RTX 3070 delayed...What is Nvidia up to?


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    0:00 Everybody good?
    0:14 RTX 3070 delayed
    1:21 Surface Laptop Go and co.
    2:30 Google News Showcase
    3:14 Seasonic Power Supplies
    3:56 QUICK BITS
    3:58 GOG Galaxy + Epic Games Store
    4:30 Verizon home LTE
    4:54 Geforce hotfix driver
    5:11 Toyota GLaDOS robot
    5:30 Minecraft Smash Bros Squadrons
    Nvidia delays RTX 3070… to screw up AMD?
    At least Ryzen 9 5900X looks awesome
    New Surfaces
    Surface Laptop Go hugets.info/show/zKBndsjTzKuf25g/vide.html
    New Surface Pro X hugets.info/show/wIGil8m7tZdilKA/vide.html
    ARM x64 emulation gizmodo.com/microsoft-is-about-to-make-windows-arm-laptops-actually-1845241822
    New keyboard, mouse www.engadget.com/microsoft-new-keyboard-mouse-accessories-130048877.html
    Google to put 1 billion into “Google News Showcase”
    www.cnbc.com/2020/10/01/google-says-it-will-pay-publishers-1-billion-for-news.html techcrunch.com/2020/10/01/google-to-pay-out-1b-to-publishers-to-license-content-for-new-google-news-showcase/
    GOG Galaxy lets you buy games from the Epic Games Store
    Verizon home LTE package now available in rural U.S.
    Geforce hotfix for crashes
    Toyota made GLaDOS
    Minecraft Steve is in Smash Bros hugets.info/show/mmB9q8rD142g0pQ/vide.html
    Star Wars Squadrons is out www.polygon.com/reviews/2020/10/1/21495929/star-wars-squadrons-review-ps4-xbox-one-pc-vr

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    1. andrea kuqani

      Lol my birthday is October 28 lol

    2. mimelsaharXD

      I been watchin LTT for years now and riley is truly a great act. Linus, Give this mans his own spinoff channel bro the other guys suck. This mans made me die laughing like 4 times in this video alone.

    3. KG

      Goddammit Riley is funny

    4. mwnciboo

      So his home is minimalist...So is his wardrobe.

    5. Hannah Garrison

      Hi, are you single? My nerd brother recommends that I date you.

    6. Ritbolit Studios

      ah, it warms my heart to see people care bout portal. Yay science :D

    7. Master Cheif

      I hope really hope getting a 3070 will be possible but the only thing they have done is delay the cards they aren't adding like human interactiong to the buying possess or adding any kind of captchas or even a limite to how many people can buy so I think all this delay will do is have the bots buy them all out within 7 min instead of 3 min

    8. Louie Friesen

      The Verizon home LTE sounds exactly like Xplornet up here in rural Canada.

    9. Omega

      Short answer, they want to sell more 3080s before 3070s become available.

    10. When you realize Bill the Butcher was the good guy

      Yes just what I want: Google curating news from the very untrustworthy MSM to show us.

    11. jacksinnh

      You have to be absolutely brainless to think Google news won't be the single most biased thing on the planet

    12. cdcdcd6777

      isnt this the video editing guy from linus???

    13. Horace Morales

      Why does his voice sound like Linus'??? 🙃

    14. Uday Arora

      it would be great to have a single game store like gog where you can directly choose if you want to purchase a game via steam or epic. It would result in epic and steam being more competitive and us having a single place for games

    15. csjpokey

      Easy solution to stop the bots. Only sell them in brick and mortar locations and only 1 per person. Eliminates the bot problems.

    16. Jindra Vysocký

      0:14 RTX 3070 delayed background music too distracting

    17. Hyper John

      I got a Lenovo thouchscreen ryzen 4000 16g ram laptop for $600... Surface laptops are worse than apple.

    18. MADDOH

      They're agents of chaos.

    19. nope!

      What is the Epic fail store?

    20. Marcin Sobczak

      I always loved watching ltt videos, but what you guys have done now with techlinked just brings smile to my face everytime, good job guys, and great idea for a new channel.

