Why didn’t Nvidia FIX THIS?


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    0:00 Oh. Baby.
    0:11 RTX 3080 crashes
    1:02 WatchOS 7 sucks on Series 3
    1:57 IRS adding crypto question
    2:56 Private Internet Access
    3:26 QUICK BITS
    3:34 TikTok avoids ban, again
    3:55 Prime Day Oct. 13, 14
    4:21 Uber's back in London
    4:43 Saturn Dragonfly launch delayed
    5:10 Requiescat in fricken Pace, Farmville

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    1. Coolio Ash

      Taxing bitcoin literally is the reason cryptocurrency exists

    2. ᗷOY ᗯOᑎᗪEᖇ

      ruining the vid with the guy constantly mumbling in the background

    3. LMacNeill

      re: the Apple Watch WatchOS 7 issues -- always, Always, *ALWAYS* wait until Apple has released the .1 version of any new OS. I haven't installed iOS 14 on my iPhone 11 Pro yet, because I'm waiting for version 14.1 before I do. I won't install MacOS 11 (when it's released) on my Mac until version 11.1 is available. You never *NEVER* install the newest version of *any* Apple operating system until it's gone through a .1 revision! *EVER!*

    4. Ahmed Ali

      Why did youtube notify me about this video today? this is 6 day old video wtf

    5. Pandu

      I got this video's notification today. HUgets U R CRAP !!!!!!!!!

    6. corey williams

      I'll wait for a 3080 Super.

    7. hiczok

      clickbait crap

    8. Abraham Vences

      Alex please 😍

    9. Jarred K

      Wait, can we play Stardew Valley together? I love it too.

    10. shadowtheimpure

      I am so glad that I couldn't get one of these cards. They've turned out to be a dumpster fire. I might just have to get an AMD card this gen...

    11. Won Fiddy

      2:45 Convert to monero and consider it a capital loss. problem solved..

    12. abdo Ben

      he is wearing a nice type C T-shirt by the way

    13. Zeroph

      TLDR Apple devices are a horrible investment and they designed their products to slow down forcing the consumer to rebuy yearly

    14. eurosonly

      I'm still laughing at all the idiots who paid up to 2500 for this card on ebay from scalpers.

    15. TubeRex

      Day after launch someone said that something would go wrong with the capacitors and boom, he was right

    16. Calvin Jary

      while this is bullshit I agree, and a failure to maintain capacitor spec, this crash only happens at VERY HIGH clock speeds. way beyond base clock, way beyond boost clock, and way beyond the factory overclocked guaranteed clock you are paying for. NOWHERE does ANYONE guarantee, pay for, or say a 3080 or 3090 should be able to do anything close to 2000 MHZ!! you should be thrilled to be getting 1800 MHZ, and it's totally stable at that insane clock speed! Yes my 2080 Ti does 1950 Mhz with no issues however that's only because I did absolutely everything right, and pushed everything to the limit! Except voltage.

    17. gnarf

      This will probably be the first prime day where it's not just a "sale" on still more expensive toilet paper than a local store carries, or other cleaning supplies.

    18. camelCased

      That was a big dose of horrormones...

    19. T H

      By the time they launch that Titan drone, they'll be calling it the 3090 drone.

    20. Digital Roostertails

      You probably need to order in October to have a chance of getting something from Amazon by Christmas. Their shipping is complete garbage now. #NotSoPrimeAnymore

    21. Lowell Gutknecht

      Nvidia had a press release revealing where the capacitors may contribute to the cause it has more to do with the firmware.

    22. Tyler NH

      Someone somewhere will start a class action lawsuit against the aibs who charged more for the oc models...

    23. Saintdog000

      I clicked on this video just to write this comment. I will stop opening videos with clickbait titles from now on. It has no information, it's annoying and i am tired of it. If it won't change, i will unsub too. :)

    24. izaac plays

      me and the homie Alex have the same watch

    25. Mads Hagen Clausen

      glad that i still have my 2070 strix that boosts to 2070 mhz:)

    26. AC3 Vlogs

      I'm going to build a computer on my channel with a 3080 so hopefully it's fixed by the time I do it. Also I'm working toward 100 subs so if you want to help...thanks

    27. brutalhonesty07

      Ghosts, demons, and extraterrestrial aliens all exist. If you worked at a hospital you would hear the gossip stories from the nurses and doctors especially.

    28. whiteandnerdytuba

      Apple gets money from services not hardware sales. Android makers make money from hardware sales not really services.

