Google's World Domination DELAYED by the EU


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    (EU questioning Google's acquisition of Fitbit)

    (BMW's subscription-service feature/equipment plan)
    (BMW presentation):

    (UK rules loot boxes should be regulated)

    (Amazon Prime Video app for Windows 10)

    (Apple launches credit card-managing website)

    2K21, MORE LIKE 'NOT OK, 2 MUCH'!
    (Next-gen game price increase)
    (pre-order page)

    (Google discontinues Pixel 3a & 3a XL)

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    1. Dreamy

      I’m glad the EU is fighting back against big tech corporate monopolies

    2. Manan Jain

      Linus: **ranting over 1080p cap on Amazon Prime** Me living in India, watching HUgets at 480p: **First Time?**

    3. fopperer

      why do i feel EU are the only ones caring about people and the planet?

    4. Claudiu Grigore

      no 10 k $ MINIM NET PROFIT PER MOTH ... NO SUBSCRITIONS on pay !!! LOL !!! veri simplu !!! in tha aend all wiill be revalrd !! and it will be a global dezastare .... but hey if it doesn't kill you it makes you stronger !!!

    5. Polite Cat

      $70 for a game that likely also has microtransactions and is a carbon copy of last year's game? lol, yeah ok.. no

    6. tooplanx

      $69.99 in the US and £69.49 in the UK... Cus exchange rates mean nothing.

    7. Wasteful G

      Linus dissing the idea of an amazon shopping app... Me knowing that it actually exists...

    8. The 19th Fighter

      Honestly, better pay 5€ for a skin I know I'll be getting than 5€ for 5 skins that I don't care about. I can tell you I felt way less dirty without the lootboxes in LoL.

    9. Jaspah

      So pirates will have better cars for less money just like they have already had higher quality video and music for years? They really want to launch pirate age 3.0 don't they?

    10. Des

      Me in my car: oh a red light ahead better stop BMW: 𝚈𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚜𝚞𝚋𝚜𝚌𝚛𝚒𝚙𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝚑𝚊𝚜 𝚗𝚘𝚠 𝚎𝚡𝚙𝚒𝚛𝚎𝚍, 𝚙𝚕𝚎𝚊𝚜𝚎 𝚜𝚞𝚋𝚜𝚌𝚛𝚒𝚋𝚎 𝚝𝚘 𝚌𝚘𝚗𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚞𝚎 𝚞𝚜𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚒𝚝.

    11. lugaidster

      Fuckin BMW, I bet they will require you to purchase the extended gas tank too next. They can burn in a hot furnace for all I care

    12. Tim Vant

      damn price hiking games. huh, g2a and shitty business practices here I come.

    13. Mihai Craciun

      i'm calling it: the most popular crack is gonna be bmw butt heat version 1.2 skidrow codex

    14. Mike Donovan

      What the hell? The EU is protecting capitalism better then the USA? This country is in rough shape.

    15. HOT _vaios

      I got fifa20 and nba 2k20 for 8.30€(pc)

    16. Gun

      Just download a crack for the car

    17. THO games

      Linus, how come you're always so energetic and excited?

    18. Caucasian Invasion

      Rich people are cheap, they just buy mercedes instead

    19. Erick Lestrange

      crap. 50% ads, u dont talk on the point, u spend all time talking to somebody on stage....

    20. Tom Chapman

      Why did I just... Get a notification for this video 5 days late?

    21. Kenneth Rosenstroem

      Why are there no chapters in this episode?

    22. Bill Beuginton

      I can also get older triple A gaming titles for my current gen console for 8 bucks. Why wouldnt you make an equal comparison, say with the same title, it makes you look silly?

    23. Doug The Moleman

      Controlling features on cars through software updates... Can't wait for someone to pirate / hack that. Talk about arbitrary distinctions between rich and poor. How about all of our butts are warm and safe?

    24. Jimmy Huang

      i can see bmw brand fade away if this trend continues

    25. Luka Cerar

      Loot crates are for kids

    26. Napoleon Blownapart

      Only now people are realising that cheap consoles is the same trick has cheap printers but expensive cartridges?

    27. Grand Flex Johnson: John Jhon Jon Jonathan IV

      finally we have to pirate cars

    28. Jimmy Eklund

      a simple hex editor use and voila you get amazon prime 4k video in the win10 app to.

