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    LG Wing
    Unreal Engine 5 on PS5: it’s a big deal
    Also sweeter deal
    Tim Sweeney says PS5 will drive future PCs
    Make sure that zoom link you’re clicking is legit
    Maybe use Spatial instead
    What the heck is this and how does it work
    Quibi isn’t doing so hot
    US accuses China of trying to steal vaccine research
    Part of China’s rocket landed in Africa
    What are ya doin Jensen

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    1. Mark Rizzo

      Any new Call of Duty game that is released before the next-gen console, is a big mistake and I will tell you why. It will revolve around the architecture of the PS4 only. Even though it might be playable on the PS5, it will not harness any of the PS5 architecture capabilities. It might upscale it a little bit but that's about it. In fact you may not even see a noticeable difference in my opinion. The smarter decision for Activision, would have been for them to release a major DLC add-on update for previous Call of Duty fans, starting from Black Ops 3 on up and just release a new version of Call of Duty for the PS5 in 2021. That's just my opinion. This could also hurt Sony sales of the PS5 if it is in fact scheduled for release this holiday. Due to the many millions of COD players, why would they want to spend $499-$699 USD just to play their existing title's? I think the gaming industry as well as the console industry, just maybe a year too soon. Every gamer should do themselves a favor and just wait one more year for the console price drop. Otherwise you will be dealing with game glitches and console bugs. I will purchase my PS5 holiday 2021 and the next Call of Duty game I will buy, will be the next one released in 2021. Better to play it safe, then to be disappointed by both.

    2. Bound4Earth

      So Robotcash is literally the digital GameStop. Who would buy into this shit system of getting fucked quite literally again?

    3. Tolga K

      UE5 will be available soon for android & ios too Means that even a budget PC could run this demo & thats with an much higher fps rate x,DDD Funnier is, that this demo was running only at 30fps on the soo mighty PS5 x,DDDDD I see what you did there sweeney ;)

    4. Oliverr

      it literally look like a internet router with two pieces o paper on each side

    5. BenBenOy

      feel like I got clickbaited linus

    6. Melhub Lorenzo

      The way he said sorry sounded more "American" than Canadian

    7. Super Cruiser

      This idiot lost respect when he didn't understand that PS5s SSD reconfigured it's controller to enhance the speed and reduce bottleneck of information due to O.S configuration.

    8. notthere83

      Not sure I'd call people who spread bogus zoom links "hackers"...

    9. Emerald Lx

      Good job China 🇨🇳 Linus is a communist dirt bag ,and moon lights for antifa

    10. AFK

      No it doesn't. Don't be such a Sony Shill Linus. They should have stuck to audio.

    11. The Tribute Maker

      Considering the title, I thought 90% at least would be about the exact topic, but nope, it's 80% unrelated, uninteristing stuff.

    12. Ash Swensen

      That was a stupid video. He didn’t even show the PS5!

    13. Rpg maniac

      Check my channel out if you want to play remoteplay over mobile connection

    14. manu AU

      Although it is UE5 and it will support development on all platforms, the close relationship in PS5 memory architecture will allow PS5 to have the most straight forward implementation. They will have to scale the number of triangles down on other slower platforms. Source:

    15. MR 12

      Says it look amazing...doesnt show the PS5

    16. Scott Gust

      every tech demo looks amazing...until we actually get it...China infects the world with a virus and then gets criminals to try to hack research from the countries they infected...yea, communism sucks and the world is not going to put up with the CCP anymore.

    17. NickGoblin

      Why did Linus ever shave? Now he looks like PC Grandpa! Awesome!

    18. Lord Jarjar

      God he is so unfunny it literally hurts my common. Im out. Nope

      1. seeni gzty

        this PC guy thinks ps5 looks amazing, SARCASM MUCH..

    19. Arshad Siddiqui

      That LG phone is a game changer for viewing bar graphs.

    20. seeni gzty

      They should have called the Phone the “Model T”

    21. Luke Dodson - LucidLJD

      Clickbait title. It's the unreal engine running on the ps5.

    22. Jade Rabbit

      The Stark phone! 😗

      1. seeni gzty

        This video has barely anything to do with the PS5.

    23. Rock girl

      2020 Razr, LG Wing? I’m starting to see a pattern here.

    24. DoodleIsNotHere

      Wait since when did linus start lookingike a Chad?

