Is This REALLY the RTX 3080??


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    0:00 - Linus charges up
    0:10 - RTX 3080 leaks
    1:20 - ARM-powered Macs
    2:23 - Intel Lakefield details
    3:17 - Private Internet Access
    3:59 - QUICK BITS
    4:00 - Android 11 public beta
    4:29 - Another Intel vulnerability
    5:02 - Motherboards overpowering Ryzen CPUs
    5:37 - Honda cyber attacked
    6:01 - PS5 event tomorrow
    RTX 3080 cooler leaked
    Cooler alone costs $150??
    Nvidia allegedly investigating leak?
    Apple to announce ARM Mac at WWDC
    iMac supply running low
    Will it be better than Windows-on-ARM?
    Intel Lakefield
    Android 11 beta
    ANOTHER Intel vulnerability found
    Ryzen current boosting?
    Nothing to worry about
    Honda factories shut down by ransomware cyberattack
    PS5 event tomorrow

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    1. Ilya Maximov


    2. Soomar


    3. Adam Jamaleddin

      Yeah real

    4. sinju sivan

      Yes , it is , s Design is real

    5. Rishab Baxla

      Why I'm I watching this 3 months after 😂😂

    6. Ishaan Parulekar

      i did not realize that this is tech linked, and not LTT

    7. Ognjen Glisovic

      last time i watched linus he looked like a baby, he looks like a man now, keep up the beard man

    8. XxSuski

      How many channels does this guy have

      1. Alex

        like 5 or 6

    9. Inigo Tropea

      I’m here from the future and it’s accurate

    10. BMACK 2005

      Fast forward 2 months, leaks have been mostly true

    11. Artyom

      haha dummy yes it does i am form the fututre lol silly c:

    12. Great Danger

      Well, this was true

    13. Code Shootz

      yes it is

    14. mkm

      it is

    15. wildebeest yt

      rtx inside kidney outside😂

    16. Jack Cornog

      I can confirm that this is the 3080

    17. PrismatiX

      Yep linus

    18. CrystalFragmentz Kid

      Simple answer: yes it is Linus

    19. ZweGGy

      Well, that was close.

    20. Grtalife


    21. that guy

      Yes that really is the RTX 3080

    22. Inert name here : __________

      Everybody's talking about the new macs yet here I am, laughing in 5 year old computer.

    23. Egg Bread

      I dont even need that rtx, pc would be so valuable for me in this school year despite pandemic. Maybe someday there would be someone who has a golden heart to donate me a pc. :((

    24. Witness of the Deep


    25. Harbosa

      It actually was

    26. Haarish Kannan

      who is here after seeing Linus going crazy today?

    27. Diky Arif

      Wtf was that intro

    28. Anirudh Kandpal

      Well the card price that you predicted was wrong. It's 699 only


      Here after the launch

    30. LittleTechKids

      Simple answer: Yes

    31. shibe

      yes it is the 3080

    32. PizzarollsTM

      This was true

    33. Spray

      Update : It was.

    34. PurpleKnightexe

      Can confirm, yes that is the rtx 3080

    35. tirlux -caster-

      Its here bois

    36. HydroViperKing

      Yes, it is the rtx 3080

    37. ASHES

      simple answer as i come from the future : YES FUCKING YES

    38. Exile lol


    39. y my pp hard


    40. Faiyaz Rafee

      yes, yes it is.

    41. Hexabane

      Yes , yes it does.

    42. Asif Ali

      Anyone here after the 3080 launch

      1. PrismatiX


      2. Ben Rylatt-west

        Me, the expensive fans were bs haha, and the pricing is amazing hype train ready to board

    43. Deepanshu kaushik_013

      Is it really 3080, yes i just confirmed it

    44. Dibyalok Satpathy

      I'm here after the 2nd Gen RTX launch event & boy that design looks sweet !!! Also the performance & price just made me replace my 2080.

    45. Explorer

      Prophecy is true

    46. Harambe 21

      I get Linus's adds on his channel. Stonks

    47. KingDamage

      I have currently a i7-8700k on 5Ghz with a RTX 2070 Super with 2.1Mhz Clock and my CPU is never above 50% while gaming... i dont get it how a 30 Serie is gonna bottleneck by my i7-8700k on 1080p but is it possible that the RTX 30 Serie is gonna get bottlenecked by my CPU? (i gonna buy a 3080)

    48. Nicholas Jesus Saves

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    49. PotatoDaddy493

      Linus: says something stupid His slaves/workers: BAHHHAAAHAHAHAHAAAA

    50. Nemcija

      RIP Apple

    51. Aayan Ali

      what is this channel and how have I not heard of it. How many channels does LMG have.

    52. Dan 58603

      Why is the first and card netherlands It stands for all amd grafik cards Sorry I can’t spell 0:48

    53. Oh yeah yeah

      He did grow a lot of beard in a year

    54. CARROT

      I like the part were in the time line sections it say " Linus charges up" LOL

    55. Emon Khan

      why the heck dont nvidia make it watercooled

    56. Ya Boi Will

      am i the only one who misses linus baby face

    57. Dimzzy

      how many channels do u have

    58. Ayaan Bopaiah

      when is rig reboot 2020

    59. Lorith Plays

      May this be the fastest pinned comment pls

    60. Jannick Janinsky

      I really like linus with a beard

    61. Ribenji

      why do u look like target pewdiepie

    62. Gabriel Akui

      This will be apples downfall and another companies time, we are getting to the thrid human generation of apple and the next one will want something better

    63. beansnrice321

      Nice Goku.

