Yay! More ADS on YouTube!


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    Quick Bits:
    HUgets, 8 IS THE NEW 10
    (HUgets allowing mid-roll ads in 8 min videos)
    (TikTop may be getting banned)
    (New video coding halves data usage)
    (Loon launches balloon-internet)

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    1. Simplify Things

      Chrome User: Fck HUgets Opera User: yeah I know how it feels...

    2. charyto Ortiz

      Ads sucks

    3. Bill K.

      I am so pissed off that I take a stand to the extend I watch the whole ad, never skip in 5s and also at the end click the visit advertiser option in order to provide a cost to them as they do to me. Can anyone find information or similar ways to combat this situation? Please reply your methods!

    4. GreatGun Hater

      My Add blocker.. hold my cup

    5. Dr. Steve Stevenson

      You made the tribe proud.

    6. Keyboard Person

      It was long ago when I was told that videos under 10 minuets don't get ads.............

    7. Suhaas Bhat

      Watches an ad to see the video. Hmm ...

    8. Dinosaurprince

      Video stars with unskipable ads.

    9. Nate plays Roblox

      If video streaming websites still exist in the next couple years there will be so many ads that there will be videos titled: 'TRY NOT TO WATCH ONE OF THESE ADS' and the videos will only *be* ads.

    10. Andrew Oconnor

      Be thankful your new writer isn't Scottish or "Bog" would mean something completely different

    11. scoobert doobert

      this guy kinda looks like linus

    12. Sizwe Letanta

      Laughs in premium

    13. Josefine Johansson

      nooooo nooo

    14. A Beltran

      Wtf video.

    15. Oz King

      The most annoying ad: "free audiobook for the free style"

    16. Kemal Eski

      i wanna watch a 10 second video but watch 30 seconds ads.....

    17. Ripper

      699k views Noice

    18. STEELRAPTOR 0415

      maybe he was being sarcastic

    19. Keyboard Person

      Just from watching this I got two ads and the video hasn't even begun

    20. Verbal Swag Rawkey

      The longest comment of all time! Just below or above.

    21. Verbal Swag Rawkey

      Since the ads have increased from acceptable (it's commerce, it's biz) too disrespectful (because; their financial bottom line doesn't require the standard fucking of consumers) I have made a conscious effort to boycott products and companies who participate in our corporate cornholing. No longer will I use Postmates, the Patai to patai because two old people are walking to patai the patai has interrupting my viewing so much that I'm boycotting not only Postmate but I'm never eating Patai again. Perhaps the the worst ad ever aired, , and I've been trying to get into advertising but can't share my material to agencies (no unsolicited material) my content would steamroll their shit! Next, boycott The Robocall killer, the ad that begins ”Are you tired of RoboCalls?” FK yeah I'm tired of RoboCalls but I'm more tired of the Ad to combat Robocalls. WTF! Join me in a boycott that won't even get off the ground, a boycott that only few readers of comments will see. Take part, it's us against the man! Ahh fuck it, it's stupid, nevermind. I now return you to normally scheduled programming interrupted with a buttload of Ads even more stupider then my stupid boycott. PS I would like a job in advertising/copywriting, content creation. This is my resume, and now I'm hungry. Ooh an ad just ran, subliminally I think I'm in the mood for Patai, and hey!!!! I'll have postmates deliver it. Hey? What's going on here?..

    22. every time you sub I will execute 1 furry

      Iphones are the same every year, overpriced run out of battery too fast and break easily

    23. CaptainGoose

      Me: Uses adblocker My music playlist: *kicks me out every other video* "Oh so that's why I stopped using adblocker."

      1. CaptainGoose

        Nevermind, it kicks me out even without adblocker. What the fuck, HUgets.

    24. yorinov2001

      mid-roll ads - just say no - I have unsubscribed from 25% of channels I subscribe to for too many ads and more are heading thar way.

