Nooo the iPhone SE is big ☹


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    iPhone SE
    spec comparison
    original SE
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    Google making their own processors
    New Switch hardware?
    secondary display? hexkyz/status/1250077697004322816
    Pokemon don’t go
    Order food on Instagram
    WiFi sensor can detect COVID-19 patients breathing rate, motion
    Motorola made Samsung’s phone from 2015

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    1. Shock G

      This guy is a girlie man

    2. Tyler Beaumont

      I actually really like the five head, cos I'm clumsy and have shakey hands. I can't handle a bezel-less display, so the SE and Pixel 3a are wonderful for folks like me. That's why I don't like the 4a - they should still sell at least one decent bezelled phone for us idiots who can't handle anything newer

    3. Irza Liando

      Great! Now I can read articles about Mirror’s Edge in a phone called Edge on an Edge browser.

    4. imeldo marcos

      Iphone se is for those macbook users .

    5. Chris White

      It’s screen is bigger than the opening in case. That means shit is cropped from all sides. Unfuckingbelievable

    6. Vince Vito

      You look like qiasomar the sneaker dude😂

    7. H.Sapiens technologicus

      *On iPhone SE 2020 the display is bigger than the visible area!! Pixels around margins are cropped behind the cover.* *APPLE WHAT THE FUCK!!?*

    8. Off-Grid Optimist

      Your comedy game is dare I say is one of the best on HUgets!

    9. Off-Grid Optimist

      You're especially slurry today...

    10. c1gg4

      AUAAUAUUAUUUUUGH! Fuck of idiot, how do you think this is funny?

    11. Riff Bear

      pokemon snap 10/10

    12. Manuel Cordero


    13. Dr Usteh

      1:55 this guy is the best x'D hahahaa

    14. Doktor Dok

      I wanted a iPhone 5 sized one....

    15. nt148

      what the fuck are you talking about the standard GALAXY S7 FROM 2016 is bigger

    16. Dean in BNE

      God he’s a dickhead

    17. SoroSalt Gaming

      Linus mid 2019: "The holepunch is a weird piece of history that nobody will remember." Linus 2020: "The holepunch is the best thing ever!"

    18. Pavan Lulla

      These tech reviewers assume you haven’t heard the news already, and wanna listen to an idiot standup humour performance sprinkled with ‘whatever’ ads. Then we are expected to like, subscribe and beg for notifications.

    19. Virishking

      So while that wi-fi monitoring thing may be great right now for that purpose, having that technology exist and knowing it can be improved upon worries me

    20. A Realist

      apple made SE from iPhone 8 that didn't get sold because of iPhone X.

    21. Photo Booth Start Up

      the way this guy talks is annoying

    22. Steven vaporhaus

      This is where ispoofer shines. And they thought it was cheating...

    23. The New Yay

      iPhone SE: Seven Eleven

    24. K3NnY_G

      I hope James found his chap-stick moments after filming this.

    25. Alexis Padilla

      how you gonna bring back home button but not headphone jack??

    26. LiK

      Someone forgot to color correct this video

    27. Miekantera -Alacer-

      Google pixel 4 should have a notch too its still better than having a whole bar at the top

    28. quangnhat ho

      Dislike 1000😄😄

    29. AH AH

      yeah... 4,7 inch screen? Is this stone age? 6,5 is minimum that id go for....

    30. R C

      This guy's slurring left and right. What are you on

    31. Taliyah Eat channels

      F u

    32. John C

      I love the touch ID I love the smaller one and now with this bionic 13 chip o man is going to be great

    33. Marc Zamp

      Hey that’s my phone

    34. Gautaman S

      I think Google's want to make SoC is so very late to make any impact at this stage.

    35. Tropical Jupiter

      When you wrote "solitary rear camera", did you hesitate? Did you think to yourself "well, in it goes" or did you think "it doesn't matter. nothing matters"?

