Disney's Deepfakes are SCARING me!


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    Timestamps (thanks Jackson C!)
    0:00 - Any second now!
    0:16 - Fortnite is out of beta?
    1:13 - D(Deepfake)isney
    2:04 - Note 20 Leaked
    2:46 - Another Samsung Leak
    3:06 - Suck it m.2
    3:36 - Terabyte Quackbyte
    4:26 - Stadia's last legs
    4:50 - Dreams VR ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    5:19 - Not The Memes!
    5:36 - Finally
    5:56 - Finally part 2?
    6:35 - Finally part 3?!!
    6:55 - Were half way there!

    Wireless controller support for Android
    Rumour - Apple removing headphones and plug adapters from future iPhones

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    1. TechLinked

      Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping at Manscaped.com with code LTT at mnscpd.com/TECH

      1. Kari

        I put money on G2A having been selling stolen nintendo keys so im glad they did this.

      2. The Whizkid

        dear linus. why do they promise to save our balls? I didn´t know they were in danger. 🤣🤣🤣

      3. Shamrock_three

        The forza thing pisses me off because now I can’t drive my dukes of hazard car

      4. me and me


      5. Pablo Moreno

        Love my dose of tech news 💕 ♥

    2. Abeille Magique Dans Coquelicot

      Bruh it's just amazing to see that a game that was internationally played massively, that was super popular and pretty much on every platform, was STILL in developement. Amazing.

    3. Safir Aksel

      I swear Samsung just leaks their devices on purpose now to create hype.

    4. Swapnil

      लाईनस सेबैस्टियन महापुरुष आदमी ज्ञान देने हेतु पधारे हैं!

    5. Kamey

      2:05 Samsung is Russian to delete the leaks.

    6. Callum W

      Lmao, so samsung has now had an ENTIRE FUCK GENERATION of watch that has multiple features built in but disabled. So you too can buy another watch with ECG and mobile data connection that YOU CANNOT USE!! Maybe you'll update from the active 2 so you can have the same unusable functions on a new and more expensive version. No I'm not pissed off, why'd you ask?

    7. Polite Cat

      Oh, come on.. there's ALWAYS a "leak" on new phones. I don't think they are actually "leaks" at all, more like free advertising.

    8. Jase Poag

      3:50 That is one big black trimmer you got there.

    9. Atheist Future


    10. Bob Dylan

      I HATE that they brought back Fisher in cgi. Using dead peoples likeness in movies is disgusting. It really is. Especially so soon after. It should be illegal. Their likeness is not public domain because they are dead. Let them rest in peace.

    11. Rob

      Damn, this new Fortnite game looking sick

    12. Andrew Bearden

      Apple’s gonna keep messing around I’m gonna end up just buying an android phone next time around. I mean come on, you can’t even give me a charger anymore?

    13. Strike

      As a former Zurich university student, releasing a study with Disney Research must feel so awesome.

    14. DigitalBerserk

      You should put your face in your same face, to see how the software would handle it.

    15. Kage Song

      Today I learned the Rising Sun Flag is offensive... ... ...

    16. Nobody Interesting

      Now its officiall linus is gonna keep the beard just for the shaver sponsorships.

    17. Orch

      The swastika thing is weird. There are swastikas and other symbols on the towers and temples in the Ingush Republic, built thousands of years age. They have their meaning and it has obviously nothing to do with racism. So what then? It's a piece of history and culture.

    18. Ten Deepfake

      hugets.info/show/sYSDh5uV2Kaax6A/vide.html I have made something more scary. And DFL isn't limited to 256x256 for long time now.

    19. Neronian Diamanti

      lol, the sponsor sure knows who watch those vids...

    20. The Atheist

      You just outted yourself as a liberal, by American standards, by declaring that you are not a fan of swastikas. It's fucking sad I have to say that. And it's even worse because it's fucking true.

    21. ChaosTherum

      Wait you can't have the rising sun on your car that makes absolutely no sense that's just the Japanese flag does that mean that Japanese people can't represent their country?

    22. Rannon

      Disney will now own and use their child actors forever! in 10-20 years we will get their best child actors through the ages in the same show.

    23. Lukas

      0:53 lol

    24. Curt Heisler

      You need to revamp that deppfake info. Go watch some TwoMinutePapers and you'll see we're more along than that. Also thispersondoesnotexist.com is cool

    25. Kevin H

      Confederate is literally not a hate symbol. That’s completely political.. yikes.

    26. nine

      Why is the Rising Sun Flag banned tho, Microsofts Chinese overlord interfering again?


      We will have 8K deep fakes near future

    28. Pravin Dahal

      Because swastika is a holy symbol that the west vilified after Hitler lost the war?

    29. Fred MHz

      swastikas are hindu spiritual symbols man c'mon.

