They were all leaked...


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    Check out the Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X at
    00:00 Tough Guys Only
    0:10 Samsung Unpacked 2020
    2:15 Samsung + Microsoft sittininatree
    3:16 Moar TikTok news
    4:29 Drop x Sennheiser
    5:09 iMac refresh
    5:30 Android Nearby Share
    5:56 Google not keeping audio by default
    6:20 SpaceX Starship Hops
    6:41 Mulan launching on Disney+
    Samsung Unpacked 2020
    Lineup fully leaked by Evleaks evleaks/status/1290814720933601282
    Note 20 / 20 Ultra
    Galaxy Z Fold2
    Galaxy Watch 3
    - has an ECG
    Galaxy Buds Live
    Galaxy Tab S7
    Extends Android support to 3 years
    Microsoft stuff
    Sync Samsung Notes to OneNote
    Run Android apps on Windows, pin to taskbar
    Game Pass bundles
    Xcloud launching in Game Pass Sept. 15th
    Controllers that charge your phone
    TikTok updates
    Bans deepfakes
    China isn’t going to take the “theft” lying down
    IG launches Reels
    Apple new iMac
    Nearby Share
    Note 20 has it
    Google opted everyone out of stored audio recording
    SpaceX Starship hop
    OK FINE Mulan will release on Disney+ first for 30 bucks

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    1. Ragavan Yoganathan

      more Anthony please!

    2. Samuel Tetley Estes

      Well, Anthony. We all should try new things when it comes to arts and crafts and you work on a team but this change comes too obvious against the meticulous and deliberate rock star we've come to know and love. Riley is king of silly serious 'n sound effects. You all make a great dynamic across the board but this... Well again, I guess I'll just have to get used to it. Sum41 went through different stages, right?

    3. Sahriar Onjon

      I hate linus in Techlicked

    4. Yttrx Stein

      I see linus and all his little slaves are still in bed with assdrop. How surprising.

    5. IRMacGuyver

      Anthony's really showing his acting range here. He might move to Hollywood and go become a star if you don't keep him happy in Canada.

    6. IRMacGuyver

      @3:45 this is gonna be the trigger that makes China drop the nukes fallout style

    7. Aashu Asthana

      I really like your videos after Linus 🔥

    8. Ellef

      Who doesn't love Anthony?

    9. JabePlaysVideoGames

      6.9 inch nice

    10. Double Bizzy

      I went from an iPhone 4 as my first ever smartphone when it released, to a Moto G, to a Galaxy 7 just last Christmas. Yes, I'm a troglodyte.

    11. Citaro SR

      7:02 I thought Anthony would have said donate it to pop os

    12. Pyphoon


    13. XzC FaKe

      They need to make like a podcast or something about tech stuff

    14. A1OFFENDER

      He did good hosting this.

    15. Peisari

      HAHAHAH loved the end

    16. Charles Yeo

      I wanna keep my phone for more than 3 years. Especially now that phones cost 1k a pop...

    17. Unreal

      not gonna watch mulan anyway with that lead ...

    18. iwanti

      I just hate the leaking community. I don't hate the people itself of course but I hate such actions. I tried to avoid being spoiled but it didn't work.

    19. SpltPersonaltyOF

      Disney is just a cash-grab operation at this point...

    20. NK Distributions

      Dude, someone got “imma rape you” in an airdrop on a bus in Vancouver last month. It’s a funny comment on your part, but just be aware of potential backlash

    21. Corrado Scire

      I think if Anthony went full bald with a beard he would look bad ass

    22. LiteralPotato

      Do people relaly want in-ear??? They're so uncomfortable.

    23. Olmeh Salinas

      Cool we got air drop. Can we please get RTS so I don't get shitty compressed pictures through text

    24. Shubham Sinha

      Will come back

    25. Pig God

      0:44 😏

    26. dawidwsmole

      It's time for TechLeaked?

    27. Kaomech

      Awesome! the real Linus Tech mind on camera ;-) best crowd please of 2020 imo

    28. Adrian Arshad

      Anthony in the thumbnail looks like he's about to belt out Baka Mitai

    29. Andreicats009

      Only the note 20 Ultra has a 120 hz screen

    30. It's Jones

      The whole tiktok situation is just a hostile takeover attempt. Even the CIA confirmed that they couldn’t find any indication that tiktok is spying for the chinese government,

    31. Kevin Gibson

      I love Anthony

    32. Lina Lim9696

      2:08 Anthony: Man i upgrade my phone every 3 days Me: Man i haven't updated my phone since 2009 so i am still stuck at android kitkat

    33. LP-TV

      I watched every single Second!

    34. PixelFlames

      Anthony has finally become my favorite on Linus tech tips.

    35. ༒Gorm Auslander༒

      I was on the fence about watching Mulan. At $30, I am no longer on the fence

    36. Midnight

      Those headphones look like

    37. John Poyser

      Loved it. Loved the delivery and the “Peanut Gallery” shout outs

    38. Lilith Unfair

      did that man just say "doya cat"

    39. Richard Smith

      School lunches are making kids fat. We should contract mcdonalds to supply kids with food instead.

    40. Organica

      This guy is disgusting to look at

    41. EpiFritaxey

      *You want to keep your phone for more than 3 years???* Me with a 7 year old phone running Android 10: Yes.

    42. rythmcubed

      can't wait to get a Galaxy Zed Fold Too

    43. Trenton Moonias

      Tony can you narrate my life lol

    44. Trenton Moonias

      Tony Tech Tips

    45. Fernando5455

      Just bring back Vine change it a little. Problem solve.

