Facebook joins the MAYHEM!


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    0:00 There is no Intro
    0:12 PS5 Wi-Fi 6
    0:59 Facebook v Apple
    2:00 MSI Power Supplies?
    2:53 Private Internet Access
    3:24 QUICK BITS - Xiaomi Camera
    3:47 Wii Game Boy
    4:25 LG wearable air purifier
    4:51 Intel new logo
    5:21 Tesla crash
    PS5, WI-FI 6

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    1. luke

      even his non-jokes are funny

    2. 岩の下駅

      Anthony is the best

    3. Method Man

      Best intro yet ! Thumbs up

    4. Historical Archive

      I met Anthony at LTX and he was a complete Linux elitist a**hole. Shame, I thought he would be humble but the size of his ego is insane.

    5. Argentina3000

      china can force apple to put an alternative store for IOS, just saying.

    6. Matheus Drumond Vianna

      Anthony = InstaLike

    7. Paul What

      "Chow me" was that a pun?

    8. Albony CaL


    9. dennis dedan

      Okay apple needs to chill facebook was trying to be transparent and supportive on the businesses affected by corona but Apple started to be a dick about it as usual.

    10. Shay Amand

      Ok so, flight sim x is the last fs title, this one is just fight simulator.

    11. Eat your Vegetables

      basically a 3m mask with fans

    12. Steve E

      Anfernee is my favorite guy on this chanel

    13. Ryan De Witt

      Anthony man, you got to do something about your weight brother. You look like your gaining more and if you don't take care of it, it will if it hasn't already cause you serious health issues. This isn't trolling or hating. It is saying what someone needs to hear, not what they want to hear.

    14. Aoi's Favorite

      i see this is channel is basically a news channel for gamers? you may correct me by commenting.

    15. Slanguage Freak

      "Insert 10 sec joke here" was the best intro ever. And "human malware" was the best term I have heard for COVID yet. Also, Carbon based creatures in existence still use facebook? Why? Also, for all the companies whining and crying about 30%, how much taxes have we paiod lately? Huh? Zero? I see....

    16. boowh1

      Itel how bout cheap

    17. xn0

      "Human Malware" ..... terminal nerds. There is no hope for you.

    18. Tony Archibeque

      I love this dude so much!! He makes me smile

    19. zuhair shahid

      When RDNA2 is making about to start Nvidia 3000 series is not exist ... so if RDNA2 is not destroyed 3000 series dont critisize AMD when RDNA 2 is making that time 2080ti is in the market so RDNA2 is killer 2080ti AMD WIN...

    20. Falxie_

      I really want in-screen cameras. You'd think OnePlus could do it doing the in-screen fingerprint sensor

    21. Moonbread1

      WiFi 6 or any other WiFi for on line gaming?...Is that a thing if the person has any choice in the mater?

    22. Zaiquiri

      Is the first pic a router joke? bc that isn't a ps5

    23. bobby boucher

      Hes is clearly the best man in linuses youtube

    24. Yuriev Olmos

      “10 seconds joke here”, More Anthony in Tech News please!

    25. silverisss

      "human malware" is now my favorite description. Now i can use it as an excuse why i dont want to go anywhere

    26. Alan

      Autopilot in planes is not anywhere close to fully autonomous piloting, so not sure how it's a misnomer. Idiots not paying attention doesn't change this.

    27. Can I Get Subs?

      Are they RGB tho? -Unknown Editor (2020)

    28. Stephen David Anderson

      Flight sim 2020

    29. Adam Hooper

      Stealing from charity, oh apple, you so rotten, so so rotten.

    30. Creepy Chris

      'are they rgb tho'

    31. Kumar Abhishek

      Clicked for Anthony!

    32. Matthew Marbaker

      Internet explorer just gave me a notification for this video

    33. c182SkylaneRG

      Wait.... Intel EVO? Isn't EVO a Samsung sub-brand? I thought that was Samsung's SSD brand...

