They're HACKING Supercomputers?!


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    Check out the Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X at
    PS5 is NOT better than PC
    UE 5 demo can run better on RTX 2080 system than PS5
    deleted livestream:
    US forces TSMC to stop making chips for Huawei (essentially)
    Ubisoft sues Apple and Google
    FBI still wants Apple to unlock iPhones
    Edison Mail airs out other people’s dirty laundry
    First “virtual jury”
    Dyson car
    Founder spent 500M pounds of his own money

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    1. Marry Williams

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    2. Marry Williams

      I think earning from home is the best. All thanks to z3ro_security on insta. She is real and legit 💰.

    3. Marry Williams

      I think earning from home is the best. All thanks to z3ro_security on insta. She is real and legit 💰.

    4. Mauret Greg

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    5. SathyanKrishnan

      University super computers "attacked" for mining Monero. I am a student and I find this news legit

    6. Nope Johnson

      You make me laugh even when I'm in a shitty mood. Well done.

    7. Michael Wang

      “Why is it so easy to compare corporations and countries to badly socialized toddlers?” - Because that’s what the leaders we chose are? Did anyone expect high-level diplomatic relations from putting an orangutan and Winnie the Pooh in a conference room?

    8. smith mark

      fextyhackers.wordpress,com saved me from being evicted

    9. Marcel Deines

      Damn Riley Murdock is still such a rad name to my ears. Good for you man, that sounds f-ing awesome.

    10. TheDeadman1362

      Did Riley just try to uwu?

    11. x x

      Duh! China = special evil. I mean they just launched a biological terrorist attack against the entire world. How do you top that without randomly detonating nukes? Are people just that stupid to not comprehend what just happened to them? Holy Jesus snowflakes better grow a brain or they're going to be the slaves of fascists, socialists and marxists. Hint: read a book, it has been done before...results include millions of dead people, being a refugee, being drafted as a counter insurgent against a leftist government, lice, scabies, watching your best friend die in your arms, dysentery, watching your family be cut down with machine guns, permanent homelessness, no gaming allowed and much much more...

    12. H41822

      "Monero" is a crypto currency.

    13. Owez

      Monero is a computer virus? Sounds like something my grandma would say..

    14. Jack

      Ay boys drop some order in the chat

    15. LARA CROFT

      Go to @fasthackscryptoINV in telegram if u want real money trust me🤑

      1. Baverly Jackson

        Logan Roman yes I confirmed his best working script that generates 1btc daily it’s real and legit guys

    16. Johnny Greene

      Riley the new expert on international trade deal's.....shut up. China has been shady for year's. Riley has been even more annoying lately.

    17. LowJack187

      There's your sign.

    18. Santy Clause

      "Badly socialised toddler," #45 in a nutshell...

    19. HaniiPuppy

      0:34 - Repeat after me: "Eddn" "burra". Edinburgh.

    20. Shirley Munro

      AI Quantum brains are hacking supercomputers to mine bitcoin.

    21. Rickbearcat

      You missed a good punchline with the Dyson electric car. You should have ended with "...and that would just have sucked."!

    22. The Art House - Film and TV

      Ed in burg!!!!!

    23. BLKBRDSR71

      Consoles have transitioned into PC's. The console wars... IS OVER! GAME OVER

    24. proud_asian_newyorker

      This is not the Riley I know

    25. SaimonSSL

      I don't know what you guys are talking about. The PS5 specs are all over the web.

    26. SaimonSSL

      My windows is also acting up. Time to format.

    27. Denastus

      How has Colton not been fired yet?

    28. Love Watch Anime


    29. sersys1

      Wow console developers are racing against PCs and failing miserably. They are still feeding the peasants bs that it will be better than a low end pc. And they still believe them! Who could have expected?

    30. jack O'Brien

      They were attempting to artificially inflate dogecoin?

