Full Xbox Series X Specs REVEALED!


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    1. lollipop Gamer_1234

      This idiot didn’t even reavealed the specs

    2. swavezmartin

      I paid for the series x and ps5 :)

    3. Timothy jensen

      How does my PC compare? GPU: GTX 1070 CPU: i7-6700 Ram: 16GB Age: all parts are 4 years old

    4. killh4ngman

      this video is clickbait lol they talked about Xbox for like 5 seconds

    5. HobbyNoob

      Watching this super late, why were they not saying coronavirus?

    6. Ruben Cassama

      I’m getting Xbox one X for Christmas and I’m excited

    7. Spiralz

      Can it run gigabit internet?

    8. Rimax

      I’m absolutely buying an Xbox this generation for some couch gaming

    9. Pepsi Richard

      Looks like I should upgrade to a better TV first

    10. Eventfultwo

      If google had been using the apple wheels it wouldn’t have happened

    11. rasquel boy

      can someone explain to me. *Microsoft disables 4 CUs on xbox series x for better yields*

    12. brian

      stop trying to be funny i came here for hard hitting tech news.

    13. Akash Chopra

      Is it possible to take apart the new Xbox console and use the cpu and gpu on my pc? I would guess amd has some protection against that but I haven't heard anything.

    14. Poptrop

      Linus’ mask was for drywall

    15. Syn Is homophobic


    16. UnchartedSky

      Xbox is looking disappointing compared to playstation once again

    17. Deiradinn Draven

      The naming of their systems just baffles me. Xbox - because of DirectX, that made sense. Xbox 360 - not Xbox 2 because it went up against PS"3" Xbox One - not the OG Xbox, but the all in One DRM system. Xbox One S - Umm, okay, the hell? Xbox One X - Geez Xbox Series X - That's just fucking stupid! Compared to.... PS1 PS2 PS3 PS4 Ps5 Plus it looks like a trashcan, a Charter router, or a Mini Fridge. The PS5 just owned it with it's design.

    18. Ocean Forumla

      How many frames can it run

    19. gontse moeti

      Lets go xbox

    20. Saquon Barkley Is The Man 26

      That's all that nerd will ever have is X Rated films to beat off too. Lmao

    21. Stick Khan

      I'll stick with my one x until 2023

    22. Delay

      Loool, anyone else's schools use Ms Teams here? 😂😂

    23. ChumpyChicken2

      Thumb nail is a total soy boy picture! Pewdiepie would laugh his A off!

    24. Michael Brookes

      Grow up you are not funny at all

    25. Ethan

      6:29 Linus n O


      How you gone lowkey diss sony and then uplift xbox lmao bro your dumb lol

    27. d kell

      No optical out??? how do we connect to our PC and listen to audio from both at the same time???? forget the 3.5 cable... Series x should seamlessly connect to a win 10 PC.. Many people use their computer monitor for their Xbox ..... Its ridiculous that Microsoft doesn't consider this? Listening to both audio inputs at the same time is convenient especially if your toggling inputs on your monitor between your PC and Xbox.... for next gen consoles they leave out the essentials and give crap we don't need on the software side.. Guessing PC sound cards don't have a HDMI in to strip the sound off the signal to send that to a PC headset? Anyone research how PC users will get the Xbox sound through a PC headset?

    28. Pur3n8tive 710

      lol love the hype man "JEEZE!"

    29. Shwt1me 818

      What monitor can would be best

    30. :3

      coronavirus big gay

    31. CyberThug1080i

      New XBOX Series X Trailer: hugets.info/show/z59ggandn6ieqIo/vide.html

    32. Andrew

      Can I watch Techlinked at work? Because you know I still have to go to work...

    33. Rogue Merlin 19

      I could have read the series x specs for myself. In fact I did. I thought you being the tech guy you might, just might give you spin on them. Oh that's right your ADD kicks in after 45 seconds.

