Where's my BITCOIN, Elon!?


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    0:00 Ugh, Mondays...
    0:07 The Great Twitter Hack
    1:39 Nvidia 12-pin connector
    2:39 Xcloud + Xbox Game Pass
    3:39 War Thunder
    4:27 QUICK BITS
    4:31 Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 12K
    4:53 Twitch scolds US Army
    5:19 Lenovo Legion gaming phone
    5:41 Disney Content Genome
    130 verified accounts were targeted www.theguardian.com/technology/2020/jul/17/130-high-profile-twitter-accounts-targeted-in-hacking-attack
    Twitter “shadowban” tools exposed? video-images.vice.com/test-uploads/_uncategorized/1594903764551-blacklist.png?resize=800:*
    Hack originated on forum www.reuters.com/article/us-twitter-cyber-hackers/before-hack-tore-through-twitter-online-forum-offered-accounts-for-sale-idUSKCN24H3HO
    FBI investigating www.bbc.com/news/technology-53439585
    Hackers could’ve done more www.engadget.com/twitter-bitcoin-scam-social-engineering-hack-access-193040357.html
    Hard to hide the funds www.bnnbloomberg.ca/twitter-hackers-shifting-money-in-bitcoin-wallets-leave-trail-1.1466630
    12-pin connector
    OG leak www.fcpowerup.com/nvidia-30series-new-power-connector/
    Coming with Ampere? Eeeh linustechtips.com/main/topic/1222955-the-curious-case-of-the-12-pin-power-connector-its-real-and-coming-with-nvidia-ampere-gpus/
    Maybe for workstation card www.reddit.com/r/hardware/comments/hs8so2/the_source_many_tech_blogs_used_to_report_on/
    Seems real www.reddit.com/r/hardware/comments/hsfv9s/the_12pin_connector_on_nvidia_ampere_gpus_seems/
    Xbox Game Pass Xcloud
    No first party Series X exclusives www.kitguru.net/gaming/mustafa-mahmoud/all-xbox-games-studio-titles-for-the-next-couple-of-years-will-run-on-xbox-one/
    Xbox One X + S discontinued
    Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 12K - are we all cake
    Twitch makes US Army stop baiting viewers with fake giveaways
    Lenovo Legion gaming phone has pop-up camera in the side
    Disney’s AI will recognize and tag content within shows/movies

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      hmm, I wonder what was the effect of those free bitcoin announcements to to the said cryptocurrency's value🤔

    16. Bschill

      That might be the first free game ad on a HUgets video that actually has me considering trying it...

    17. cryptearth

      yea - but that crypto scam already was a shity live stream on YT ... get your facts

    18. ElMakong

      so, the time of molex to sata power connector is back? also, the gesture on 2:31 🤣

    19. broader80

      That Jake Skywalker reference is really underrated, we need to make that a thing, not only amongst Star Wars fans...

    20. Vidmantask Vidmantask

      So 4K 8K 12K camera exists... Next step: 16K. And 24K. And 32K.

    21. Filip

      oh my god, that war thunder footage looks like ass

    22. Oren Pur

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    25. wildhostage

      Man if you're gonna break the 4th wall, please don't shout incoherently from the other side of the studio. There is a way to keep it casual without being so lazy

    26. Froward Thinker

      I wonder what and the hell that "protected" button does.....

    27. Richard Reavis

      On 'winning an xbox controller from the US Army': the military DOES use 360 and 360-style controllers for some of their systems. So if you interpret 'win' as 'join and use one', are they technically lying?

    28. Seb Gibbs

      bitcoin scammer have a lot more than $100,000, as they've been active for at least a year now.

    29. ApexPie

      It's all cake?

    30. Untitled 1

      I gotta say, James looks like (Andrew Garfield) Peter Parker (Original Peter Parker) from Spiderman, and is lowkey hot than Andrew Garfield.

    31. Julius Gaming

      Honestly GN made a better report on the 12 pin. Its 100% adaptable no new psu needed (just like you can have jumpers to the second 6/8 pin or have a 4+4 pin. Feature seems to be aimed at oems

    32. Windows 10

      This is a scam, hacking Twitter Accounts of Tech Giants and Famous People That is China doing all this, BLAME XI JINGPING FOR THIS

    33. Jim D

      Can't believe people fell for that

    34. Nazmul Fahad

      2:30 That's it I'm flagging this video

    35. FreedomFighter

      I just got an ad for the Elon bitcoin drop no joke 😂 yikes

    36. Neel Waghmare

      Waifu choppers? That historical thing better be japanese

    37. RGB Safuan

      I laught harder than I should at 4:53 xD

    38. Aksiyon Bizde

      HUgets is my platform, I don’t care much about Twitter so much (yes it is a very important platform but HUgets is more important for me). If something happens to HUgets I will no longer have the latest tech news and I will probably don’t use any social media by then.

    39. Aksiyon Bizde

      This is Linus’s office, but since Linus learned Pulseway he stopped coming to his office.

    40. Alessandro Neiva

      4:53 “Wanna blow up my candle?” Yeah, daddy! I wanna blow your candle! 😈 🤣

    41. Luis Vieira

      Don't put this guy doing videos is voice it's not so good to ear sorry it's an pain ... Sorry nothing to him personally but that's why there are people in radio and they are interview to see if the sonarity of their voice it's ok .... Or just mod is voice ...

    42. UzzyT

      Whoever sent any money are dumb, no sympathy for them from me.

