Overclock EVERYTHING...


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    1. Citrus

      orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr you could go amd

    2. Vivek Vasishtha

      Alex is great. I love the dude. He's awesome, especially his mad love for power tools.

    3. ZeuS 666

      How does this BFB help? if u game it will just boost to max allcore turbo freq.. so all it does it look good? instead of seeing 2.9ghz in cpuz you see 4ghz? (10400). In the promo stuff it shows gains in Cinebench.. but what about actual use like gaming.

    4. PSYCHO

      Just download more RAM.

    5. Chris Storer

      “They can’t prove you overclocked it...” so true!

    6. Dylan

      Why was the preroll ad one with linus in it?

    7. Jordan Hamilton

      Worst presenter doesn’t like animal crossing

    8. Walking technology channel


    9. geekbaritone

      Ok where did you guys hear shadow lands is coming out in the summer? They just announced it will be 4th quarter After you guys said is this summer and it's well known in the WoW community it was going to be in late fall at the earliest.

    10. xorkatoss

      I wonder if WoW ray tracing will be like minecraft? WoW can finally look realistic and not a cartoonish 20 year old game lol

    11. Yourowner

      This animal crossing feels less then others in the series unfortunately

    12. Tomáš N.

      Don't know what's happening but the color has been off in the latest videos. Also.. Alex is the man not hopping on the dumb animal crossing train.

    13. Kabir Kharadi

      In near future, people are gonna be flexing about how they overclocked their pentium 😂💀

    14. Mini tomate

      Ah yes, a extension that analyzes that the cookies that is given to you are cooked well so you could eat them well. That's a good extension, specially for those sketchy sites where are traking too much information about you.

    15. Advocatus Diaboli

      Just buy AMD...

    16. Nicholas Karalus

      Great job

    17. Adam

      TL;DW : unemployed dogs

    18. T. R.

      ehm...airbus is not french ^^ its really a full EU company.

    19. Valkota

      who else has bought a ton of things since Quarantine? I bought an RTX 2070 Super, Ryzen 7 3700X, ASUS TUF B450-Pro, Samsung Galaxy S10+, Galaxy Buds, and many other things... I don't think I would have gotten those in the span of a month and half if I wasn't stuck at home, using my PC all the time and my phone... seriously though, people (at least ones I know) are spending a lot more money on upgrading stuff like PC's and phones and other gadgets just while Quarantine is going on, when normally stuff like that would spand about a year, or more then a month and half or 2 months... I hate myself for spending a lot, but at the same time, replacing my GTX 1060, Ryzen 5 2600, and cheap ass gigabyte B450 D3 something, made a huge difference in gaming, and my Galaxy S8 has a faulty battery so replacing it was going to happen sooner rather then later anyways.

    20. NadirQG

      Did I just get a pulseway ad of linus in a LMG video

    21. Raandom Player

      Cmco should be able to help restock the laptops :)

    22. Seraephus

      looks more like a bomb-sniffing boobie

    23. Marek W.

      I wonder if You can overclock the silently nerfed LG OLEDS made for 2020 shhhh... HDMI 2.1 but 48gbps no more

    24. Kyle Chu

      Does Alex ski ?

    25. Fenrir

      Good host

    26. JayTee

      I haven’t received my stimulus check and I’m riggered...

    27. Kurt Forsch

      Way to rep sunshine village! Alberta here approves

    28. pumpkin patch

      More powah

    29. PoLoMoTo2534

      I got my i7-980 to 4.5GHz without issue?

    30. TheMauriOC

      If it not broken, overclock it dy.fi/kys

    31. Nenad Milosavljevic

      1:25 you know that's not the price of the Nintendo Switch right. I have seen many fake companies withe the name like "- Nintendo -" on Amazon. Those are scalpers. They buy everything up on Amazon, Bestbuy or other stores and sell it for profit.

    32. Sinan Akkoyun

      Raid RTX SHADOW Legends

    33. Sinan Akkoyun

      I like savage Alex At first he was a copy of Riley but now he becomes the real Alex everybody waited for

    34. Silent Woodfire

      not to mention the fact some people are using their stimulus to basically build new rigs

    35. DigitalDiabloUK

      Problems in key supply chains? Should I go big in click keyboard shares?

    36. Tiago Serodio

      So now Linus is in Pulseway HUgets ads?🤣

    37. Alonso Diaz

      The 281 dislikes are people who found out Alex doesn't like Animal Crossing

    38. Eric A Carter

      Microsoft 2015: Windows 10 will be the last Windows... Microsoft 2020: We are shifting the focus of Windows 10X to include single-screen devices... Microsoft 2035: With the upcoming release of Windows 10-XAF Super-Turbo-Alpha featuring GooFaceDroid Hybrid Technology... Face it Microsloth, you're not fooling anybody.

    39. Iskander K

      cant we use ai upscaling to make good games run well on shit computers?


      My dumbass laptop decided to die randomly and now won't charge for shit. All it did was sit around and do nothing smh.

    41. Bryson Leonard

      "You don't know what Honey is? Okay, it's a free Brazzer extension" 2:36

    42. Nom

      Please please please take care of the color correction in post. The faces are slightly too red and everything is just too bright. Everything that does not take part on set looks right though, so it's only that part that stands out so much. All your other videos do not have this problem, so why the tech news?

    43. Veature_iTech

      Apple = 2015-2018 tech inside. With 2025 Pricing. Apple needs to drop Intel and sap in AMD mobile chips with RX Vega graphics. Put a 8/16 core 16/32 thread cpu's in to Mac Mini and they will sell so many that they can retire.