    34. c182SkylaneRG

      This is why, when I decided to run Ethernet, I decided to future-proof my house as much as possible by putting seven jacks behind our TV. We're only using two of them (one for the TV, and one for a 2nd router to get better wifi coverage), but in case we ever sell the house, or raise kids here, the next folks will thank me. :)

    35. Nikolaj Berg

      LTT, should make and fully MSI build (or as much a possible), just for the fun of it

    36. SN TN

      Please don’t explode on us. Stay away from jokes. I hope you are ok!

    37. Haden J-Robbins

      I think you meant Flight Sim 2020 Anthony :-)

    38. Sterkriger

      It’s funny how everyone is forgetting that Epic is also suing GOOGLE FOR THE EXACT SAME REASON THEY’RE SUING APPLE

    39. DayLightSensor

      a tesla driver facing charges is quite ironic

    40. logan graham

      that funny 2 cause they updated their terms of service XD. today ... the day i planned to leave them. oh facebook you are so funny.

    41. MoreCoffeeDude

      i like this dude

    42. Sean Hatton

      First time listening with headphones, and I can hear the air-con

    43. Will Santana

      Anthony is the second best, just after Yvonne. Just fire Linus from his own company!

    44. SirDavidPaladin

      Wow Apple. How greedy can you get when even helping small businesses during the pandemic, you'll want your 30% cut.

    45. Oscar Hines

      Flight sim X??? You mean 2020 right...

    46. ingeonsa

      Chowme with hidden camera...

    47. Pyrandom Gaming

      epic vs apple fb vs apple hmmmmm apple has a lot of enemies

    48. jonathan prange

      Anthony has a freaking awesome voice. I really enjoy the videos with him really doing anything.

    49. BabbyBlueYT

      For anyone wondering this is the video showcasing the killmii. hugets.info/show/k4aCgbqzr62UsmU/vide.html

    50. Metal Videos

      did they stole that evo name from samsung?

    51. Wong Elfski

      Nothin says livin in my grandmas basement like the msi dragon

    52. Cloutent 2k

      i love listening to the saliva 🤤

    53. Matando

      4:23 LMAO, the name gets me every time. Damnit Shank.

    54. straight edge

      Anthony should get the "best presenter at LTT" reward. And if he doesn't can you at least give him a glittery star shaped sticker for his efforts. This man deserves some appreciation.

    55. LupeC

      atleast the karens are with us trying to fight apple.... Right?....

    56. EVPointMaster

      "We're not skipping monday" well, about that...

    57. Michael S.

      Apple sucks. Greediest company around after EA

    58. DeeJayInfinityUK

      0:58 A wi-fi bridge is a good solution. Powerline adapters are fine too, as they give a solid high speed connection by using the electrical wiring of your home as the data cabling. For those who don't know, you plug at least 2 into your power outlets, connect one via network cable to your router and the other(s) to your device(s) via another network cable or wi-fi (some can do both, some have pass through to keep the outlet available), make sure they're paired, then you're good to go.

    59. Maddy Carbuncle

      James: "Are they RGB tho!?!!" Anthony: "Obviously not, they're UV." **james crushed**

    60. aleksey _

      Facebook talking about transparency, well thats rich :/.

    61. Daniel Johansson

      Apple is the best!

    62. dyuman

      I'd love to see Anthony on the Wan show, when Linus/Luke aren't available. Knowledgeable af and his voice is like a hot knife slicing through butter!

    63. BubbaOG93

      I just realized. This guy reminds me of Matt Damon

    64. heri Helke

      Sorry Linus, Anthony Tech Tips is what we need.


      haha i love anthony doing the tech news

    66. Fox Fox

      Wow if anyone else in a gas car was watching a movie and hit a cop no one would say anything.

    67. Dylan Gross

      So who's the dingus who forgot the High Pass Filter in post to cut out all the AC hum?

    68. Grant Stinnett

      That thumbnail alone got my like.

    69. Sergio Batista

      Anothony is the BEST!!!

    70. Sama Abood

      Hail to king Anthony

    71. Hazy J

      Won't a WiFi bridge increase latency? One thing you do NOT want while gaming is increased latency

    72. Golden Legend

      Apple are some greedy mfs

    73. Brazilian Joe

      While these big companies are not a monopoly in the classic sense, they are behaving in a way that looks like a cartel, fixating the tax in 30%. Also, there are NDA clauses that restrict what people can or cannot speak about their contracts, forums and service requests. When you have an effective duopoly in the mobile space, in a manner that each one own half o times square, you can't do business or buy anything as a consumer without paying their "tax", they should be held to the restrictions of being a public service, like when a big company makes a small town to provide housing to their employees, they can't make different rules for their little town, like restricting any kind of personal freedom in the public spaces of their town.

