The ARM Macbook is $800!?


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    0:00 Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate
    0:12 Nvidia might actually buy ARM
    1:27 Twitter hacker arrested
    2:24 TikTok may be un-China'd
    3:13 PIA
    3:45 ARM Macbook specs
    4:31 Intel new logos
    4:56 Amazon doubles profit
    5:31 NASA Perseverance in safe mode

    Nvidia may actually be buying ARM
    Arm China boss rogue
    Something to do with China being self-sufficient?
    Teen suspect behind Twitter hack charged
    Twitter hack was due to phone phishing
    Trump could force Bytedance to sell TikTok to Microsoft
    ARM macbook specs
    iPhone 12 delayed
    Intel logos
    ??? 2. PROFIT
    Amazon projected a loss, then actually doubled their profit
    some more money to launch internet satellites
    Epic Games Store adds achievements, mod support
    NASA Perseverance rover goes into safe mode

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    1. yazid bixi

      4:28 "calm down reily!" "Oh okay."

    2. TECH-RAS

      🗣️ CALM DOWN RILEY ... Gad denmm-et 😂😂

    3. Uzair Qasim

      This guy sounds and resembles the guy, Tom Kenny from sponge bob lol

    4. Abrar jx

      Will we be able to download ... GIMP for example?

    5. Stephen Anderson

      This is why we should not be giving our tech to china! I hate thieves.

    6. ruzzell907

      "Apple is so overpriced" Apple: ($799 Macbook with 20h battery life) Everyone: 👁️👄👁️

    7. Commenter Rer

      Hahae so good

    8. Oskar Kej

      I mean risc cpus were always cheaper for example the one found in the n64, was around 49 dollars.

    9. Finder

      Now I can't even get microsoft office.

    10. kakarroto007

      *CARBON **_NANO - T U B E S ?_*

    11. angelo baldecchi

      wow, very cool !

    12. Zaptosis

      LEG based PC is better. They run faster

    13. burak yeşilyurt

      I think i just felt in love

    14. Saliyah Engram

      Good video!!

    15. Rakhee Khambhati

      Love from my heart

    16. epi sohard

      Dude, I don't usually comment, but let's just say I had to like and comment this video!

    17. mystic13337

      Arm is garbage for pcs

    18. Alif Ilhan

      Huh, just a elitist company increasing it's profit margins. At least ARM Apple devices should be cheaper. And a macbook this cheap? An iPad pro setup costs 1699$(approx). Fucking Elitist

    19. blazenbulldog

      Love this video

    20. Banda[FRI] Arquitectos

      So cutee

    21. abylonrock

      Dude, I don't usually comment, but let's just say I had to like and comment this video!

    22. zuhair shahid

      When RDNA2 is making about to start Nvidia 3000 series is not exist ... so if RDNA2 is not destroyed 3000 series dont critisize AMD when RDNA 2 is making that time 2080ti is in the market so RDNA2 is killer 2080ti AMD WIN...

    23. Ben Jenkx

      Whenever I double tap to skip 10 seconds some weird text replaced it. Never seen that before.

    24. D V title and we have to listen to a series of other items to get the carrot you dangle...and then it's weak after all that

    25. rocheuro

      4:27 - "calm down Railey" ;D!! made my evening day ;D there should be tech - meme/gif this good!

    26. SuperFalcon7777

      0:53 What's wrong with it?

    27. James Bond

      “That’s right, it’ll stay awake longer than you can” *laughs in adderall*

    28. Harrysound

      Can’t we brits just hold on to anything , why do we sell everything that’s not nailed down

    29. Adi ws

      i don't know whats future await for PC of ARM more used.

    30. MrZombie

      Did Linus just miss a chance to promote the LTT Store @4:50 or do they no longer sell socks

    31. Garv Chaudhary

      lol Ps like this.

    32. TrephineArtist

      800$ but then maybe they'll offer a second USB socket for 300$ and a matte screen at 400$ plus a 720p webcam on all models lol :D

    33. Corpulent Allgod

      Please don't sell ARM to greedia. It's the last thing we need.

    34. an1rb

      ARM China's CEO didn't go rogue. China has gone rogue.

    35. dark ashes

      It's only $800 usa Linus

    36. techZoNe

      Apple should release cheap laptop also 🙏🙏🙏

    37. CreeperGuy721-92


    38. Furkan Ayas

      I am embedded system engineer who design arm avr intel and use intel macbook. So i am listening

    39. 17-Nikhil Shivanath

      Wait so the ipad pro 2021 is gonna have a mac chip 😂 ....pls ans this

    40. Liam

      5:48 *Stop that*

    41. PokeObsession

      What did I just watch?

    42. Jon Topham

      Linus stop defending the chinese communist party theft of intellectual property

    43. Kanti123

      Spend 32billion dollar? Some company is richer than a country

    44. DrunkTruck

      linus talks about abunch people hacking twitter linus two seconds later: BUY NORD VPN FOR ACSSES AROUND THE WORLD

    45. Rick Medaris

      Goof Ball

    46. Miguel Isaweeb

      Can't wait to get a discount on the MacBook with my student discount.

