Ryzen is getting EVEN BETTER?


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    0:00 Riley hosts TL for the 1st time
    0:12 Ryzen XT CPUs
    1:24 Apple antitrust investigation
    2:27 Video Game treats ADHD
    3:14 Drop PC37X Gaming Headset
    3:40 QUICK BITS
    3:44 Office on Chromebooks?
    4:09 Pokemans gaemz!
    4:37 Steam Summer Game Festival
    4:52: Spot Robot 4 Sale
    5:15 Amazon Social Distancing Robot
    AMD Ryzen 3000 XT processors
    Zen 3 NOT actually delayed
    Apple antitrust shenanigans
    demanding Hey give them a cut of subscription
    Other apps pile on
    Take two video games and call me in the morning: game approved for ADHD treatment
    Study: www.thelancet.com/journals/landig/article/PIIS2589-7500(20)30017-0/fulltext
    Google partners with Parallels to bring Windows apps to Chromebooks
    Pokemon games
    Steam Summer Festival
    You can buy a Spot robot dog for $74,500
    Amazon makes a robot to yell at workers for not social distancing


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    1. i28v

      And every 60 seconds in Africa a minute passes

    2. valhalla primrose

      For that eating a whole pizza issue, I recommend Stardew Valley. I assure you, it helps immensely. I've had that issue many, many times.

    3. Chad Desch

      Riley's going to be a fun old man.

    4. Chris Daze

      I want a robot dog for wen the apocalypse happens, he can carry emergency supplies for if i get injured and he can seek and search for food cans and pigeons for me to eat. And he'll be a great buddy to have on the road.

    5. Grokh

      Ai to see when ppl arent social distancing or to evaluate when they are not working?

    6. Anil

      U r so better than Linus for hosting the show

    7. Vote Gauntlet

      GPDR and class action lawsuits, we have to protect the poor victims buy taking all the money. =D

    8. Super Rad 800

      Please fix timestamps in the description. 4:52 Spot Robot 4 Sale

    9. Solid_Snake

      If you feel sick after a whole pizza there's something wrong with that pizza

    10. Aaron Bond


    11. Avro Arrow


    12. TheFishFTW

      Ill be honest, for most of this video I thought I was watching linus tech tips

    13. Kneessan GeeTeeAR

      why no ryzen 3 3000xt?

    14. olosnah1

      the game will 9nly make ADHD worst. Yes games for 30ish minutes day d9es wake up parts of the Brain. But how many kids play anything on any device for such a short time. None. FDA also has published many reports many in that study that warn against ANY game more then 30min or so daily similar warning about TV. Yes ADHD almost did not exist pre Cable era. ADHD as grown exponentialy sense Internet/Gaming ERA... Sorry but it true Brain gets trained to need instant imput, without Violent outbursts and irrational behavior has grown By factors... look at the news. its now a Me Me Me instant pleasure or i flip out world. the FDA claim is political... not scientific

    15. Jake Pedersen

      LTT needs a spot. This is essential. Please make this happen.

    16. Zaw T

      mmm yes

    17. Zaw T

      fuck chromebooks

    18. Ivan Bryan

      Riley is slowly evolving into Ned Flenders

    19. m r

      that ADHD game is probably some mavis beacon learning bullshit

    20. V1Gibby

      Lol the most predictable news ever. Technology is improving!!!!!,!,!;!;!;!?’vvbbbbb!!!!!

    21. ZachOrSomething

      intel gang rise up

    22. Mad Science

      So spot fundraiser on Wan shows?

    23. Marvin

      "RYZEN is getting even better?" 20% of the whole video

    24. Luis Alejandro Santana

      I'm sorry Chromebook Fans........if you exist!. 😂😂😂😂

    25. Jet Modos

      Riley Riley Riley ... that haircut bro🤦🏻‍♂️ so not blended

    26. Luiz Campos

      Ha! Eat an entire pizza? With THAT baby body? Not even the crumbles dude.

    27. Nick Wijngaards

      Dislike, full with ads...

    28. Rachel Falder

      riley: what happens when they grow up and have to brush their teeth without pokemon like the rest of us my overgrown child ass: oh sweet maybe thatll finally get me to remember

    29. GenoziderKanine

      ... Who feels bad after eating a whole pizza?

    30. supra107

      1:26 You forgot to change the caption here.

    31. Evan Hoover

      I work for Amazon. Can confirm everything Reilly did at the end there is exactly how it is.

    32. Gunnar Skjei Sjømo

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    33. Gary Nawab

      Even 9700k is of same price as 3700x in india and 9700k is way toooo much better than 3700x

    34. Gary Nawab

      Who says amd is getting better? Worst processors in case of gaming and too expensive than intel

    35. Medz GB

      Mental health is nothing to joke about!!!

    36. Unikk

      Me poor*

    37. JoeSchmo

      Literally just bought a 5 3600 2 weeks ago, fml

    38. Raja Ganji

      Cringe 5000

    39. Chris R

      I feel like Riley consuming a whole pizza may be connected to some “medicinal” product already...

    40. John Cislowski

      When did Linus hire Freddie Mercury?

    41. Sigma Draconis TV

      I just saw Hitler

    42. codeNINE

      Now thats tech news.

    43. NoobGamer

      Why do I feel poor everytime I see a Apple Deive?

    44. Chris Herbert

      why does his left hand keep twitching, you need to get that looked at seems like a nervous system issue

    45. Not a Bot

      Help I’m stuck in the chrome zone

    46. Gyorly

      I just ordered a ryzen 9 3900x bruh😭

    47. x9x9x9

      Youre a lot likeable than that douche linus

    48. Stutzinator

      I work in a warehouse with like 5 confirmed cases and we have to get within inches of people for 11+ hours a day.