    34. Thomas Jensen

      Applehas been planning the switch to ARM since 2010. I called it back then but Apple fans did not want to believe it ...LOL

    35. fouoii gyhh

      Linus: Hey hey HUgets: demonetized

      1. niduoe stre

        On Teams I often get notifications on my phone, and not the laptop! LOL

    36. Abhinav Pal

      Austin gets the hands on not you bitch

    37. Alexander

      Is there any difference if 2GHz * x CUs = y and 3GHz * z CUs = y

      1. fouoii gyhh

        haha thank you for the ending line made me LITERALLY abruptly LOL. Go scrub your eyes out with soap

    38. bbloching

      You don't fool me with your censored news articles. Obviously it read "Steam sees a surge of online gamers due to cuuuuuuunts"

      1. Ptao Tom

        replace coronavirus with cocksuckers

    39. Parker:xgps

      Wish I could get a face mask to go back to work...

    40. mark hernandez

      Thumbs up for that 'what else do you have to do' joke at the end! I had the same th ok right while watching the set up. 😅🤣

      1. Ptao Tom

        Ben: plays fortnite Everyone: BENGAY®

    41. druxfilms

      Finally someone mentions the Uber riders fucking us drivers over, even worse when riding is down by a shitload. 12 hours made $40 in Atlanta. Waste of time.

    42. Yixe

      Xbox is winning this gen.

    43. Scotty Redecopp

      I love the fact a company has already created a borg cube skin!!!!!

    44. I Am A Pineapple

      Conspiracy theory: Valve manufactured COVID-19 to give everyone time to play Half Life: Alyx. Think about it. The most requested and waited for game in video game history conveniently releases in the middle of a world wide quarantine.

    45. MrVirobot

      So the xbox series x finally caught up to PCs from 2018. Yay progress!! Lol.

    46. Ask to seduce Miss

      Linus: "BUY PC RIGHT NOW" Me: buys RX 5700 XT Microsoft, day later: "I'm gonna destroy this man's whole career"

    47. Kilo Ren

      Why the fuck is everybody afraid to name the Coronavirus

    48. USURPER616 SIN


    49. max idk

      soooooo is it a Canadian thing to censor Coronavirus or a TechLinked thing? Legitimately curious.

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        Still PS5 people are more waiting than XSX

    50. Joanna

      Oculus Quest and Xbox Crossover? xD 00:54

    51. Roman

      The talking in the background is so distracting

    52. Lance Zimmer

      On Teams I often get notifications on my phone, and not the laptop! LOL

    53. Mike Garcia

      haha thank you for the ending line made me LITERALLY abruptly LOL. Go scrub your eyes out with soap

      1. Joanna

        Linus: "BUY PC RIGHT NOW" Me: buys RX 5700 XT Microsoft, day later: "I'm gonna destroy this man's whole career"

    54. Emily An

      Ben: *plays fortnite* Everyone: BENGAY®

    55. vibezZ

      replace coronavirus with cocksuckers

    56. Killertruth186

      Lying to uber drivers and lyft just to get free rides is just down right wrong...Doesn't matter if they are expensive.

    57. Michael Sharp

      Wasn't this video supposed to be about the new Xbox specs like the title says?! I'm reporting this video

      1. Emily An

        Not enough ram... 16gb is low...

    58. Voss Li

      If this thing is in the 400-500$ range i honestly dont see the point of building a PC for the next year at least. These specs would cost a grand to match

    59. BR


    60. Dominiq?!? Random

      Dirty jokes in the beginning

    61. Fat Man

      Your nerdspeak makes me wet.

    62. niduoe stre

      Linus: Applies dbrand Teardown skin on his phone JRE: Sheds a tear

    63. Omega Beta

      THANK YOU AMD FOR DISRUPTING THE MARKET!! We love you! Just make this affordable or else we will hate you a little bit. Just a weeeeee litol beet.

    64. Chinche

      Still PS5 people are more waiting than XSX

      1. Chinche

        @niduoe stre that doesn't matter PS exclusive games are much better.

      2. niduoe stre

        Xbox Specs are awesome 😎

    65. Shawn Campbell

      Wonder if PlayStation 5 and Xbox series x will have GSync that would go well it’s the LG C9

      1. Shawn Campbell


    66. Me Me

      PS5 NEXT!

    67. Ptao Tom

      Linus: "BUY PC RIGHT NOW" Me: buys RX 5700 XT Microsoft, day later: "I'm gonna destroy this man's whole career"

    68. Omega8kilo

      PS4 is known as the Netflix machine PS5 will be the Disney + machine

    69. SYLVIR

      Well today the PS5 specs are out and it looks like Sony put more eggs into the GPU side of things compared to Microsoft investing in a beefier CPU giving the Xbox series X far more edge in online gaming so its a win for Microsoft in my perspective.

