Ryzen 4000 (sort of) is HERE.


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    0:00 Oscar for VFX
    0:17 Ryzen 4000 G-series APUs
    1:13 OnePlus Nord
    2:10 Galaxy Z Flip + Fold 2
    2:57 Kove Commuter 2
    3:39 QUICK BITS
    3:43 Rich People Gamer CHair
    4:10 Xbox Xcloud stuff
    4:44 New Oculus Quest inbound
    5:06 BadPower charger attack
    5:26 STAR WARS SQUADRONSS!! !!~`)^*$
    Ryzen 4000 series APUs launch for OEM pre-builts
    Zen 3 consumer desktop CPUs to launch this year
    OnePlus Nord, not available in NA
    But you can…win one?
    Motorola discounts Edge by $200 to compete
    Samsung reveals upgraded Galaxy Z Flip 5G
    And blurry leak of Galaxy Fold 2
    Herman Miller x Logitech
    Galaxy Note 20 will be “optimized for Xcloud”
    But Game Pass on other consoles like Switch is cancelled
    New Oculus Quest coming soon
    Production this month uploadvr.com/new-oculus-headset-production/
    BadPower attack alters fast charger firmware to overheat phones
    Squadrons gameplay, we need a gaming channel

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    1. TechLinked

      Use code TL64 for 60% off the Kove Commuter 2 here: koveaudio.com/tl64 (Discount subject/free US shipping to change after July 31st)

      1. Atlas

        @Sandeep Raut my best pc is a free 6 year old laptop so i feel ya

      2. Sandeep Raut

        Man wish i had a gaming pc.. all i have is 10 year old pc wish i could afford such monsters 😢😢

      3. Atlas

        The normal z flip is an 855.

      4. Graham Pinkston

        I'm not getting the 60% off... no matter what I do ... it still charges me 209.99

      5. the Detox

        @Vertutame Same for me, UK here. Shame because it looked good and I actually need a bluetooth speaker.

    2. Ben Locke

      Linus Gaming Chanel would definitely be worth watching tbh

    3. WC

      I just ordered my AMD 3900X CPU from Amazon. Just curious, since Ryzen 4000 will be releasing soon, would that hugely impact the current 3900X price after mid-October? Thoughts?

    4. Sean Harris

      LMG Gaming sounds awesome

    5. IRMacGuyver

      This episode is the best example of Linus being a stingy bastard and not paying for the special effects budget required for TechLinked to reach the peek of meme mountain.

    6. Ben Anonymous


    7. Stephen Black

      The crossover capabilities of the LMG Hosts is great, its almost like we need a Venn Diagram to show what 3 topics the hosts commonly do and do well, with clear passion. For example: Riley, David, James, Jake, Jono and Colton could primarily host a fully gaming channel. Anthony, Linus, Jake, Colin and Alex are great at doing videos based on extra nerdy stuff like OS's, Arduinos, Weird Tech, and computer building. Taran, Pelle, James, Jake, and Alex all could do videos maybe documenting what behind-the-scenes vids you happen to take, as well as even some ShortCircuit videos. Every host is great at their own specialties and branching out into other facets all interchangeably and that's why LMG is honestly the best media group to hit HUgets, period. Nothing but educational entertainment, can't get enough

    8. Sniper

      YES LTT gaming channel

    9. Matthew Machart

      Honestly you guys do need an LMG equivalent what Node is to Corridor Digital

    10. testfor Ppapp

      Riley: Guys Tweet Linus or something (For gaming channel), this is ridiculous :p

    11. Mal

      what a wally

    12. Dennis Robertson

      Thumbs Down!! Way too involved with stupid jokes, and not very forthcoming in useful information. If you insist on being a HUgets standup Comedian, you should advertise your channel that way. You sure do suck at divulging tech information,

    13. veizour


    14. TheMoni7548

      i really appreciate the energy ahaha !

    15. Music Mobile Games

      Newbie here ex console, this is what I am planning to go for (any suggestions are appreciated🤗). Should I wait for 4000 series to upgrade CPU or should I go with the Ryzen 7 3700x? CPU - Ryzen 5 3600 Cooler - Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition GPU - RTX 2070 Super ROG OC MOBO - X570 ROG E Gaming RAM - G.Skill Trident Z Neo (2x8gb) 3600mhz cl16 SSD - 970 EVO 500gb HDD - Seagate Barracuda 2TB PSU - Corsair RM 750w Case - ???

