They got Android on an IPHONE!? Madness!


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    Android on iPhone
    RDNA 2 / Navi 2X
    Compute GPUs could be big
    X3D chip stacking
    Infinity Fabric
    Ryzen 4000 laptops could have up to 18-hour battery life
    Ok Intel this is really bad
    Tech companies develop voluntary guidelines to protect kids online
    Earn It - legislation
    But is it a Trojan Horse?
    No likes
    Twitchcon cancelled
    Minecraft Festival cancelled
    TurboGrafx-16 Mini delayed
    Apple/Google banning coronavirus apps to avoid misinformation
    Sonos backtracks on Recycle mode
    Philips killing V1 Hue bridge
    We can grow lettuce in space!!
    SpaceX taking civilians to ISS in Q2 2021
    Super cool prosthetic tech
    Look at the videos

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    1. Rufus

      Android would make iphone a good phone.

    2. Pessimistic Pantomath V

      Now if we could get iOS on an Android mobile...

    3. 3MAR00SS

      iPhone basically can't even run Android right .•°(ಥ▽ಥ)ノシ°•.

    4. pranav moudgalya

      So why am I still seeing the like option for this video

    5. MrCandyCane / MCC

      Android on the ipad will be cool. But I still perfer windows on the ipad. Reason: **Coughs** PC **Coughs** Gaming **Coughs**

    6. Rishwanth Vidhya

      Is it funny that the number of dislikes is 404

    7. NotKennn.

      You should try project sandcastle on a ltt vid “Android on iPhone!”

    8. Revan 7even

      2:38 Good thing I'm still rocking a Devil's Canyon 4690k from 2014.

    9. Mario Tessier

      So stupid ! The problem with android phones is not the phone... its android ! Keep this trash very far from my iphone...

    10. Arjun Singh

      The Android sideloader developer dude's last name is WANG LOL and apple is sueing the Wang...

    11. Bilal Khan

      Can someone benchmark it to see how much CPU performance is down to os optimisation

    12. Jervis Yvon

      LTT, how many channels do you guys have? 🥺

    13. Kun Feng

      Or you just buy an android device and get better hardware and software

    14. CrimsonMoon

      you can say the people apple are suing are digging deeper... but apple is digging just as fast trying to block people from repairing their own computers heh.

    15. BingoGreenPig

      Every 60 seconds in Africa... An Intel CPU exploit is discovered.

    16. nOtSiLvErLiNe

      android is an mistake and on an iphone is a disgusting junk abomination

    17. Gagi

      Iphone is dead like motherfucking steve jobs,hahahahahahaha

    18. ZvYw

      who would downgrade an iphone for an androis wth i would understand if it was the other way around

    19. Shivu Sharma

      We wanted ios on android As that highly optimized make a mid ranger android override other phones

    20. seawingo

      Is New Zealand so insignificant to tech news, you skip it for the UK at 4:28? 😂

    21. LiK

      LTX canceled

    22. Dodge Rider

      0:35 Isn't that normal for iPhones to be running and missing most of Androids core features though?

    23. pyromike25

      What is with that blur spot in the top right corner for like half the video? lol...Editor Ooops. :-b

    24. DrPiggins

      Isn’t putting android on an iPhone the opposite of the goal?

    25. proud_asian_newyorker

      iDroid Galaxy 6S+

    26. bokkenknuser

      Haha pulseway add with Linus!


      I got his own ad on his video!!😂😂

    28. TIm G

      this was done forever ago

    29. Osei Dwomoh

      That's only for the bootleg iPhones. Until it's coming to REAL iPhones.

    30. wifisloser

      But i Want iOS on andriod harfware

    31. DominatingRage

      Why would you want this tho

    32. Anonymous TECH Guy

      Apple will hate this

    33. sayanth k

      Me waiting to get lineage os on iphone

    34. Philipp Wilmer

      LTX Expo is so not gonna happen

    35. MENACE EDD

      HUgets augrithms doing a number on me. I have to search this channel

    36. Thomas Geel

      I cant wait for amd to fall, amd maybe good now, give intel time they will put amd back in there place.

