Will Contact Tracing even WORK?


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    Concerns rise around contact tracing
    Privacy www.wired.com/story/apple-google-contact-tracing-strengths-weaknesses/
    Effectiveness venturebeat.com/2020/04/17/probeat-apple-google-contact-tracing-tech-fail/
    Security appleinsider.com/articles/20/04/17/security-experts-have-concerns-about-apple-and-google-contact-tracing
    Switch prices are inflated from auto-buying bots, so one guy made one from scratch
    Bots: www.vice.com/en_us/article/bvgqp3/nintendo-switch-check-out-bots-shortage?.com
    Build: mobilesyrup.com/2020/04/16/fan-builds-nintendo-switch-with-only-replacement-parts/
    Xbox One business edition… but not really?
    Chuwi I/O: www.techpowerup.com/265838/chuwi-aerobox-mini-pc-uses-same-motherboard-as-xbox-one-s#g265838-3
    Actual Xbox One S I/O: images.techhive.com/images/article/2016/08/xbox-one-s-rear-edited-100675028-orig.jpg
    France orders Amazon warehouses shut down until April 20
    Clearview AI data breached AGAIN
    SpaceX crew launch scheduled
    Libra has gotten kneecapped
    Samsung’s TV packaging will be used for other stuff… until it gets ruined because it’s cardboard - one more thing for cats to ignore
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    1. TechLinked


      1. Prohurtz

        The sky

      2. Sir,

        you changed the video title .... why

      3. Christopher Kreider

        you in here?

      4. Ard-Jan van Etten


      5. Kim

        @Marcuss95 #0000FF

    2. shockawenow

      How to remove this very intrusive app hugets.info/show/t5d3gtyuzomKkpw/vide.html

    3. Rowena Haps

      remember those images of bulldozers pushing skeletal remains of Holocaust victims into mass graves? That's going to be you

    4. Moritz Defourny

      Bluetooth contact tracing? But I never use Bluetooth

    5. DigDeep

      Good video. I also did a detailed analysis of contact tracing and the approach taken by Apple and Google in my latest video. Take a look! hugets.info/show/l3ZmerfFk4-TpYY/vide.html

    6. Cim

      Who is this guy? He's fucking hilarious.

    7. Zaki Aoi

      i would tottally buy the tv for a cat house

    8. I am Not a Conspiracy Nut

      “Contract tracing”. Sound like a new phrase to you? They are just recycling the same old plan using new words. It’s going to happen. So whine, cry, throw a little temper tantrum, because there’s nothing you can do about it. Or is there? Who said you have to cure his cell phone in the first place? Is anybody forcing you to carry a cell phone? If you’re so bent out of shape over this paranoia about who is tracking where you’re going, and ditch the cell phone and quit whining. It’s a simple as that.

    9. I am Not a Conspiracy Nut

      “Contract tracing”. Sound like a new phrase to you? They are just recycling the same old plan using new words. It’s going to happen. So whine, cry, throw a little temper tantrum, because there’s nothing you can do about it. Or is there? Who said you have to cure his cell phone in the first place? Is anybody forcing you to carry a cell phone? If you’re so bent out of shape over this paranoia about who is tracking where you’re going, and ditch the cell phone and quit whining. It’s a simple as that.

    10. Flaming Gorilla

      6 mins 9 seconds was not an accident lol.

    11. Telogor

      People don't save their TV boxes? The original box is the only good way to pack them up for moving or reselling.

    12. Jan93Banan

      I got PIA and it doesn not work. I've tried diferent things but the sites allways says "turn your VPN off to gain access to this site"

    13. Peb

      Wow, I have closed captioning on and never knew that the Xbox was called the Xbox a$$! Me thinks that HUgets is slightly off with CC.

    14. ancape ancape

      What a lonely James

    15. ancape ancape

      What a lonely James

    16. zelexen Lizaola-V

      a r7 350 is about a xbox one s so thats fine

    17. alexguskov25

      We are talking about another app made by Google, sounds like another bad idea, half baked ideas is Googles emo now. Google is already working with the Chinese government to give them a special version of Google to fuck with the Chinese people, Google just doesn't know when to just stop shitting on the Android customers.

    18. Sikkbeetz

      Screw the contact tracing. People are going to hack their phones and change that. Mark my words.

    19. Avaviel

      "You know sometimes? Europe is pretty cool." That's the opposite of true.

    20. max idk

      NON Scientists informing the public of pandemic related information. THIS IS SO HELPFUL AND NOT AT ALL DANGEROUS!! THANK YOU

    21. HuzzahGamers

      I'm kinda starting to hate James' way of talking to us at the start of the videos... :(

    22. Ness Main

      Of course google wants to implement contact tracing, they already know your name, age, location, contacts, what sites you go to and what you're interested in, so why not let them know the people around you too. I'm sure this will only ever be used for tracking covid and literally nothing else ever.

    23. jull1234

      you are 100% poo-pooing the whole idea.