    47. Chris Hira

      RIP Dualboot, Emulators, etc. Glad I got my 10th Gen Intel already 👍🏼

    48. Sarath Sajeev

      heh heh heh hhhe....

    49. Tech Omg

      Microsoft don’t want to buy TikTok the government are forcing them to

    50. José Gonzaléz Cortés

      So we are pretty much lossing open source hardware support for linux in arm ;-; because of nvidia

    51. Samuel Bellenchia

      I am so interested in buying an mbp for $800, if these rumors are true

    52. Master Swordz


    53. Chris Nils

      My poor home state of Florida. 😭😂

    54. Dr Crow

      Microsoft: buys tiktok Also Microsoft: *Shut it down lads*

    55. Karen

      Is any government qualified to restrict who can own stock & shares of private corporations?

    56. NicaPeruMusica

      See, when Linus talks in the video, there is no voice doing side jokes or interrupting Linus AT ALL!

    57. Rob Kers

      5:17 , nope, that's not how you pronounce Kuiper. Just like the other Dutch guy Huygens.... it't not Hooojjjjgens

    58. R J

      This is hilarious.

    59. Bobby Kin

      This is really funny.

    60. tarun vij

      with all this mess Apple should finally move to open source RISC-V instead of ARM which also works on RISC instruction set only .

    61. Genos Demon Cyborg

      Everyone: *Yeesh it’s $800 Also Everyone: *Yes it’s $799*

    62. David Holland

      Keep heckling him Riley.

    63. サイコウウ

      Maybe this is how America is gonna reach its goal of being micro-video self-sufficient over next five years.By the way Allen Wu is a American,and Arm China is a joint venture not a state enterprise.You have google,do some research.

    64. Digital Nation

      4 hours ago in my inbox, but the video over a week ago,

    65. Sandhya Singh

      " Calm down , Riley!!" Whoah that was rude😊

    66. Casper Ko

      So is there a Chinese man barricaded in his office in China with armed guards? Sounds like a video game level or something.

    67. Jonathan Campbell

      "You're fired", "No" Wait you can do that? XD

    68. Loopback Gaming - VaderGB

      Riley's jeering really made me laugh. This feels like the Wan show without the golf rambling. Great job as usual Linus!

    69. Tacc The Raccoon

      That new Intel logo is so bland. But honestly what logo isn't bland

    70. Reily Kreinest

      I thought u was talking to me

    71. Nick D

      I would really like to try an ARM MacBook. If it has a 12 inch Retina display, are we talking about bringing back the 12 inch MacBook again as a whole new machine? That would be a huge upgrade from the last 12 inch MacBook with outdated specs and a price that’s way too high.

    72. Stephen C Shapiro

      Can't stand the constant Riley comments. At least mic him up if you want to banter. Otherwise great vid! Thanks guys.

    73. sirgonads

      That Riley back chat does my head in. Stop it please

    74. Hudson Schumaker

      Big question what you Deve in this crap ?

    75. Bogdan Grigore

      What’s with the talking on the backround. It’s really annoying

    76. David

      I seriously hope Nvidia doesn't buy ARM. We don't need another architecture to be locked down like AMD and Intel.

    77. Sal Lopez

      Dammit riley

    78. Ayush Karmakar

      Guys 800 dollars is for the max version of 16 gb ram and 512 gb ssd or lower one 8 gb ram and 256 gb ssd

    79. Bibhuranjan Nath

      Apparently apple really hates ports it seems. They haven't realized that the professionals they they generally target with the devices have to work with multiple devices at the same time.

    80. whitebear

      Well apple is in a little trouble

    81. TartGaming

      The main guy on twitter attack lives in same city as me.

    82. Alexandre Fugita

      thumbs down. There is some guy shouting in the background of this video.

    83. louie vasquez

      That is how u raise ur market share Apple.

    84. something like that

      Tbf to NASA that rover is well past its initially anticipated use by date.

    85. Strange

      That background voice is annoying

    86. mplabs23

      Why is nobody complaining about weak security at Twitter when they got scammed by a bunch of 17 year olds?

    87. trufiend138

      What’s the off camera “personality”? Disembodied voices with corny inputs and patronizing laughing don’t work

    88. Great Awakening Coach

      Invida's logo is troubling.

    89. TreyDay

      Linus: 15 - 20 hour battery life. That's right, it'll stay awake longer than you can! Marines, Army etc etc: Hold my beer. Also Marines, Army etc etc: Am I a joke to you?

    90. Master Kamen

      That MacBook will guaranteed be $1300 US on release in my country.

    91. JT Turner

      Oh my god. He is adorable.

    92. Abbas

      Love Riley in the background

    93. Mu'izz Siddique

      Land of the free, capitalist society: I will use all my power to force you to sell to an American company.

    94. Sushant Mane

      May be, Apple is modifying iPad Pro 12 in. into new MacBook with A14 chip and selling as a ARM based MacBook

    95. Rithari

      "Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate" Woah there Dante.

    96. Bjørn Kristoffersen

      imagine being forced to buy a gay dating app. thats hilarious

    97. Daniil Sayfutdinov

      Tech news format I like it

    98. Jaap

      That's not how you say Kuiper.