    29. Ciaran Byrne

      Love the EU unfortunate Scotland is being dragged out ☹

    30. TheNasaDude

      If you have to rent car features, you may as well rent the whole car. And like that, car sales will plummet.

    31. JC S

      EA finally bought BMW

    32. Alex Knight

      Of course the UK gambling commission - which collects fees from auditing gambling institution - would agree Loot boxes. Need regulation.

    33. Alex Air Conditioning

      Or you could just hack your BMW

    34. Menon

      70$ for a game is coming to PS5 and Xbox? Nintendo was way ahead, as always

    35. WhosYourDaddyNow

      2K's price increases and lootbox/microtransaction actions are not irrelevant or uncorrelated.

    36. Ultimex Frostty

      I think some videos (including this one) are color graded for the best color acurate monitors but look grayed out on normal cheaper ones. I'm talking specifically about the A-rolls, the added graphics, pictures and whatever are fine, it's just the camera recordings. Is it just me or does it look like it has washed out colors sometimes?

    37. daylightriot

      do people just forget that you can lend games to your friends for free on console? or 2nd hand game discs are way cheaper than steam prices? that said i much prefer pc gaming. high refresh is amazing.

    38. Chris Schembari

      3:10 What are "batquicks"? Some wordplay on Batman's batcave?

    39. Jason Purkiss

      I literally searched for amazon prime app last week for my windows 10 with empty results, thanks for the update, but im sure it will not replace my Bluestacks cinema HD :)

    40. Asanda Ndimande

      Imagine Running out of your break Subscription while doing 120KM/h in a Highway. 😁

    41. Asanda Ndimande

      BMW'S feature subscription is making Hackers really Happy.

    42. Joey Ezechiëls

      BMW wants to use microtransactions? Thanks, I hate it.

    43. DctrGizmo

      I don't understand why there are desktop apps for Netflix and now Amazon Prime Video.

    44. Eric Ryan

      Am I the only one who wants Google to take over the world?

    45. Ja Sma

      Tech without ethics is not fun.

    46. Jay Bee

      none of this news makes me the slightest bit happy

    47. MozartificeR


    48. Septiyanto Nugroho

      5:40 NICE

    49. WachSein

      You see, Americans, this is called regulation, it is good, it helps the citizens, although not always, but so is life. No regulation means that you are exploited by corporations.

    50. Dael Ra

      Wait. I thought the Apple Watch was the biggest selling fitness bracelet. Why don't they get all the hate?

    51. Matthew B

      So you can hack your car for features it already has

    52. Leo U.

      tf is BMW doing 🤦

    53. Finn Heimberg

      i just love the chaotic energy of techlinked, ngl

    54. Nic Lastname

      I'm all for a price increase on games if it subsidizes more complete games without DLC. But we all know it won't. They're increasing prices, pushing for all-digital (less cost to them), AND there will still be microtransactions in full-priced games, whether it's multiplayer or not. We all know this is just going to increase profit margins, and it's not going to materialize in any real benefit to the players.

    55. Zakkazz

      When I hear "The Verge" I can't help but think of their build, meaning I can't trust them on their news

    56. Clanner Jake

      Next, BMW puts in horsepower lootbox's. just keep opening till you get the performance you need for the day.

    57. Chris M

      does the Netflix app for W10 work, yet? Last time I tried it, it would just lock up and I couldn't launch any title.

    58. Zachary A. Hampton

      Gdamn. Dennis still needs to learn how to white-balance. This is only on this channel.

    59. nalk20

      So, you disable a lot of BMW features. This means you are now burning expensive fuel on schlepping around useless junk?

    60. pino de vogel

      Lootboxes and microtransactions should just be outlawed. If people are to dumb to protect themsel es it has to be done for them. This nonsense cant continue. It places to much power at corporations. Just sell a product and stfu after.

    61. Hexapoda

      BMW: "We detect an emergency braking, do you want to activate ABS for only $0.59 or do to want us to place a free emergency call"?

    62. Eduardo Gonzalez

      Sure bmw try to do it , no one is going to crack your code again .

    63. Antank

      imagine trying to get your car rooted and you brick your car

    64. Mike Nguyen

      BMWs of old: ultimate driving machines BMW now: ultimate charging machines

      1. TheNasaDude

        Having to tell your passengers not to activate features because they'll cost is going to be pretty miserable

    65. Beltalowda

      Lol... Never buying a car with microtransactions

    66. UselessIdiot

      I feel like you leave the marking of sections because you get less viewtime and less money from sponsors, am I right?