    24. Roy

      What about the testing and vaccine. Is this an opportunity to get our DNA. Remember insurance companies trying to sue 23 and me for not giving up dna results.

    25. nycameleon

      It seems like the contact tracing would work well in american suburbs where they don't generally see more than a handful of people in a day. could help with medium/low density areas.

    26. Sterlex

      The PRIVATE INTERNET ACCESS yield make me like hahahahah

    27. hmoham

      So they've taken the CPU section of the Xbox One S and disabled the GPU, which they replaced with a weaker GPU? That makes no sense. Sure the GPU inside the One S isn't all that great, but compared to the weak arse Jaguar CPU it's hell of a lot better, though it they still had access to the 32MB eSRAM on the Chip it might be OK in some tasks....maybe.

    28. Dizy Tizy

      A tracking app for Covid 19 will work it just needs to take into account lots of variables.

    29. iBonus iBonus

      what not use an anonymous transit smartcard instead? covid2019system.com/?p=402

    30. Jordan Rouse

      God I love TechLinked

    31. DSP Even darker

      Will tracking work yes

    32. Matthew Smith

      Damn James you did a good job on your own. maybe better than with a co-host

    33. PropsOnBrainOff FPV

      I'm literally sleeping on a cardboard bed... Maybe buy 10 TVs get a free bed? And yeah the bed works great with some anti slip mats underneath...... roominabox.de/products/das-pappbett-2-0?lang=en

    34. Estbgti

      changed the title because you realised it was stupid and irresponsible eh?

    35. Hussein Ahmed

      You are acting like it wasn't a thing before

    36. Depressing Mistake

      France should of left Amazon alone. We are all isolated and people need easy access activities to keep them occupied, the Amazon warehouse near me prioritizes food and groceries for delivery. Where as non essential items get 1 day of the week for postage by self employed couriers (key workers)

    37. Derick Mathews

      But the thing about security is that each person has a changing id so it’s kinda possible to hack it

    38. Jeremiah VI


    39. broke'nboosted

      CHUWI SUCKS! I've owned multiple laptops from them. They are cheap are are set up to run great for basic work however ALL hardware from them is garbage. Trackpads dont work or sense multiple fingers and the chargers always break not just the cord but the port too which is a very small hard to find barrel plug. I would never buy any chuwi gaming system

      1. broke'nboosted

        @Rob lol just like cars. Cheap Fast Reliable Pick two I just expect a 250$ laptop would have a working trackpad that's more than most chrome books

      2. Rob

        1. Cheap 2. Good hardware Choose one.

    40. Rifero Artisan

      first thing I would do is break/ disable / rollback GMS the moment they push that update

    41. Matthew Littler

      Let the public health nurses do this. I don’t trust these companies to do this.

    42. Duck Multiverse

      It will work, just not for what they say it's intended for.

    43. Thumper 1968

      No shit exactly everyone with a brains point when this came out. Also besides getting people to download app etc they have to turn on Bluetooth. Furthermore coronavirus is not killing all these people it’s not that deadly in fact viruses don’t jump 6 fucking feet that’s not how shit works and people need to wake up

    44. Melodias

      I dont even think it will work on my smartphone my huawei p10 has aggressive battery saving always enabled, preventing apps in background to stay active lmfao.

    45. jhonny smith


    46. pocketlint82

      Cardboard boxes are already cat houses without having to rebuild it

    47. SwordQuake

      Yeah sure, change your title and/or thumbnail.

    48. Max H

      I hate people that are so "secure" and "private". Fuck you. It's not like it won't be saved on an encrypted server which can't be seen by anyone.

    49. Chris Storer

      Private Internet access is now owned by Kape technologies who is known world wide for actually making malware. Yea no. I’m good.

    50. Polyester Avalanche

      0:09 I heard that with a Carmen voice.

    51. Bryce Glionna

      Fawk the switch. Mine is a black dead screen of death since this covid took over. Yaaa Nintendo junk.

    52. Kruti Deepan Panda

      Lol, indian government has already implemented it

    53. Keksmania

      Thanks for changing the title

    54. Thobiex

      The Norwegian Institute for Public Health (FHI) has already released their corona tracking app "smittestopp" which utilizes GPS and Bluetooth. It seems to work well enough, except for the fact it uses a lot of power. It was released only a few days ago (and was even recommended by our prime minister), and has already been downloaded by over 1.2 million Norwegians (out of a population of 5 million)!

    55. Tushar Kuntawar

      I don't exactly know weather it is my screen or the video . But it is a tad bit under saturated,to a point it feels in LTT like. (If it means something)

    56. Sreejith Suresh

      Lack the content punch and boring episode

    57. Great Nerve

      In India there is a working application name "Arogya setu", which use same technology for contract tracing. It is working app and I didn't face any problem with other system like - "bluetooth speaker" while this application is active.

