It's the Twitch-pocalypse...


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    1. Sapphire Spire

      Artists and inventors deserve recognition for their respective contributions but nobody deserves a monopoly. Profits are earned in free markets through unfettered competition and consumer choice. Copyright is protectionism that creates publishing monopolies. Monopolism in general turns free markets captive and impoverishes many so that a few can be rich. Profits gained from captive markets are not earned but extorted.

    2. LifeAsANoun

      Jessica Biel is better well-known than Jamie Foxx in Canada????

    3. mjc0961

      0:08 - great social distancing 😒

    4. Onelove

      We've created a playlist of our catalogue of over 500 tracks 100% cleared Royalty Free for Twitch streams - link in our about section of our youtube channel or search "Onelove X Twitch Royalty Free" on Spotify or HUgets.

    5. Chemy Torres

      What if I was listening a copyrighted some while watching twitch?

    6. Black Dragon

      LMAO who else got an ad by epidemic sound?

    7. 200odd300

      I got an epidemic sound ad at the end xd

    8. Hector Connor

      stealth is the best military movie of all time dont @ me

    9. Irfan Kassim

      I’ve enjoyed this video as much as the last

    10. NIKOvbn

      5:40 - It's worth re-watching just for her bikini-scene alone ;)

    11. rjc0234

      RIP Amouranth

    12. Jorge Bustillos

      Riley my boy did it again

    13. Bra1n_Matt3r

      “Imma blast your aero-elastic ass out of the sky.” is a real line from that movie.

    14. MultiRobotnik

      How come the cringy HUgets Thimbnail face?

    15. Dan B

      This dude is hilarious 😂

    16. Trickster Rickster

      Who is using stadia tho

    17. epicwarding

      Copy right boomers should dissapear from the face of earth

    18. Sire DragonChester

      Stadia is a joke, that knowns it is a joke, but just keeps trying, half asssed though lol. Was hoping stadia would help push more Linux ports for pc, and push vulkan api more. But nope. Not sure what’s worst. Stadia or more intel security flaws they keep finding for CPUs every week lol. So happy switch to AMD from old i7 3770k. (Dec 2019 and was my bd) I upgrade to 2700x :)

    19. Travis D

      Lmao I wish I could have watched them continue on with the Halo theme, that was great!

    20. Aldude

      5:44 You take that back, Riley!

    21. bokkenknuser

      Best intro ever!

    22. Gantradies _

      does the Stanton Deadlock Technique still work?

    23. Jaime

      🤔 What about Eagle Eye that was another AI going bad. End of the world in 2021 🤨 We are not even done with corona 2020

    24. ron baer

      putting terminator in the sky isnt a better idea making a terminator

    25. Lesedi Moleleki

      Rileys mustache will conquer all.

    26. KP

      Why don’t they augment fans into the arena eh! Maybe project them into the stands? Microsoft anyone?

    27. iinRez

      It's all the celebs cashing in on everything they possibly can because they realize the Purge is coming.

    28. D Hawthorne

      I actually enjoyed Stealth...

    29. amir

      My god I love this channel

    30. Keyser Söze

      Twitch is cesspool of neckbeards, thots and degenerates some are good gamers.

    31. Tyler Hatch

      Please no 2k crowd noise 😪

    32. FDN

      SI units please

    33. Arnamo

      Lmao I was about to say "is that a copyright free version of the halo theme?" and the Linus just comes in 😂😂

    34. Allard van Reij

      Why doesnt twitch see that copyright claims have ruined youtube and that it probably isnt a great idea to do the same thing

    35. Dustin Miller - PolyInnovator

      You should also check out Harris Heller's streambeats

    36. Arga Gabriel

      Is that intro... nightwish?

    37. Beam me up Scotty

      oh no beat saber

    38. Mark Arca

      That means #GoodbyeTwitch .

    39. Wayne B

      Stealth was NOT a bad movie you uncouth swine!

    40. Last Call

      Patents leads us nowhere in life....

    41. Mr Potato

      People make problem trust me drone better

    42. Ian Beato

      What "prompted" the takedowns were a bunch of DJ's doing "live sets" since the clubs are closed

    43. Burgunbeerd

      Stealth movie was great

    44. IIGrayfoxII

      China says those batteries will last 1,000,000miles. Is this like those 7,500mAh 18650 cells you can find on ebay when they're really are 200mAh

    45. Schmaglow

      Actually, there is a "Spotify for Business" license that you could use.....

    46. Consciousness Vivid

      Much liked for the Halo intro!

    47. Marshall Ashworth

      quick someone from LMG trademark drone force before trump thinks of it so he can look like an idiot twice.

    48. Unboxing Jobs

      This comment is NOT patented. Awesome intro 🤣 plus good to know can’t even hum unless in the shower.

    49. mustard roshi

      It was about damn time

    50. GorLock

      i loved stealth

    51. tans117

      Y'all need a locker room to do that properly. Look at how the massacred my boy mjolnir.

    52. Miguel Collado

      Thumbs up on the James Dolan jab!

    53. Quoss Wimblik

      I've seen a lot of deep videos about the future of computing and there's one thing I've been really wondering but found no leaks to yet is if the industry is going to make a switch to carbon in 5nm or 3nm what sort of GHz we be talking.

    54. Ronald Geer

      Copyright running amok again.

    55. A Random Guy


    56. Prash Rad

      Riley refering Stealth at the end like, I agree wholeheartedly with you man

    57. Gamerexde

      The end is near...

    58. BambamLFC93

      Why is twitch so good yet so fucking shit at the same time? :(

    59. Dudeomfgstfux

      I literally warned of this in the comment section of the WAN show, but no one heeded my warning.