    16. CHO cho

      I'm planning to ryzen 3600 or should i wait for ryzen 4000 released ? I'm okay waiting is it worth it?

    17. Tanuj Sharma

      I like the gaming channel idea, can you do it?

    18. Petr Kisselev

      If you can't buy them, they are not out. There's not a single 4700G pre-built on the market right now.

    19. Justin Cook

      Mmm Gaming Channel...

    20. HARIS Teparić

      Is it with VEGA 11?

    21. Nightthought

      Give them a gaming channel dammit!

    22. Dustin Fake

      microsoft has dropped the ball in recent years. They need to fix the way windows store games run before porting to anything else. Any game where the mouse courser can open the taskbar and hit close while in fullscreen is broken. Try playing ark on Win store edition, you'll know my pain.

    23. SCALITY

      Is the fold still a thing??

    24. Kalessin

      More like "This guy is falling."

    25. Abdulrahman Ali

      @Linus... You do so many rigs but no channel to put them to use WT*

    26. Mr.GamingMonk

      Ryle is a genius host:)) By FAAAR.. the Linuses BEST hiring decision :) (or at least...from what i personally know.but who am i to judge,since i dont know the ENTIRE staff:) )

    27. Jorge Bustillos

      The MVP Riley

    28. Ranjit Mandal


    29. AluminumHaste

      !!!SCAM ALERT ON KOVE SPONSOR!!! I used the code, paid for it on the 22nd, order is still unfulfilled #KSXXXXX July 22, 2020 Paid Unfulfilled $89.22 Also when I go into paypal to file a dispute, it shows that Kove will be sending this package with a description of Medical Supplies!!! Category Medical supplies That's so fucking scummy. I'm assuming they're doing that so it can get across the border as quickly as possible. As soon as I can I'll be cancelling this order. @LTT I would appreciate it if you could at least kinda vett your sponsors as so far, this company is acting pretty fucking shady.

    30. Rumman Jannat

      Editor: *NO* everyone liked that so this comment i stole originally got 2.1k likes and 12 comments as of 5:31 PM, Sunday 26 July 2020

    31. Julius Gaming

      Kove Commuter 2 seems to be rebranded china speaker. Found a Prixton one here in Germany for 55€ that looks and functions the same.

    32. Abdullah Darwish

      Riley is fun

    33. Züchti

      I deeply respect that you always start with the headline. Thats how news should work

    34. FnComic

      lol nice clickbait lol lol lol lol so funny haha u got me ha ha

    35. Jake Mangsat

      2:31 "old and boring 865" *Me only using a phone with SD625

    36. QuantumConcious's Corner

      IS this a Ryzen 3 Plus Not Ryzen 4

    37. Payperheirplain

      How did Riley get so high to fall into frame at the beginning? That was crazy!

    38. Clive Conrad

      So you have a movie for me? Yes sir I do

    39. letseethis

      LMG GAMING would be awesome

    40. Berni

      ur a silly person

    41. Enthrall2006

      tl;dw its not

    42. 16PADS

      So who got the Oscar?

    43. Hugh Holmes

      It should be called LMG^2 (LMGG)

    44. Alex of Bree

      Gaming channel!

    45. Mr Snakes

      Dunno actually Herman Miller make a well known chair that's over 3 grand that facebook and Google use for their employees, so its actually an attractive offering these chairs last a life time and are well worth the price. Keep saving lads, not saying you should get it but saving up for a nice chair at least over 400 will save you pain and money in the long run especially if your back gives out because you think you're stonktacular for sitting on an old shitty plastic chair

    46. Sammy Rebbo

      You guys should have had a gaming channel like 10 years ago.

    47. M 30

      People in North America complaining OnePlus Nord is not coming, also people NA gets Samsung flagship with Snapdragon processor unlike other regions

    48. Greg's

      We need a gaming channel @Linus!


      Looked more like fart in cold weather at the end there ... lol

    50. Tech with the boiz

      Life of boris already has the phone

    51. Tech with the boiz

      Life of boris already has it

    52. Mahir TV

      I am here for AMD.

