadays is filled with duplicate products and fake reviews. The next Ali express with genuine prices.

    73. Teardown Dan

      So... Amazon has systems that automatically price-gouge people based on demand. Nice.

    74. iamtheoceaniamthesea

      So it was one product after all

    75. DontBe3Greedy

      Portland banned facial recognition so rioters and theives won't be caught

    76. Peter Pan


    77. Awesome iPhone

      I'm shocked I haven't seen a ridge wallet add yet I've been seeing them A lot I'm actually thinking about buying

    78. Muhammad Mirsab

      Oobeesoft or Youbeesoft

    79. Alan Ultra

      Prices on prepper stuff have really spiked.

    80. DblOSmith

      I can fully confirm that Portland is not a fun city. I'd advise staying far away.

    81. Derik Petrillo

      Anybody else really want Dennis to do some of these videos?

    82. Robin van Leeuwen

      The 60 percent better than 2080 super is actually what nvidea showed. In the slide with the performance the 2080 super is positioned on 2.7x performance (over 980 I believe) and the 3080 on 4.5x. 2.7x1.6=4.35 ish

      1. Robin van Leeuwen

        It only said up to 2x 2080 super under the card

    83. KibSquib48

      tech news more like tech nudes

    84. Nexus Yang

      If Microsoft wants to stream games and they have to individually submit an app to do so for review, how come Netflix doesn't have to do the same thing and submit an app for each movie they want to stream and submit the movie for review? What about Disney? Hulu?

    85. Adam M

      i wanna be concerned but its cnn so it probably was one of those grown men that identify as a baby

    86. manugarciac

      An increase of 1000% is not x10, it's actually x11. If you say it's x10 you would also be saying that an increase of 100% is not increasing at all, when it's actually doubling in price.

    87. Copy Monet

      price gouging WTH USA with its unnecessary law's

    88. Ganore Ninad Nitin

      High demand led to high prices. Who knew.

    89. Dodgy Malaka

      Ooohhh. I’m JUST getting a notification for this upload. I got it 56 seconds ago as if clicking it.

    90. David Griffin

      0:34 if something _increases_ by 1000% its 11 times the price (100% + 1000%); just as if something _increases_ by 100% it's twice the price (100% + 100%). The product _increased_ by 900% and became a factor of ten times its original price ([1 + 9]*price)😉.

    91. itsmesomeguy

      I need a shirt that just reads "gamers; the ones that matter"

    92. tripnixon

      I was legit about to order the microwave for my dorm like right as this video dropped 😐

    93. Grant Kobes

      Riley is my favorite

    94. Zero Cool

      Thumbnails are creepy !! Linus ..

    95. Alexander Lee

      Portland IS a fun city!

    96. Ryan

      There's no such thing as price gouging. It's all supply and demand.

    97. Billie Eyelash

      I actually have the amazon basics microwave w/ Alexa 😂

    98. SourTrail

      I remember when I almost got expelled a three years ago because my amazon basics battery pack spontaneously combusted and caught my bag on fire

    99. Harira Normal

      I just bought a AmazonBasic lighting cable for a iPhone. And I Open HUgets i see this.....

    100. skaltura

      "price gouging" also known as supply vs demand. This is not socialism, and should not be. This is actually simple, say you are a doctor running private clinic, and during the pandemic you desperately need new disposable masks to see your patients. But as socialism would have price controls (see venezuela how that went!) it means not even at stupendously high price can the doctor get any as everything is price control sold out everywhere. He cannot see his patients. Meanwhile a single person living on social welfare, never has had a job may have a stockpile for 10 years even he went out everyday and used 5 a day, but he barely ventures ever out, just panic bought all the masks he could. (potentially also price gouging in mind if not panic bought!) Now, is it good that single person has insanely supply, but that doctor cannot see his patients as he does not have any masks and is unwilling to risk his patients health? That's how capitalism works, swiftly adjusting to market conditions. This also gives the company signal for what is being sought after, if everything is just simply sold out that signal would be lost, and the high prices and non-availability would last much much longer. At tremendous prices they can even air freight them in, and order larger batches than estimated need to compensate for lack of supply. Price controlled company would not know to do that, neither would be able to. (again see venezuela as example!)