    25. llama llama

      what channel is this?

      1. Rock girl

        00:50 I agree, it looks like phones are trying to "jump the shark." Why can't they just have a slide-out keyboard option like they used to?

    26. Samzilla

      The China is pure garbage

    27. Lad's Lounge

      This tech demo was at 1440p 30fps. Lets hope PS5 isnt limited to that as base standards.

      1. I Enjoy dead memes

        It had ray tracing enabled

      2. 💀💀💀

        It was unoptimised

    28. Juan Garnica

      0:40 That LG phone has Stark technology

    29. Juho Kinnunen

      linus starting to look really old with that beard


      I can't stop looking at the cat hair on your shirt. Please add some lint rollers to

    31. PlayerOne


    32. I kill kids

      Fuck CHINA

    33. bright light

      this PC guy thinks ps5 looks amazing, SARCASM MUCH..

    34. dock gamer

      Yea looks fantastic at dynamic 1440p at 30fps 🤦‍♂️ I will wait to see it on pc in its true light.

      1. I Enjoy dead memes

        It was running with Ray tracing enabled

    35. Marcus Tutorials

      I want to make a school lesson in VR Chat 🤣

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        Ye the seires X is evan better its mad right

    36. Alex Domatas

      Man oh man Linus, that beard man 💕 you're looking good these days my dude! And holy crap thats a video card and a half eh!? The question I'll bet you're gonna answer is how many editors can you put on that!

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        What's with the title? PS5 Click bait?

    37. Ob 1

      PS5 ? ? ?

    38. 2WheelForte

      This video has barely anything to do with the PS5.

    39. TheKenMasterz1

      The Hair and Stache is Badass! Don't Ever Change it Please

    40. Swag Games PH The only vaccine that works against covid19.

    41. Robert Jene

      00:50 I agree, it looks like phones are trying to "jump the shark." Why can't they just have a slide-out keyboard option like they used to?

    42. User Name

      Linus the chinese shill

    43. Legend

      Beard looks much better

      1. ceerw buty


    44. dexterter

      Triangles... Iluminati confirmed

      1. ceerw buty

        On pc looks better and faster. Epic game china whit a notebook whit one 2080 pases so far the ps5 on fps

    45. Angel Furry FG

      PS5 looks like plastic

    46. Eddie Gomez

      Look amazing graphics but...won't this make the ps5 sound worse than a jet?

    47. Amir Saeed

      "and game devs i know its more complicated than that I'm sorry" it was amazing 😂cause it is more complicated than that

    48. Allan Bruce

      Triaaaaaaaaaaanglesssssssss I like it. Can’t wait to sell a testicle for that.

    49. Nazyair sengikar

      And funny the UE5 was not boosting it's visuals with ps5 hardware.

    50. Itz_Juzt_ Ghost

      Schools should invest in VR

    51. Michael Piercy

      What's with the title? PS5 Click bait?

    52. knownarmy

      Ye the seires X is evan better its mad right

    53. soniccinos

      Please comment on this quote by Epic Games CEO: "The storage architecture on the PS5 is far ahead of anything you can buy on the PC for any amount of money right now.". This means that even that NVMe drive I bought won't be able to runs next-gen games well, simply because the way the PCs architecture are designed right now??

    54. The Random gamer

      Lmao u look like a baby with facial hair lol this is what has quarantine led us to 😂

    55. Tommy Sawyer

      Linus got the RED camera out.

    56. jtenorj

      Disclaimer:Not scrolling through all 1900+ already existing comments to see if someone already mentioned this. Linus, in the future when you make videos, please wear a clear shirt. The hairs and other stuff were distracting.

    57. cornflake

      ladies and gentlemen get ready to get 97% clickbaited

    58. Galactus

      I got an ad with linus in it and I didnt even realize it wasnt part of the video

    59. Scarab

      On pc looks better and faster. Epic game china whit a notebook whit one 2080 pases so far the ps5 on fps

      1. MrSec84

        It's already been confirmed by the boss of Epic that the laptop was just playing a video capture of the UE5 PS5 demo reveal. Tim Sweeney wrote about it on his Twitter.

    60. Rene Kunnskap

      Misleading headlines, it should say "Unreal Engine 5 looks amazing!" since it will also easily run on the Xbox SX with the same fidelity etc, AND it is applicable on multiple platforms.

