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    0:00 Var Important Tek News
    0:07 PS5 teardown
    1:16 Intel Rocket / Alder Lake
    2:27 House Judiciary supports Epic
    3:22 Brilliant
    4:00 QUICK BITS
    4:03 MSI NOT scalping RTX 3080s
    4:45 iPhone 12 event confirmed
    5:04 G Suite is Google Workspace
    5:29 Facebook bans QAnon
    6:06 Augmented Reality Dogs
    PS5 teardown @ 6:08
    Switching O and X in Japan
    Intel Rocket Lake confirmed and Alder Lake specs leaked
    Intel leaked Alder Lake specs
    House Judiciary antitrust committee agree with Epic, push for breakup of Big Tech companies
    Epic v Apple trial in May 2021
    MSI wasn’t actually scalping their own 3080s…
    MSI responds
    iPhone event Oct. 13
    Amazon prime day
    D3S1GN 3FF1C13NCY
    G Suite rebranded
    Facebook bans Qanon, it’s a “militarized social movement”
    Etsy bans Qanon merch
    We’ve done it. Smart dogs


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    1. So Isaid

      dislike for not covering the liquid metal thing. Useless

    2. aaron versionwo

      If you are going to steal the Talk Soup format at least give Joel McHale a cameo in an upcoming video.

    3. SpaceBoiGaming

      its a piece of plastic trash

    4. davidsonnow

      Here for the comments from the peanut gallery in the background

    5. Zef

      the quip abt the the ipads xd

    6. Claudiu Grigore

      dogasl lol dogma !!!hahaha lol cool . splinter cell dog lol . cool PS5 BAD INCOPATIBILIT WITH PS3 SHIT EY

    7. Atypical Male

      Doesn't Liquid Metal have to be replaced every 4-6 months? Not to mention the possibility of shorting the SMTs.

      1. فهد سليمان

        @Atypical Male Well that's typical for most companies they want to protect their intellectual property but this is ridiculous if you asked me..

      2. Atypical Male

        @فهد سليمان Well they also sued people for having Tattoos of their proprietary Characters from games.

      3. فهد سليمان

        @Ummer Farooq Well they are businesses after all, they are in direct competition if someone took more market share the other will lose its not a monopoly, so it doesn't matter if they had any common interest at one time eventually they have to compete, and fair competition is the basis of Sharia which is good for all of humanity.

      4. فهد سليمان

        ​@Ummer Farooq Sony of course have their own LM compound solution but it has not been disclosed, It probably has gallium but I don't know for sure, and as you probably know there is no thermal paste that is close to the effectiveness of liquid metal, Sony engineers had spent two yeas on the R&D to make it work so I'm sure they wont sell their consoles at a loss just so they give another for free like Microsoft did with their red ring disaster.

      5. فهد سليمان

        This is not your typical PC enthusiast LM, It is a new SONY LM patented technology that they spend years developing, they claim it will easily last for over 7 years.

    8. Jonathan Eppinga

      "The position is just wrong" Why though? Nintendo did it right the first time with A being right and B being at the bottom. The only reason we've gotten used to Sony's stuff is because they started doing it in the west and apparently playstation is more right than Nintendo is.

    9. Different

      As much as I hate apple. Calling them out for having a monopoly on *their platform* is kinda dumb. Last time I checked an AMD motherboard doesn't support Intel, AMD is also a monopoly in this market.

    10. Kyle [Eclipse]


    11. Wesley Kronmiller

      So now nintendo's going to be the only one doing it right. dang

    12. Marco Mendoza

      .... Google blast

    13. JackFn

      Yh dont think il watch this channel again just bait and advertising take care now

    14. Franky Padilla

      X now means social distancing 6ft

    15. Franky Padilla

      I predict the liquid metal will lose density over time

    16. eljoel89

      Thank you for the Reply All episode. Edit: Do we really have enough money to put AR headsets on dogs, but not pay for universal healthcare?

    17. Muru Roa

      Did you say Older Lake? 😉

    18. David Meier

      It's the cross button, not X.

    19. Armaan Gupta

      Ok but why did I get a notification from this 3 days late.

    20. EricTheDesigner

      Barren lake

    21. erroneum

      Intel announces on the 7th new CPU's for 2021, AMD announces on the 8th new CPU's for November. Tough times for Intel.

    22. Carl Tercak

      When Intel will call his processors Timber-lake, and they'll have some technology available only in their products. Slogan will be "Just in Timberlake"

    23. Semitex

      PCs are still better BRUH

    24. Oliver Polden

      So that’s what happened to Google goggles.