    74. tonyp114

      I don’t get this pissing match over 30%, it’s industry standard for all digital distribution marketplaces, is it not? I know Valve, Sony, and Microsoft also charge 30% to put something on their stores

    75. kgonepostl

      God, Apple is unbearable.

    76. Ethan Arn

      I say we grab our guns and we go and take out ever corrupted apple excuitive.

    77. Alexandre P

      "Apple wanted to be half bitch and take 30% from a donation, but not full bitch and tell people they took 30%" -Louis Rossman

    78. mrbunnylamakins

      #TeamAnthony ♥️

    79. SevenDeMagnus

      The plot thickens.

    80. MonoTart

      Damn intel really gotta do the mitsubishi evo like that huh

    81. Babeetlebum

      I love how the background dude sounds louder, I always struggled to hear the jokes (probably because I'm not a native english speaker) and on this one I heard them all loud an clear, thanks

    82. Robloxia News

      I’d love to know why Facebook needs in app purchases in the first place

    83. Ricardo Ortiz

      Anthony is pure gold.

    84. pigtailsboy

      Great, so now monitors and more interestingly televisions and other screens in the world could harbor cameras at all or any time? Did anyone really need this technology?

    85. pigtailsboy

      Quark borks? Is this becoming an in joke at the office where no one will honor Riley's short form section name?

    86. Josh Man

      ltt's mics are too good, and the operators too amatuer i would literally prefer a terrible mic over listening to someone's saliva slosh around

    87. Abraham

      I see Anthony fake over the top reaction thumbnail I hit like I'm simple

    88. Mathieu Provençal

      It's the first episode since I changed headphones... is there a constant ventilation noise in the background?

    89. lucasf47

      best LTT presenter ever

    90. Joseph Loyd

      0:55 i have a 50ft cable going from my router to my xbox

    91. Zachary Marshall

      I seriously love Anthony. The dude is non-apologetic about being nerdy AF and I have to give the dude props for having the self confidence to do what he's done lately (house tour for the upgrade and some of his scathing reviews of the nerdiest crap).

    92. raeed zaman

      4:26 "yo let's go out" "can't my mask is charging"

    93. Em Fernandez

      hahaha..LOL..."That will save ya..." been a while since i laughed out loud and soup came out of places they shouldnt be coming out to.

    94. TheSpacecraftX

      Flight Sim X is the 2006 flight sim.

    95. ClayDog

      I would never buy MSI anything

    96. TheOneLostkin

      NO RGB!? SOLD! I'm not even building right now, but I'll take several! Stealth Config FTW!

    97. bluephreakr

      IMO the tech and games industry just needs a good 'ol fashioned lynching. Many of these companies don't even pay their taxes because of laws passed which allow them to do what every scumbag in the nation only _dreams_ about - Including Google, HUgets and Alphabet. You, as a citizen of your nation pay your tax, *they don't.* Poor lady liberty has a five-hundred _trillion_ dollar knee on its neck and yet these companies won't help to chip away at the United States' national debt _in spite of being founded in America._ It's beyond disgusting that they do not pay taxes, it is, by _every_ definition of the word treasonous. We use to kill people for such back then. Now they just get successful enough to threaten discontinuation of business and the government on both wings cave to their demands. And they do so, with impunity because of the "Service" they offer their nation. If the United States' governing bodies had any spine left, they would force CEOs and companies to yield 3/4th their net wealth for paying off their national debt in forty years and some change. If they don't want to play ball, they can fuck off while other Americans fill in the gaps.

    98. ShadowRocks2


    99. Petr Peller

      Imagine trying to look like the good guy in an argument (Epic) and suddenly the literal Adolf Hitler (Facebook) of the Internet joins your side.

    100. Kei Braun

      Flight Sim X? Looks like we’re back in 2006 😂