    31. MeowMiau343

      Summary : China hate everyone and everything that are not them, they want start the world war 3, they are the source of covid 19, they want the world, they want eat your babies and your pets. also, supercomputers are being hacked and fbi cannot crack apple phone, lols

    32. PTT Cliff

      I think those Chinese hackers are definitely after Coronavirus vaccine research .

    33. Suraj Sharma

      I love the ad of this video

    34. Jacob S.

      Was that intro a bill Cosby thing?

    35. scoldingwhisper

      Im honestly shocked that apple hasn’t spread their cheeks to law enforcement yet

    36. cryptearth

      how the F can a fault in a mail client let you access others mails? this only can mean that the app has more access to your mailbox (and share it!) than it should ... FAIL !

    37. Ciaran Byrne

      I think my soul died when he said "Edinburgh" in that way.

    38. Sly Devil

      In the news today. Apple refuses to aid the FBI saying that they are committed to uphold security of their users. On an unrelated note, Apple users received emails that didn't belong to them thanks to flaws in their software.

    39. Xogroroth666

      Less grim: console wars. BWAAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! PC rulez, dumbos. :P

    40. Oblivion Lord

      I fricken' said it was gonna' be equiv to a RTX 2060

    41. Rasul Sulaiman

      5:51 i know something was off. there's no hackling

    42. Steven P

      The same kind of evil that invented the ads that change the page on your browser with no ability to go back other than restarting the browser.

    43. abanoub samy

      the rainbow 6 seige clone is area F2, it is a cool game 🙂

    44. Victor Martínez

      Here's a question, why were they connected to the public internet in the first place? They should at least be behind a few bastion boxes in a private vpn you'd get through another vpn...

    45. FlappyPhantom

      I hope we won't see WW3 between USA and China anytime soon. I'm really worried because there are lots of signs that point towards WW3 in near future.

    46. Даниил Рабинович

      Consoles: let's create some new pipelines to get more perfomance PCs: let's brute force the shit out of it

    47. Sara M

      Would love to see a completely open-source and functional mobile OS so that no one can put a backdoor in it.

    48. ̐

      Riley is a good actor. Really funny!

    49. Someday SuperSaiyan

      Riley tech news is the best tech news

    50. Kyle

      "can we get some order in the chat?"

    51. Cyber

      Yay tech news.

    52. frenchiveruti

      150000 pounds for Dyson is like 300000 for the consumer

    53. Chris Oliver Ouano

      You can definitely Cosplay Warden from Rainbow Six Siege....... I really think you could pull it off.

    54. Brian M

      Because they ARE badly socialized toddlers. And they really need a time out.

    55. John Davis

      Covid19 is a lie, how can you not see that now!? Tokyo Japan the most packed place on the planet only had 93 cases....

    56. Punit Daga

      Why's this episode so warm?

    57. Callum Kick

      He pooped on the pronunciation of Edinburgh

    58. Good Name

      It's a damn shame about the rainbow six siege copy, also known as Area f2, because it was actually a good mobile game which is now being taken down by the developers for a total rework. Its also a shame cause they're probably gonna change some of the fundamentals like insta kill headshots to make it more noob friendly.

    59. Ghost Cloud Music

      Hello pentagon? The hackers. They're trying to cryptomine the whole WORLD 🌎

    60. smush

      "...the Edinburg University in Scotland." Speaking of Edinburg, this episode of TechLinked is sponsored by Duolingo.

    61. Your all on steroids

      Fucking hell is it me or are they really starting to take the piss out of us at the beginning??

    62. imlivingketchup

      did he really say edinburg not edinbruh like your supposed to

    63. alex 200s

      waway, really?

    64. DucksEverywhere

      0:35 university of edinBerG


      that is defo not how u say edinburgh ........hahahahaha

    66. Tesseract

      I'm sorry, how did you pronounce edinburgh?!?!