    36. The_Blazer

      Seriously, if you're a small-handed fan is there ANYTHING recent you can buy at all? I'm really sad right now...

    37. Noel

      Apple fans:nooo you can't do that it's too biigg Apple:HAHAHAHA phone go big big

    38. Bill Nye

      Is James having a stroke in this episode? Can someone please check up on him?..

    39. Claudiu Grigore

      helo moto !!! pam pam pam !!!

    40. Enigma

      If iPhone Se 2 was small has 1st gen it would sell like toilet paper 🤗

    41. Alan Harake

      It's 138mm in the world is that big? Don't get me wrong I hate big phones. Galaxy S9 I'd consider huge. But iPhone se is pretty small

    42. Gaming Edition

      So it’s an iPhone 11 with slightly worse camera for way cheaper ? Wonder how people will be selling the iPhone 11 used now. Edit: would like to add that overall the iPhone 10/10s with its slightly above 1080p display plus 2 cameras on rear seems like a better buy anyway even though slightly worse specs iso is very good optimised so wouldn’t notice much difference between them 2.

    43. BENqWER

      The way he said "appel" lol...

    44. iwill 859

      The phone isn’t even big & the se was never meant to be small it was meant to be cheaper

    45. Amplufyed

      Imagine complaining about the way a video looks

    46. Filip P.K

      I just read the script.....

    47. HuMan bEing


    48. E. L Jackson

      Thanks. I am smart. Calculus is easy so I don't need brilliant.

    49. markuks

      Samsung: “ZeFlip” french Apple: “iPhone ESE” hispanic

    50. Chinmay

      Using redmi note 8 , bought it for 120$ in India , best battery good camera pubg works on good graphics Snapdragon 665 headphone jack .idk why ppl go with iPhone with heavy price and less specs than android

    51. Steven Kothenbeutel

      Enough with the weird faces. And when is Linus going to shave? His beard looks a bit red... like a ginger.

    52. Rome The Revenant


    53. sqdfghj hgfd


    54. In My Opinion_

      What a massive disappointment. I already have an iphone 8. If I could find a new in package iphone se from 2016 I'd buy it. Not this. Ever.

    55. tentimetex

      There is price Europe. in the US its 399 dollars. If it was 399 Euros, then that would be a deal. But in Europe its 479 Euros!! (without Apple hand-in program for older models). Sorry, but that is no longer a budget phone at that price.

    56. Maui felilipepepepepuke2379

      Overacting I cant even finish the whole shitt🤬

    57. Not D Panda

      iPhone 8 but with a A13 bionic.

    58. werty werrtyson

      The SE has too small a screen my modern standards. Most phones are 6 inches or more these days.

    59. potatoes

      rewind to the beginning over and over! so fucking funny don't let it get past one secondxD

    60. westfield90

      So small and no Face ID.. Nothing to see here. Move along,

    61. Sasha Hale

      Too bad, so sad. Most people like bigger phones. The original SE is still supported anyway

    62. Sarvesh Mohan

      "Apele" 😂😂😂

    63. Pranay Bajekal

      People didn't miss the 8/8 Pro launch because they were busy, it's because nobody gave two shits :P

    64. Poochy Poachy

      iPhone 8 shell with notch display 🥴

    65. junilog

      People still getting mad at thick bezels and old screen and shit bruh cmon 399 with an A13 chip, which is currently the most powerful in any smartphone? Add in Apple's minimum 5-6 years of support to your device. I don't care if Samsung made a $150 phone that has a "modern display" that shit gon be staying on Android 10 its whole life with waay slower performance.

    66. Hari Novkov


    67. Nicholas Heathfield

      Here's to slave labour from concentration camps

    68. Kevin1234gg


    69. Duncan Donuts

      I recently held my old iPhone 5 again. I miss the size of it so much. It's super easy to hold and use. It makes my Galaxy s10 feel like a chore to use.

