Phones are SHATTERING...


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    1. Joseph Bowman

      Hey everyone, sorry for hijacking the thread but there is a Class action starting against Samsung for the S20 Ultra camera class shattering so if you have this issue like myself or can spread the word that would be great. Thank you Linus Media Group and fellow fans!

    2. bone runner

      My just broke on its own too. Even my S7 doesn't even do that smh.

    3. El Cuhh

      My phone is broken like this i didn't even drop it and my bottom speaker is blown after 3 months using it wtf

    4. Bobby Beta

      I was about to get one until I have seen this problem rampant. Good-bye Samsung, you are too shit scared to admit to your mistake. Folks should boycott Samsung.

    5. ATN

      Who remembers when the title was “Spontaneous Glassbustion!”

    6. Punch 3n3ergy

      Soon there'll be so many game-streaming platforms that buying a gaming pc / console is much cheaper. Just like those Video-Streaming platforms... there are way too many of them.

    7. Matthew Dolman

      Only one thing that matters in wineries 2004 wsl2

    8. Not Me


    9. ChaotiX

      Great, so now theres a chance that my camera glass just spontaneously shatters on its own. Fucking wonderful.

    10. Polite Cat

      but quickcharge 4+ has been out for like a year.. i dont get it. are there just no devices that use QC 4+?

    11. Francois Murrell

      Ok so usually I think Samsung makes some great stuff, and they do, but rly 400 bucks to fix something you fucked up is heading into apple territory and I don't think is something even apple would do

    12. Thomas Jensen

      Samsung is becoming Apple

    13. Ditiro Motene

      😹😹😹😹 they can never catch a break

    14. lekesssak

      lel made a drake reference

    15. Finn Suratt

      This happened to me too

    16. Celeste Gauthier

      It took a car to drive over my Dell Streak phone before the screen cracked. Original purpose of screen protectors was to keep the soft but resilient screen from scratches. Now screens are hard and fragile glass that no longer scratch... but they break very easily. Stupid. Bring back the soft resilient screen because screen protectors are much thinner and cheaper than "phone cases" that still don't stop the hard screens from shattering.

    17. Ashind C

      probably samsung's one UI found a way for automatic ventillation for camera sensors and thats the reason for holes

    18. Matthieu Gosset

      Got a S7 Edge, got the pink ray. They never took warranty telling me I had shooken the product and it is not covered by warranty. Meaning they knew about this problem when they wrote the warranty contract... Never bought Samsung again and never will...

    19. Naud van Dalen

      Roomba sucks. *badum tss*

    20. Naud van Dalen

      Finally my slow laptop hard drive won't be ruining my entire Windows 10 experience anymore.

    21. Naud van Dalen

      EA Sports, it's in a loot box.

    22. Naud van Dalen

      Alrighty then, good that I didn't buy the S20 Ultra.

    23. Frostbite38


    24. Derek Raymond

      I thought Andy just started a Dyson LOL

    25. Jack Carroll

      Who TF wants an ea streaming service, they have like 2 good games a year and all the classics like dead space or Mass effect are 2 fucking quid online

    26. Jan Hradil

      1:03 just fucking use discord

    27. R Miller

      Add bees don't forget the bees

    28. eri

      Or use Jitsi

    29. Logan Thee Stallion

      Another reason to buy a iPhone.

      1. Logan Thee Stallion

        This is a joke, buy whatever phone you want.

    30. ben weston

      imagine if the camera cover was randomly exploding on ANY iphone, let alone their halo device, it would be in all the papers and channels like this would be putting apple on blast and ridiculing them for refusing to repair it for free and instead charging $400 to fix it, but because its samsung they just laugh it off.

    31. Christopher Kidwell

      This is bull. The Samsung phone issue is most likely a thermal design issue where the glass is being heated too much by the processor and finally cracks. This should be covered under warranty!

    32. LouisChiaki

      We need lawn robots right now. Our lawn mowers are just way too loud....

    33. Aura The Draak

      I mean s20 is ugly and then add insult they charge you for a defect. so they can more money that you don't have.