    21. Jorge Muñoz-Schaefer

      jesus this episode is so scuffed lmaoooo

    22. عز يّز

      this guy's pretty annoying

    23. AzureLance

      I hear Argentina, i like the video and upvote

    24. Mark One

      unpopular opinion | star wars sucks [drunk post]

    25. asiantastic452

      I didn't realize that I wasn't subscribed. I fixed that in a jiffy. You guys are great!

    26. Joel 5

      GOG and EGS is the most unexpected crossover for me. idk how I feel about it

    27. Apple Juice

      Thank you for revealing news about the 5900X one day after i bought my 3950X

    28. The Flying Sailor

      More like getting video cards into the hands of scalpers...

    29. SunRose

      I'm waiting for the 3070 Super. If rumors are true they will sit closer to the 3080 than the 3070 when it comes to overall performance and may even have more VRAM than a 3080. I'm betting that instead of lowering prices of the already released 30 series, NIVIDIA will launch the Super / Ti variants and possibly though less likely the 3060 and 3050. I'm also betting that all variants of the 3070 will have issues, so I'll likely be buying a card once Spring comes around.

    30. wafflebrothel • MP4

      i love that even though Ryzen 4000 isn’t even fully available yet we’re already getting Ryzen 5000 leaks

    31. Majed Tarabein

      Comeback on Monday my ass where is the tech news

    32. Majed Tarabein

      Where is the tech news

    33. Thomas K

      As i can´t get any of these cards and the available 3080 are not 699 but 899 i kinda feel: Fuck you Nvidia and i will buy the next AMD ones instead. As they built the hardware for the consoles anyway i know which games will run good .

    34. brainbah

      I got tired of their screwing around and spent the money for the 3080 on a new tv instead

    35. miki nyaa

      Seriously? No top comments about the Tenet algorithm joke by Riley?

    36. Albus Regnum

      Delaying or not I'm pretty sure there won't be any left to buy after the first minute of release .


      That was so cringey 😬

    38. Awesomus Maximus

      I believe they severely over hyped the 3070's performance and want to delay it's release in the hope that they forget he said it's faster than the 2080 when it's in fact slower

    39. Fluix

      You looked like a morphed Rhett & Link on the thumbnail

    40. Matthew Speltz

      "Wh-at? For to make suit guys, MONEY?" Whelp, if you weren't getting an upvote before this, you got it now.

    41. Trxple

      im cringing

    42. CaptainNumbat

      Best episode in awhile! Putting the script on screen, and the bit about "making suit guys monayz" were both gold!

    43. dumbuz

      4:40 my internet genuinely lagged right here and I thought it was fake and it wasn't lol

    44. Lt Dan

      Oh Great Googles taking over the news. Cant imagine that going horribly horrible wrong *Sarcasm*

    45. chris bedard

      Should have delayed this video.

    46. Zeb Shrader

      TECH NEWS!

    47. Jean Mich much

      is it me or does he have the same voice as linus ?

    48. AZ7AI

      amd delay the launch date...

    49. vahnthemann raseru

      will there be more 3090???

    50. Andrew Sutton

      A normal night.. well Saturday I found my mate passed out fully naked on the toilet - all but one of his shoes...

    51. kei

      Why did I think that this was good mythical morning

    52. Tristan

      And here I thought my triple monitor setup was causing my black screen issues... Thanks nvidia

    53. PLASMATECH Studios

      You sir are literally the best presenter for tech news. I love it.

    54. Just Me

      Now i know why im still a virgin cuz im horrified that my kids will end up like this guy. WOW this video/guy was surreal.

    55. AcademiciaN

      mann so many advertisment

    56. Sjögel Miihels

      Oh god, Nvidia at his best.

    57. ferocious S0ldier

      I just saw an ad with Linus it’s name was pulseway

    58. DVNTY

      break the forth wall one more time, i dare u

    59. Justin Eggers

      The 30xx Super cards are about to launch obvi

    60. Blake Mader

      Riley is the tech news version of Ron Burgundy

    61. Joe Kilbreth

      Like the "gamer news" addition. Good choice, guys!