    53. Dayen Tech

      Is there any way we can get Riley to close his mouth for all the thumb nails? Just sayin...

    54. Gary The Fish

      #LMG Gaming

    55. Deathwolf01

      I want LMG Gaming Channel to be a thing. Can't wait to see the channel name you guys come up with.

    56. Beaubonic Plague


    57. NEBULA

      I hope zen 3 beats intel entirely in gaming with these new chips

    58. Nicholas Bourcier

      The left nipple tho

    59. boo man

      Who else saw this video with a straight face...?

    60. LichKing786

      LMG definitley is overdue for a gaming channel.

    61. Joeki11a

      Won't let you play Red Dead Redemption 1 on PC though

    62. Michael Peter Dalsgaard

      Why is the colorgrade on TechLinked so yellow

    63. slowhelp

      there are chances that the 4000g series are going to be diy also

    64. Marco DRT

      Riley is awesome

    65. Greg Vaughn

      Good ol Riley

    66. Eddie O'Connor

      I dunno, but the whole "folding phone" thing?...comes across like the touch-bar from Apple...just a gimmicky fad that's not really going to take off too well. NO one wants a phone that will eventually FORM A CREASE in the middle of the screen, and will have to be switched out repeatedly! (This from someone who's STILL rockin' a OnePlus 6T and loving it!!)

    67. JaredSVX

      That intro 👌

    68. Felix Wong

      Riley: "Can you do this effect??" Editor: "Compu'er sez no... 😐"

    69. Benni

      Please change the background music 🙏😉

    70. Anuja Nimesh

      Love the chapters

    71. Faik Erdogan

      Lol this was entertaining

    72. saatie


    73. John Doe

      So the 1+ nord isn't coming to North America, that's just great.

    74. Ray Marnel Ingan

      I'm here just for the Gags!

    75. Karl Leego

      Why intel hasn't innovated since skylake? Because sky is the limit

    76. Avieshek


    77. smush

      Anyone notice on the Koveaudio website their Twitter badge links to the wrong Twitter

    78. CristianoS522

      These are legitimately my favorite videos on HUgets right now

    79. BurningDrake39

      AMD nameing division: "HAHAHAHAHA how funny are we? Lol"

    80. wsmoon

      You have to be ignorant or a moron to use 5g! Look up what it does to ya

    81. michael jeacock

      3:38 sudden Luke Wilson possession is sudden.

    82. Shawn Botha

      👍👍 We NEED a gaming review(ers) channel 🎮🕹 - Come on Linus, do the right thing...

    83. Ariaan

      Why would I buy a "sick" apu?

    84. ilyasovich

      The Highlander reference was epic! the younger ones will not get it!

    85. TheMysoreanGuy

      I wouldn't call the Oneplus Nord a flagship killer though...

    86. rafaat ashour

      if there's gonna be a gaming channel, i'm gonna apply to work with Linus :p

    87. YAO LOH

      Dennis is clearly underpaid

    88. NotBot171

      Breaking news: Intel murdered by Lisa Su

    89. Tautvydas Petruskevicius


    90. Stawz

      Why the hell would you call your Bluetooth speak the Commuter? That's just begging for people to blast obnoxious music on the train.

    91. FȺɍɨƶ .A

      Ok.. LMG need a gaming channel... & linus must buy those fancy gaming chairs first.

    92. Vek

      Linus media gaming now thats what i want


      Anyone else get scared when Riley jumped down from that, up there?... what a crazy wild man... Aaahhhhh! :O

    94. Mitch Connor

      Guess my 2700x is obsolete....

    95. Disciplexeon The Operator

      I just want to let you guys know I unsubscribed from Linus Tech Tips because you guys said that you prefer cherry mx browns over Holy Pandas, and that browns were your favorite tactile, even though they are the worst tactile switches you can buy.

    96. MarzAttax

      5:54 *smoke grenade noises*

    97. MarzAttax

      4:38 this part made me laugh lol

    98. Victor H

      save for the chair or 3080ti.. hmmmm

    99. Victor H

      need that chair

    100. Arjun Balgovind

      Lets help Riley make LMGG a reality!