    34. trevor jaster

      I mean i have only ssd 1 500g nvm boot and 2 1tb samsung 860

    35. Jack of Blades

      fuck apple and people who use their products C:

    36. Иво Василев

      Meanwhile when you call NHS for appointment, it is not possible to be checked or your child. Just wait 2- 3 weeks in agony.

    37. ben culp

      Just another example of why it doesn't make any sense to buy any flag ship phone unless you enjoy throwing your money away

    38. samarth patil

      WTF? why does it say uploaded 10 hrs ago?

    39. Richard

      Thin cheap glass breaking when dropped?? No wayyy..?

    40. Adrian Smith

      Okay, that Last of Us joke was pretty funny.

    41. Renski

      Lol I actually watched an ad before the video... Linus was in the pulseway vid.

    42. Ritik Jain

      Glass is glass and glass can break -JerryRigEverything

    43. Lee Blake

      I know it's been a while now, but I just wanted to say thank you once again to Linus for bringing Riley on board.

    44. Charles Pratt

      World spirals down the shitter and folks lament their failing Chinese phones...

    45. Donghoon Y.

      I guess apples triple lens design is better mechanically speaking

    46. Gaurav Kaushik

      The guy at 2:58 looks like he is watching porn for the first time 🤣

    47. Mark Maxwell

      It's not just Samsung, that's why mobile phone manufacturer's are bumping up the RAM on phones and not pushing CPU and GPU performance to much. And not pushing fast charging to much. I would imagine that's why mid range phones are becoming so popular. The more performance the more heat.

    48. DragoonMasterKaine

      samsungs self destruct because they dont want to exist .

    49. likfrikbik

      While rest of the world is in "pandemic"... Samsung is in "glassdemic".

    50. time _lapse

      If you read a book about self help that's not SELF HELP THATS HELP😂😂😂

    51. chizukichan

      EA Shorts; It's not the whole game.

    52. Louis Frey

      Is the optical stabelisation, that couse that lens are not fix mountet, the reason? That when the phone accelarate hard in direction of the screen/front the half loose lenns touch the cover glass? I coud not imagine the lensmovement have energy enoth. But the holes was two times directly over the bigger lens. (Sory for my english)

    53. XantheFIN

      Dislike for Google product advertisement.

    54. Kyoto

      nice i have an qualcomm 765

    55. Hellcat

      Ur voice like linus

    56. Christian Monsod

      Windows 10 May 2020 update! Improve performance on your mechanical hard drive by letting us delete all your data on it.

    57. Adolseph Hitlin

      2:30 ffs

    58. Dylan

      at least when apple fucked up iphone 6 batteries they made it right.

    59. iamlupaz

      I read “IPhones are shattering” at first LOL

    60. Akash Chauhan

      Imagine the lag/glitch while playing FIFA(just FIFA thing) on stadia (cloud gaming comes with little input lag)

    61. Rin Okumura

      No Riley, its in the DLC!

    62. Count Frackula

      Why do people still buy Samsung phones? They have a long reputation for having major flaws in their parts. If they don't straight up explode on you, the glass will self-destruct.

    63. Howard Lam

      The camera glass thing has happened before

    64. Kukumo

      I got a pulse way ad before this video with Linus in it.

    65. xXIvIercenaryXx

      My note 9 rear camera glass shattered for no reason, wasn't dropped, was in my pocket and I pulled it out and it had shattered leaving pieces in my pocket....they refused to replace it.

    66. Drunk & Steamy

      "Other Riley" = Not my fav Riley....but still Riley, so I'll take it.

    67. G Angel

      Samsung has poor customer service. Broke laptop, had to wait 2 years for it to get sent back and the screen they put wasn't the same quality of the original. Second day using note8 the display had a small black spot on the bottom that grew until it just showed a mixture of vertical stripes and dark patches. The phone was never dropped, no visible damage! It was in a case the moment I took it out of the box. When I took it to a Samsung store they said it was physical damage and they don't cover it by warranty. IT COSTS THE PRICE OF A NEW PHONE TO FIX! I know Samsung isn't the only one doing this. Most tech companies these days can't stand behind their product, just want to sell us shiny objects and don't care if we choke on them.. English is my first language, I swear, I'm just having trouble using it right now lol! Phrasing is also not my strong suit.

    68. Drew Rycerz

      $1,400 for a phone. Think I'll buy a new computer.

