Why, AMD? WHY!?


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    AMD’s backwards compatibility has limits - Zen 3 won’t work on 300 + 400 series motherboards
    ROM size limitation according to PCPer
    At least new Ryzen 3s are good
    Xbox Series X event
    Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Gameplay Trailer
    Didn’t really show “gameplay”
    Dirt 5
    The Ascent
    LTX cancelled
    Tokyo Game Show cancelled
    Computex cancellation likely
    Some VPNs vulnerable to update hijacking
    FDA approves rapid COVID test using CRISPR
    Robot reminders
    China launched and landed their own crew module
    X Æ A-12 = X Ash A 12


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    1. Ivan Igoshev


    2. OnesAndZeroes


    3. Sebas Mel


    4. SevenDeMagnus

      Lol, those thumbnails (coz' it's a trend).

    5. digitalinformation foreducation


    6. NEET Man


    7. Vince

      Zen 3 confirmed for 400 series mobos 🤣

    8. foulou2008

      oh make that video new coz now you are LYING!!!!!

    9. Tony Malnati

      *Crying noises* “AMD wants to move on and build for the future” *Cries some more*

    10. Tyler

      One freaking F That's all you get. That's all you'll ever get.

    11. Ben Hur


    12. DarkFireBlade25

      lol elon's trolling. it's supposed to be kyle.

    13. Will Langford


    14. The Wolf

      AMD users: *Cry because they need to buy a new motherboard to upgrade to a new processor* Intel users: First time?

    15. _ ASleepyDragon _

      I have been waiting for Scorn for a long time! However the original team has been replaced. Oh well. Still interested

    16. Chris B.


    17. Kenny

      wasted my money on an x470 for this, but now they dont support it :(

      1. Mrk Pdrsa

        guess what

    18. Eva Langley

      Why is it that AMD is held to standards no other company is?

    19. Eva Langley

      Hey look, clickbait influencer!

    20. Ed

      STUPIDEMIC canceling everything that is important UwU

    21. Ed

      They need to make these freaking chip sets swap able :-\ like they were in the 80s :( well at least the co-processor were removable :-P

    22. Telogor


    23. PSYCHO

      So many fucking idiots who don't comprehend the difference between "THROUGH 2020" and "UNTIL 2020"... 😂😂😂😂😂

    24. PSYCHO

      I'm gonna name my son "Solidus-P90". 😎

    25. PSYCHO

      3:50 James: "Is this part of the ad?" 😂😂😂

    26. Kyle Turner


    27. HillBillyAsian

      Rip my crosshair 7 hero

    28. Dicky Ivansyah

      Visit my vidio hugets.info/show/04GnnpiutqWGmqQ/vide.html

    29. Vesperam

      F to LTX 2020, see ya on LTX 2021

    30. Tom Bain


    31. James Robson

      Why would you want to put a brand new chip into a 3 year old motherboard that cant utilise it properly. If you’re so broke you can’t buy a new mobo you don’t need a 4000 series cpu because the rest of your pc is probably old as heck

    32. Olie

      lowkey, this is the only tech news i am able to watch, all the others are so boring to me

    33. Michael Davies

      Good because I didn't upgrade from the 1700 Ryzen with the X370 chipset yet. I will wait until that edition of the Ryzen cpu hits at least 5 GHZ. Hopefully they break 5.8 GHZ. That will be a whopper of an upgrade.

    34. T̲e̲x̲t̲ ̲T̲R̲A̲M̲P̲ ̲t̲o̲ ̲8̲8̲0̲2̲2̲

      ashtral plane. Laugh or there will be a spider under your bed tonight.

    35. max

      AMD delivered exactly as they have advertised for years. Compatibility for three generations into 2020, later generations will require new chipsets. If you thought they were lying, well, that's on you.

    36. Gunnar Sandström

      I can understand why they do it older motherboards because of bios rom size they could remove the support for first generation of ryzen cpus on b450 and upp.