    25. blxssvandal

      Everyone hates ads except this guy here

    26. HaTeRaDeQuEnChEr

      I don't wear sunglasses or use soap anymore! Revolt🤢

    27. Peanut Live

      But you has two ads when I clicked your video

    28. Haitian Soulja dex

      Please someone know a app for stop these fucking ads i'm going to die by nerve seriously i don't even go to yourube anymore cause every single videos has ads

      1. The Holy Havel

        look up youtube vanced

    29. Allen Parrish

      HUgets has joined the ranks of the mega-greedy!

    30. HabitsRabbit

      Wish I had adblock on mobile..I had to sit through an unskippable 15 seconds of an ad then got a second ad that was 30 seconds..also unskippable...I hate HUgets now, they suck..they haven't been good since 2013

      1. The Holy Havel

        look up youtube vanced

    31. Rayxuess

      even my adblocker can't stop ads

    32. PewPew Samurai09

      I got an ad on this vid!

    33. vince mcreyn

      Whoever’s idea was it to add two whole ads ima smack you

    34. Melkie Moo

      Bóg is toilet

    35. AWESOMEGAMER183546 Gaming

      Yay I got an ad

    36. Milos Djeric

      Long live HUgets Vanced

    37. b set aviation fan 2020

      Boo NO ADS

    38. I like skyrim

      His voice is the most annoying thing ever

    39. Fanaticalplel

      Bro I thought the longest unskippable ads couldn’t be longer than 15 seconds and I just got a 20 second unskippable ad


      Wayyy too many ads on youtube now. I have quit watching as much because of it.

    41. Tubes

      Can some one talk about the Scientology ads?? Is it just me that thinks that a cult and or religion should NOT be allowed to get advertisement space on HUgets??

    42. Marion Rafael

      I literally got an ad before this

    43. Nahan_Boker

      This is why adblocker always on at my pc. Sadly theres no adblocker on mobile except vanced or root. Which is give me headache. Also those ads load 1080p quality while my video only 480p because of my limited internet. This is BS, also dont forget if you dont skip i even had 3-4 ads just keep rolling. Is youtube really turn into no 1 things i ABSOLUTELY HATE from TV? This is why we need new platform...

    44. j.network323

      Ad blocker: so...want me now???

    45. L

      the first 3:36 is just more adds.

    46. NSX 青柳

      HUgets: more ads Me, who uses adblock: wait, HUgets have ads?

    47. Deep Fried Mars Bars


    48. Keribi

      I cannot watch this guy! I am still trying to figure out why! Very odd!

    49. AdrianCapALot

      Me: *Enters Video* *I look at the beginning of the video and I see yellow* Me: Ah Shit here we go again..

    50. pickle

      youtube vanced 🤩

    51. Khanafiah Ali

      Genuinely think he will say Ohhhhhhhh 891 505050

    52. IRMacGuyver

      @5:50 That moment when you let the new writer off the leash too soon.

    53. Man in White

      More ads blockers for me, I'm not supporting any creator from now on. I have enough watching 2000 ads a day.

    54. Dante Illanes

      *laughs in adblock*

    55. Ray Bin

      Banning Tik Tok is not the way to address problems - more apps like it could simply be created. Banning the process/methods of data collection is. Of course all the major internet companies will not stand for that!

    56. buckets of rust

      *Laughs in Vanced*

    57. Electrodude

      Computer nerd in 2020 standing so far away form the real hardware they could recognize something is wrong with an app anymore. :D

    58. Kyle Haines

      Ban TikTok for privacy concerns? I'm more worried about Facebook stealing my info!

    59. GhostYT

      Bit Quits 3:05

    60. Ben Mhart

      19000^1/2 = ~ 137 mi. This means the google balloons world have a roughly 65 mile radius of theoretical coverage. Certainly impressive, but not exactly a 1000 mile internet connection 😂

    61. CalgarGTX

      Theres ads on youtube ?

    62. Lennon Hodges

      Yay i get to die with more Google ads hooray and stadia is freaking spamming me ads so fun yes it's fantastic u can tell I'm going insane bc I am bc of this freaking ads

    63. Andry :D

      2.05 :)

    64. Jeffrey Walker

      when you see an Ad, dont buy that product, or vote that party.