    44. Jens Humke

      How are NVIDIA, Google, or other Cloud Streaming services sending 14Gbit/s to your machine (HDMI 2.0)? I mean, I tried using HDMI and DP to fiber over a 40Gbit line at my home (pricy).

    45. roblax87

      I like the butterfly keyboard

    46. Justin O'Neil

      You got my like just for the thumbnail.

    47. Felipemelazzi

      Nvidia now: AI ON EVERYTHING!

    48. Suhaib Ali

      So nice to have an engineer talk about tech stuff... =P

    49. Felipe Viduani

      The video quality looks astonishing!!

    50. Andre Sasaki

      Nice Sunshine Village fleece

    51. CSTwister

      They’ve done this before, but intel made them release a BIOS update that locked it

    52. olpizl

      Who fucked up at colorgrading again?

    53. Ослик Иа

      Yeah, it really IS boring.

    54. I. Murshed Rolin

      I dunno but the video quality looks so smooth.

    55. Darqy

      I like Alex :)

    56. The Sharingan x

      Maybe Alex should just make his own jokes

    57. Arnan de Gans

      Honey is a analytics company - So it's not free...

    58. zeveroare R

      You're right, it's a stupid game. Shadowlands will be released end of the year/beginning next year. Not this summer :)

    59. Phillip Parr

      Almost every site sets cookies before you agree to it, and the banners they've popped up are all inaccessible - so they've gone from breaking one law to two (in the UK at least)!

    60. Mario Fervers

      Do you think DLSS 2.0 can fix the black Box issue in Mass Effect 1 on Peak 15 and Ilos?

    61. Ben

      0:52, oh I love the honesty! Best advice ever

    62. J J

      Ahh, just like overclocking in the good old days. Soon we will be using pencils and jumpers again

    63. Tim

      I'm doing a what now?

    64. Sanyam Malhan

      1:36 truth has been spoken, the worst game is being marketed. It's so boring that I watch the gameplay when I have insomnia

    65. Tech for Techs

      Interesting video 💥🔥👍

    66. Daniel Stefanov

      It's "Windows 10X", like "TENX", like "Thanks". Thanks, Microsoft.

    67. David Raichel

      moar alex tnx

    68. arian Kazemzadeh

      Alex is not the best at doing this.....

    69. Hakovani DG

      Alex: "I kinda feel Animal Crossing boring, will people get mad" Me: my fingers are very close to dislike button

    70. Arthur North

      I stand with Alex. Animal Crossing is kind of boring

    71. Tdevelops

      Overclock everything

    72. Kasomoru Mitsuru

      I poop tech news

    73. XPoChangLinX


    74. Gabriel Wildman

      they make one video about contemplating switching editing platforms and everyone becomes an expert on white balance all of a sudden

    75. Colin Campbell

      This has turned into the delayed show

    76. Dostro89

      Windows 10x still looks awful and I'm disappointed it's not being delayed more

    77. GamerZ Logic

      *hey man look, I loved your joke about taking cookies out the oven too soon.*

    78. PhatSphinx

      Tje pulse way add tho, yes Linus!

    79. UnivocalBrake

      Title: Overclock EVERYTHING... Me: How can I overclock my shower?

    80. Robin Persaud

      3:30 - Not sure where you were going with that. COVID-19 and supply chain issues have conspired to keep Duo and Neo out of our hands. Also: Anyone paying attention could have told you that Windows 10 X would hit single-screen devices. Think of Windows 10 X as a locked-down version of Windows 10, with legacy Win32 bits run in containers. It is actually a very forward-looking design and something that I am excited to see.

    81. Stargazer

      Airbus is not French. It's a European consortium.

    82. M M

      Alex: "you shouldn't include that.." The editor: "OK.... 😏" 😂

    83. Hein Van Hoof

      Am i seeing this for real? ppl touching stuff while not buying that very product they touched, chop those hands off ffs.

    84. Havnar

      why are all LTT cameras covered with a white sheen?

    85. Maurie1303

      Stop hosting videos... Leave it to the others at ltt 👌

    86. 10NobodyElse

      Getting a Linus commercial before a Linus video has got to be on some sort of bucket list

    87. JeremyTheLee

      I understand being annoyed with people listening to music in public on speakerphone. but loud headphones? lol talk about entitled. you don't get to be annoyed by people listening to HEADPHONES loudly...

    88. Ovrlrd Unknown


    89. Talon XX

      Bruh, yous are Canadian. Stop using American terms. We didn't get a stimulus cheque, we got CERB. But I guess it depends on where you are. Not just that tho, I've heard MPH, and others which irritate me.

    90. Muhammad Usman Khan

      Windows 10x is the second try to implement UWP...

    91. SliderBadminton

      Is it just me or is the color grading in this video is "off" #overexposed

    92. cujero

      How come it's so hard to read the script as it was written? If you read the whole thing, I'm sure it would make sense. If you stop in the middle you'll never get it.

    93. Grizzley

      "Do you really need to play Animal Crossing that badly?" Yeah

    94. F Pickett

      Alex! = Awesome!

    95. Light on the Inside

      Shameless Amazon ad talking about PPE at the end...

    96. Draken One

      Lol, Honey...the browser extention that does nothing.

    97. VaX

      Also anything to do with cameras and webcams are being price gouged right now. Webcams that are normally under 100 usd are unavailable or listed above 200 usd, and the elgato camlink that is normally 130 is listed above 400

    98. Gryd

      or just buy a ryzen cpu

    99. James Lee

      I want my Nitro 5 2020 with Ryzen 4000 series😭😭

    100. SHAYE

      that bomb sniffing thing, looks like a condom