    29. EVPointMaster

      When you just copy info from other sources, at least copy correctly. The capacitors can have an influence on the stability, but they are not the cause of the crashes. It happened on FE cards as well. Also nice work citing igor'sLab as "a hardware site"

    30. Randalmcdaniel

      this guy smile slider must have been dragged to the max

    31. SSj Enforcer

      IRS:. Check this box if you use monero

    32. Odin029

      People in Canada might not understand but Uncle Sam wants his cut and it doesn't matter if it's cryptocurrency or not. They have ways of making you talk.

    33. Alex Ray

      president doesn't pay taxes for over a decade, multi million dollar corporations cheat the system every year, and the IRS wants to go after people playing with cryptocurrency...

    34. Wapn Perfo

      Actually... not bad capacitors... bad driver. Jumping to conclusions...

    35. Dillon Rhew

      This is actually really strange, Watch OS 7 has made my series 3 feel snappy and fast again.

    36. Failomas

      after this intro i have a crush on Alex

    37. Naota Akatsuki

      Makes sense the lithography isn't much smaller and also people want it overclocked with the insane amount of components it has in relation to the 2000 series... Of course it'll draw a lot of power... On a side note 3rd party manufacturers should add more capacitors.

    38. ProteinHammer

      Good thing I put all my money in BEEEECCCOOONNNEEEEEEEEE

    39. Dixie_rekd

      if its because AIB producers are not sticking to nvidia spec, its not Nvidias fault why is everyone implying its a problem with gtx3080 when founders edition seems to be fine. unless their specs didnt account for the interference caused by using different caps on AIBs power delivery systems.

    40. CrAzYgIrL

      The game is running past the speed of light, so you can't see it

    41. CrAzYgIrL

      The game is running past the speed of light, so you can't see it

    42. Alexandre Gordon

      I have a hard time understanding how this should be put as NVIDIA's fault. From what I have read and watch on this matter, it appears to look like AIB Partners decided to cheap out on the capacitors instead of following the spec... Am I missing a point here?

    43. ilovefunnyamv2nd

      wait, so the IRS is trying to get people to pay taxes on crypto, when the entire purpose of crypto was to decentralize, obfuscate, anonymize? Good luck

    44. LoudMouth

      I've never understood the need for people to get things immediately at launch. I'm still rocking a 1080 and plan to get a 3080 but I've always planned to leave that shit 3-6 months at least. Who needs that much GPU power RIGHT NOW? It's not 100% guaranteed but issues in launch day and first gen products aren't uncommon. Why would you gamble your hard earned money on something like that?

    45. Nmotsch idontwannagivemyrealname

      A lot of the 3080 crashes were just from people who didn't DDU their old GPU drivers.

    46. Josh Rice

      10 years ago: "Best CPU is Intel i7 and best graphics cards are AMD" Today: "Best CPU is AMD and best graphics cards are nVidia" How the times tables.

    47. H1_P2

      2:30 jesus... welp i should be fine cuz im Canadian

    48. Revener666


    49. Ahmad Hesarnaie

      1:00. Scaper confirmed.

    50. The Beard of DOOM

      "A couple eyes of newt!" Best moment of the video

    51. Dante S550 10R80'S

      0:09 what are you doing techbro?

    52. Monke

      about the capasitor thing its aftermarket cards using the cheaper ones instead of th expensive ones nvidia uses, jayz2cents made a great video about this issue

    53. ChronoMasterGaming

      Noone gonna talk bout the intro....LOL

    54. Matthew Burlinson

      Surprised to hear people having issues with their series 3 Apple watches cause mines working perfectly fine on the newest OS

    55. HairiestBoy

      The article says 'THE POSSIBLE REASON' not that it is the reason, goodness me lads

    56. shadowolf

      I loved the /replyall reference :)

    57. Helkeín

      " aMd DrIvErs "

    58. Vanadain

      Why do you constantly telling people, that we have pandemic? We most probably don't have any pandemic right now. People who count don't say so, Virusologist, epidemiologists and people who professionally deal with statistics don't say so. Most of them are removed from google and facebook, accused of misinformation. How can you know anything if you ignore data? We have pandemic of fear and pandemic of chronic lying. Not virus.

    59. Erman Bakhtiar Othman

      love the Casio :D

    60. Daniel Lindgren

      I thought the video was going to be about Nvidia and not apple, tiktok etc.

    61. Randy Gil

      Spanish subtitles are actually in portuguese

    62. Smarter Gaming

      Strange on your segment of spcaps (poscaps) causing issues.... the Igor's Lab article was inconclusive on that, saying it could be a factor... But, Nvidia released new drivers on 9/28/20 to "resolve the issues". So, it seems spcaps alone were not the issue. You failed to note that Nvidia maintain control over AIB cards by requiring all AIB card designs BE APPROVED by Nvidia and MUST PASS NVIDIA testing before going to market. This issue appears (according to several YT tech channels) to be caused by Nvidia's failure to provide good pre-launch drivers to AIB partners and Nvidia testing failing to catch the flaws in the Nvidia design parameters/drivers. How much of your lack of detail on these issues are due to LMG being paid to promote the RTX series and your paid glowing promotion of the wonders of RTX 30 series. Maybe time to issue an apology for supporting the over promised, under delivered RTX 30 series considering how bad this launch has been? Now let's wait and see if AMD does better or worse on its upcoming launch?