    25. Anon nomous

      Disliked for the stupid fake commentary from behind.

    26. Aeonic Phoenix

      You look more like Kano from Mortal Kombat than T-1000

    27. TheAVJ2

      i hope the switching of o and x will apply to my japanese vita

    28. Allen Grubbs

      Not gonna lie love these 2 together. Always give me a genuine smile!

    29. PatalJunior

      Poor doggo :(

    30. XxXxDominator

      I searched qanon and went down the rabbit hole wtfffffff

    31. prawny12009

      why do celeron and i3 still exist? intel need to realise core count and clock speed need to go hand in hand to improve performance these days.

    32. Siddhant thakur

      So we are sending dogs towards bombs while we stand afar? Noice

    33. Matthew Rosedale

      Lol they finally figure out the liquid metal... ive been using frozen chicken nuggets for about 6months now

    34. Krish Tiwari

      "Consoles are better than PC" Me: Can you get 240fps on console? Checkmate

      1. Krish Tiwari

        @SpiderCraft Finally someone admits the TRUTH. PC IS BETTER

      2. SpiderCraft

        @Krish Tiwari but true a more expensive PC will be better than these but when has there ever been a time where a home console was better than a pc

      3. SpiderCraft

        @Krish Tiwari of course it isn't but it is better than any PC at that price point

      4. Krish Tiwari

        @SpiderCraft PS5 is good but it isn't better than PC

      5. SpiderCraft

        @Krish Tiwari for a PC gamer then yeah 60fps is bad for competitive games but for the general consumers they don't care because most of them are going to be playing the more story-driven games which don't really need more than 60fps. It might be nice but most of them just want it to work and play in a consistent fps but I did hear that the ps5 is going to have variable fps but I am not sure if that means they will run above 60 fps at 4k but I do know that both new consoles are going to play games at 120 fps at 1080p

    35. BLKBRDSR71

      Player: Turns PS5 on for first time PS5: Plays Terminator theme song Player: I'll be back.

    36. Frank King

      what? liquid metal , without thinking taking 8 units of ps5... wooow liquid metal , i have to go to my sleeping room take some wipes/cleenex ,close curtains, lock the doors, and... be back in 5 mins...

    37. SSaini

      I have been using Grizzly Liquid metal for PCs for years, its nothing revolutionary tbh

    38. FreakishCord

      LIQUID METAL in the PS5 OMG!!!! Yeah its standart in AMD CPU since years xD

    39. KushFriendlyXeX

      I love when the places that are supposed to have tech news try to talk about politics. 😂 You really just don't have a clue... but you sure think you do. 🤣

    40. ou katsura

    41. no1bandfan

      Intel PCIe 4.0! *2 years after AMD*

    42. GR gregor

      Liquid metal is nothing new. I dont even think that the ps 5 is getting that hot that it needs this type of cooling.

    43. Andre Costin

      I met someone who thought Q Anon was real once...

    44. 15Stratos

      It's not like even the 3000 series ryzen chips support pcie 4.0 since 2019.

    45. Aurobindo Ghosh

      mercury in computing?

    46. OldMan Zangetsu

      The liquid metal has gallium, gallium eats away and erodes and is extremely corrosive to other metals you must have constant maintenance of it in my opinion it's a bad idea.

    47. Hans Wurst

      Augmented Reality Dogs seem kinda funny. Like they get this stuff before me the guy living in german village without good internet, god pc even dogs hav ar in america now

    48. Ernest Pierce

      Liquid metal? New Console confirmed to only last 5 years! Lol

    49. sovrngarde

      pc master ashamed

    50. Kurt

      what i got from this is that the side panels come off pretty easy so getting custom ones someday might be a thing for sure

    51. Place Holder

      Google Meat? Sounds delish!

    52. Gordon Krompocker

      How do we know that the Liquid Metal cooling won’t become self aware because of the powerful cpu and take over the internet lol 😂

    53. aksu gator

      Coffin lake

    54. Asmodey

      And same person, make fun about Russian cows VR headsets, half year ago

    55. Nathaniel Turner

      What is the metal

      1. Nathaniel Turner

        Is it gallium Mercury idk

    56. Anuse Muteqim

      Poor dog

    57. VX_Rocky t

      Wow MSI being scummy as fuck? Imagine my shock

    58. JapaneseHeavymetal

      A bit more In-Depth on the circle being the "okay"-button and the X being the "abort"-Button in Japan: A circle (maru) is usually used as a mark for correct Answers on Tests or on Signs to Show the right way to do things. The X (batsu) is used for wrong answers. Thats why Sony Chose this Layout in the past and i can understand that the Japanese are not fine with this change. Well at least you can edit the Controls in most games nowadays anyway.

