It ALMOST launched...


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    Use code TL65 and get over 60% off the Kove Audio Noise Canceling Headphones at
    Discount/Free Shipping Subject to Change after June 9th
    SpaceX Crew Dragon launch
    Weather concern
    Launch scrubbed SpaceX/status/1265739654810091520
    Virgin Orbit’s rocket launch demo didn’t go as planned
    HUgets was censoring phrases critical of the Communist Part of China
    e-racing is no joke - Audi drops pro driver after he uses a ringer
    Racer’s face obscured @0:59
    Samsung Money physical debit card
    Galaxy Fold 2 in August??
    Motorola’s going to try again with a Razr 2
    All signs point to a fully wireless iPhone next year
    Robot baristas
    Creators will be able to earn revenue directly on IGTV

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    1. braeden

      The sponsor is a scam. They are decent enough headphones but usually sell for the price they are advertising as "60% off"

    2. Will Gaines

      Kove is a scam. They charge 5x for cheap Chinese OEM speakers and headphones and then give you a "65% discount" to make you feel like you're getting a great deal. I bought the original commuter speaker and it was a piece of crap. It was hardly worth the $80 I paid for it after the "65% discount". I immediately lose trust for anyone who accepts sponsorship deals with Kove. They're a terrible company full of lies.

    3. Grand Flex Johnson: John Jhon Jon Jonathan IV

      the chad spacex vs the virgin orbit

    4. cromeaxe

      Why there's no Riley FC ??

    5. Arthas

      HUgets in favor of censorship nooooooooooo *sarcasm*

    6. Sona Buvelle

      He almost said free 3:20

    7. Jotaro Kujo

      apple is goin no ports, becuz they want apple pay only prominent device for payment, they killed many companies which used 3.5 audio jack for payments, now they gonna kill usb port too, kinda dumb move by apple tho.

    8. Fred Lakota

      they're better off sending their billions to me instead of wasting it

    9. good Chicken

      TechLinked: The new Techquickie.

    10. Michael S.

      Testing, testing, Duck China CCP! And to be clear that's duck with an F.

    11. Aaron The Hoosier

      Did the Quick Bits ever end???

    12. Bichr Salhi

      DEBIT CARD > CREDIT CARD. Dont spend money you dont have, lads.

    13. sunny steve

      Paying for people who defend talk against China? lol this is actually a running joke among the Chinese... can’t believe the twists and turns this story went though on western media. We defend talk in our own will, because on western media nothing good can be said bout China so some people try to take it on to ourselves. But we are no match for the bullshit western media spreads. And sometimes we defend talk for the memes.

    14. Your all on steroids

      "Humans would be so beautiful without any holes" yeah, look at Voldemort, he's a real beauty.

    15. dakingyea VG

      Honestly i think the gov waste a load of money on nasa which i think is dumb

    16. The Shark Zord Gamer

      Ya so um those headphones are only worth 60 bucks dont buy if u think your getting a good deal

    17. Auttie B

      Firmament may get in the way haha

    18. maruftim

      guys the Communist Party of China did nothing wrong this comment is sponsored by the Communist Party of China

    19. Ivan Jerkovic

      What bothers me is america centred facts like "first manned flight to space from american soil" like astronauts from all over the world regularly go to space station but from kazakhstan, its bit complicated political situation, and go from there because its easier to meet with space station and launch stuff. Its not a big deal that people are going to space but it is big thing they are testing maned flight in space with intention to go outside earth's influence

    20. Sports Car Gaming


    21. Zavier


      1. Zavier

        Didn’t get deleted

      2. Zavier


      3. Zavier


    22. Ben Greiner

      Salty ass Apple refusing to use a universal connector.

    23. Nate Owen

      who the actual fk watches these

    24. Black Dragon

      You didnt mention that daniel abt got his long year corporation with audi canceled by them so i wouldnt say there was no penalty for his behaviour

    25. ArkStrike

      Google maps: the bus will be here in 6 minutes Me: *clicks techlinked notification* perfect

    26. Jerry K.

      Where is the headphones that are featured in this video :DDDD. I tried going on their website to heck time out, and it seems that it doesn't exist? Talking about the tl65 site, the main site does exist, however, it just looks terrible, almost like a scam, like, the main page is just... empty. The Amazon listing for the product lists it as "noice canceling headphones", if anyone has any leads on this, please share them :D

    27. compaq deskpro

      Keep lightning forever. Implement a USB 3.0 controller in the iPhone so my music can copy over faster, but they only do this on the 1st gen iPad Pros.

    28. Wyvern

      Poor Chinese people, their corrupt "government" needs to burn. Simply practicing religion, especially Christianity, is grounds for imprisonment or worse.

    29. Bradley Whais

      Can we get fans with benefits again Riley?

    30. Victor0326

      I appreciate that SpaceX is absolutely safety first because one misstep and the whole industry might crumble along with a historical accident recorded for all eternity.

    31. Dial Up Dave

      someone: posts some chinese charecters.\ youtube: wait that's illegal.

    32. Dial Up Dave

      hey youtube look at this!!: 共匪 共匪 共匪 共匪 共匪 共匪 共匪 共匪五毛党 共匪五毛党 共匪五毛党 共匪五毛党 共匪五毛党 共匪五毛党 共匪五毛党 共匪五毛党.