    58. soppan96

      It took me 0.1 seconds to see the colors of this video are way off and not graded as usual. Looks very flat. Ive not watched techlinked in like a month lol

    59. Bryan Eakin

      so a person leaves a phone at home. and dont know how/who they spread covid to

    60. Lance Zimmer

      Uhm you do know that cats love boxes right? LOL

    61. Dreamy

      Contact tracing worked very well in South Korea and Japan.

    62. Brian M

      I think that anyone caught scalping *anything* just need to be shot at this point.

    63. Frank Knockleby

      Bluemont contact tracing? Great if you're not power conscious and only have it turned on in the car. Mine is almost never on.

    64. ChronoXShadow

      1:51 Components...! Assemble. [epic orchestral music plays amidst war cries]

    65. Aleksey Malyshev

      I have a better idea - why not trace HIV, Flu, and a bunch of other things? E.g. - whether the person next to you is married or not, whether they have children, etc. How cool would this sound?

    66. Andy Dillbeck

      "The box turns into other things, like a cat house..." You mean like every cardboard box that I happen to leave unattended for more than a few minutes?

    67. Kirsty

      Is James a little slurry when he speaks? Weird question I know but I've been noticing it more and more.

    68. jason wolden

      I'm always concerned about my privacy.. problem is after a while I'm not going to be staying home.. I understand the dispensing right now so people don't panic . People panicking does not get rid of my right to Freedom and the pursuit of happiness.. people who are afraid should be the ones to stay home.

    69. Abu Sayem

      Someone forgot to color calibrate the video

    70. Sushim Shah

      Where's the Crysis Remastered Quick Bit

    71. See Sharp

      Stop the toaster ping!!!!

    72. See Sharp

      What works is good health, be healthy and stay healthy.

    73. Lane Babuder

      Honestly, I'm not sure utilizing this explicitly to track COVID-19 is actually the item, HOWEVER, it can provide real-time data on how viruses spread which would be an amazing data set for researchers!

    74. Arthran

      Assembling handhelds from parts these days isn't all that complicated. Hell, I built my own Vita 1000 from Aliexpress parts.

    75. HootMaRoot

      You guys are really scraping the bottom of the barrel for content for this video

    76. Mike Blue

      Major hand movements in this episode.. too much Lambo Coffee I think.

    77. AshMW

      0:17 Gapple.

      1. Señor Ravioli

        Forehead big.

    78. zeveroare R

      No James. We are always cool.

    79. Gonzo

      Can't get a test in the UK for any amount of Money, I have tried.

    80. Thoreau

      0:04 heh

    81. Tutozz

      Just got an Pulseway ad with Linus in it 🤣

    82. mjc0961

      I'll turn off bluetooth before I participate in this contact tracing bullshit. These fuckers invade our privacy enough. They shouldn't be allowed to do it more over what's pretty much a flu that we don't have a flu shot for yet so everyone's freaking out about old people dying (even though the old people don't care and keep ignoring all the rules).

    83. Sanders Konschtat

      The samsung cardboard thing kinda rocks...

    84. KennyTheKid

      1:48 wasn't it a reddit user?

    85. Rusty Blader

      You know this whole amazon situation would of been avoided if people actually realized there are other retailers out there besides amazon online

    86. Maxwell Houston

      The intro was very Canadian.

    87. Yinon Belker

      France gives Amazon a time out Europe is pretty cool? more like pretty SOVIET

      1. Alex Phillips

        Yeah... in what world is this kind of thing 'cool?'

    88. Athul Aloysius

      Contact tracing can help.....but everyone is f***ing concerned abt...privacy..

    89. Franangelico Ona

      False positives & fake news and world government. Good thing bill gates from Microsoft won’t get to sell his vaccines 💉 . ...pay me good money and I’ll stick 50 needles into your new baby 🍼.

    90. Chemy Torres

      I don't care about that privacy concerns, Google already gas all the info

    91. Takkun

      How come every techlinked episode name gets changed within a few hours

      1. Fuck_GOOGLE_hijacking_my_username_dont_be_evil_my_ass

        They probably try out a lot of different titles, and the one with the most traction becomes the default, so as to gather more click$.

    92. Uk Gamer

      Pia is still dodgy imho.

    93. David Schaftenaar

      This Bluetooth tracking thing needs to be decommissioned after the outbreak though... Because there might now be a single database with high accuracy blindspot-free location data that lists virtually all smartphone users worldwide. The list of nefarious ways you could use such a thing: Endless.

    94. bEtchaos7

      France just said no till 420

    95. coprographia

      Really second-guessing the titles lately, huh?

    96. G8M8N8

      Is there a LMG video that hasn’t had a title change?

    97. matt carnes

      Bluetooth you mean that useless freeloader who eats up my battery

    98. Chrysippus

      It's almost like authoritarians want to take advantage of the epidemic.

    99. YankeeSpirit

      If this bluetooth contact tracing results in lots of false positives, that could waste tests and delay testing for patients who actually need them.

    100. Arbaaz Khatib

      So I read news that Facebook is teaming up in India with Reliance industries to create a super all in one app somewhat like WeChat in China !