    37. Benjamin Anderson


    38. Robert Jene


    39. William Hall


    40. Craig Hutchinson

      Technically amd still coming out with new CPUs that are very compatible with the old boards - it's the G models and they're looking really good. If you're wanting to sell your am4 motherboard you probably wouldn't have a hard time doing so. And get the most out of the up-coming zen3 desktop cpus

    41. Tommy Patton


    42. 3D RC


    43. Desnominate


    44. Raymond Morgan

      As the owner of a B450 board I don't get the big deal... it supported the R1xxx, R2xxx, and R3xxx.... no way was it gonna last forever...

    45. Normal cereal

      when AMD does it just once apparently they are bad? thats kinda weird

    46. Wise Tekniquez

      i did, his names logan.

    47. Vyshu Siroi

      Ask that background guy to try kissing his butthole and when he is able to do so superglue it.

    48. RaiderzNation

      I remember seeing a roadmap where they said that there was only going to be 3 generations supported.

    49. Wyatt Moyer

      F for you Riley

    50. Mark Arnott

      i seen WHY haa BeCause Than Can son Because they can $-/\2emc=scam

    51. BurntCake

      And I just bought my B450 board.

    52. lorenzo harper


    53. Rob James

      I've thought about it for a few days and people need to let innovation innovate. Isn't that what tech is all about? It's Why we're watching this channel on HUgets and not reading a blog post from a WinXP PC? We have to move along not try and pull technology backwards

    54. Jared Janhsen

      Still had a better run than Socket FM1.

    55. Lunatic Nick


    56. Emily An

      Riley: If I can't see the UI then I'm buying PlayStation. EA's Anthem: Did someone say UI?

    57. Ibrahim hammad


    58. Michael S.

      Speaking on Micro$oft... Got the game pass PC beta for $1 and found out why it is only $1. It's complete utter garbage. I now use it to test drive games for free then if I like them I buy them on Steam or PS4 lol. I had to go to registry editor to change my default app install location outside of C drive in order to have the app let me download the games to my second large drive. If this is not enough, the app doesn't just create a folder and put stuff in it. No No no, it has absolutely not folder path because the folders themselves are hidden to the viewer. The hard drive will still show that it's getting filled up with data but even on a brand new and empty drive, the folder does not show up. It's as if it creates it's own hidden dynamic partition. Bonkers. To make matters worse. There is no traditional way of removing the games and app from your PC, loads of trash data is left behind. Not a super huge fan I might add. And their download service is suuuuper slow. Much slower than steam. Did manage to saturate the bandwidth by doing multiple game downloads which ENTIRELY froze the app. Now any time I hear the word XBOX I just want to throw up and reveal to everyone what a garbage software company Micro$haft really is.

      1. Emily An


    59. taemr

      Is this another jebait moment from them?

    60. Comp Wiz2007

      AMD: We are beating Intel..!!! in the fine print (at things 90% of consumer base doesn't use their CPU for) Intel: We made ten times more in earnings that did AMD last year..!!! in fine print (and beat AMD in what 90% of the consumer base actually use their CPU for) 90% of the CPU consumer base: We Game and watch HUgets videos...!!! in fine print (but we drank the kool-aid and believe in the myth of "Price vs Performance")

    61. Dávid Gombkötő


    62. KING0SISQO

      Why people up their ass? With intel you changing yearly. Be grateful you had Ryzen 2 and then could just slit Ryzen 3.

    63. Abyss Walker


    64. Tugela60

      Right.....because most people are fretting about not being able to use an ancient board to run the latest state of the art and expensive CPU.

    65. Trevor Potprocky


    66. Alex Surber

      This comment section is full of dipshits sucking AMD's cock, the only sensibility regarding chipset compatibility can be found on Reddit where they still remember MSI's max series boards. AMD lied, and this comment section is happy to get assfucked it seems. Move along.