    46. tdaft526

      Bruh the headphones look like beans

    47. mohd alalwi

      The note 20 is 60hz and it's plastic 🤐

    48. Dave Allen

      You can tell these guys have never put in serious time into Sea of Theives

    49. Dylan

      until android software gets less sluggish and more efficient at processing images and videos i have no interest in only owning an android

    50. Mike B

      "Come watch all the Disney stuff on Disney+ for *JUST* one low monthly fee... ** " ** unless they find stuff to release and then charge more for it. But either way, Mulan is set to be the quickest new release to torrent at super high quality?

    51. Weapons Grade Gaming

      Samsung: Galaxy Buds Live Me: Galaxy Beans

    52. Dayne Close

      Samsung’s design is actually worse than Apple’s. That’s pretty impressive.

    53. Rakesh Mohanty

      The voice of God.

    54. The Garden of Eatin

      Keeping in mind that I only vaguely understand Tiktok, I keep thinking that this would be a helluva time to bring Vine back.

    55. Steven Zurk

      Fusion frenzy

    56. PRIZ ;]

      "Are you some kind of troglodyte or something" Yes, I still use a phone from 2011.

    57. Andrew Brooks

      Did i just hear "Mech Warrior 5" ........????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    58. ajbfwb

      Not problematic at all, on the Buds Live....I HATE cramming silicone tips into my ear canal.

    59. Alan Ball

      Anthony is killing it here.

    60. KeweKrypto 12

      samsuns trying to be like apple. but they'll never outapple apple. if android requires a new phone a year apple will require a new phone a month.

    61. KeweKrypto 12

      I like Anthony. Normally the rest of ya would have to ask him what to say about certain things... I like just seeing him tell us what he'd have told the rest of ya to say. think of it as better to get it from the horses mouth than the horses 3rd favorite student, ya know the one who doesnt wanna be there anyway.

    62. Isaiah Hughes

      I'm glad I stopped watching leak videos a month before

    63. Caleb Waddell

      Is LTT based in Canada? The guy pronounced Z wrong.

    64. Abdullah AwD

      my uncle still have note 4 and he is not even 40

    65. Alexandru Costache

      It's just me or Anthony looks a little bit more thinner?!? If that's the case, damn, I'm happy for him!

    66. Derpacalypse


    67. Quinn Dirks

      I love how silly this show is while still being informative. I always get some good laughs here

    68. Aseel Biju John

      Techlinked videos are like those last benchers doing a presentation together without a teacher in a class.

    69. Rainy Loschiavo

      im so done with samsung they never update their damn phones until it's been made obsolete from release. i have a phone released last year, it shipped with android 9, and they promised android 10. fucking annoyed rn, id have better luck on a 5 year old flagship and lineageos.

    70. Seth Larson

      Crushing it Anthony 👍🏻

    71. Stephane Joly

      That may be the best video I have seen from you guys... You made my day!!!

    72. clintlion5531

      Why do I like this guy so much. Lol. He’d be fun as hell to have a beer with.

    73. 张念

      Haha, Samsung is growing to Microsoft.

    74. Maarttiin

      Wait, so this is my last year with OS updates on my S9+?

    75. twothreebravo

      Pictures of shirtless old men

    76. Ian Austin

      China: Bans basically every social media app. America: "We are going to ban TikTok" China: "HOW DARE YOU!"

    77. ron baer

      5:36 rule 34 will commence

    78. Phil Curtis

      I love this guy

    79. Bill Hubbard

      I won't be playing anything from game pass because I would never waste my money on a bunch of sucky games that are digitally streamed.. I'd rather play Gears 5 on my console in my 65 inch 4K TV.. Not on a phone

    80. Tra Bee

      Anthony, I love when you're the tech link host buddy

    81. Jim

      "Goya cat"

    82. Cywil PL

      Don't know about but it's saturday 12:54am where i live Just a fun fact

    83. Watrmeln

      Now i can finally say android copied apple!

    84. XenoWarrior

      "Troglodyte"... This script was wrote by your new English script writer, right? Greetings from London

    85. pooploser 55

      why do the galaxy buds look like kidney beans :P

    86. Kodi SheRaPsy

      I cant handle that

    87. Kieran

      Xbox Game Pass is actually looking pretty lit rn tbh, when it gets xCloud included I'm 100% getting it

    88. Ard-Jan van Etten

      10/10 would send stretched linuth to random people at the bus

    89. DJRT

      I know you were joking about the Instagram usage on desktop, but shooting a live video from a desktop hasn't been possible before and now opens up a lot of possibilities for businesses. I know as a retoucher, shooting an IG live where people see the screen instead of a phone screen looking at a screen will be huge. Also a 2-cam setup where half the screen is a live video and the other half is the screen will be great for BTS from photoshoots. I'm actually really excited about this.

    90. Sukka

      I don't even know I love Anthony!

    91. Your FBI Agent

      30 dollars to rent a movie, fuck all that.

    92. Larry Lentini

      Samsung and Microsoft bloatware packed into one sounds like a waking nightmare.

    93. Rik Peeters

      no, I cant, ill skip the quickbits

    94. Ruben Rivera

      Anthony for President 2020!!!

    95. Pierce Wenger

      I always love it when Anthony hosts.

    96. Mayukh Bejoy

      I have nearby share already

    97. PythonPlusPlus

      Nobody: Tech Reviewers: 2:01

    98. jackthegamer

      can i be honest, can we just not have a leak and get a proper announcement as i'm getting really tired of all this stuff, its fun that we hear about stuff but...COME ON can you give us a chance of been suprised ?