    65. Tyler

      Ya, I noticed this on my pohone. I deleted the failtube app right away. zzz

    66. STONEDay

      Firefox & Ghostery = No more ads. 1 year ad free & counting.

    67. David Tosh

      Put more ads on the iPad. That is an order by President Donald Trump. More commercials then regular programs make a lot of money then before. Someday they will have Commercial Channel. Commercial Channel is nothing but ads and commercials, no programs.

    68. neubro 144

      Thank god for ublock and Sponsorblock.

    69. Julten

      Me: OH NO MORE ADS also me: owns YT Premium

    70. Ishan Khanna

      Title more ads on video The video : No ads take it or leave it

    71. D. C.

      I don't care about late Samsung...just stop all the bloat. Stock Android is only way.

    72. Skye Diann

      The CPU timeline summed up: Intel for like an entire decade: Innovate, die shrink, innovate, die shrink AMD for said decade: Sucking badly AMD: Releases Ryzen Intel: Oh shit, not good Intel: Innovate AMD: Die shrink Intel: Die shrink AMD: Innovate, die shrink, Innovate, die shrink

    73. Djas M

      I came here to hear about ads on yt, instead im half way through and nothing. What a clickbait, disliked

    74. Clarence Loie Prima

      Fun. More ads on top of linus tech tips 3-ad videos

    75. DJdori_10

      Rtx 6090

    76. Karl Björn

      "quantum leap"

    77. Black Magik

      Ads dont lead to sales tho. Ive NEVER bought a product because of an ad. Esspecially when you shove it down my throat.

    78. Gamer Studio 3

      Linus: Yay! More ADS on HUgets! Me: Laughing with adblocker

    79. Cim

      LMAO that intro reminded me of HUgets Poop!

    80. Anduril

      The problem with TikTok is if you are Chinese or ever want to visit China. While I don't want any government monitoring my data, China is the one I'm fairly confident might actually disappear me.

    81. Lukas Sprehn


    82. Tossphate

      Excellent use of the word bog, give that writer an immediate promotion.

    83. M eh

      Is happy for more ads. Downvote.

    84. Lee


    85. DL

      Anyone else misread this as YAY! No more Ads on youtube!?

    86. Pharaoh Virgo Compy

      Burn them all

    87. ConsumesLargeEgg

      yay ad blocker.

    88. Connor And BLA23

      vid starts at 3:36

    89. Corey Szulist


    90. Tomas T.

      I love the irony of the ad before this video

    91. ClimateCTRL

      Me, A youtube premium user: Is this some sort of peasant joke I'm too rich to understand?

      1. Maxim Mamykin

        ClimateCTRL Me, a user of Adblock: Is this some sort of retarded joke that I am too smart to understand?

    92. Steven Macdonald

      I swear these mid roll adverts are seriously effing me off!! I have the HUgets app on a Linux Smart TV, is there anyway I can block these bullshit ads in EVERY SINGLE VIDEO NOW!!!! GRRRRRRRRRREEDY HUgets!! I'm now calling it ADTUBE

    93. Sathwiq Reddy


    94. Blur4strike

      HUgets: Here's more ads for you to make paying for HUgets Premium more appealing! uBlock Origin, SponsorBlock, HUgets Vanced users: Piss Off!

    95. Felipems

      5:26 does baloons are viseble on sky ? @mr.x æ a-xii

    96. BigBadBeef

      There is no ad cancer ghostery can't fix. Wait... did I just advertise an advertisement countermeasure?

    97. LondenTower

      oh. that explains why i keep getting tiktok ads all the time on the HUgets app. 🤮

    98. mjc0961

      0:15 - Who wrote "3500XT" on that picture? There is no 3500XT.

    99. James Hamilton

      This vid started with 2 unskippable ads ffs.

    100. Amazing Ulti

      i hate my life why ads