What is Intel playing at…?


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    0:00 The Tech News Show
    0:17 Intel 7nm TSMC shenanigans
    1:44 Tech CEO Antitrust Hearing
    3:06 Google bricks Focals
    3:57 Tradestation
    4:45 QUICK BITS
    4:49 Konami Gaming PCs
    5:16 Movie Changes
    5:47 Sony A7S III
    6:27 The ... eBussy
    6:59 Lord GabeN say Xbox better
    Intel TSMC / leadership shakeup
    Leadership shakeup arstechnica.com/gadgets/2020/07/heads-roll-at-intel-after-7nm-delay/
    Possible class action from investors www.tomshardware.com/news/intel-7nm-delay-law-firm-securities-fraud-investigation-class-action
    TSMC won’t build capacity www.tomshardware.com/uk/news/report-intel-shortages-could-continue-until-2023-as-tsmc-wont-make-extra-capacity
    Intel ploy to take TSMC bandwidth from AMD? hexus.net/business/news/components/144379-amd-intel-battle-tsmc-capacity-says-report/
    10nm + 7nm could be TSMC’s 6nm and 5nm www.notebookcheck.net/Intel-s-upcoming-10-nm-and-7-nm-CPUs-GPUs-rumored-to-be-produced-on-TSMC-s-6-nm-and-5-nm-nodes-respectively.483175.0.html
    Big Tech antitrust hearing
    CEOs released statements early www.engadget.com/big-tech-ceo-opening-statements-antitrust-hearing-014211902.html
    Zuckerberg’s emails don’t look good www.theverge.com/2020/7/29/21345723/facebook-instagram-documents-emails-mark-zuckerberg-kevin-systrom-hearing
    Meanwhile TikTok discloses algorithms www.theverge.com/2020/7/29/21346390/tiktok-algorithm-moderation-policy-transparency-china
    Google buys North, bricks Focals smart glasses and refunds customers
    Konami gaming pcs
    Tenet release / theatre updates
    Shortened release window www.theverge.com/2020/7/28/21345713/amc-universal-movies-theaters-digital-rentals-pvod-streaming-agreement
    Sony A7S III
    The eBussy… oof
    Gabe Newell

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    1. Dark Knight

      2:40 correct this. TikTok is owned by bytedance, not Tencent.

      1. dankone3

        Funny how some of those making the point that it doesn’t matter what Chinese company owns that piece of shit (you’re right it doesn’t matter) are also under the impression that somehow only Chinese companies are dog shit like the American companies were any better. The “communist” label is the only reason why they assume China is “bad” because the US is literally doing its own version of the same shit china is doing when it comes handling both their own and foreign companies.

      2. Rugg0064

        @jj solstice not really owned by the chinese government, much less than tencent or huawei

      3. SilladX

        @Danks Memington please don't ever do anything that involves detail. Accurate details matter it's not "just" anything. It's about getting facts right. It's about doing due diligence.

      4. Jordan Williams

        6:50 🤣😂 e bussy lmao

      5. J TheSlickGamer

        I was just about to comment this until you came.... 😭

    2. howtobebasic 2

      0:00 love the intro

    3. WrathionRX3

      If intel is doing so bad , why are they still in business

    4. Bushido Brown

      That intro is still slappin weeks later

    5. Igha Kandow

      Intel scamming their customers for years, now they scamming their investors. NICE

    6. Scoring digits, son.

      What the frick intel?

    7. Kiki

      Stop getting Indian surnames wrong, it's 2020 and not funny.

    8. FRAG aLOT

      i hardly consider apple a monopoly considering their marketshare. There's still way more Windows PCs out there (which will be moot once they ditch x86/x64 architecture), and there's way more Android phones out there. Their products are much more closed-sourced than Android and even Windows platforms. You're still able to download and install anything you WANT off the internet, but not with apple products,. Apple it's over priced, overheats, and complete shit. And yes...I used to own a Mac, and it died after 8 years of use, but all my PC/Windows devices are still working running fine.

    9. Madson Freitas

      What will be the excuse about the TikTok case now?

    10. Hans Wurst

      Tech News!

    11. Gare

      Someone get Riley some crumpets. That man is missing out! I'm really surprised that GabeN is hiding out over here though. That's pretty crazy.

    12. Techhh

      HUgets:,,This video came out a minute ago."

