Uh, What is “Steam Cloud Play”?


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    Steam Cloud Play beta
    Geforce Now is getting some big games back on the platform
    Trump vs Twitter
    Trump’s problematic tweets
    Signs executive order
    What is Section 230
    Zuckerberg doesn’t want to get in trouble
    You can schedule tweets now
    HP Reverb G2 is like an Index with inside-out tracking
    Anti-5G USB
    UK cracking down
    Samsung Galaxy Book S with Intel Lakefield
    Nvidia launches Quadro Experience
    Russian hackers infect email servers
    Cheer for yer team even when you’re not there

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    1. Wumixe MC

      yayyyyy 1k comments

    2. Wumixe MC

      leaf wahoo

    3. Wumixe MC


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    4. ME-DIC!

      Channel: TechLinked Content: Trump and Twitter....

    5. Christian Hericks

      Thank you TechLinked for presenting the news from a non-partisan and objective perspective. You are a rare beast in this age, and I deeply appreciate it.

    6. abeast 1lol

      i downloaded the epic games version of ark but it is not letting me acsses any mods so can you please help

    7. notthere83

      Oh it would be hilarious if Trump would get banned from Twitter as a result of that order. After all, his tweets are exactly of the kind that a publisher would have to censor.

    8. Ian Meesters

      guys please, social media is soooo bad. just quit using it! you'll honestly feel much better, remember how life was before social media, you were fine right? a lot less stressful and simpler.

    9. SamfisherSam

      By far the best James thumbnail ever

    10. Matt Magayna

      James!! That f'ing face! That thumbnail... is f'ing fantastic! hahaha

    11. Wolfieboy YT

      3:35 Closed Caption "So we'll have to see if _linux_ looks.

    12. Mike G

      No chill. Twitter shouldn't be deciding what is the truth. But Trump deserves to go to prison for a mountain of issues.

    13. nekrosoft13

      We should just mail him random leafs to eat. Linus, make a video about it!

    14. Tim E.

      Put some peppa on it

    15. Timothée

      Please don’t make any more videos in nature, it looks really weird.

    16. Franny P.

      Hahahahahahahahahaha! Did actually James ate some random leaf?! 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

    17. Rex Mundi

      Hello this is your friendly botanist party pooper, just here to let you know that eating random plants isn't super duper smart as many are poisonous. And I say this as a vegan. Yes, you have spotted me. Nice joke.

    18. Baruch

      Wow the subtitle quality really went down hill quickly this episode

    19. Misty Hill

      "The spice must flow"

    20. Adam Krause

      I want to run Steam Cloud Play on my Shield Portable.

    21. CarlSW

      I hope they revoke 230.

    22. Edz

      We all know James ate the leafs just to prove they didn't didn't use the new XSPLIT CAM GREENSCREEN thingy

    23. Brian Seabury

      the internet is not regulated the way television is. why are trumps bad decisions affecting everyone else and not trump. trump posts hate speech which I admit Im not crazy about the regulation of speech. still anybody saying anything- remotely(keyword remotely)(you shouldn't be able to compare youre president to a hate monger) like that twitter has decided theyre going to censor the account. its sad when democracy dies because people can't figure out when information is misrepresented. trump gets a notice from clippy on his tweet what youre posting is genuinely terrifying and now anyone else left or right wing can be labeled with a message by twitter or subsequently have their message censored or terminated. this isn't the worse way of doing censorship but social media should never welcome censorship regulation with open arms. net neutrality is supposed to prevent that. youtube does label content over sensitive topics with content to verified sources but its content agnostic. it doesn't matter how bad the video is. if its on a sensitive topic all videos get linked to the official source.

    24. Dshon S.

      James’s orgasm face is an official company thing.

    25. Dallas Mojican Camuyot

      I am still waiting for the next tech news. It's been two days now!!! MORE TECH NEWS MORE!!!

    26. Spencer Peat

      An hp vr rig? Does that mean it will work correctly for an hour before bsoding due to a load of background crapware?

    27. Christopher G. Treadway

      Trump is picking this fight because designating social media as a publisher would require vetting of ALL content rather than just the content they don't like. OR they can be a free and open platform and NOT fact check. He's trying to force them to pick one or the other rather than riding the fence.

    28. Steve Baker

      😂 what if there was a birds leaving on it

    29. Flame Forged Soul

      Water, you kill sandworms wit water.

    30. sonictimm

      This is my favorite TechLinked episode in a long time, thank you & keep up the good work!

    31. ibraducreps

      Wait what...? Valve is doing something consumer-friendly? Just wait till they fuck it up.

    32. Error

      I would love to just be able to stream the majority of my steam library instead of needing to download them. Only for games that aren't competitive though like City Skylines or Stellaris, the likes.

    33. Ivano Er Libanese

      This channel has become so full of advertisements, to the point that I quit the video before the end every single time .... but who cares? Meanwhile my view has been registered

    34. MysticAura

      You misunderstand. It will label them as publishers IF they edit/manicure/censor content on their site. If they let people speak their minds within the law, they will not be considered a publisher so will not be liable.