    61. joriei

      Todo muy lindo si, todo muy realista si..... pero..... Ya de por si las compañias casi ni se interesan en crear una buena historia, los juegos actuales son basados en buenos graficos y todas las microtransacciones que le se puedan agregar. De 2021 en adelante directamente solo vamos a jugar al juego que mejor se vea? La industria de los videojuegos encuentra los caminos para mejorar pero el destino es cada vez peor.

    62. Tyler Dobranski

      Has to put info about ps5 to get more views lol youtubers make me laugh

    63. Jj Brown

      What the fuck is this clickbait shit?

    64. JoeStoppinghem

      If the wing was an actual keyboard, like blackberry’s, then it would be interesting..

    65. tommy Bull

      Can't wait for you to build a $3000 PC with a slower SSD to crush ps5.

    66. KrimzonT

      you need a shave man :P

    67. Krish Satpati

      It reminds me of iron man

    68. Crushi: Original Indie Artist, Producer & Musician

      Dude you look much more profesh with a beard. I'm not being sarcastic. You look better and more mature and wise.


      Thanks for the click bait

    70. Derpface

      Ps5 is gonna be on top

    71. ceerw buty

      "Back slaps" is the best "bat quacks" Riley has come up with so far

    72. Acceptable Person

      Chad Linus

    73. Pete Zajot

      Chill out, it’s just a tech demo, anyone remembers Unreal 3 and 4 tech demos? Yeah games still don’t look like that... maybe now they are getting closer to what the Unreal 4 tech demo looked like, but it’s been years since we saw those tech demos and current gen games, so yeah, don’t expect PS5 and Xbox Series X to look like that on 2021 or even 2022

      1. ceerw buty

        Being able to run a tech demo means diddly squat.

    74. blech71

      Ivory Coast

    75. Elijah Ivey

      iron man phone

    76. David Cermak

      This sellout again...

    77. Elgoog

      Why should Zoom take responsibility of you are dumb enough to fall for phishing scams?

    78. Rattling Duck845

      It really does

    79. Kwesi Hammah

      Please keep the beard🧔 🙏

    80. Red

      This is an engine demonstration run on a ps5, people need to chill out. It has nothing to do with the console, it's the Unreal Engine. Until we see an actual game than I'm reserving my excitement.

    81. Kaz

      The beard looks good

    82. __Last

      When all them haters using all them "puberty" jokes on him realise he can grow a better beard than them all :)

    83. DI弓HONOR D

      Bargraphs?? Imma head out n buy dat

    84. VictoryHand

      Unreal engine is the real star here.

    85. A C

      Is this about ps5 or a long fucking annoying advert? Reported for misleading title.

    86. RefLeXxs_

      I never get tired of your puns, although I probably should coz they're always trash😂

    87. David Kovář

      It is amazing what will the PS5 and Xbox be able to do!

    88. Tremain Dzuimo

      Petition for the main character of the demo to go on rule34

    89. Side Winder

      Being able to run a tech demo means diddly squat.

    90. Sebastian Richards

      the hacking happened to a supercomputer I use in England which had my data about research into different modifications of a catalyst, and not to mention countless other projects from different institutions

    91. trent

      i think quibi is also failing because all the movies on it are, y'know, ASS

    92. Phack Em

      Congrats on hitting puberty gentle Ben👍👌👈

    93. NewDrew2

      Lol. It's so different seeing him with a manly beard while still having such a squeaky voice 😂🤣🤣😫😫🤣🤣

    94. Sheikh U

      DO YOU KNW DA WAE??!?!?

    95. Andrew Brown

      4:26 "do we really need another video service, guys?" You're one to talk, Linus.

    96. CoolJL

      Triangles are back!

    97. Roy Hoy!

      Sony said load times will be less than a second. But that has to be a lie, right? It can't possibly load up GTA 5 in 1 second!

      1. Roy Hoy!

        @Golden Apple They must be a liar! It will probably take 20 seconds.

      2. Golden Apple

        GTA 5 come out in 2013. A good enough SSD already load this game no problem. No doubt PS5 can do what they claim.

    98. doctor gibble gobble III

      I love that Linus TechLinked videos have dad jokes

    99. Jon Paul

      You shirt's hairs bother me.

    100. Jamie Bonnett

      When you make the title about the PS5 when it is actually about Unreal Engine 5.