    70. cop con

      dont' say a phone with 4.7 inches screen is a compact phone. It's not. you have to COUNT THE BEZELS in. Check this:,Samsung-Galaxy-S10e/phones/10408,11114

    71. Gabor Istvan Nagy

      U barley talk about the phone itself. This video is a big ad about other phones and your sponsors. WTF?

    72. Mustafa SH

      did he just Saied apool ?!

    73. TechPimp

      Motorola needs to be sold by carries and slightly less to be considered.

    74. romanpower3

      that opening scene set the stage

    75. LéNoob

      Google’s processor will be gone too

    76. Hayley Screams

      I watched this video on an old SE while taking a shit

    77. A guy

      Poco fone 2 may be the phone hero we are waiting for.

    78. Kevin H

      If they made an iPhone SE plus, I would actually buy that. 100%


    80. JancoSOUS

      I'm paying?

    81. EX7RUD1CON

      Zowie benq very much, I see what you did there

    82. Martin Hoffmann

      Thank you for acknowledging the fact that it might be a small iPhone by today’s standards, but IT’S STILL HUGE! Arghhhh! I am seriously afraid that my old SE may be my last iPhone. 🥺😰😥

    83. Tagonn's Tech Videos

      Wait how will Google be able to make their processors for the Pixel line if Qualcomm has a monopoly on the mobile CPU market? Intel was wanting to get in on it but they (Qualcomm) wouldn't let them, I suppose you could just say screw you Qualcomm I'm going to release my CPU anyways.

    84. Pedro Soares

      I see no problem with the size of the SE, it's still a small phone by today's standards. However... THOSE BEZELS ARE SO 2015, god, please give us a 18:9 with a notch, a punchhole or something. 16:9 limits phones

    85. Joshtrip1™ Gaming

      buy an iphone 8 for even less lol

    86. Alexander The Great

      Another "not necessary" thing marketed and jammed to our visuals. Apple is just trying to adjust its sales producing subpar i-phones (for lower prices) to cope up with the economic recession. In this recession, dont waste your money on these kind of things. Save your money, and purchase only essential things for you to survive.

    87. David S.

      This fellow seems like one of those homosexuals they have in San Francisco.

    88. Ian Visser

      Just dont buy apple... they are under spec'd and overpriced. also have crappy firmware. Why pay more to have locked storage capacity, less ram, slower processor, buggy keyboard (even in appstore), you cant download music, you cant transfer music without formatting and rewriting the entire phone and on top of that, you cant share a charging cable or any other accessories with any other device, EXCEPT a similar gen apple product... Its a scam that forces you to stick with it once you fall for it. Samsung ships adapters to plug in your iphone and then transfer over the data from it and auto download supported apps from play store to make the transition smoother... do yourselves a favor... switch to android, its just better.

    89. brunskies92

      AAAND I can't use my $500 headphones while simultaneously charging my phone. Thanks apple. Still gonna get it, but it should have been the 5S body with the XR screen design, w/ a headphone jack. Would have been the best of all worlds but thats obviously impossible to ask for.

    90. PEKKAonYT

    91. GD's LIST

      6 years old design

    92. Fehman Ahsrafi

      They should make it smaller

    93. Jacob Reichert

      Isn't Whitechapel also a metal band? I see a potential lawsuit

    94. Butimar Seabird

      Squirrel man ......... another video need to be mute.....

    95. Pak Furious

      Apple is in stone age

    96. omkar dhargalkar


    97. MXD-Gaming

      Linus with beard looks badass

    98. mustard roshi

      this dude...this dude just said sligthly disappointed ...listen here buddy I saved my money waiting exactly for that I am far from slightly disappointed s10e it is frik u apple

    99. Debasish Sundar Ray

      I need no bigger than a 4.5 inch mobile

    100. Basalic

      Is there ANY purpose to upload 4k vidéos except to use a lot of space on HUgets servers??