Should I hate or love Apple right now?


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    0:00 Linus' tech tip
    0:14 Apple repair program
    1:02 Chromebook shortage
    1:57 A520 motherboards
    2:46 Vincero
    3:26 QUICK BITS
    3:29 Apple, Epic still fighting
    4:12 Xbox Series X price?
    4:41 Nintendo Indie Showcase
    5:06 Chrome battery life
    5:26 EA Play Pro
    X MARKS THE PRICE's%20Xbox%20Series%20X%20could,on%20the%20Kinda%20Funny%20XCast.

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    1. Desu Desu

      Damn... Even after paying HUgets Premium I HAVE to watch ads... I'm gonna end my subscription....

    2. Jon Golding

      Apple are done

    3. Prateek Mishra

      4:58 "That's what she said"

    4. Dheeraj U

      Why u hate apple?

    5. Offilaw Noone

      Not. They are not going to sell parts (to let them do their job) to independent repair shops. This is boozing. You should better prepare your news.

    6. zuhair shahid

      When RDNA2 is making about to start Nvidia 3000 series is not exist ... so if RDNA2 is not destroyed 3000 series dont critisize AMD when RDNA 2 is making that time 2080ti is in the market so RDNA2 is killer 2080ti AMD WIN...

    7. Scott Reynolds


    8. TheLEGENDofTydo

      I see Linus doesn't watch Louis's videos... That new Apple policy is evil trash.

    9. danvazb1

      "Vincherò", meaning 'I shall overcome' in Italian.

    10. Leaper

      I spent my stimuli on gaming laptop..... smh

    11. foreverwhisper

      I just bought a Lenovo laptop with 8core ryzen cpu, under 700 bucks, I may never buy a MacBook again.

    12. Sarvesh Kate

      Literally every good game is made on epic I mean unity exists but it's beginner

    13. Krishn Agarwal

      "First to headshot!" xD

    14. Andy Hart

      Give Riley a mic pleas!

    15. Deeman

      YOU will take what APPLE gives! It's the American way. By the way, Please STOP Shilling. You only degrade yourself!

    16. MrMegaPussyPlayer

      0:39 You should ask Louis Rossmann about that ... that is only a publicity stunt with now real effect. The parts you as a 3rd party have access to are very limited. You need to collect tons of data about your customer and sent it to Apple, and you need to wait weeks for the replacement part (you can't stock up on them either). And you are limited (by Apple) what repairs you actually allowed to offer ... and that even years after you have left the program again.

    17. MrMegaPussyPlayer

      0:13 ... So you got technewsits! ... or is it technewzits?

    18. Vexs


    19. Joe Tred


    20. Isaac Ortega

      "Chromebooks have been in especially high demand" **thanking god I got a $50 bargain on my acer chromebook before the pandemic**

    21. Martin Dirk Zimmer

      stop using that pitch shifter on your voice

    22. Anthony Brazzle


    23. Micheal Beaudry

      Love Apple, they are not the ones who breached the contract that they willingly signed...

    24. John Steel

      Why did I just get a push notification now? 🤔

    25. Michael Zack

      My question is: why do you hate your razor and hair brush??

    26. LiLo Games

      Deny Apple

    27. RBeze 58

      I'd rather send it to Louis Rossman

      1. Books I Like

        Shut up gupta

    28. Dyer

      Lol Samsung galaxy s20 looking like a mighty fine replacement for my iPhone X

    29. Michael Gaudette

      I've settled on loving Apple products whilst hating the Apple company

    30. Mostafa Mohsen

      the background yelling voice is getting old tbh

    31. cyberpunk jutsu

      hate it, just hate it

    32. Scott

      Hate of course. Overpriced, pretentious, arrogant, tyrannical company and its happy trillion-dollar policies. What is to say about people that pick or choose something based on how popular it is, or how expensive it is, or that it has a certain philosophy, as opposed to value, utility, flexibility, and overall merit? Yuppie wanna be followers who value what others think, more than what they think.

    33. Chief

      None of this is about epic games.

    34. Chief

      Apple is trying to protect us. Believe Apple.

    35. Amilio

      That went reeeal dark at the end ther

    36. MassiveTree

      The default answer should be yes, you should always hate Apple.