    60. 2000 Chevy Silverado

      how am i supposed to stream beat saber aaaaa

    61. maxie fuqua

      I keep waiting for Linus to say something like "time for the thicc shits!"

    62. mrgame4

      1:35 heheheh anal

    63. Steve Cooksley

      "Apple filed the patent all the way back in 2018, shortly before releasing COVID-19 upon the world".

    64. pookey

      Can we just all agree that disney (A.K.A.: Mr Copyright) is what fucked us all over here..?

    65. Ruben Rivera

      Not gonna lie, I dig this Chanel for the real humor. Lol

    66. GamerPhil

      0:00-0:12 the best 13 seconds of my day

    67. DJ O3

      FYI: All of the DJ’s that were getting booted from Instagram and Facebook Livestreams fled to Twitch.. That’s what brought all the unwanted heat.. DJs will continue to move and be chased from app to app, but the Twitch platform is probably doomed and won’t be the same as before

    68. TheFlacker99 (Flak)

      5:29 Just don't base the a.i. on a legendary ace pilot with a ridiculously long name. Please.

    69. Kris

      Did you purposefully roll up your t-shirt's sleeves? ...was it too warm? ...did you just finish shoving your hand down a cow's butt? ...were you making bread?

    70. Gary Gillespie

      @ 0:25 I can tell you what prompted this, it's the DJ's. I went to Twitch because I'm a dj and a DJ I liked went on there to stream, that was about 3 months ago. Back then there was only a couple of DJ's on there, and as each week went by it seemed like 20 more were joining. So now there are a lot of DJ's playing music, and before the pandemic there were none.

    71. ItzJustKris


    72. Sankalp Saxena

      Stealth..... 🤐🤐🤐😰😰😰

    73. Temístocles d'Anunciação

      I want Riley on spotify.

    74. Clap Trap

      Problem is everything on epidemic sound is garbage. It wouldn't surprise me if what is happening to cops right now starts happening to copyright lawyers and companies that throw claims out on fair use. You can only push the public so far before it backfires.

    75. That Ordinary Indie Game Dev

      4:10 Great, now where’s our Apex crossplay options?

    76. Shadow Ghost

      Its really crazy what's going on on twitch right now lots of full time streamer have the fear of losing their e job due to a ban many of the streamers I watch are mass deleting vods and clips that are online for years now some even made new channels in the discord servers where viewer can send the clips the streamer might have missed it is really a shame I mean I can understand that music licenses belong to other people and aren't free to use but it's been going on for years with games like beat Saber or gta roleplay I think sometimes people forget that these people did this for years and no one cared the vod just got muted and that was it now because the DMCA has lots of free time on their hands because other projects are temporarily stopped they tap a market that's been there for years and not every streamer can afford to buy a license from the artist or there management Just for note this is my opinion maybe I got some facts wrong maybe not people always do some mistakes and this thing that going on on twitch is big right now so the information we get to that topic could change on any day

    77. Edison York

      I will say... STEALTH is an awesome film!!

    78. Nugget YT6

      Hol up, what about mixer? Is it now not the bad one?

    79. Michael Haney

      It is time to repeal the DMCA.

    80. yeoldekrabs

      Twitch is slowly becoming HUgets

    81. Motivmotion

      The halo intro fucing killed me

    82. Evan Hendra

      What is the song at the start? Sounds like that shouldn't be flagged as copyright...?

    83. Ahmed Sarkar

      ohh shit I thought he was giving Azan.

    84. CED99

      "A battery warranty of only 150,000 miles or 8 years" Remind me again of how long an ICE warranty is again? 3 years is the norm in th UK, sometimes 5 or if you're lucky 7...

    85. Grokh

      How stupid is it to pull copyright infringement on someone who is basically doing free publicity for your music...

    86. Nathan.

      oh boy I'd laugh if Riley watches UrinatingTree... (especially his mocking of the knicks)

    87. Matthew Holgate

      Haven't you heard Riley? EDI is the whole idea.

    88. Andrew Craucamp

      Why are we still acting like copyright and patent laws are totally fine in their current form?

    89. Hasan Soubra

      damn this episode broke the cringe meter......tone it down guys this is not stand up comedy.

    90. gonik

      3:40 When you see the logo of your favorite team appear in the background in one of your favorite tech news channels. Thank you Techlinked. You truly made my day :D Greetings from Greece

    91. darren cyy

      hey! stealth is super...

    92. Plower of Farce

      It's because their losing money, so their "exploring all alternative revenue avenues."

    93. Bush IsNottoBlame

      I have an iPhone, but does anyone really give a shit about the newest model? They stopped innovating years ago. Tim Cook is cancer.

    94. Loner_Landd TM


    95. Bstachu TheUneatable

      @1:14 "and now that I'm talking about it, I should probably delete all my old social posts where I'm singing along to Beiber" ... isn't HUgets videos of him singing along to songs how Beiber got started?

    96. Ram Krishan Charan

      That Chinese company maybe is pronounced as Seattle

    97. Ultimate Event Lighting

      Every DJ in the world became unemployed at the same time and started streaming on twitch...thats what prompted the dmca to act.

    98. Ninty

      RIP osu players

    99. Brian Evans

      Haven’t seen Stealth, but if it’s anything like Eagle Eye…we’re in a lot of trouble.

    100. Trash Bandit

      Yup, I'm happy I gave up on Twitch. I like my heavy metal. I will not play "royalty-free" lo-fi garbage that I can't stand. And the tards that support that idea are soulless husks with no level of critical thought.