They're gonna make Apple ANGRY...


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    0:00 How about some TeCh NEwS??
    0:05 Selling Hackintoshes
    1:26 Windows breaks printers
    2:11 Apple sued over lootboxes
    3:11 Brilliant !
    3:48 QUICK BITS
    3:52 Xbox Live gamerpics are back
    4:11 Intel CPUs built-in defense
    4:40 Apple allowing SSD upgrades
    5:07 XboxSeX has same UI
    5:28 KFConsole

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    1. SquidSolo

      They should call it project “Eve” cause it’s going to eat apple

    2. IRMacGuyver

      @1:20 So if I give them my bitcoin with I get back twice the bitcoin later?

    3. B Byrd

      1:09 bitcion pay only = scam

    4. gsr_997

      Best intro ever. laughed alot

    5. Sopek cs

      Some files cant save as PDF eg SAP hence require Print to PDF

    6. Sharif 9941

      Is Apple ditching Thunderbolt technology? It Apple already transferred it’s Thunderbolt trademarks to Intel. The MAC mini given to developer have USB c instead of thunderbolt 3. Is it reduce the cost of developer version of MAC mini or we won’t be seeing thunderbolt 3 in future Apple products?

    7. Dan Haddix

      The reason "print to PDF" is a thing is because PDFs are basically just Postscript, which was originally designed as a printer language. Back in the old days you could print to a postscript file if you wanted to create something portable that could be sent to any Postscript printer without having to worry about which platform the machine connected to the printer was running, or which fonts it had installed. (this was before network printers were really a thing and most were still connected by parallel or SCSI cables) At some point Adobe noticed this trend and decided to add a few lines of code to the Postscript header and call is PDF. After that a lot of programs did get a save to PDF option but a lot of people in the graphic design and printing business were use to printing to Postscript files so they made it a print driver as well. This also allowed programs that don’t support PDF as a save format to still create a PDF file, making it basically universal.

    8. Paton White

      make brain good

    9. NvrUseYur RealName

      1:47 - uh... cuz sometimes the program used to view/work with the doc doesn't support that option,... maybe?

    10. 1K Productions

      I'm surprised they didnt mention that the "OpenCore Computer" company has absolutely no relation to OpenCore, the piece of hackintoshing software. The company seems to have blatantly stolen the name and logo.

    11. MadeEasy

      No adds on this video????🧐🧐🧐

    12. John Bamber

      Me want brain good...

    13. Brandon K

      Funny story, I’ve got an old a%% HP printer that I could Only get to work with PCL6.

    14. Time Traveller Guy

      Hey remember that time last night when Tech Linked uploaded super late last night and didn’t help me try to fix me fucked sleep schedule

    15. Truthbetold

      👀 i mean i used to replace ssd and hdd on macbooks a lot when i did pc and phone repair nothing really specific is needed as long as you can get passed apples shitty os set up

    16. TrialMacameau

      5:32 => KFC... We're PASSED April fools ! Try again next year...

    17. Teodor Nedevski

      I have a feeling you spent more time on the intro than the news

    18. F4T4LITY0 R

      AutoCAD print to pdf is very useful

    19. glitch gamer

      Apple is selling their latest they say that professional macbook with i5 5th gen processor for $1000 in india what do you think about this hyprocrasy by india

    20. Gabe Roles

      1:30 this is why i switched to linux

    21. Francois B.

      Please, please do proper color grading on your Videos. Can't you guys see that your videos are always washed out?

    22. Abanoub Sameh

      just ship it with bsd.

    23. GearAlpha

      Wh Why in the world did I get an ad that starred Linus?

    24. Ahmadi Arismaharto

      Opencore is counting on Apple to sue them. They need the media coverage for PR boost.

    25. TravelingSolo

      Those opencore systems are already a non issue. They took the site down and won’t offer them with OS X.

    26. Randy Verschueren

      James; my friend; ask your designer/graphic artist buddy at LTT what the difference is between printing and saving a PDF; the difference is bigger than you might think :)

    27. compted

      We need right to repair to shut Apple down

    28. ThatNguGuy

      i like how youtube keeps taking from pornhub. first with the preview and now with annotations for the good bits

    29. Alex Garber

      Bring more Anthony instead of this id!0t. :/

    30. DJd34d1

      One might say.... Kernel Sanders?!