    35. 〈 Roberto 〉

      1:52 someone from ltt smoking good

    36. Gaming-Zombie13

      Steam Cloud Gaming hopefully will be fun to use and easy...

    37. Gabriel LaFlex

      lol I bought my first EGS game yesterday... they are creeping into our library.

    38. Pr0ximity

      I love the content.

    39. Plane Go Br r r r r r r rt

      So a fragile ego is going to censor every conspiracy theorist, liar, bullshitting politician and religious fools spout their verses as fact... And the best is it'll most likely kill the cesspit that is Twitter in the process and muzzle the ego pushing for the change!! Pinch me this must be a beautiful dream.

    40. Andrew G

      I love the sarcastic jack assery. 🤝

    41. Brian M

      "Mmm! Nature. Have you ever gnawed on a branch, or had a handful of rocks? Maybe nibbled on some poison sumac, or ivy? Have you ever run naked through a Whole Foods?" In case ya wanna know, it's a crack at those old Grape Nuts commercials.

    42. TisJester XxX

      I only want the NSA to hack my e-mails..

    43. Serah

      Mark Suckerberg is like "Can not Compute"

    44. DoctorX17

      You're right, nobody actually buys games on the Epic game store. Why would anyone do that?

    45. Kimson Dimacisil

      "Im Vegetarian Mottherfuckaa"

    46. Gaizkia

      Steam barely runs fast on its own, I would never use it.

    47. Chris Rodgers

      "Quickbis" LOL, ummmmmm it's Bisquick. Just thought that was really funny when he said that.

    48. Lola Knight

      ....the best leaf you've eaten! You are weird

    49. Badassad lusifer

      I mean whatever this was a tech channel

    50. Tarsteel PC Gaming

      **cough* Stadia *cough**

    51. bsfatboy

      I'm almost okay with selling those fake USBs to them, they need to look into 5G for them selves instead of believing whatever they hear.

    52. Hasan Saleh

      Is he wearing Linus tech tips t-shirt :)

    53. Adog312

      you guys should put timestamps in the description to use youtube's new progress bar segment thing.

    54. nutzeeer

      I wanna let others steam cloud play on my pc for money

    55. Kim

      Eating plants on our backyard.... sure

    56. epic gamer2005

      Did he just ate a leaf?

    57. Mamadou

      Your intro is gold lol

    58. ThirtyFiveFrames

      Lmaooo 1:47 there's a weed ad

    59. crunchee

      You guys almost completely glossed over the nuances of the first topic. It was important to know that what Twitter did isn't allowed if your company would like to enjoy the freedoms of section 230. Publishers are able to make these sort of changes to the media they produce. A good reason for this is because they can be held liable for the ideas shared on their platforms, but there are other reasons. Social media platforms, which we usually see as allowing us to share whatever is on our minds, are not held liable for the words of their users. In the US, we consider social media to be more like a virtual town hall or a group phone call, rather than a political or journalistic entity. Please understand that I'm generalizing and summarizing a lot of this, and I don't convey thoughts on such nuances topics very clearly. I just wanted you guys to know that it makes that segment look misleading to thoughts who actually read into it. There is much much more than meets the eye.

      1. crunchee

        I get that you guys aren't going to have five minutes dedicated to one topic as well. I feel that there was a better way to explain what happened after Twitter put the fact check on the tweet.

    60. zadinal

      Why should Twitter get the shield of the law with the convenience to edit and censor as they please. They are either open user content hosts or publishers. They don't get to pick and choose.

    61. mike p

      oh god I hope that hp headset is good please be good.

    62. jessejones1102

      Frankly I wouldn’t mind all social media being banned altogether. And comment option from HUgets.

    63. Raymond Shades

      i forget hes a vegetarian

    64. Aierek

      Fun fact, light can't block out light, sounds CAN block sounds but why would you assume something with the word holographic could give you a barrier of sorts to protect from 5g when the definition of the word holographic is " a three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light source" light passes through lights, sound waves played at opposite frequencies can blod the normal wave of the counter part sound.

    65. Aierek

      If people just googled the definition for the word hologram... $370 would have been saved "a three-dimensional IMAGE formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light source" IT'S BASICALLY A GLORIFIED PROJECTOR, THAT'S WHAT A HOLOGRAM IS! It's nor a shield, it's not a sound barrier or the bloody ozone layer, it's an image created by light refraction of which utilize at the moment a mirror esque refraction surface.

    66. mda187

      Wow, that XSplit VCam background is so realistic you can eat leaves off of the fake trees!

    67. D3v1l Killer247

      sue them all, zucker ,Dorsey and Susan, its gonna be a good year.