    43. Michael DK

      GIMME THE CASH! is from Fifth Element as far as I know ! :)

    44. KrotowX

      Considering a possibility for army recruits to get higher education literary for free (well, except some may not live long enough to graduate), then enlisting to army hype have some pretty solid ground.

    45. W!N

      Twitter thinks my account is spam idk why...

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    48. Deyan Ilkov

      Nvidia in 2030: ...so the rtx 31080 is very powerful but it will need just a single powerplant.

    49. Michael

      Where's my technews?!?!??!???!!

    50. MeowMiau343

      Gaming phone + creepshot camera why not..?

    51. jpbberry

      I came to this video hoping the hear the amazing "quickbits", and yet, here come ol' linus RUINING the day, I saw James was the host and I was like "OH YEAH, TODAYS THE DAAAY" BUT NO REALLY??? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME LINUS :(((((((

    52. Apipoulaï

      1:32 Gimme the Cash! hugets.info/show/sHF3f9GRqYx20WE/vide.html

    53. KrazedKoala

      Wait they can track bit coin? I thought that was the whole point of bit coin

    54. nobrainerneeded

      James stop rolling bugger into a ball 😅

    55. Dreamclaw

      Don't play War Thunder, it is a grindy unbalanced pay to win mess. Just search for the infamous six pack bushes scandal to see how messed up the game is.

    56. Scott Klosen

      With that amount of detail you’ll be able to find who asked

    57. jhonny smith


    58. Tom Pinkus

      Maybe you shouldn't pick your nose during filming!!! 0:32 seconds in... NOSE PICK

    59. Alexander Gregory

      James seems kinda horny at the moment, come back later to see his quick bits all over the screen

    60. DODO

      All i heard in the quick bits was 'planes, planes and aircraft...'

    61. DODO

      Don't have to worry about pins, cuz i'll just be buying gaming laptops

    62. scooter bros

      0:31 , Did you just pick your nose and roll up your booger in front of everyone?

    63. maxie fuqua

      Come Linus, you've used "quack bats" at least twice before. Are you even trying anymore?

    64. Unboxing Jobs

      12K Camera Tagline Idea: So AMAZING that you won’t actually be able to see the difference 🤣

    65. bobbob41

      2:30 lol

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    67. Manuel

      Did they have access to the DMs?

    68. Robot Man

      I bet Trump hired someone to hack Biden lol

    69. Barbaroja

      What kind of idiot falls for that??

    70. Ben Raddatz

      Linus: refuses to say Quick Bits Also Linus: says Quack Bats

    71. Rohith Kumar

      Monday? This was posted in Friday

    72. This_is_JP

      5:08 this is where american tax money is actually going to.

    73. gameflux

      More gaming phones ! No thank you !

    74. Classic Gaming Lives

      Its "show me the money" from Jerry Maguire you Canadian, eh..... 🇺🇸❤️

    75. Param Sachdeva

      MKBHD: So, I've had the 12k camera for about a week now.

    76. Joe Kilbreth

      These two-guy tech news videos should be the standard. The banter between them is as good as the content!

    77. Mohammed Fareedh

      You are looking handsome Man

    78. Robert T

      Ymra eht nioj

    79. Enrique Morell

      What happened to the british writer? It was fun to hear badly pronounced british words.

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    81. Jobs mine

      People thinking that Facebook is a bad social media platform but twitter is way worse.

    82. OldGamerNoob

      I'm blocking and reportun FAKE Elon Musk accounts offering bitcoin all the time ... they've gone a bit farther this time, though

    83. RAZIEL GOD

      I'm the complete opposite. I tidy up every day. My mornings start off wake-n-baking which leads to the making of my bed to the steaming of my sheets (because wrinkles). All of my clothes are hung up and color coordinated by type of clothing. Before I leave my room, I meticulously look for any discrepancies of the Feng Shui I conducted in my interior design. The lighting (what lights should be on and dimmed if so) to how far spread the curtains have to be--proportioning natural light to how intensely it brightens the room. This is the most important element, because overhead lighting is disgusting. Then I go brew some tea, shower off my disgust to my attention to detail, smoke my second bowl, then Zen tf out. It's an inevitable approach that is mentally satisfying.

    84. AjR

      0:30... why would u pick a bogie out ur nose and hold it.. while your being filmed

    85. LaduziTV

      a 1 minute sponsor for war thunder, jesus

    86. JAFO-PTY

      Note to editor: cut away when picking nose

    87. Evan Axel

      Where’s my BITCOIN Elon?! I’ll do you one better Where’s my *CATGIRLS* Elon?!

    88. Clell Biggs

      0:32 Did James just fling a booger at the camera?

    89. Jack Bushong

      0:32 James picks a boog and shakes it at you.

    90. Kyryll Vlasiuk

      For more tech news and less of Riley

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    94. Rahul Chaudhary

      I fucking love your work guys ..

    95. Chemy Torres

      But I actually got double of my bitcoins... I also the new graphics card will have that connector for sure (just joking, but I I don't know)

    96. Cycloid23

      4:00 Almost forgot the JSDF put manga art on their attack helicopters.

    97. Goryune Papazian

      "Terrible no good very bad day" I know that reference!

    98. Pire Aí

      Linus can't hold himself out of a video

    99. Aurobindo Ghosh

      it is with hackers

    100. KlaudiusL

      sign up .. and get a real controller .. 😁