    31. birger nervik

      "want to make brain good"

    32. The Detailing Doctor

      Euro truck simulator music lol

    33. Ashish Patel

      That's why I switched to Linux.

    34. Jahn Dough


    35. Matthias

      Am I the only one that is more often annoyed by the tech news "humor" than amused?

    36. John Ewald

      Why do you talk like that?? Really strange. Thumbs down.

    37. Munjee

      I was trying to get a printer to work for like an hour and gave and clicked on this video and its talking about that , that's how common this issue is

    38. Shallon Ogden

      You cAnt save to a pdf in some instances

    39. SaimonSSL

      At the beginning of this video why was there a tech newse banner that looked year 1998 old? This is 2020 please update your fonts and style.

    40. Silversmurfer

      The domain of opencore is registered in panama so it's a bit sketchy and maybe even fake.

    41. KodeyTheNeko

      Just sell it without macos and get the end user to dual it

    42. Sleepa Zord

      You guys should actually build a KFConsole. Would be a great video. It could be actually be sponsored by KFC

    43. Nolan Hackett

      "Why print to a pdf" pdf's often come with weird restrictions, printing to pdf gets around any sort of copy protection that doesn't also keep you from printing to a real printer

    44. JFTN

      What camera are you using? This looks like a video from 2019

    45. BrewDiePie

      Why dont TechLinked or LTT for that matter make a unpartison Tech News APP? I dont know why but every tech News app on play store is either so full of ads that the content becomes useless, or they dont cover nearly enough of the relevant News, to the point that it's basically a fanboy app, (most just cover Tesla and iPhone News..). I Work in a major tech retailer in Norway, as a Tech Support administrator/regional leader. We do get lots of insight from vendors, but they also release a HUGE load of declassified information about releases, fixes and projects to the public, but the public dont have a clear cut way to access this information without attending conferences or seeking out each individual vendors own outlets. The exception here is Ars Technica, but sadly, no app for that one. I would love to see LTT take on the task of bringing exciting tech News to the masses! It could mirror your own forum, or subreddit, just as a standalone app that appeals to most people interessted in Tech.

    46. Keyser Söze


    47. scoobtoober29

      go back to broadcast school moving on

    48. Tim Cook

      Anyone who makes a Hackintosh is breaking Apple’s EULA.

      1. UnknownUser

        Shut up, Tim.

    49. Nick K

      Anyone remember Psystar? This has been tried before and the end result was not good. Also a lot of customers were pissed off because Psystar gave absolutely no support whatsoever on those machines, even before they were sued by Apple. Stay away.

    50. darkcg79

      If it's high end, it can't be an hackintosh.

    51. Will Landers

      or maybe they are using bitcoin because it is non-refundable

    52. Lazar Trajkovic

      why u guys keep acting like a couple of small idiotic kids? Just say about new tech and keep us updated. When you make some idiotic faces and movements,its totally stupid.

    53. Daniel Parsons

      On the Xbox UI bit...Windows 10 has looked pretty much the same for years. Mac OS hasn’t changed all that much. Sooooooooooo...why is that a big deal?

    54. KannaE 64

      Tech nudes

    55. Alex Wang

      Ew i got an apple ad. Disgusted.

    56. FlyingT

      This OpenCore PC is a SCAM. The Hardware they are using isnt working with the software they claim to use. Why tf aren't you making this clear?!

    57. SuperPaiku

      I usually don't like Apple, but this time i think they are right. To use their OS you must use their Product, which seems fair to me.

    58. Test User

      with a kfc console, you’d have a greasy box when you’re done - this seems right :P

    59. James Graves


    60. Aurobindo Ghosh

      can't hackintosh be cheap?

    61. Ben Zemanek

      Opencore's website is already taken down, hope no one paid that 30% deposit they were requesting...

    62. enzo NoLastName

      They did, open core computer’s website died

    63. Suzuki Strange

      james makes my day

    64. TheJuggtron

      nobody talking about XboxSeX or am I late to the joke?

    65. Nordlicht

      My SAP Work programme only allows me to Print normally or to pdf. Saving to pdf is No Option.

    66. Advocatus Diaboli

      Yea, sue the SHIT out of Apple!!

    67. Jasper Cox

      The open core website seems to be down.