    13. wysetech2000

      Intel will be filling in the spot at TSMC when Huawei production leaves in 2021 Investors bailed on Intel's 7Nm news and then try to recoup their loss's. That's almost funny. If investors hadn't panic sold their stock, they wouldn't have lost money. Then the shyster Lawyers offer to pay whistle blowers for dirt on Intel! The Lawyers are worse than Intel! What in hell is this world coming to?

    14. Raexxna

      'Kiwi Tv Show' is this what the rest of the world thinks australia is?

    15. Richard Girard

      Dude you looking like Ned Flanders

    16. yichen zhang

      ticktock is from Byte bounce。。。。。

    17. Franklin Allen

      If Riley doesn't have tea and crumpets on Wednesday's TechLinked I'm lodging a false advertising complaint against LMG.

    18. JAXi

      Riley is so manly. That's just a fact. You've got the best employees ❤️ Hire me for $300/month to clean your floors (for real though got years of experience in video editing & 3D modelling/sculpting) 😙 Nah just joking. Keep it up ☕

    19. Lauri L

      4:53 Džaban

    20. Snug

      You're right - They are delicious.

    21. PostPan

      His mustache matches his t shirt.

    22. Echo Oscar

      I would kamikaze Jeff Bezos if I could

    23. Francesco Magliocco

      TikTok isn't owned by Tencent; TikTok is owned by ByteDance..

    24. AvgJoesGamin

      Riley don’t ever sing again. Please we beg you.

    25. Donny Tarter

      4:55 Jaban. Riley u make me laugh out loud! Every time I watch u.

    26. Alex

      From the uk here, and I’ll say a crumpet and bussy have more in common that you’d suspect, and that delicious is perhaps subjective 😂

    27. Tug And Thug Computing

      That intro needs to be in every episode

    28. SirWaffleburger

      I bet Konami will cancel the PCs and instead make a PC themed pichinko machine and fire their best developers

    29. Roger Nevez

      *What is Intel playing at…?* Filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy ???

    30. Belgian Star

      If you really care bout tiktok and privacy, then don’t force an american take-over but a European one. You know, sine Europe actually has a fucking privacy law

    31. Boringblobking

      The back and forth joking between him and the guy behind the camera makes getting your tech news much more entertaining

    32. Calfman

      Ebussy may be a reference to Debussy?

    33. Samira Peri

      Ah, leave it to Konami to overcharge even more than Apple.

    34. phorzer32

      Intel? What is Intel?

    35. Thomas Busse

      Intel was sabotaged by Israeli military intelligence. Brendon O'Connell has been investigating this for two years. Check out his channel.

    36. Dudeomfgstfux

      Mom come get me the guys are saying 🅱ussy again

    37. TheOneLostkin

      The Spakening... THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

    38. Fergustine Feart

      The problem with Tik-Tok being China owned is that it is REQUIRED to do as the CCP Government tells them to do. This means that NO MATTER WHAT THEIR POLICIES SAY... THEY ARE STILL REQUIRED TO DO as the CCP ARMY/MILITARY SAYS. Communist China is the ENEMY OF THE FREE WORLD.

    39. Roedy Green

      acting like an asshole is not appealing.

    40. Ahmet Refik Eryilmaz

      You look creepy with that moustache.

    41. TelefonMann

      eBussy krasses Auto ich schwöre

    42. ahnaf

      movies from theaters get to digital faster? good news for pirates

    43. JUMOWA

      you`re the funniest TL dude

    44. Mujeeb Khan


    45. Pro K

      3:10 General suckiness xd

    46. geonerd

      OMG, this is awful... :/

    47. L L

      Now who wanna be a eBu---ssy driver? LOL....

    48. zedftofficial

      Damn, these videos are long but they didn't seem long at all

    49. Johnny Badmen

      I'm like who is Gabe Newell.

    50. Dayne Close

      Have fun with the vaporware glasses, dude

    51. World Theory

      Why not show how the name of the Konami gaming platform is spelled? Do you even know what language it's in?

    52. Bruce Crossan

      Why would a PC gamer buy an Xbox? All the games are coming out for PC anyway, and will run better if you have the specs.

    53. intuitiv.me

      I like Ze Zerman accent :-)

    54. Zeeshan amin


    55. Netkiller3714

      Intel is getting sad. They need to change. Like stop promising stuff and actually produce.