    59. NFCT

      So, Facebook is okay to ban qanon stuff? This seems sketch to me. Dont agree with the stuff, but thats a freedom of speech thing.

    60. joseph jaquith

      ITS CROSS!

    61. Hung Fong

      background anticipation sound popout, idk, it is annoying. Let some data to confirm.

    62. webbit1024

      Argh... I've been ganked by a group of dogs in my favorite VR MMORPG!

    63. Someguyfrom Arcticfreezer

      PS5's heatsink and fan looks giants, like big a*s and big t*ts still have slimmer waist. Damn you are simp if you picturing it in your brain.

    64. Hulkieus

      With the amount of airflow they getting they need it 😂

    65. Erwick D'Souza

      So, you've change the lighting. The background is dimmer and the host's image doesn't look like ass anymore. NICE. Unsubscribing so that I can resubscribe.

      1. Erwick D'Souza

        Please fix the framing now. Eyes at the first third marker from the top. Thnx

    66. Erwick D'Souza

      Did the video quality get better all of a sudden?

    67. Infinity AX

      James: "...your stupid little brain " Me: >:0

    68. Silentvoid x

      All I heard was Cyber-Dog.

    69. Jason

      6:06 Dog Cyborgs? Wow... What will 2020 come up with next?

    70. Clayton Jones

      *A meeting at Intel* Intel Executive : Damn Zen 3 has us in a bad spot Intern : COFFIN LAKE?

    71. Kurt Goettsche

      Its not "X" its "Cross."

    72. Narcissistic Narcissus

      Historically: X = confirm and TRIANGLE = cancel This was the layout on PS1 and I will not accept anything else!

      1. GahloWake

        The original design is O for yes, X for no, Square for menus(since most menus are square), and Triangle for map(Triangle being the player marker on said map).

    73. astan fartin

      ...i think the dog dies.

    74. Douglas Jackson

      This video was released a day ago and there’s still no tech news

    75. FRAG aLOT

      going off just the title alone, this would be a bad idea. Liquid metal (like Conductonaut) is intended for direct die contact with a heatsink, but not intended for long term use. So in an application like a console where the user is never expected to open it up and do maintenance, is a bad idea. I hope it's some other form of thermal compound that has some bits of metal in it, but that describes most thermal compounds anyway.

    76. AGene

      that t-shirt! i love that t-shirt! i want that t-shirt! where from?!?! "google rebrands its things for about the 4th time"... american company? HAHAHA

    77. MGSmainthemeBACK

      Liquid!!!! Metal...???

    78. DeKosta

      Truth to be told i couldn't really give a duck about some underpartner for MSI selling overpriced cards. Its actually very easy - dont buy them. And if you DO, its on YOU.

    79. Daktus05

      Google meat ??? :D

    80. Zhxrm.


    81. VAMPI ZEN

      In 2030 Sony: you can also use it as fridge for storing juice and beers 🍾

    82. Cezary Dąbrowski

      internal error my ass, they were selling turing cards as well.

    83. Shane Simpkin

      Intel really need to sit down and go through and simplify their naming scheme.

    84. Dynasty1K

      QAnon is not misleading news. Mainstream media is misleading news.

    85. GodsHotel

      Oh, hey, he has Alex on his tshirt

    86. foreverwhisper

      They literally changed their name from SONY to SXNY.

    87. Gus Gus

      Snake : liquidddddddddd



    89. Hypocrite World

      this video is useless

    90. Trancefornation

      I want that shirt 😯

    91. The Milk Man

      Are you telling me that there are permanent cancer causing mercury in a very expensive product. At least that’s what the title insists.

    92. insanoglu1onYT

      0:55 i fot my ps4 from Dubai and its the same

    93. Reuben Starsky

      This will be the last Playstation.

    94. RandomGoatOnTheInternet

      Who's gonna mow my lawn? Ngl I half expected a manscaped plugin there.

    95. Yashpal Singh

      Ps5 can be better than PCs me: are you serious,😂😂

    96. dispatchnig vomitory

      4:02 i really really like this effect hahahahha

    97. aeoxshin06

      So it's okay to sacrifice dogs a man's best friend? They should send the dev of that device to sniff the bomb instead.

    98. VancouverCanucksRock

      Wow it's like the media, uses one bit in the Headline to suck you in, then talk about other shit(PC/Apple trash) 95% of the Video.

    99. MyName’s LightBlueSky

      PS5 : Liquid Metals Chemistry: Did you mean Mercury?

    100. Rasul Sulaiman

      1:08 james as james t shirt guy