    37. M arrizon

      Don’t you dare. Apple feeds you

    38. Zed Yasuo

      r u telling me i can trick my parents to buy a pc gamer for my "study at home"

    39. trapical

      Apple will hold a grudge over Epic that will harm Epic a lot more than it harms Apple. Ask Nvidia about how likely Apple will ever get over bad blood.

    40. Rebecca Wrongdaily

      Apple bases its entire European headquarters in 'Sothern Ireland' for the whole EU, Why? Because they have a deal with the Irish Government whereby they pay almost no tax on products sold across Europe but a very small amount in Ireland with Irish politicians live extremely well. YOU TELL ME, LOVE BOY.

    41. Kirritz zz

      I boycotted apple already.

    42. Hani Sasani

      Yes this might be true but apple is not going to allow these 3rd parties to stock the parts. Which means you take your laptop or phone to a 3rd party repair shop and it could take weeks before your get your device back.

    43. SamareyDx

      hmm intresting apple

    44. Butter Pecan Blondie

      A lot of good news in the tech world. I like it.

    45. Royal blood

      Your looking more and more homeless day by day

    46. Darren Wade

      I sure hope that Apple will get broken up like Ma Bell. They won't be, because the Federal Reserve was buying Apple stocks to keep them propped up.

    47. Pslamist SSB

      Hey, get that other guy a mic! (I just learned his name is Riley)

    48. Martin Jareš

      So even PUBG Mobile can’t be updated due to Epic ban?

    49. Alex de Leon

      I was thinking about switch back to Windows and Android, and this is another reason to say "Goodbye Apple". Everyday I'm seeing movements to keep it closer.

    50. johola

      Hate. Always hate apple. It's that simple

    51. hasan ahmed

      Can i have a macbook

    52. Daniele Bruncent

      LOL, just try another game, this one is great:

    53. Gajanandamani Adhikari

      The adlibs tho!!

    54. Push The Button

      boycott Apple is the only solution!

    55. Zach Sturch

      Pls don't buy a Vincero watch unless you're genuinely looking for a fashion watch, there are so many better watch manufacturers at that price point or less. Or even better, buy secondhand

    56. Marcus Grant

      Apple had to have threats of lawsuits from multiple sources and tech regulations forced to act better, they’re not doing it for goodness of their hearts

    57. jbnOracle

      I think you should cut your hair

    58. Kain Highwind Gaming

      Except Linus as some shops are already stating they would have to have a ton of your information and the serial number for the device they are going to fix before they can order parts. So you take it in, they figure out what's wrong like the board, then they can order a single board for your exact pc and only that one. So it could take a week or more sometimes to get your stuff fixed.

    59. J R

      Finally law didnt hit them, it TKO.

    60. The Annoyed Mr Floyd

      Keep hating crApple. Schools should be issuing Windows devices like Surface tablets. Chromebooks are utter shit.

    61. Wei Li

      Okay Linus... I’m strangely attracted to your new look. Errrrmmmm....

    62. Phoenix the II

      This shouldn't even be a thought. Hate ofcourse. Go watch Louis Rossman's channel about how, just only a few basic parts are going to be available for repairing to them... So, it's still a shit.

    63. Brad LeCompte

      Yeah not digging Apple too much right now with it not allowing Microsoft xcloud app


      answer: you, and everyone else should hate apple

    65. Fernando Trebien

      Short memory, Linus.

    66. olpizl

      What's up with that color "correction":..

    67. 01 Hitman

      I hate Apple I’m selling my iPhone 11 Pro Max 512 GB and buying oneplus 8 pro.. only bcz they banned Fortnite

    68. Anonyshinki アノニシンキ

      You should never love a megacorporation.

    69. Adam Smith

      Just go buy a 5 year old laptop and put a cheap SSD in it if you need a cheap laptop. Probably performs about as well as those Chromebooks.