    49. David Viper

      Please get the spot.

    50. Saleh Hashmi

      can we just see them in all laptops now...

    51. TotalSiction

      I swear amd is gonna put ray tracing in their igpus lmao

    52. Joshua W

      amd please just stop.. your just beating a death horse....

    53. Masel

      Where can I get his shirt?

    54. InvictusMortiss

      I pray Apple now to destroy Microsoft somehow

    55. BrewPub

      The Ryzen 9 3900X is retailing for $418 . For a measely 100mhz more the Ryzen 9 3900XT is $499. I was hoping for at minimum a 300mhz boost, so this news is very underwhelming and the price premium is just not worth it.

    56. ace iimov

      Ryzen 4000 CPUs (Zen 3) are launching in 2020 as originally planned. “AMD confirms that the rumor on ‘Zen 3’ delay is inaccurate,” it said during a press briefing.

    57. acefreak 95

      Jesus give my poor ass a break im still on FX

    58. 0mega

      I literally JUST build a new rig with a 3900X a month ago.


      Too many different versions and iterations of Ryzen, the landscape is so confusing I won't buy one because I have no idea if I'd be getting a hot processor or a dud. Plus, I don't even think they all use the same socket in the Ryzen family. Another headache. Really, I just have no interest in buying yet another motherboard.

    60. 0netw0thr33

      i was moving my mouse to close the tab then he screamed no at me so i moved away from it

    61. Mad Max

      3:00 you know what cures adhd and all other made up ailments?? A nice slap across the face cures it instantly

    62. sulizu

      kinda lame it's the same price, walking the steps to intel. :(

    63. June

      0:00 wide walc

    64. John Watson

      'tasty beverage" Pulp Fiction Reference!

    65. Ryan

      spotify complaining about unfair cuts, ah yes

    66. Jasper1

      Is also hate you so go dam much.

    67. Palamozhi N

      Honestly Ryzen is just burying the competition,putting a gravestone,and then telling that it ain't enough...

    68. Amin Azman

      Riley i believe you hv the potential to be a voice actor dont know why, but yeah

    69. Snap

      Sex ofender Mustache creepy.

    70. Sujit Warrier

      What's with the pornstashe.

    71. Mittelmeer22

      1:22 "they're so good to us" got me good :D

    72. Del

      I got a Chromebook ad at the end. The irony.

    73. Earl james Barilea

      fck iphone


      Which should we use ADM and Intel?

    75. Indiana Joe

      Apple screws over customers and business partners. Why buy that?

    76. vperm2f

      couldn't concentrate on the content because I had to stare on the mustache

    77. Aurobindo Ghosh

      which games cures from coronavirus?

    78. MozartificeR

      Hey big navi.

    79. Benne MY

      Amazon needing excuses to film their workers. Fucking madmen

    80. Levy Roth

      4% max better is nothing to write home about. Just OC your non XT CPU by about 200MHz and get the same results. AMD is thirsty for clout.

    81. Draconous101

      I miss Linus doing the reviews. His minions are not all that great.

    82. Lucas Blaney

      The two almost attractive guys fight for who is the least not unattractive...

    83. batt3ryac1d

      Epic games acusing apple of monopolistic behaviour is funny

    84. BotDamian

      Trillions or not, Apple can go bankrupt very fast, huge company means huge expenses. So if they estimate people buying shit ton of phones and no one is going to buy it, because for example... Pine Phone64, Librem 5, FairPhone is a pretty cool alternative to all the bloated shit Android phones, the 3 listed phones are Linux/Android(/e/) OS based phones. Apple will go down one day because more people see that Android isn't that bad as people think, but for me Apple and Android are the same, it used to be different and I liked Android more, but now I see there no difference between Apple and Android except you have more freedom as a developer on Android, in terms of apps and games. My next phone will be one of the three listed above, probably FairPhone and /e/ (Android fork and fully Android compatible).

    85. Imran Hossain

      Absolutely amazing and often subtle humor and also sounds like a good hearted person 😄 subscription++

    86. KATTUK3R TM

      1:12 AMD: *sike*

    87. Stuart Hamm

      there is a game for the pizza problem. it is called beat saber

    88. Trevor Murphy

      Honestly can LLT do a Boston Dynamics video? I mean the hackintosh pro plus the other crazy computer you just built cost about the same. And plus you need one ;)

    89. Hellcat M

      One other thing the DOJ needs to look at apple for is how they treat their customers better who have all apple products compared to the ones who just get an iphone ever couple years. And yes I asked around and it seems to be true.

    90. Aaron B

      There's dozens of us!

    91. Scotty Zinifire

      I literally was thinking about ordering a whole pizza right now, which is already complicated because im in korea, and yes im on a diet.

    92. Gus Gus

      Cheers hugets.info/show/2KKgqsScsn5qmoY/vide.html

    93. TheDemonicGamer

      *cries in Ryzen 3 1200*

    94. Shiro Surfer

      This apple practices really kill me.. Haha until I let go and live my life as it should be here in android land..

    95. Tobbie Manuguid

      apple's greed on another level what next apple air purifier for $5000 because it is apple

    96. mi chan

      Steam 500 free demo game Epic store: its free real estate here

    97. Aoru

      LOLs, why did it take so long for anti-trust to kick in against Apple APP development....everyone knows Apple takes a large cut and upfront licensing fees just to get on iOS

    98. Fulgenexc

      2:28 "TAKE THAT KARENS"

    99. Abhrajit Paul

      Intel has left the server Yeah like literally no one uses their chips in server sides. Everyone is switching to AMD

    100. Green Piece

      That Amazon camera is the most dystopian thing I have ever seen. That level of control should be illegal. Where are we going.