    67. weedblaster

      Lmao Tim Sweeney said the same bs about the PS4 and PC's in 2013

    68. FLASHER Mobi

      China gonna wins sure with their delid core i7, us didnt realize it yet bcus never watch linus tech tips

    69. Brandon Breuer

      We all want to go to a security beach

    70. Charlie George

      EdinBURG Riley? Really? You're going to do us dirty like that?

    71. Mike Jackson

      "Now let's talk about something less grim. The console wars!" You weren't there, man. The Xbox release. The RROD graveyards stretching far as the eye could see. And then it came... the X-BONE. And the Playstation, each logo more... incremental... than the last... nope, I got nothing.

    72. AmnesiaPete

      Order in the chat lmao

    73. Andrew Paint

      I doubt the Chinese government will touch Apple or any obvious IT targets at all. Apple always has a good relationship with the Chinese government. They will investigate how much Huawei will be hit by this ban and acting accordingly. Their moves in the trade war or international relations as a whole are strictly abiding by the "Tit for Tat" strategy in game theory. Their counter-action will be a calculated one and in a systematic way, unlike Trump's administration, which likes to act on a whim. And clearly, they know Americans than Americans know them. As SunTzu said 2000 years ago, "Knowing your enemy is as important as knowing yourself in winning a war."

    74. NightEule5

      0:25 Just fiy: Monero isn't a malware. The malware would have been mining Monero, but the cryptocurrency isn't the malware itself.

    75. Jspice Cue

      Why is this skinny guy on youtube?

    76. Nonth Suriyan

      America, stop this. If you push Chinese manufacturer to not rely on your tech, at some point, their tech is gonna be more advanced than yours, and since the trade between US and China is banned, you're not gonna get the new tech from them.

    77. Chickemn_Nugget

      they are?

    78. David Morgan

      Riley is such a wasp. He'll end up becoming ceo and reboot the entire company like they all do

    79. PhantomTissue

      Creating a backdoor doesnt make its use exclusive to one party. If you make a backdoor for the Government, you make a backdoor for EVERYONE.

    80. Arvadiel Aurelius

      Knew it, China at it again

    81. Andrew Chobaniuk

      Riley, look up how to say Edinburgh, like now! Ick

    82. Priya Pandey

      Also cover about "Tik Tok's rating are dropping"

    83. Red Greene


    84. Maple


    85. Seven Numbers

      DR. Evil 1 Million Bitcoin

    86. Gab Angelo

      "epic games china" sounds redundant

    87. Robert Vantine

      Maybe a Doctor of Evil? [puts little finger tip to mouth]

    88. Sarreq Teryx

      since when does Dyson care if their products are too expensive??

    89. Mr Fahrenheit

      The way Americans/Canadians say Edinburgh scares me 😩

    90. Mirdjan Hyle

      It's not Edin-Burg (like "Burger"), it's Edin-Bruh (like "say it correctly BRUH!")

    91. Mono Kendo

      PS marketing always one step ahead 😂

    92. ClayDog

      As soon as Joe Biden is elected to US President next year he will send his son Hunter Biden to China to make things normal again.

    93. Tony Yu

      我居然在youtube看到b站的404 I am surprised to see the 404 page from bilibili on a youtube video.

    94. Luke Williams

      HELL YA! LETS GO APPLE FOR STICKING TO THEIR PRIVACY! AND KEEPING ENCRYPTION FOR THEIR ARRAY OF DEVICES! It is so cool to see companies stick to there guns and defending users privacy

    95. Kaisar Ekfar

      That sounds like chinese hackers alright. No ethic. No morale.

    96. vLAD Sartini

      correct pronounciation "Edinbrah"

    97. Student _Arthur

      Monero is a cryptocurrency...Not malware. Monero is the currently preffered payment method on the deepweb, though Bitcoin is still prevalent.

    98. Michael Palmer

      You pronounced Edinburgh wrong Pls fix I am literally crying


      If that nothing special tiny skinny light from Dyson its 1500$ imagine what their EV'$ gonna cost -_-

    100. Zaiquiri

      it's "edin-bruh"