    67. ram64man

      Incompatibility what a load of bull, adding processor support into bios can easily segmented into gen series as a separate download e.g. Ryzen 1-3 download bios 20 with chipset driver series 20 Ryzen 4 on 370-470 download bios 21 with driver set 21 or name it Ryzen 2017-2020 chips etc easy shame on you amd this chip compatibility was the reason I jumped to amd Ryzen

    68. Adam


    69. Cryptshadow

      riley seems ready for the new bill and ted's excellent adventure.

    70. Realaty

      Have an F

    71. Krish Satpati


    72. MatthiasAI

      I dont get the backlash behind the AMD finally updating. The longer they have to keep their stuff compatible with older hardware the less the grow each iteration. a few generations at a time is fine but to stay compatible will just be crap for everyone with the lack of push in tech. This is literally better for everyone. You can buy the last generation even cheaper when the next gen comes out because no incompatibilities so ppl will be selling off for the "new shiney" and u benefit from cheaper gear. OR you can just get the new gear and like the leap in new tech.

    73. Ptao Tom

      Riley seems to be able to make anything interesting.

    74. syndicator


    75. Dave Passe

      F in the chat

    76. Qusai Alshareef


      1. Ptao Tom

        anyone getting mad are just rock dwellers and folks with short memory spans.

    77. Jackson Mikesell


    78. Prusakol


    79. William Witt

      everyone needs to get on amd there is know reason them to stop support for there older chip set

    80. Sharlenwar

      Elon is an idiot. Simple as that.

    81. Stiggy

      I don’t get why so many people are defending amd. Literally the only reason they are ending support is to get you to buy more of their stuff. There is no legitimate reason inter compatibility isn’t possible other than their laziness and greed. This is purely an anti consumer move. It doesn’t matter how long ago they told people this (they didn’t, MSI explicitly stated that their MAX b450 boards would support all future AM4 cpus. They wouldn’t do that if AMD made public the fact that b450 would lose support). It’s still a slap in the face to people who thought their boards would last until 2020. If zen 3 releases 2020 without 400 series board support, amd forced people to buy boards that are a dead end platform. This is unacceptable, and we shouldn’t be making excuses for a company. That’s how we end up in another intel monopoly

    82. Michael Poenar

      Didn't AMD say that the boards would just be for a three-year cycle for CPU compatibility? Why are people being upset? Series 4k starts a new 3-year cycle

    83. Gulfar'n


    84. Tom Skarabis

      So your saying they just didn't lie when they said that they'll only supporting the platform till 2019?

    85. PersianImm0rtal

      no time stamp, no thumbs up...

    86. Augustine Delgado

      why are people blaming AMD when it's oems fault for making such weak mobos up until x570. I'm running an x370 board and i can tell you that they are crap compared to the new boards because the manufacturers greatly underestimated how good ryzen would be.

    87. David King

      Dump all AMD products! Not worth it! I"d rather play the next greatest game on an abacus than use their useless adding machine!

    88. Wyvern

      Glad I opted to go with a X570.

    89. Kristian Larsen


    90. AngryOzzieBogan

      Lets be glad that the reason is something that Intel will never run into... They ran-out of Bios space for all the compatible CPU's.

    91. Jordan Broly

      AMD did say ALL THE WAY BACK IN THE BEGINNING how long the initial platform would be supported.... and we have reached that time frame which they told us back then..... anyone getting mad are just rock dwellers and folks with short memory spans.

    92. Emil Tønder


    93. Ed Fong

      Upgradability was the reason I got my zen2 and x470. I ain't gonna buy an AMD system anymore, this felt like cheated. At least team blue was honest.

    94. Danyukhin

      1:52 it's pronounced 'geeger'

    95. Howard Ying


    96. Ray Mak

      A bit sad

    97. Jack Smith


    98. AMPONYO

      I like Riley, Riley is nice. I still like the mean one too though.

    99. Mikkel Nielsen

      Wtf... How can you complain? AMD said at the launch of Ryzen that the AM4 socket would be supported till 2020. Quit whining.

    100. King Hoffbeers

      Just buy a new fricken mobo!! Glad I got an x570