    68. Michael S.

      Lmfao that was a good intro. James you're too funny. I'd love steam GeForce when I'm on the road and have decent internet. HP VR headset got me interested in VR again. I need to sell my rift

    69. Thrust n Howl

      So this unnamed country that resembles the your 5g remark.....instead of buying these USB sticks that are worthless, we should just gather our intellect to discard them and get to the root of the issue, not leadership that propagates such response... or institutional failures but just do the time tested response and gather pitchforks and torches and burn the 5G towers down...okie dokie .. let me just pop 2 oxycodones and and form a 2nd Amendment response party to get on with it.... ;P />  フ |  _ _ | /` ミ_x /      | /  ヽ   ノ

    70. Dave Duske

      Is it just me, or is there an add for weed in the screenshot at 1:46?

    71. jun San

      we need to protect james at all cost

    72. A.J. Hodges

      Regarding the US law (section 230) it's not actually a change in law, the order says to enforce the law as written and define any terms lacking clarity. The debate is over at what point does a platform that edits or removes content cease to be a platform with broad legal protection and become a publisher without such protections. Platform and publisher are legal terms in the law and it is in everyone's interest that the law be clearly defined and consistently enforced.

    73. H Marc Bower

      Best "Green screen" ever ;)


      Cannot torrent that

    75. g00gle minus

      Oh my god, let game streaming die already.

    76. stapuft

      Speaking of free games, I REALLY wish that I got the Batman games back when they were free :(, at least I have GTA V for free

    77. Clown World

      Fun fact : in mail ballot have been used for cheating few days ago.

    78. lerx

      Its called the reverb because any vibration makes it fall apart... pff hp

    79. Shirsh Zibbu

      james saying "nature" reminded me of Old Spice ad (hugets.info/show/1I-IptK0z4moo2k/vide.html) and its parody (hugets.info/show/w4aHad3J1Zp-w2k/vide.html)

    80. Shabtai1024


    81. Nachi Kahn

      Xsplit vcam is actually awesome! I use it to make a looped recording for zoom. No one knows that I'm not actually in class lol

    82. cameron gale

      i am actually scared that my mother ordered that USB stick...

    83. Klaus Zipfel

      Not that I want to bitch about xplit vcam: it's phantastic and I'm using it now for more than 2 months. But the shown "examples" in the ad clearly do not use xplit vcam but rather a real greenscreen. Isn't this fraudulent advertisement? Anyway: That software delivers "astonishing decent to very good" background removal but yet can not compete to the excellent results achieveable with real green screens (which have been used in this ad). Just my 2 cents

    84. Daniel Antonio Nieblas Fuentes

      4:54 "What in the failed American education system is this?"

    85. Machtyn

      "I'm a vegetarian" That's not how that works! That's not how any of that works! If the "veggies" are poisonous, they'll poison a vegetarian the same as a non-veggie!

    86. jonah moore

      Steam cloud play is great because GeForce now doesn't offer a Linux client even though they advertise it as "play anywhere on any device".

    87. Mark Arnott

      The background was ok but there's nothing like a cat hanging about mischievously pushing things off benches , cat pause's & stares😾Really begging r we off goes the glass smash haa! or just rubbing against everything sniff sniff

    88. YBR StreamClips

      0:43- RILEY?!

    89. lee devlin

      Who would be so dumb to buy that usb stick.. oh yeah dumb as f#ck conspiracy theorist

    90. Bronwyn SoCal Gal

      To kill a smaller Maker you have to coral it in a special paddock and drown it. It is known that some have been successful by using electrics on an exposed portion of a Maker's body under its plate skin. However, the only way to kill the largest of Makers would be to use atomics but doing so would render any harvesting of body parts impractical due to the high levels of radiation. James is not spoiling anything if you have read the books lol. Nice try James, nice try.

    91. Robot Engineer Gaming

      I like the idea just because the internet is bad where my PC is placed so it’s laggy when streaming to a device with that is connected to our router via Ethernet.

    92. Ryan McDill

      "I'm a vegetarian morherfucker" I think that's the first time I've ever heard anyone say that and it actually sound badass

    93. Smiley TeK

      Speaking of beta, "I'm a vegetarian mutha fu--a". I kid, I kid. That was a good one tho. Gotta admit it.

    94. Brandon K

      James, you leafy cheeseball, please never change.

    95. Yunis Rajab

      The reason Trump and some others want to change the law and make social media outlets either a platform or a publisher is so that they are forced to declare themselves platforms and stop moderating content that is way too often falsely taken down due to algorithm mistakes or personal bias. Everyone knows they won't declare themselves publishers because it's impossible to moderate every single thing.

    96. pigtailsboy

      Ate that without thinking for a second that it might not be the most edible crop of leaves available to you.

    97. Jovindio Wieuse

      I can't be the only one getting confused after reading the title as "Steam Could Play"

    98. GoogoGoo

      James really is a great LTT presenter 👌

    99. Daniel Jensen

      Didn't you hear Mark Zuckerberg died? I saw it on Facebook, and since they won't fact check it we have to assume it's true.

    100. Cceptus

      This one had me in tears great episode guys xD