OMG... So fast...


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    0:00 Quantum Tech News
    0:09 Cheaper OLED panels
    0:58 Qualcomm Quick Charge 5
    1:50 Analogue Pocket delayed
    2:41 Massdrop
    3:04 QUICK BITS
    3:06 Garmin cyberattack
    3:32 Face ID on Macs?
    4:00 WoW on consoles?
    4:29 Googlers WFH
    4:49 Gold PS5, smdh
    OH, LED!
    WOW, A PC!

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    1. Anon nomous

      I hate this cheap gimmick HUgetsrs do where some loser fakely comment in between. It’s all scripted why do this?

    2. Golden Falcon Beats

      I'm a gen z but I got to play on the Gameboy advance as a kid

    3. Only1Anime

      My phone charges for 2 hrs lol

    4. no middle ground

      james... GREAT Sagan impression!!

    5. Jiaheng Huang

      Living in Silicon Valley I can say many companies are following googles new policy eBay actually is in the process of closing down one of its campuses because of a work from home policy where you could work in any office cubicle u want to because there would be a mix between working at the campus and working at home. Btw they recently finished building a new building in that campus and now they're closing it down

    6. Zaiquiri

      I'm gen z and I had a gameboy color :l

    7. pikachu 922

      garmin makes bike computers, this attack kinda rendered those mostly useless.

    8. Brad

      The oldest gen z is 25 lol we know what a gameboy lol I had one



    10. Shayashi of Myth

      240 frames? *Scoff* I only play on 24k frames...

    11. Tearthy Flame

      Wait. GOLD ON A PS5!? WHY! And why am I only hearing about this now??? Lmao...

    12. Oscarcat37

      I feel offended every time my generation gets lectured on what a "Game Boy" is

    13. Ruben Rivera

      PS6 coming out soon, goes to GameStop to trade in gold PS5 and gets offered $3.50.

    14. Raymond Cai

      "If it's your fault." Gee, thanks, James.

    15. Rubberband_Earl

      why is this now in my notifications?

    16. Presuffix

      Just to clarify WOW for Xbox Series X was rated by the Brazilian ESRB as "Recommended for 12 years or higher".

    17. Abel Cruz

      No one James: Ok gen z we played on game boys and nes Me a gen Zer: I grew up with a game boy and game cube


      My girlfriend just said the same thing

    19. ChickenNuggie

      Still rocking my Oppo. Literally charges my phone from dead to 100% in 29 minutes. Look up super vooc charging

    20. Louikill3r

      Title: omg.. so fast... Me: that's what she said

    21. costafilh0

      Brazil? Probably FAKE!

    22. sunfish

      i just dont like this guy

    23. Kyle Richter

      Garmin makes a lot of aviation products (avionics and whatnot).......these folks could be the ones having issues.........not your TomTom from 9 years ago

    24. Danielsworlds

      Changing that fast makes me worry about the durability of batteries.

    25. Rafael

      how the fuck you're supposed to play wow on console

    26. Sehajpreet Singh

      I don't care about QuickCharge 5. What does it offer that USB-PD doesn't. There are so many fast charging standards in the market. It leads to fragmentation. I have a QuickCharge 3 brick that cannot fast charge anything that isn't QC3 compatible. Cannot even keep an ultrabook powered. The PD charger that comes with pixel 4XL can keep my laptop powered, also the laptop's brick can fast charge phone too. Dash Charge offers something unique. Conversion is done in the brick, rather than the phone, so it keeps the phone cool. Then again I would argue if it is worth buying Dash Charge compatible brick and cables.

    27. Robert Delgado

      They didn't have any customer data to steal 🙃

    28. Jlawgaming

      Man how am I technically gen z but I'm 23 and I remember paling N64 and GBA? Those were great systems for the time you cant lie

    29. Sullen Secret

      That gold chassis on the PS5 may be good at transferring some heat.

    30. Joolius

      I can't even afford the PS4, so the PS5 is way out there Oh, there's a gold plated one... hahahaha *cries in pauper*

    31. *Bulls6*

      When's your birthday, James?

    32. BenMattRadd

      this video is brought to you by a product that's out of stock

    33. S41L0R

      That intro wasn't very promising...

    34. Tristan198

      Don’t hate on Garmin they make the best watches

    35. Cyberdactyl

      Uh-oh. . . . "racist" symbol 01:41 LOL

    36. James Whale

      274 dislikes from WoW fans. 😂

    37. Jeff Hurdle

      Garmin Marine products must not be on this channels radar.

    38. JDB Power bank

      Professional PD fast charging power bank,welcome to have a look

    39. Boleslav Janošík

      Daisy chaining, Yeah im a huge enthusiast “linus” 2020

    40. ohGoldenn

      Garmin is actually quite a popular brand here in the UK, they are known for their navs but they also sell a lot of smart watches, so, I guess the hackers know everyones heart rates?

    41. Saul Goodman

      Did Googler's yet learn how to wash clothes, make coffee, cook?

    42. hitardo

      Cheap OLED for cheap Chinese TVs. Along with it, we will get that Intellectual Property from one of the biggest OLED manufacturers. Win-win... For us.

    43. Burning sun

      gold ps5 ... R 34 artist : goes berserk

    44. Takeasmoke

      technically you can play WoW from your couch, with a controller, but you still need a PC

    45. Akimbo Furry


    46. Michael Skinner

      Gilding a PS5.....🤦‍♂️ "Look Ma- I get the same frames in 24karat Gold! That's nice honey. Don't forget to do your homework or clean the dishes"

    47. Fernando Moreno

      Man I loved my Gameboy sp. Playing perfect dart, Pokemon, Mario!