    68. ra to

      quick question, why don't AMD make a underlay converter mask chip so that 2/3 Gen chips can work on 4th Gen motherboards?

    69. AR8


    70. Kepler

      Not sure how they expected to get away with the Velociraptor, but it did look cool

    71. Fuzzy Johnson

      Tech Nudes!

    72. Jose Ignacio

      Unjust enrichment?

    73. Zulhilman Zak

      I like this guy, funny and entertaining

    74. SilentVOEZ

      First time seeing timestamps used on TechLinked video

    75. Austin Jones

      did james get fat?

    76. G Rituparan Reddy

      i was doing math on brilliant while watching the video lol

    77. NoteFox

      1:31 woops, wrong text xD

    78. D7oo

      the OpenCore HACKINTOSH is a pure red flag for a sweet sweet scam. they only accept bitcoin, they say it's not a scam in their own "official" website which makes it hard to believe the photo of the machines all done in photoshop!!

    79. Jonathan Gray

      When you print to PDF you get a smaller file size because it's just as if you have a scanned an A4,A3 etc and not a large file with shrunken images etc which are helpful in architectural projects to keep file size down. Basically printing it as a pdf locks everything in place at a chosen scale and creates a much smaller file

    80. Hamouch Mohamed

      thek nuzzz

    81. Kai Feng

      Read the desc: XboxSeX

    82. IrishRebel92

      so to keep your kid from spending money on loot boxes, your gonna sue a company? or you could just, IDK, be a parent and not allow your child to buy loot boxes....

    83. Dhrumil chavan

      Windows 10 2004 update has many problems my laptop's battery life has decreased from 4 hours to 1.30 hour, windows update sucks.

    84. Joe Smith

      This sounds like the new Psystar.

    85. Filip Pancic

      I heard that you can play new "Chicken invaders" as a lunch title on that KFC console. :P

    86. Chengyao Zheng

      0:15 “Tearing their hair out”??? I don't have hair.

    87. LadBooboo

      4:43 that entire story is why Hackintosh PCs exist. When I can build a PC of similar or better spec for the same price and pirate your OS for free you betcha I'm sure as hell I'm doing that.

    88. David Wiley

      Having done printer tech support for years, I can tell you that printing to a PDF then printing from Adobe reader is a reliable method for working around some printer limitations and issues and is preferable to just saving to a PDF as you can minimize margin shift and EPS place holders when importing between apps. Granted my support days were on Apple Macs which had built in PDF features and Preview. But just try printing a 2 page spread music sheet on a single 11"x17" sheet directly and not wind up with a Grand Canyon size gutter in the center.

    89. Sovereign Brand

      GEORGE FLOYD \-_-/

    90. Tim E.

      Do germ Killing lamps!

    91. Afro Chicken

      *me just watching video mindlessly and barely paying attention* 3:15 "want to make brain good" oh shit that's me

    92. Ben Harris

      No one has noticed the bookmark 'XboxSeX'...

    93. Toby Webb

      Re: Printing to PDF - applications like AutoCAD have quite a lot of print options and simply performing a 'save to pdf' or 'convert dwg' just use the default options. FWIW I use both depending on the file/application

    94. krigar_b

      There is a difference between saving as pdf and printing to pdf u insensitive clut

    95. Chuck

      The clickbait is starting to trigger my cringe

    96. Jhelzei

      I have a Velociraptor...a 150GB Western Digital 10,000 RPM hard drive from 2006. Guess OpenCore might be getting hit for a trademark violation too.

    97. Monkey D Luffy

      Why don't they save as pdf? Well because sometimes you have a book of 20000 pages and you are interested in only p700-710 so you lure your pc into thinking you want to print those pages but at the same time you wanna view them before print them and then you save them as pdf.

      1. John Uferbach

        or you can use pdf tools, which are great and do basicly all the things i've ever needed to do with a pdf^^ (i guess uploading a 700p book to some site might be a bit of a bottleneck tho^^)

    98. David _

      I want make brain good!

    99. 20Lush

      Ive never had a good user experience with a printer. I've used a 6D CNC mill that was more plug&play then any ink printer at any pricepoint

    100. Mr.Nose

      The only time i don’t save a pdf is if it’s a form that has to be virtually filled out cause in those cases you can download the altered version.