    64. C-3POT T

      One RTX 3090 = 6 Set of PS5 .. : D

    65. C-3POT T

      : D It time to Throw away/ Trash all.. OLD RTX 2070, 2080 & 2080 ti away.... now..xD ( Into It's time for RTX 3070, RTX 3080, 3080 ti is coming : D RTX 2080 ti= $1199, RTX 3090 = $ 3000 , RTX 4090 = $4000, RTX 5090 = $5000, RTX 6090 = $6000 ..omg... ( The more the GPU u Buy.., the more they will EAT u Cov 19 times.. )

    66. Benchmarks and More!

      Let’s goooo, can’t wait for the gaming performance of the new cards!!

    67. FROSKI

      When the 3080 super launches my moms credit cards gonna commit die

    68. Dylan Kershaw

      hahahaha last of us 2, what a joke

    69. Gabriel Kellar

      Ah yes because we need more things no one can afford

    70. Rahm3n Noodles

      damn he do be lookin like dat dood from LTT

    71. E B T

      Hi guys, I was planning to build a PC for Deep Learning purposes. Should I get a 2080Ti or wait for the NVIDIA Ampere series? My budget is 2500$ USD for the entire build. Please give me an advice.

    72. 『 Λ T H Ξ R I S 』

      rtx 3000 looks awful

    73. ApRu_09

      spoiler alert: NOW AT 5K $ BUY IT NOW

    74. ELAN LOVES MUSIC !!!

      The real story: LINUS EXPOSED THE NVIDIA RTX 3080 😂

    75. ELIenware A

      Please guys go watch the video of my PC being built 2000$ budget just built two days ago @jtravaglini I7-10700k 2080 Super H500 ARGB case

    76. Equinoxx

      1:06 My name's Jensen and that freaked me the hell out-

    77. Nahiyan Islam

      Finally I can buy an rtx 2080 :)))

    78. ItsMrDanny


    79. phantomplayer5079

      at 11.06 where you uploaded this video jaytwocents uploaded one two same day same time men you have luck

    80. sub me pls or nothing

      6 minutes and 48 second saying yes or no

    81. Lado Dolžan

      this graphics is monster

    82. Daniel Ramsey

      Is it just me or does he look high as fuck lol?

    83. Shrek

      Rtx 3080 releases, 2070 Prince gets higher

    84. Tripo

      2021: ARM-powered Macs 2030: LEG-powered Macs

    85. Starlord

      If nvidia raises prices again and l cant get a 3080 for 600 uk pounds...then they lose a customer. I will get a console instead and wait on rdna3. Nvidia getting to greedy and prices are ridiculous now. Rumors are they bringing in a 3090 to...thats just so they can price it at last gens ti prices and make ti even more expensive. Also l see very few; n tech raising the question of how much of the performance gain of these new cards is based on the extra power they use and heat produced. The 3090 and certainly the ti version may well cost three to four times the price of new consoles...l mean come on..l love tech but seriously its time to stop buying them otherwise buying a gpu in a few years time will be as expensive as buying a car. I went from a 1070 ..sold it got a 2070..useless upgrade hardly any difference...sold 2070 2080 super..only because with sale of 2070 only cost 300. Again ..faster now than 1070 but still limited memory and still unable to do very high to ultra settings at 2k nvm 4k. At end of day its a 600 pound plus ca d that cant do raytracing with acceptable fps and isnt a massive upgrafe from 1070 even. So if you have a card to sell fair enough..but if prices go up again ..l give up. I would rather spend on a top tv and console and wait for gpu prices to come down. Ive always had nvidia cards but as the prices go stupidly high had enough.

    86. kzro

      Literally 4% of the video matched the title

    87. Dragon

      Linus how many channels do you have? I know Linus tech Tips, Techquickie, Short Circuit, and now TechLinked?

    88. Cire XVIII

      This man looks like Linus from Linus Tech Tips.

    89. Shisui Uchiha

      I’ll stick with my Rx 5700 xt 😊

    90. TB2K

      im ready to sell my kidney

    91. Tyde

      I zap my nipple 😭

    92. The One You’ve Been Waiting For

      What about the rtx 2650 and 2660

    93. TheCrusaderBin

      AMD: nVidia - blow it out your a**! nVidia: New heat sink design! AMD: :(

    94. RxGtxZen

      oh no... its ugly...

    95. Mouavek One Two Three

      people are still gonna use the 2080ti because its obviously gonna be cheaper and easier for new commers

    96. Redz Eli

      "june 22" thats my birthday

    97. Trainboy1EJR

      6:22 Linus - "Although can you really put a price on Last of Us 2?" Me - "$5"

    98. Ballisticzombie7

      Part of me wants to get a founders 3080ti for my first founders edition gpu, but the other part of me ants to get a oc gigabyte one

    99. EndercyGamez

      me: wow rtx 3080 is cool! wallet: NO NO NO. me: i want it it's the best gpu! wallet: enough of you, bye.

    100. A. Chin

      When it comes to 4K@240Hz and DisplayPort 2.0’s high bandwidth, I personally prefer and recommend the RTX 3090 if you want high resolution and high refresh rate.