    33. HyperPickle

      Communist bandit

    34. wireless black

      I've got a bad feeling about this

    35. e1m1


    36. Lauri L

      What's up with the colours and sharpness/focus lately?

    37. TheCrushenator


    38. John Henrix

      commie bandits

    39. Mark Taylor

      Daniel Sudo Abt-Get Fired

    40. Ade Putera

      Millions of people on the stream just got trolled by the weather T-17 minutes before launch

    41. Vicente Crestani

      I love like you show a launch abort to illustrate a norminal launch in the thumbnail. I think the astronauts apreciate having a 3h nap better than a savage pad abort at ± 5gs of accélération XD

    42. saeed atenzi

      Time to uninstall IG then

    43. Jeffrey Bongos


    44. Jeremiah Hoyet

      Fifty cent party!

    45. Rahul Sarma


    46. Counter scam


    47. Han

      testing, 共匪

    48. neil u

      who cares what china wants? noone. youtube isnt even let in china. wtf, china runs youtube now? youtube is now a publisher not a platform anymore

    49. Joshua Vanderburg

      FYI, the weather was a no-go well before 17 minutes. It was just 17 minutes was the last opportunity they had to start a 15 minute timer for electrical activity in the atmosphere to die down before they could launch (It was actually like 16:38). Since they couldn't get the 15 minutes, they called it at 17 minutes.

    50. justmymage

      Would it be possible for you to stop trying to do goofy intros and just give us the news? That's what we're all here for after all.

    51. Joe Beltran

      I got bored watching your video as soon as you stopped talking about Elon musk

    52. SGT EpicSpeed

      The Daniel Abt one was a prank gone wrong.

    53. BamaNick

      After President Trumps Executive Order today it might soon be illegal for Google to delete comments based on political views such as that.

    54. John Midwest

      50c party?

    55. sweet carp

      Man the Communist party of China is dumb

    56. Goose

      But does those speakers count as ports on a phone?

    57. ricky v

      Elon will only be a weirdo on this planet, LOL. Bummer looks like someone will have to take that position.

    58. PIXEL


    59. Gabby Tech

      really almost ;D

    60. Jerin Fons

      共产主义强盗 testing time

    61. Jadesprite

      共匪 五毛 Had to try it.

    62. actorpus

      50 sent users

    63. AႦαɱႦα Nɠσɱυ


    64. AႦαɱႦα Nɠσɱυ


    65. Davin L

      It's time to try the magic spell: 共匪

      1. Fly Crack

        try typing "ch*n*s* v*r|_|s"

    66. Chico Liu


    67. Duckhead Gaming

      The thing with Daniel Abt and Audi is more like, they were not really his sponsor, more like his employer, and they new threw him out of their Formula E Team.

    68. u l


    69. Tone 720

      Electric and Virtual Racing only make Tech news because of a real world driver getting fired over a game?

    70. AVIAN

      Its funny how countries that mostly use debit cards still call em credit cards and have no clue what are debit cards

    71. sticky taco

      I got a pulse way ad with Linus for this video xd

    72. F

      This channel has Instagram?

    73. Bishnu Sarker

      50 cent party

    74. nduja gamer

      sorry guys I usually love you but... the news about daniel abt was very confused. The driver as been fired from the team not the sponsor... he is not going to drive for them anymore not in the game and not in real life lol so... yeah it was a bit more serious than "he was cheating he donated 10k to charity (actually that was a disciplinary action so... he wasn't even just generosity) and everything is fine" not really... not really ahahahah

    75. denvera1g1

      Hooray, your sponsor KOVE just got you demonitized due to the similar sound to COV

    76. Jim D

      50 cent in Chinese

    77. dark


    78. dark


    79. Jim D

      They said apple phones are streaming friendly...

    80. James Logan

      IG paying users? We already have enough fkin bots and fake models ruining it wtf gone happen now??

    81. TheFourthWinchester

      China's CCP is evil af. Occupying or encroaching lands from 20+ countries is not an easy task.

    82. Things and Stuff

      I'm liking how there's been more Riley lately, but i gotta say, you could still do with a little bit more Riley.

    83. Bowei Liu

      Let me type 共匪

    84. José R

      The weather was been ass in Florida tbh

    85. VRINDA K


    86. Simon Cleret

      More like WuLMAO

    87. Reiden Lightman

      Phone manufacturers need to admit foldable screens should not be a thing.

    88. Phares Blank

      Unfortunately Sucky?! The Razr was the coolest foldable so far, imo.

    89. Water Bottle


    90. k680B

      China: Communism works! Also China: Deletes every proof of communism not working and every criticism towards communism

    91. walkin mn

      Why is Ned Flanders doing a bathroom face in the thumbnail?

    92. Ferossy

      He said: I'll post that later Me: He Will edit the video and use photoshop ;v

    93. Abdala Brothers

      Hahahahaha best news tech channel ever

    94. imreallyangrybird


    95. freezeryder


    96. Jaap

      C'mon, debit cards are way cooler than credit cards. Actually having money in the bank is the way to go.

    97. Don Francisco

      Why is youtube trying to get on the good side of the CCP?

    98. pipona80

      Only a state run company would put a launching site on the state with worst weather in the us, they should try from london, they will have a better chance

    99. snorple j

      Communist bandits

    100. DDPWE

      Can I have my cake and eat it too please?