    62. Quaid the Ginger

      How come this is the only place that has announced this, out of the hundreds of tec outlets you’re literally the first like how has this not been covered at all

    63. CpuWaiy

      Turing 2k owners have 2 more weeks to unload!

    64. JGS Tutorials

      I wish for 2021 still being a country,(I'm from a Argentina) things are not okey here...

    65. Virtual Ryan

      I honestly vaunt wait for the RTX 3060

    66. Cory V

      What is Nvidia up to? Um, they need more time to make more units...

    67. Celvius

      6:06 ahm ahm Don't you mean an Aileron roll ?

    68. gamepro94z

      Why are we advertising Star Wars Squadron? Everybody just forgets how shitty EA is and how bad they have handled the Star Wars series. I realize its news that a new game is released but to just act is if its something so great and say of course im playing it are you crazy is a bit off putting given the history of EA.

    69. Raffia16th Blaze

      these surfaces are total ripoffs. my phone is 10x smaller in size yet it has about the same performance. they could cram in so much more computer into those things

    70. StarFox

      I approve of the ending to this video!

    71. Taijifufu

      Woah...I have a loophole to get Epic Games Store exclusives now? No more waiting out of due diligence and nerd rage?

    72. Andrew Northover

      Why is there music? Tech Linked doesn't have music! What is this? Some kind of TechnoLinked?

    73. Oscarcat37

      I would 100% invest in Toyota's kitchen helper if they actually add a GLaDOS voice and snarky remarks

    74. Julian Cantarelli

      Talk about the shortage of HOTAS because of MS Flight Simulator and Squadrons. I NEED A HOTAS!

    75. Ahov

      GOG Galaxy is amazing. It's the only platform I use now.

    76. Rahul Amarnani

      Reverse UNO

    77. Orjan13

      They should require an account with 2 factor enabled to purchase anything on their website

    78. Preston

      Before even watching my assessment is that maybe they want keep the card on market longer than 2 seconds?

    79. Ryan Siler

      For to make suit guys money? yes, to suit guys make money for.

    80. Joey Rodriguez

      Hmm... maybe just maybe it doesn’t actually beat 2080ti...

    81. Trippy Bruh

      I wouldn’t trust google news.

    82. Dangalf

      Why would they want to release the 3070 anytime soon? people are foaming at the mouth to get that 3080, profit

    83. Madmaximus

      Fixing their glaring 6 bank capacitor problem obviously

    84. Marcinek

      what a shaaaaatttt

    85. Wilian Rodrigues

      Nvidia: *makes a cheaper and absolutely powerful RTX* Everyone: *causes them to sell out nearly instantly* Nvidia: *Surprised Pikachu Face*

    86. Freddy cipres

      Yeah something crazy happened I got hit by a car on a stop light and for following his go Confirm him for hitting my car he shot at me why I was behind me car 🙁

    87. SH*TTY TAKES

      As much as I love all the dudes on this channel and the main one. Good lord. I want to inject them all with 350 mil of testosterone C.

    88. The MonkeyChopper

      I think the ti cards should not have a bronze tint

    89. Ken Bladehart

      Oh god.... that Microsoft Surface Go power button is near Backspace Someone gonna fat finger it for sure

    90. Dinity

      My Favorite news Anker right here :D Much love from me Inc. or well... just me...

    91. I Yago I


    92. Mike B

      If Nvidia is waiting to see pricing to potentially drop pricing on the 3070 I'm not going to be sad about this at all.

    93. hdezn26

      Dag Nabbit... Its a Alerion roll . NOT a barrel roll . . . . Sorry had to. lol.

    94. argh666

      They are waiting for the Radeon gpus

    95. FlaK

      As long as I can pick up a 3070 before cyberpunk 2077 releases, I’ll be satisfied.

    96. Papa Labman

      I freaking love Riley's personality and humour 😂

    97. Immensity

      Its either really good news or really bad news and I'm scared to find out

    98. Luis Venegas

      4:48 I see you MaxMoeFoe

    99. sparkers70

      Which tech news? I don't care, as long as Riley is doing it.

    100. mike osborne

      love that star fox at the end