    67. Lemon Heins

      Good. You can't ENTIRELY trust Google.

    68. John M.

      wtf 69.99 for 2k21?? and other newer games coming out. Not worth. Plus all the micro transactions. People just say no

    69. lexzbuddy

      Over the last year I have deleted almost every subscription service that I have used. Apart from phone, electricity etc, I am down to one. It turns out I didn't really need any of it.

    70. Faizan Khan

      You look handsome with beard. Kinda good looks suit you!

    71. GG Live

      /me opens Windows Store "limited to 720p" /me closes Windows Store

    72. Feku13

      If I have to pay more for games I'm also expecting more from games... No glitches, bugs, modders etc on the launch of the game

    73. Khaled Hossam

      It is my decision when to stop tech news. I'll just keep rewinding the video. They don't have to be new news, just news.

    74. Yordi

      Video looks white washed

    75. J Kozy

      Someone needs to stop google

    76. Dorjan Hajdari

      Queue the motor enthusiasts computer engineers to reverse engineer and sell "cracks" to unlock all features on a base vehicle. Thanks BMW.

    77. MajorGlory01

      This is a good way for BMW owners to skip on money for blinkers. They won't be used anyway

    78. TheTarrMan

      I don't like the direction these new cars are going.

    79. Swagons

      Fucking love Linus

    80. Neferius Nexus

      0:45 ... live healthy, meaningful lives free of alienation and exploitation?

    81. Steven P

      They’ve been unlocking vehicle features locked by software for quite sometime.

    82. Duke00x

      HUgets runs at 720p or owner for me. For the last ew months I am lucky to get HUgets at 720p most oten I am at 480p. If I try and go higher it buffers constantly.

    83. Najib Coulibaly

      is that a jake zeeman shirt??!?!

    84. Erwinjitsu _

      MTX all the way! Make everything subscription based so we own nothing in future! Soon only bigger companies own anything and/or you entirely but we'll see about that.

    85. Madhat

      Lol Linus always with the good jokes, keep it up!

    86. Hello Man

      Google is the Ctos of real life

    87. KingHit152

      australia already pays 70 usd (99AUD) for games right now so hopefully they wont spike too much here.

    88. 9Tensai9

      >Console game prices going up again Man, I used to feel bad because I got stuck on the original XBOX because I couldn't afford a 360 or a PS3. I was able to play Wii and Wii U but only because I hacked them (that also means I didn't play them at launch) in order to save money. Yet, getting the console was a big spend on itself for me. Nowadays I feel good about that. I didn't have the money back then and by hacking I have saved a ton of money. Now I'm focusing on getting a PC instead so I can run a shit-ton of games on the cheap.

    89. Puerto Rican Groot

      I am lost, what the hell have Catholicism to do with what he is saying?

    90. Inazarab

      Why does Linus have an Apple Watch?

    91. James Hodgekiss

      EU regulations are using it to push fake news. Cover up the truth so they decide what they show us and what they don't.

    92. LÆVIS

      Wow, features via subscription? Cool! Free features for programmers

    93. James Reichert

      Does Linus not know prime video is locked to 1080 even through browser * insert surprised Pikachu *

    94. Garex

      Honestly? I'm ok w/ games getting a 10 dollar price hike if it gets recapped at 70 USD. Sure, I'm pretty much a PC gamer exclusively now and I don't buy a game full price unless its under 20 USD, but hey, anything that tips the needle away from micro transactions is alright by me.

    95. GeekyGhecko

      did Linus over-indulge on caffeine for this episode?

    96. Jun Ng

      Any one noticed Telecom Malaysia fibre modem cameo?

    97. Morten Bremvåg

      I think Amazon Prime only let's you stream 1080p through a browser? I have to use my LG OLED or AppleTV 4K to get 4K from there. On my desktop, only Netflix let's me stream 4K on my desktop (and HUgets of course).

    98. Jimmy Engdahl

      Lootboxes is already forbidden in Sweden.

    99. Geraint Davies

      What would we do without capitalism? Feed the starving with that 40% excess global food production, and have a and demand chain, oh yeah, and be more efficient. Oh yeah, and have more distributed wealth. Oh yeah, and everything else that's a problem in capitalism would be addressed.

    100. fabio

      "pay 5 bucks to use the brakes"