      1. SYLVIR

        @Ptao Tom Not sure what relation your comment has to mine, but alright.

      2. Ptao Tom

        I'm from China and our school is using Microsoft Teams to assign work. It was hella annoying when it went down.

    70. JuwLZz

      Is that why my work cant buy me face mask THAT ONLY STOPS PARTICLES, I need those masks, I breathe in nothing but dust, I bow dust off of machines with a air hose at a mill. They cant buy us our PPE because everyone bought out 3M

    71. Sean Miceli

      Not enough ram... 16gb is low...

    72. Antz3The3rd

      I'm so used to playing ONE game at a time. I have yet to figure out what its like to play four at a time. It would be the best way to multitask.

    73. Kodishang Tshwaane

      Hahaha you got Linus

    74. MrGoDuck

      I love how censuring the word could be read as "cocksuckers"

    75. KillerkoUK

      Why are you censoring the China Virus thing?

    76. DroidX

      Would be Funny if Microsoft was just playing around with Sony about the Series X Specs

    77. ᛋhin

      After seeing this video I looked over to my RGBeauty of a PC and she said (Ryzen 3700X, RTX 2070 Super): _"Nah, I don't think so."_ 😏

    78. Son Goku

      4:28 Buzz, Buzz, Sip, Sip, do the deep deep dish combo mambo!

    79. jasonpwilson01XFORCE

      Xbox Specs are awesome 😎

    80. Christopher Williams

      Came here for Xbox. Nigga talks about Apple. Dude Apple is so much trash. Disliking this video.

    81. Manea Nicolae

      And Samsung Galaxy s20 has 16gb ram

      1. Manea Nicolae

        @Cassie maybe but still a mobile phone 16 gb ram like ps5 or xbox 2 its nuts

      2. Cassie

        Now playstation will make a faster system now since xbox went first.

    82. LightBlazeMC

      oh no, where's macau?

      1. LightBlazeMC

        @Cassie damn okay, im still looking for ma cow tho

      2. Cassie

        your healthcare workers become sick because there are no masks to keep them safe, there will be nobody to take care of you when you get sick.

    83. トートー。

      Why does this guy has multiple channels

    84. HashDoge NeatVibez

      Linus. Some APIs that operate on a hardware based token only allow one device (the last logged in device) to receive notifications as the registered device is updated in the DB upon login. So far, I've seen it implemented on two APIs operating with a Firebase token.

    85. LittleWhole

      I'm from China and our school is using Microsoft Teams to assign work. It was hella annoying when it went down.

    86. Chris Heyward

      The true question is how fast is it?? I wanna see the Mhz

    87. ayush pathania

      Also steam started sale on games😍

    88. MJae

      ehhhhhhhheeee :)

    89. Ryan Comer

      no way

    90. Ryan Comer


    91. Jaime

      Linus " Anyone that has thrown water on their laptops also at 6:24 and 6:34" 😅 Is he also dropping some of those expensive computers parts? 😂

    92. Jon Snow

      Watch ps5 run 30fps

    93. BR

      PC two is going to kill this

    94. FockStar

      Soy boy thumbnail

    95. Cat Man

      I would be tempted to get the series X if they can do a controller with built in battery. I hate having to spend further on a controller after buying one. PS5 is only going to have around 100 of the top played PS4 games available for backwards compatibility at launch. Not good. I have a PC and PS4 pro but I could be tempted to go with series X.

    96. Taylor Sweat

      4:35:45 Geez!

    97. Zaven Ohanian

      I’m going to give you some crap about the mask. There is a real shortage of those N95 masks right now in American hospitals and I am sure Canadian hospitals are hurting too. N95 masks are useless unless you have had a fit test and if you have to ask how or where to get that done, you definitely don’t need one. To see people wear them in public, especially briefly like in your video, is frustrating to people that work in hospitals. You should seriously consider donating your remaining supply to your local hospitals. If all of your healthcare workers become sick because there are no masks to keep them safe, there will be nobody to take care of you when you get sick.

    98. florida bass edition

      Now playstation will make a faster system now since xbox went first.

    99. johnny cashew

      You have a hype man in the back. He's not good at it