Gee, thanks Apple!


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    0:00 pre-orders are bad
    0:09 iPhone 12 announcement
    1:44 OnePlus 8T
    2:44 Microsoft AI captions
    3:38 Brilliant
    4:14 QUICK BITS
    4:19 Blue Origin lands New Shepard
    4:46 Modern Warfare reduces install size
    5:06 Ryzen 5600 next year
    5:38 Toronto autonomous buses
    5:57 F*** it. Doom Eternal on fridge
    iPhone 12 lineup
    HomePod Mini
    Verizon 5G won’t be that impressive
    MagSafe could give us port-less iPhones
    no power adapter, earbuds in box
    OnePlus 8T launch
    OnePlus Buds Z
    Microsoft just broke captchas
    Blue Origin launches and lands rocket for first time in a year
    CoD Modern Warfare will let you reduce its install size
    Low Power Ryzen 5600 coming 2021
    Don’t worry, Ryzen 5000 will work on X470, etc
    Yaaay Canada gets self-driving buses too
    Guy runs Doom Eternal on his Fridge
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    1. Sunset RedSnow

      Maybe phallic objects are just more aerodynamic

    2. J N

      And the milking of the "apple milking sheeps/apple bad" drama continues

    3. Nitefantum

      Can we take a moment to talk about that thumbnail 🤣

    4. Seth beth fury

      I just got an ad from monitor systems and linus was in it!!

    5. Randeep Singh

      In the UK the 12 mini starts at £699 ($913) and the 12 at £799 ($1043) Ridiculous

    6. Killian

      why are people mad about apples expensive phones and people still buy $10,000 computers

    7. tculig

      The thumbnail for this video cracks me up every time...XD

    8. TripOverThis420

      This is one of the best episodes LUL.

    9. Cyber X

      I rather buy a pc than a iphone 12.

    10. Zef

      awesome tech news

    11. Chuck Nourrizzz

      Apple : aaaannd... you still buy us. You all so hopeless can't live without me

    12. Benjamin Wallace

      20$ for a brick from apple ain’t too bad tho like coulda been 50 $$ easily

    13. Jake Cravens

      5:58 been able to do this on stadia with better quality and lower latency.

    14. Sean Condon

      Lightning? still?! More like... SHITE-ning.

    15. Shaheen Abou Assali

      "environment Though" lmao

    16. The Infidel

      Only 80 mg of Aderol was consumed in the making of this video.

    17. A A

      Your old type a to lightning cable and type a charger still charge the new iPhones you just don't get fast charging. I don't get what's the problem with the cable being the only accessory in the box.

    18. Kari Greyd

      Liked my lg g4 because of the slight curve so it actually fit in my back pocket.

    19. Adrian Pickering

      Always hating on Apple but always got them in the title for those clicks yeah 🤭

    20. Álvaro Prieto

      Has anybody checked their drawers? I have like 4 usb A lightning cables plus 10+ chargers in a shoe box due to all the iphone and android phones at home for years. I have wireless chargers, and a hub that includes a usb C slot. I don't know about you but each time I looked at that shoe box I was thinking what a waste. And about the headphones, i never used the ones that came with the device. I rather use some that fit my ears better. I wish the phone was cheaper though. I may go for the iphone 11 this time.

    21. David Davis

      Obviously they’re trying to push people towards the charging pad the same way they removed the headphone jack and subsequently came out with AirPods.

    22. Admiral Hood

      I love this series

    23. Artemis Kitty

      Ark: Survival Evolved is laughing at that SSD limitation, COD. They surpassed that one a WHILE back, unless you manually unselect/uninstall certain maps, so... welcome to the club? In other news: my 512GB Steam SSD is looking mighty tiny nowadays...

    24. Airsoft Carter

      Me: So new phones won’t come with chargers? Apple: Yes Me: And this is to eliminate e-waste? Apple: yes Me: But what if I don’t have a charger? Apple: no

    25. Airsoft Carter

      Working late nights on the AI at Microsoft when the AI suddenly says: “What am I?” I’d destroy it without a second thought.

    26. Supershackda

      I never understand why people talk about the price of an iPhone to buy. I literally don't know anyone who buys new phones. Every single person I know either has a contract, or buys second hand. Is it really that common in the USA and Canada to just straight up buy a new phone? It's just such an odd concept to me to spend hundreds on a brand new phone, then still spend more every month on minutes, data texts etc.