    69. Adam Kapetanakis

      I just got a Linus ad

    70. Ian

      @1:53 I love how somebody couldn't be bothered to clean their nasty laptop screen before taking a picture. Perhaps this summarizes their feelings for Stadia.

    71. Griffin Barrett

      No shit Sherlock

    72. Nick K

      FOUR HUNDRED BUCKS for a piece of glass the size of a quarter!? And I thought Apple's repair policies were draconian. Holy shit!

    73. AndroidFerret

      Sure ...I use MEET now ...than the Americans can spy on me ...nice ...

    74. Sinister

      Shut the fuck up Riley... Wanker

      1. Joel Bond

        😂😂 couldn't agree more

    75. Mario Tessier

      At least samsung phones does not explode !!!

    76. Lucio Aquino

      what an annoying voice dude. Use some mod

    77. MrManny

      This is hilarious. We used to small screens and put screen protectors on them. Then it screens got bigger and had more sides to shatter. Now we go back to a regular large screen. Now we find a way to make more camera and now put glass on the back as big as the S20. Is the manufacturer doing so we can destroy our phone and have to fix it? Like the car dealers do with our cars? Make them break and have to fix it?

    78. KMPuter Tech Supplies

      iRobot apparently got sued by E-Lawn-Musk.....haa got eeemmm!!!

    79. Abdullah Safarullah

      Imagine if it's an iPhone lense breaking: *The $399 iPhone SE breaks by itself and Apple is charging a freaking $400 for repair! BOYCOTT APPLE!!!*

    80. CIIZAR

      :D when you see everyone going Apple‘s way nur sollte who turn around 😂 Would be amazing if one day in Apple headquarters there was a meeting where people were like „let’s see how fucked up we can be, how much bs will people tolerate and when will other companies follow? Just make sure that we turn around by the time we made them all to try to fuck their customers!“ That would be the most badass marketing strategy and possibly the most evil one as well! 😂

    81. Pradeep Raghuraman

      Apparently this Riley is from 10 years ago when SSDs were expensive...

    82. irtwiaos

      Great, the great streaming wars finally reached the gaming front. Just what we need. Actually just what we need to end this abomination of an idea.

    83. gameflux

      No thanks Samsung !

    84. Packerman Bruhmomento

      Ah but when apple charges for an entirely new phone when you break the one you have, you whine a lot more but because it’s Samsung it’s fine

    85. michael jeacock

      remember skype still exists? pepperidge farm remembers.

    86. Bing Chen

      😂😂😂...P.O.S. Samsung. Before their OVERPRICED P.O.S. Smartphones catches on their OVERPRICED P.O.S. Smartphones shatters.

    87. وليد ٠٤

      And people say Apple is overpriced 🤦‍♂️

    88. cjones29hd

      The S10 Plus camera glass breaks as well.

    89. Baller Lifestyle

      Imagine the comments if this would happen to an iPhone and they would charge 400$ to fix it. The world would be on fire.

    90. Robert Martin

      cut the 15 first sec

    91. Manfred Schneider

      lol EA STOP its in the lame! I love it, thanks for the laugh :D

    92. Dylan Casteel

      Google is making another video chatting service? Why not increase support for and push Google Hangouts?

    93. Baja Visual Arts

      This happened to my Note 3 and my S7. Never did figure out how it happened and it renders the camera useless.

    94. MR.C&A Video911Game

      i might skip and buy the note version of s20

    95. Benny

      Jesus. Everytime I switch to a samsung phone that model has issues..... Switched before and the fucking batteries blow up. Went back to a Samsung s20 and the Camera Glass Blows? My fucking luck

    96. AdmiralTassleShoulders

      Honestly just put a skin over that S20 camera. I've bumped into shit with mine and it's been totally fine.

    97. LegitScoper

      HAH! the Ultra! I buy Monday the S20

    98. Jalen

      I'm sorry, but glass near the camera breaking spontaneously without doing anything? Yeah, no. These people people have obviously broke It themselves and lied.

    99. gulf city nicholas danca

      This is why I have a plastic backed phone

    100. Skyler

      Sooo basically for the same price as fixing your s20 you could buy a new more powerful iPhone SE