    30. 𝓼𝔀𝓪𝓰 Games

      How many chanels does linus have, a have been discovering new chanels of his every day for the past months

    31. David Schaftenaar

      That's three videos where you look at your watch in a row now, Linus... You don't ever do that. What are you trying to tell me?

    32. Stargazer. mcmillan

      Wheres the mop bucket thats slippery stuff on da floor

    33. -=Deleted.Gamer=-

      halfay lol, what makes you think 2021 will be any better? :D

    34. SuperKawaiiChannel

      Can we stop please calling Leaks LEAKS? Those are not leaks... those are done on purpose... like really? I have heard "leaks" at least 10 times this week, either I should be scared of companies being so careless about their Data Breach "leaks" and believe these are real "unintended" leaks? or should I bash every one who uses word "leaks" cause these are no more leaks as we know from sources Wikileaks or Snowden and many more which I call "not fit for public"/classified leaks... So yeah... If you still believe those are "leaks" then you need to change your psychiatrist.

    35. Mr Liam Pickering

      But the rising sun flag is still use as the JSDF navy flag tho

    36. TheSpoonKing

      The rising sun flag? Really?

    37. Nate 5

      apple is a disgrace of a company now.

    38. RainbowisticFarts

      The reason why the next iphone wont have a charging brick is not a way to save money, but to make way to release portless phones, by smartly first making people not expect a charger.

    39. The Mysterious Tin Can

      Disney doesn’t just beat the dead horse, they puppet it.

    40. Take the red pill

      Why were Disney cruise ships going to Epstein island?

    41. Shalashaska 994

      If they're going to enforce the no swastika thing on cars then they better enforce not allowing the hammer and sickle too. Considering it killed 10 times the people

    42. Jimmy Lee

      oh look, it’s linus the nazi sympathizer

    43. Jason Gooden

      2020 indeed. a certain country has its own internet and GPS plus the leaders are missing. sounds dangerous

    44. Sirradez

      When I read that they leaked the phone o their website the only thing I could think of was: "I guess no one was interested enough to leak it for them"

    45. traumxiety de ocampo

      Save the world man, I fucking love the game and it hurts they are killing it off

    46. Deity mars

      You don wanna nic the wat..,?🤣🤣🤣

    47. Flynn Geddes

      I can’t wait for finally part 4. It’s gonna be so good

    48. Tharindu Rajakaruna

      Well the apple charger will be sold separately, for a measly price of 500$, meh..

    49. Grokh

      Theres a whole generation of people who dont understand why he is looking at his wrist...

    50. curly10808

      He had no watch

    51. johansson

      When I first saw this, I imagined a disney movie staring a Linus look alike, about your life. Staring Linus Schwarzenegger distant second cousin of Arnold on his mothers side.

    52. Appusle

      Microsoft should be really careful banning the swastika as it is more of an umbrella name. the Hakenkreuz is just one of many. in many places it is tied to a religion like Hinduism or Buddhism there it is a symbol with a positive meaning. This means that the direction of the symbol is important. if it "turns"the rightway around while bing slightly tilted, so more liek a diomandcard shaped only then is it linked to that horrid event. Anything else has no correlation to these events as thee symbols are very old. it is a very important distinction to make. But thats just me.

    53. Sohan Bhute

      Call snazzyLabs and do a Mac vs PC again.

    54. Anthony Chopra

      6:59 its the End of the world. song starts to play

    55. phynx2006

      You don't know how right you are ..... run🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

    56. fade2black001

      A Charging Brick for a phone? Seriously?

    57. Aurobindo Ghosh

      then use chinese or russian apps

    58. Erebos

      Oh come on! As somebody would get fired for these "leaks", or - the quite better name - free advertising on many youtube channels and blogs.

    59. Odin Son

      Why swastika? 'cause I am a Hindu. It's a sign of prosperity for us.

    60. Malachy Giles

      0:05 he has no watch on tho

    61. Prakhar Pandey

      6:31 cause swastikas mean good luck, whitie

    62. Madame Minty

      "Why do people have swastikas on their cars?" -because they're neonazis, Linus 🤦🏻‍♀️ I wish I too didn't watch news for the last 5-10 years, but come on

    63. Tom Wellbrock

      customer: "How big is the camera notch going to be?" Samsung: "yes"

    64. maxie fuqua

      I am disappointed that Linus didn't come up with "sack bites" immediately before a ball shaving ad.

    65. bradley

      No more jdm boys in forza

    66. Total GAMIX

      So new Harry Potter movie confirmed?

    67. HarryBallsOnYa

      Epic "Expect less frequent updates to 'Save The World." Dude can i just crouch yet? Please?

    68. mrjak900

      I would love them to do a news room skit with tech news with desks the cheesy intro and over the top cameras. Now over to Riley for tech related weather.