    56. JACKx0FxSPADES

      Oh ebussy i love ebussy, When ebussy was young, that's when you want ebussy

    57. mohammed zaeem

      For Linus and friends. Halo Infinite Multiplayer Free (confirmed btw) & Xbox Gold Live rumored to be free

    58. Xaros

      Can Riley do whole technews in german accent? :D

    59. Jessie James

      Microshits prob paid off Gabe

    60. Fellzer

      🎵 *TECH NEWS.* *ITS THE TECH NEWS SHOW* What. A friggin, banger my man.

    61. Nicholas Josey

      fyi, the project both their au and nz division edit shows to fit their agenda

    62. bleachie

      Of course google is evil. It happened when their motto stopped being “do no evil”

    63. Chris Dronfield

      Can confirm, crumpets are excellent.

    64. James Aron

      Weird memes in this one...

    65. Psixi


    66. Markarth Guard

      Loved Rileys german accent. Was pretty believable.

    67. Juan José Bolado Hadad

      17 days because it gives them two full weekends after the Thursday premiere I'm guessing.

    68. Andrew Colborn

      Fill your company with mud people, get mud people products

    69. Cpamoi Lafait

      These tech giants are massive a-holes man

    70. Inotamira Orani

      Apples on trial for monopolistic practices you say? media2.giphy.com/media/wtil0pQFBbNwA/giphy.gif

    71. Fred Hunter

      I love timestamps thay help me skip the sonser

    72. ayoosh iyer

      Hey why did I receive the notification for this video 1 day late

    73. Takumi VS

      seem some of ltt staff member are crypto traders.

    74. Friedrich Hartmann

      Bussy is a diminuitive on bus

    75. Kavindu Madhushan

      Always has been

    76. Chris Anderson

      "Investment 4 stoopids" ... pure gold

    77. Christoph L

      Lol, TikTok is the worst. Banning channels which have smuggled in information about the Chinese concentration camps to the Chinese people and yes, everything about this sentence is true, look it up!

    78. Gianluca Daniele Di Maggio

      I agree with Gabe, the XBOX SX is better in pretty much every regard. And it will (probably) be pretty quiet which is uncertain about the PS5. And the design in my opinion is far, far better. Unique yet "simple" unlike the PS5's horrible "look at me!" design.

    79. Vlican

      Really hate what they did with North!!!

    80. Tanner Lynn

      I just wish these vids were longer

    81. liquidlethe

      We need a modern Theodore Roosevelt when it comes to these monopolies.

    82. Shangrila La de da

      They playing at greed.

    83. MrWinston

      and Disney's ceo WASN'T at the monopoly hearings??😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. Tom Ault

        The hearings were probably his idea

    84. Adriel Sjahfiedin

      If Google releases new smart glasses and terminate the North Smart glasses then that is another example of antitrust and monopolistic practices.

    85. Luke Shelton

      It's illegal to buy a company that may hurt your own? - genuine question, can't research it myself as I don't know what to search for

    86. LemmingOverlord

      Since Trump wants TSMC to open a fab in the US (and TSMC has apparently agreed), have TSMC buy one of Intel's fabs (if unused), and retool it. Could work out positively for both companies, and placate Trump.

    87. hamada

      Riley and the new English writer are the best thing that's happening to TechLinked right now

    88. Joshua Walker

      That outro alone was like worthy.

    89. Sayan Sengupta

      eBussy is like Debussy.

    90. Ayan

      Make that starting music the intro!

    91. Vidmantask Vidmantask

      Wery interesting news,and good voice acting. : ) Its interesting to watch and listen.

    92. Jon Polley


    93. Jiajun Yang

      Funny that eBussy in german pronunciation actually sounds very close to that word.

    94. mustafa hasan


    95. Kepler

      When accents come out, you know the bits are quick

    96. Wossle 73

      Lord Gaben has Spoketh, From Mordor?? I don't care, I'm Unashamedly GAMING PC and PlayStation! (This is the most Common combo I see in homes, in Australia)

    97. notthere83

      Gabe & Xbox: Well, if someone simply says "... because it is.", I also wouldn't press them on the issue. I'd just think to myself "Hm... you're worried about confidentiality issues or you're a douche. Either way - moving on..."

    98. Jamie Sutton

      Don't you hate it when you go for the right arrow at sponsor time but end up pressing 0 :-(

    99. Shrikanth A V

      Riley, with all the accents you have mastered, you could put your voice in Google voice and Alexa. Multiple times.

    100. A 5Th Shared Entertainment

      gabe is NOT my lord lol