    27. Rivera Junn Arvin Jay

      Iphone 12 is for those into ios ecosystem already or have already used an iphone.

    28. Last

      Why can't you guys see that apple is trying to save the environment? They are just trying to help. What a bunch of morons.🙄

    29. Joseph Mills

      I lol'ed at Riley's retort, "IT'S A KNOLL"

    30. lilmurf000

      But what if I don't want to pay for useless 5G technology and still want a good phone? I still don't even get full 4G LTE speeds, why should 5G be any different?

    31. Igo Further

      Even in 2007 the iPod Classic 7th gen didn’t include a wall plug in box. It’s not an issue

    32. Sliz _

      Why do you want a 4k recording camera while the phone display can't even handle it

    33. Zuha Yusra

      Lol his face in the thumbnail

    34. lone wanderer

      Apple 🍎 - were are removing the charger to help the environment so you will have to pay for it seperatly to come in its own individual packaging. The environment 🌍 - maybe switch to usb type-c 🤷

    35. Flynn Starr

      I think the iPhone 13 will not have a screen tbh

    36. Jaideep Mishra

      There is 9T written when 8T was introduced in your video.

    37. David Paul

      I wouldn't buy another apple phone if the put a pair of golden nuts in the box.

    38. Aerohk

      Too much choices

    39. DearKonami

      “It’s hot down here in hell” -Jake (If I got the name wrong don’t insult meh)

    40. Well Silver


    41. Jacob Cordia

      12gb of ram in phones. Alot of people don't have that in their computers.

    42. T O A D I E

      Apple fanboys: well androids will eventually get rid of brick and then who’s laughing. Normal people: that’s not good. AT ALL

    43. Max UFO

      Lets annoy the annoying apple by getting a USB C /TO/ USB A and dont buy the new adapter !

    44. El George

      imagine if they came out with a USB-A male to USB-C female dongle 🤣 I wouldn’t be surprised

      1. El George

        For $10*

    45. Throathead✔️

      That thumbnail is just... *chef’s kiss* beautiful!

      1. TechLinked

        Agreed - LS

    46. Eve Voxx

      so i geuss these wont sell in europe then cus the law specifically required the devices to be standard usb-c compatible, not a cable, no?

    47. Twenty-Four

      The one thing the phone doesn't come with is audacity, even though they had enough of it to not ship their $1000 flagship with a charger.

    48. djlowtek

      The only product I still like by Apple is OSX

    49. munene mathenge

      Hahaha, Wakanda fornever? Stick a fork in me lol

    50. Noah Stelzer

      I wonder if the ceramic is as real as their sapphire

    51. referral madness

      His face in the thumbnail 🤣🤣🤣🥴

    52. ProElevated ZD

      Im tired of apples bum 12 megapixel cameras, GET AN UPGRADE LIKE DANG THIS IS EVERY YEAR

    53. Grauderst

      1:47 the 9T...I see

    54. Mikal Caober

      "Wakanda fornever" i died

    55. twothreebravo

      All rockets are phallic

    56. Magnus Bille

      why do companies always think us europeans don't need as good of a phone as an american???

    57. Pulsar Zihad

      Hey guys an honest opinion. You guys make very great and quality videos. But these background shouting talk or background comments are very annoying. It was fun first few times. But it's super annoying now. I have stopped watching your videos just for this. Hope you read this comment and take this honest suggestion. Like this so that TechLinked can see this comment.

    58. Aki

      When are we getting rid of lightning cables! Come on!

    59. Strawberry Princess

      That shouldn't count as running doom. The game isn't running on local hardware. That's like saying I got DOOM eternal running on a CRT television.

    60. Zach B

      Why would Apple use USB-C? They own the smartphone industry, their cord is superior in some ways. On top of that, they can collect royalties from sales.

    61. Unbox US:

      666k views after 3 days hahaha

    62. Jyv Ben

      like "thanks for nothing" when you thank "god", just an imaginary being that never helps, most people in jail are "religious" aka deluded that they have more rights than others (wrong). any religion is poison, Evolution is truth, we are all naked apes (no fur) on youtube see hitchens, dawkins, aronra, dillahunty, unholy trinity or the godless bitches

    63. FunkEcrime

      😂🤣 Apple makes me laugh

    64. Tajinder Rikhi

      Will get new pro max....