    69. Matthew Smith

      Like save the world was even get many updates to start with

    70. hugh janus

      The thumbnail is bad.

    71. FangCodes

      Man scapes in the public pool Linus: STOP RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM

    72. Udaiaditya Baruah

      5:16 That transformation actually kinda creeped me out.

    73. Total GAMIX

      Im exited for dreams vr support. Altho is dreams still a thing?


      How do you segment the scrub bar on videos? I've been searching everywhere and now I'm in the comments on tech tips

    75. Arthur Alexeev

      Nazi symbol on car is really weird thing, but rising sun? You have got to be fucking kidding me. It has been JDM symbol for a decades and had place in Japan history for centuries before japan militaries fucked it up. It is completely different story to the nazi sun. And suddenly now i cant place it on fuel tank door of my silvia? This world is completely screwed up, indeed.

    76. Next Gen Games

      As always...my fav sarcastic type of world news early morning while having my cup of coffee...& yes i don't like to read & i want to watch it😁😁😁😁

    77. Paul What

      Wow. I didn't know about the rising sun flag being offensive.

    78. Styromaniac

      You guys should review Linux Mint 20. It's a breath of fresh air.

    79. FireAngelZero

      Samsung really needs to get a plumber on their Russian site... too many leaks going on!

    80. Julian

      If apple wants to reduce waste by not giving you a charger in the box, they should first consider switching to USB C. I mean come on... Your charging brick already has USB C. You're just making an unnecessary weird cable that goes from USB C to lightning

    81. Joshua Brumley

      To be minorly fair, how many power bricks, cables, and headphones does the average smartphone user have in their junk drawer? Quite a few I expect. That being said. Apple really out to shave a couple bucks off the price.

    82. Varun Pany

      It's not the Swastika, it's the reverse Swastika. The Swastika is a religious symbol in Hindu tradition and we use it a lot in India. Most people online don't get the difference and just pour hate on a symbol that is meant for good luck. Some people literally make the symbol on new cars and keep it for a few days. Fuck you Hitler, you ruined it !!!

    83. juan pablo

      Apple are such a holes...

    84. YeeYeeeeeeee


    85. Kalin P


    86. Dino Man

      wtf the rising sun is a super popular decal with "ricers" and JDM car culture

    87. Sherif Mousa

      I hope this comment reaches Linus, it's about the Linus Torvalds machine he has built. I don't know how your build took that long, but probably because it's a Live image running from a USB Stick! I just finished building the latest Linux Kernel 5.7.7 on my Convertible ultrabook HPEnvyX360 with the 8-cores 15W Ryzen 7 4700U and it finished in just 2 Minutes 53 Seconds :D I used this command (8 parallel threads) $ time make -j 8 defconfig bzImage modules and this is the time command output real 2m53,190s

    88. Shatrix Tech Tips

      I hope this comment reaches Linus, it's about the Linus Torvalds machine he has built. I don't know how your build took that long, but probably because it's a Live image running from a USB Stick! I just finished building the latest Linux Kernel 5.7.7 on my Convertible ultrabook HPEnvyX360 with the 8-cores 15W Ryzen 7 4700U and it finished in just 2 Minutes 53 Seconds :D I used this command (8 parallel threads) $ time make -j 8 defconfig bzImage modules and this is the time command output real 2m53,190s

    89. TrantaLocked

      5:17 no

    90. m6a6t6t

      lets sell a phone without a charger. that just stupid and idiotic . theyre gonna try to blame the end user for battery failures and issues " bc of improper charging methods"

    91. sersys1

      Swastika originates from Buddhism and Hinduism meaning life, well being, health and it's considered a sacred symbol. In Romania it was used to keep away bad spirits. The Romans used it as a symbol of power. The ancient Greeks used it as a decoration motif without any significant meaning. It's nothing more than freedom of speech being controlled.

    92. Rana Sama

      its not free

    93. Ray Finnegan

      The ban of the Rising Sun flag on Forza is the worst, it removes so much of the car culture related with JDM vehicles that a lot of people use for an aesthetic on drift cars and the like.

    94. nick flores

      i won't be happy until we have a ssd that is over 9000.

    95. Sergio Lopez

      Give the internet any tool to create and it will be filled with swastikas an dicks

    96. Ruel Celerio

      What's up with the Superman curly top Linus? Me likey.

    97. Santos

      That justification from Apple, for removing the power brick is the dumbest I have ever heard from a company of that caliper. This amazes me.

    98. TheRandomGamer

      Won't buy Samsung till they get rid of Exynos chips

    99. Jnanadarshan Nayak

      Because Swastika is a sacred Hindu symbol stolen by Hitler.

    100. silent

      hey man putting swastikas and confederate flags on the cars in forza aint cool but I did enjoy driving around in the ol Dukes of Hazzard General Lee and its a shame thats gonna be banned now