    70. sixtyFive Watts

      you have beard? i thought you where a transgender

    71. staticishock96

      Good thing I don't play fortnite or have apple products. I'm probably gonna get a series x. I don't use my PC and I do have a PC but I still have friends on console

    72. Bo Cimino

      Louis Rossman talked about Apple's repair program. It's a program so bad at what it claims to do that independent repair shops would rather not use it. Only a limited subset of parts are provided (just batteries and screens), and of the parts that are provided, the shops MUST order them on a need-to-use basis. This means that even if you walk into a shop that can perform the repair, you must provide personal information to Apple and wait a week+ for the part to arrive in the shop because the shop isn't allowed to stock the parts. This means a minimum of a week for any kind of repair, even quick jobs. Louis Rossman has said that he would be able to provide better customer care using 3rd party parts, and this program can go fuck itself.

    73. Metal Videos

      people still use chrome? worst browser there is lol

    74. Metal Videos

      stimulus check is only 1200 dollars plus 600 dollars later one. all one time payment. how can you buy a 4K laptop with that anyway? and most americans didnt get anything in the first place. apple on the other hand got billions from the government. same as other big corporations. so at least thats something lol

    75. Larb 05

      Louis Rossmann called the new apple parts service "a useless publicity stunt"

      1. Phuket My Mac

        It is

    76. stonent

      This is just lip service by Apple. They require the independent repair shop to provide information about the customer and system serial numbers before they will ship the parts and that will take time. They will not let you stock the parts. And I believe they also require the old part to be sent back. Louis Rossmann has already done a video on this and how it really does little to help independent repair shops.

    77. Leo Hast

      Linus You forgot to brush your hair

    78. J M

      Thank god this dumbest thing I’ve done to date is spend 2.5k usd on a brand new iMac for school (lmao, although I’m a video editor) and I’ve been scared to use it in fear of it breaking down due to watching Linus and his colleague break their screen, and also due to the fact how hard it is to get them repaired. Man this is awesome news!!

    79. Lucas Wellman

      But can Apple repair shops hold replacement parts in stock? So it’s a longer time to wait around for the repair...

    80. Jason H

      Love, I always wanted Apple stuff since I was a kid but could never afford it. Nowadays I can afford it so maybe I love it only because I couldn't before and was such a long time but I actually like my MacBook pro more than my 50 dollar PC

    81. Phoenix Clark

      Metroid prime 4

    82. Wicked Potato

      appel begone #freeforntrante

    83. Bhagwandas Ramchandani

      Linus do you sell buttplugs in your LTT store?

    84. Shogun1982

      Didn't even start watching. Yell out, "HAAAAAATE!!!!"

    85. Peter

      Apple is opening its walled gardens. Finally, open source Apple.

    86. ffwast

      You should always hate apple,silly.

    87. Rob Lambert

      Only stupid people use Apple anyway.

    88. fredrick carling

      Is it just me or is Linus' hair getting more feral as the weeks progress?

    89. Sven Johnson

      Yeah. Stimulus checks aren't meant for gaming laptops. They are meant for SPY calls. Expiring in a week. 5% out of the money.

    90. dacoolist

      This right here, this is the reason I love the Linus and Crew

    91. Edo Dijkgraaf

      I like Linus' scruffy look. Don't shave the beard off Linus. You look like a tech hobo. Love it!

    92. Makoraph

      i just love how literally a video about apple there's always an ad playing for Galaxy Note 20

    93. Prax Presents

      I always get asked if I can repair Mac, and I can except for the ones they went out of their way to design to not be able to repair. There are also some weird proprietary parts. Making it possible to have others or yourself do the repair is good for the consumer.

    94. Erik Schiegg

      I inform my kids about Apple with this short video:

    95. blackstarafro2

      Don’t get to exited about the apple repair. Apple will always put themselves before customers

    96. mrchillgreen

      a few month´s and these apple repair shops backfire hard..... pretty sure they are not allowed to do anything and litterly all stays the same even ridiculous repair prices and false repair claims to the loss of the costumer. I know apple to good for that they will do something stupid definetly.

    97. Psyber

      Love Apple, oh and buy their stocks before it’s too late!

    98. Hackerman

      All idiots think it's Apple vs Microsoft, but in reality the correct choice is LIBREBOOT with Parabola GNU-Linux. But hey, got to appeal to the normies.

    99. nxb Ro32

      Apple is bad it’s like playing with the surveillance camera

    100. Chris de Bruin

      Linus. It will still take 3 weeks. Take a look at Luis channel