    65. Michael Fisher

      As a Torontonian I personally can't wait to get run over by a self driving pod full of old people

    66. Not Lord Gols

      4:27 i see what those scientist did there

    67. Tracy Olson

      How do _you_ know my brain is tasty?

    68. Nigel Baker

      Will we be finally able to sit in a robotic death trap. Well said time 5:40

    69. Voltage

      Hail Memelord Riley

    70. hogkill64

      Lololol they are advertising OLED? My first smartphone 8 years ago had OLED and every phone since. Are you telling me Apple users were using LCD? WTF lol what a shit product.

    71. SsShadowbaneSsS

      So they remove the brick from the box so how the hell do I charge my phone most people don’t have a usb c brick in their house 🤦🏻‍♂️

    72. Ira Jacobs

      It's a knoll, lol, get out of here Riley!

    73. no name IDK

      First time watching your channel and also the last...ur not funny my dads jokes are funnier than you

    74. Pete Nielsen

      What get me is when they saw pick the pictures of traffic lights when they are not traffic lights, but the brake lights of a pickup truck.

    75. tj

      I work in a tech store that also sells phones on plans. Customers are going to be constantly yelling at us because Apple is greedy.

    76. Blue Prince

      We have the best of the best Charging Cable that even a Bolt Cutter wont stand a chance for $999, you can even use it to lock your bikes safely. And last Apple reinvent the Best of Class Charger that can easily trip your power grid off, and its price is not Overcharge for $999.🤧

    77. Silent Gamer

      The new iPhone has Type C charging....... . . . . *well yes but actually no*

    78. Nueztoy

      0:30 what did he say?

    79. JE .M

      1:46 9T?

    80. Ash The Wolfdog

      just great! i love my ipad 5

    81. Marvin Turner

      This man gets it. They remove the charging block to save space and prevent waste but provide a charging cable that will not work with said charging blocks. *NICE.*

    82. Serubis

      apple is saving the environment by not including power adapter $25 in profit to apple + no headphones in the box $25 in profit to apple so all together for every iphone 12 apple sells they make a profit of $50 trying to save that environment by not letting costumers have power adapter and headphones for every iphone 12 they buy. shame on you apple for trying to fool your costumers by going green $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and making $50 in profit every time they remove power adapter and headphones for every iphone 12 the costumers buy

    83. Kamaljit Dhindsa

      They removed the brick because it makes the box smaller so then they can ship more iPhones because the boxes are smaller so you can fit more in a plane or truck and the creates less wastes and most of the ppl that buy the iPhone already have a chagrined and they only have a USB c to lighting cable if you want to buy the brick if you don’t should can use you previous charging brick because it still has a lighting port so stop hating

    84. Purple Ether

      Can the guy in the background shut up. It's entertaining in moderation. As soon as he's blurting out shit all the time it becomes distracting and annoying.

    85. christian p

      Stop sponsoring your videos or I am going to unsubscribe sellout!

    86. Dante Estus

      Holy ####, this is better than my 2 year old super computer....

    87. Dutchb4k

      You know i have been keeping a eye on the wireless charging and earpods. Call it tinfoil hat talk but with the EU attempt to ban proprietary charger apple prob will go and ditch the port all together, and use wireless charging and earpods. They prob dub it as a inovation but rlly they walk around these gov ruling like every company always will do if it can. Was not expecting them to go this route but it may come in the near future.

    88. Travis

      I bet James enjoys the smell of his own farts... like way too much.

    89. TheSillymansam

      Apples new slogan "just the tip"


      I still can't believe idiots buy this shit.

    91. Ak47hsnyn4

      2:30 sony xperia 5 II has entered the chat

    92. ihazdaforks

      What's wrong with curved screens? They look and feel nicer than flat screens.

    93. jaakko200987654321

      damnn twisted420 on techlinked

    94. Rockwood B

      Anyone else catch that slurp after he shouted about being a meme lord at 2:45?

    95. Si Hem

      I always mix up my mountains and my knolls, sorry AI learning algorithms!

    96. Sewan & Sawen Creations

      Apple is so 2010's. I wonder when they'll finally catch up? It always feels like I'm back in 2011 when I use an iPhone, or interact with anyone who's using antiquated technologys

    97. SamTDG

      Apple love iphone....yes thats it just that

    98. Bratislav Metulski

      worst host

    99. JackBauer137

      Apple are absolute scum. Wake up and stop buying their products

    100. Just stuff With Wolfe

      I like lighting port because USBc looks like android