    48. Mike Eral

      Dang the tiny wallers are going to start protesting.

    49. Surya Kunapareddy

      the video segmentation into different parts in the scroll bar is awesome

    50. LogicTech

      Enjoyed watching.

    51. Kaustubh Tawate

      Intro reminds pbs time

    52. Kappie

      Blizzard have said that the goal is not to release the game on console, but to expand the ways to play the game for people with different disabilities. But, since the Xbox generally is a windows computer, they might release it on game pass, is my prediction..

    53. Gergely Soki

      I sense some pbs here at the beginning, i like that pbs guy but i have no clue what he is talking

    54. Svetlin Dimitrov

      Way too many bad jokes..

    55. Alexander Witteried

      Omg this is the first time I've ever heard of someone else knowing the neogeo game pocket color was a thing...I loved the marvel vs snk card game.

    56. Paulo Gabriel

      This is BRASIIU

    57. Desmond Miles

      Wait what?!?! 5 mins for 50% battery?! Lolololol LG V20 with removable battery, just swap a battery in less than 1 min and voila! 100% full battery!!!

    58. Gnana Prakash

      Isn't 5 min 3 times faster than 15mins?

    59. Robert Vantine

      James, is that hoodie black or are some of them slightly darker black?

    60. Gee Zee

      Garmin is huge in aviation automotive and marine GPS solutions also they are well respected in the fitness wear arena. So them getting hacked is very concerning.

    61. Javier Castro de Diego

      My birthday is also on September

    62. Chow Sian Ho

      Probably not a common perspective for the general viewers, but it's very respectable to see how LMG treat their Asian employees as well as their culture/language. Props to you guys

    63. Braskus

      I would love to see controller support for wow.. But on PC.. So i can be more lazy.. in a game that takes so much time..

    64. Johann Antunes

      "But it's Brazil, U can never know..." As a brazilian, thats COMPLETELY... appropriate '-'

    65. MadDog0215

      Not gonna buy LG.

    66. EasyIsHere

      Love how Linus is just being annoying in the background

    67. ErraticPT

      Quicker you charge, faster you kill the battery's overall lifetime! Is it really worth 10 minutes per charge?

    68. CockatooDude

      The Garmin hack is actually more important than people realize as they are one of the largest companies in the Aviation navigation market. So many aircraft use Garmin avionics systems for navigation that bringing those services down isn't a good thing for anyone who wants to go flying.

    69. Sara M

      Why would a gamer buy that gold PS5?

    70. Jo Reven

      The Gold PS5 is obviously to make a quick buck off of scalpers, only for the scalpers to profit even more. It's a profit chain scheme!

    71. Ludovic Migneault

      Just start by fixing the color grading to fix the contrast issue before buying an oled xD

    72. Sinan

      "This video has been brought to you by _a product that is out of stock_ " Marketing 101

    73. Ajdamus

      QC 5.0 is nice..yet I have problem find any QC 4.0 charger..sooo..:D

    74. Jeremiah M

      In case you guys haven't figured it out yet. James is really excited about his birthday in September.

    75. StaySic4Ever

      Yeah QC5 is looking awesome, great for a new universal standard for new phones. Now WoW not coming to consoles, that was an error, just getting official controller support for those who are disabled.

    76. yukonbikerguy

      Yes yes, check out this item on Massdrop... that is clearly out of stock on their website while you are showing it... great.... awesome.....

    77. MatPaak

      Qualcomm has introduced its proprietary quick charge 5.0 and guess how fast is it.. Check out i posted about it

    78. Ian Rosing

      Is it me or is the colorgrading gradually getting worse with LTT and TL videos?

    79. bartselen

      Scientists are actually incorrect, it's 300% faster

    80. classicfrog80

      I'm a simple man. I see quick bits"made in china" I fast forward.

    81. amirbahalegharn365

      the best ending yet...simple and no time-wasting

    82. Mohammed Fareedh

      James you are handsome man

    83. vedomedo

      I watched this episode on my LG C9 65". And yes, your hoody looks good on it.

    84. Fee

      Punch Riley in the face for me

    85. ChronoXShadow

      That intro... makes sense. It's all our fault!

    86. David Vega

      There’s a stock tik tok dancing picture? 😂

    87. Manny Prego

      So more battery fires.....

    88. RiPCORD

      Why hate on Garmin 😢

    89. Games and Stuff

      When is your birthday? Mine is September 27th.

    90. nategreat222

      My company just announced they aren't going to rethink office return until the end of December so it's so surprise

    91. Shashank Katiyar

      I have been waiting for Quick Charge 5.0...I will now wait for Quick Charge 6.0.

    92. Hinshi Raito

      I absolutely cracked up on james reaction to the 24k PS5

    93. daniel_960_

      Lg absolutely needs more capacity for oleds. I will get one for the ps5 and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    94. Over Suga

      ok but are the oleds made in labor camps, cause china...

    95. LordTrayus

      A 24k gold ps5? Seriously? Do they think making it look nicer would give it better performance? Who do they think they are? Apple?

    96. Montisaquadeis

      LOL On my ASUS ProArt 24" IPS monitor that hoody is grey @1440p so yeah until you guys start shooting in HDR and uploading in HDR that hoody isn't going to be black any time soon even on OLED

    97. demirkafa sutlac

      oh yeah, the military uses apple GPS they use garmin you damn nerds.

    98. inyang kpongette

      Best opening speech" It's your fault for observing the tech news and making it suck"

    99. Yash Lodaya

      Im gen z and have played on a game boy *_*

    100. Donald Gaither

      But isn't gold like really conductible? Surely the plating will help with the thermals and give you better FPS due to lessening the thermal throttling, right?