    63. CR055F1RE

      because plebs will buy it anyway

    64. Liam Firks

      uber never left london though ?

    65. Ikshu Valluri

      i have a series 3 it unpaired the watch and reset it to default settings

    66. Steven Moeller

      "It's not like a capacitor issue can be fixed by a software update." Yet EVGA has reported that a driver update from Nvidia has ended the crashing problem on the cards with 6 POSCAPs.

    67. sh4hiran

      incognito? VPN? Come on please straight to Tails OS and TOR.

    68. sniperlif3

      The AIB overclocks are not the issue, the issue is GPU Boost 3.0 boosting beyond the stock overclocks to 2Ghz without the capacitors on some boards being up to spec to handle the 2Ghz.

    69. Dudeomfgstfux

      Alex is making me...feel things 😨😨

    70. Sharp

      00:00 I had my speakers on and my mom was in the room.

    71. Andreas Jung

      Stardew Valley is indeed awesome, and not just "ok" :v

    72. Mark Semple

      Tell Riley to never try to do an English accent ever again, I know where he works . . . .

    73. ZakhariDarksorrow

      So, the capacitor issue seems to have been solved, but this was from the new drivers which limit the max boost clocks, although with a "better" capacitor layout on certain cards, these can be clocked back up and should run stable. I'd love to try this out and get my hands on a few AIB 3080 cards, but alas, my reviews and deep dives youtube channel is non existent... for now

    74. Aldi Prayogi

      Dammit I really thought that ghost really was sent by Dr. Lisa Su

    75. Ampmer Derzart

      Can someone help me understand this? What did Alex say at 2:35? Sounds like "except in that one reply episode everybody just found it"? Is this right? My hearing is not good. Thank you

    76. Cricket England

      But surely everyone’s going to say no about BITCOIN on their tax return regardless

    77. Darko22

      nooooooo tik tok needs to go

    78. Oliver Grauengaard

      People are reporting crashing on RTX 3080? You mean like, the 7 people in the world who got 1?

    79. Gigaheart

      So because they are killing Flash, FB games die? Just make them in a new engine, duh.

    80. ucandoit69

      Look at those golden locks

    81. Aaron Azzcalibur

      Jay 2 cents already did this

    82. Amir Andl

      Concerning the Apple Watch Series 3 and WatchOS 7 problems, I have to say, that I myself own one in said configuration and have neither noticed a slowdown or random shut-downs. So I might have to disagree with the too-old hardware to run the software statement.

    83. Callbrin

      lol image the government getting so greedy as to want money that they have no authority over

    84. Bogomil Boev

      my 2070 s started crashing since the last 2 driver update's

    85. Javier

      This is why you NEVER install stupid updates when they are released

    86. Jani Laine

      So... Was that sponsorship add a way to avoid IRS?

    87. Syed A Abbas

      Linus, dropping a hint for Wednesday's host by stating "no added hormones". Could it be a chicken hosting the show? Only one way to find out.

    88. Joe K

      *wears a casio Thanks man 😊

    89. Bender Bending Rodriguez

      4:20, yeah people stimulate the economy that leads to innovation so you can twiddle your thumbs on your smartphones talking trash about what capitalism makes possible. >Nerds, lol.

    90. Deon Spates

      Oh boy Nvidia...

    91. Ali Nassereddine

      5:38 Or you can play Farming Simulator lmao

    92. Derek Tweedie

      IRS has issues tracking dodgy transactions.. erm you have one massive candidate... Your dumbass president....duh

    93. Nicolas Chapados Girard

      Yep that was weird.

    94. Jacob Dennis

      Crypto currency should be untraceable. That's the point...

    95. mrlepresident

      Don't know if it's just me but this episode's audio is not synced.

    96. bsfatboy

      One day Riley will outgrow this channel and be a famous writer/action star.

    97. Negeya

      Sexy intro indeed

    98. Wanted Human

      I own a series 3 on os 7 and its terrible, ill just be looking for the time and itll reboot and the watch doesnt even get the vast majority of new features

    99. hotaru25189

      The real news here was Farmville was still a thing ._.

    100. MrTaunks

      It's not Nvidia, it's the stupid ass penny pinching AIB manufacturers who didn't meet the MINIMUM SPECS of the reference card. They went for a cheaper capacitor which is causing the problems.