    37. ༒Gorm Auslander༒

      I don't know if AMD is actually better, all I know is Nvidia is green and Intel is blue, and me like green and blue

    38. blue2x2x

      Not going to lie but if Apple would allow Android OS on the iPhone as an official feature, I would actually consider buying it as my next phone. (As I use apps that only found on Android)

    39. Den Antori

      Lettuce go to space

    40. Ephraim Palo

      Is that a RipTrippers impersonation? Hahaha

    41. Dalen Parent

      Apple users not so innocent no more 😈😈

    42. John Greene

      haha my name is JOHN ;-)

    43. MrManiac3

      I love Riley's peanut gallery-ing

    44. CaptainCosmic

      2:51 Linus confirms he is an android

    45. Mario Cavallero


    46. Ross Lemon

      Good software on shit hardware. Yay!

    47. BlitzGamer3850

      The only iPhone I like

    48. taemr

      ios on andriod now?

    49. OzcarMtl

      If only we could install iOS on Android devices, that would be something someone would actually be interested in doing.

    50. thefowles1

      amazing to think sonos's reverting of bricking old speakers is entirely due to a furry on twitter

    51. Synthetic Everything

      Finally, a useful iPhone.

    52. n!tromy

      anything that focks apple up the anoose, im okay with

    53. Mike Mont

      I was thinking that I was watching Linus Tech Tips, but, what is the difference? xD.

    54. Dishu

      Why do you want android on iPhone 😂😂wtf??

    55. Terrain

      Finally, a news “article” about something i’m interested in from a reputable news source Unfortunately this means i also already knew about it

    56. ChrisManPizza YT

      Looks like the iPhone users who make fun of Android users can get the taste of Android's medicine! ;)

    57. Nick Haddan

      Intel: It can't be fixed. Linus: Where's the positive part? Intel: Oh whoops! Riley: Whoopsie!

    58. Thomas Blackburn

      Did he just say TurboGrafx-15??

    59. Cecilia Kosowicz


    60. Malcolm McKenzie

      Does somebody want to let linus know that there are only 7 days in a week and not 200.

    61. Michał

      WHY :D ios is nr1 reason why i bought an iphone

    62. coffee keeps me going

      won’t be surprised when apple jumps ship to amd mobile cpus for their macbooks lol

    63. Eren Yeagar

      WTF linus.... why clickbait.??

    64. Keith Jones


    65. Nathan Machane

      Any one else notice the censor in the top right corner.....?

    66. Weep Gaming

      I read this as Android on a phone

    67. Tejas Shekar

      Fuck AMD and Intel, Microsoft has been rolling some super serious deep shit updates to Windows 10 users. It's just making things worst than it actually used to be. Sue Microsoft

    68. YoungUgly GodX

      Intel for PC builders looks worse and worse every day... Love u amd

    69. Deep

      Good thing I have a ryzen chip 😬

    70. xBris

      As biochemist, hearing AMD announce products called "rDNA" (DNA coding for rRNAs) and "cDNA" (complementary DNA from RNA after reverse transcription) really confuses me ^^

    71. It’s Ourtube now

      who the f*ck would want android in their iPhone?

    72. Alessandro Cussino

      An iPhone with the flexibility of Android should be UNSTOPPABLE !!!

    73. Alex Maldonado

      Where's the iPhone SE?

    74. Erik Torbjørn Bjørnsson

      Putting Android on an iPhone is a downgrade. Imagine iOS on a OnePlus 7t

    75. Someguy Studios

      Madly overpriced good hardware (except the screen) with a good operating system? Hell yeah

    76. Ian S

      But the problem says NO on cellular. Why put android on an iPhone that can't be used as a phone?

    77. Andrei B.

      Flaws in older intel chips are just stories made by someone paid by intel or something to make us buy 8th, 9th and 10th generation chips. Not everyone can afford to just upgrade because prices are much higher in other countries. In America the components are cheaper and the minimum wage is a lot higher. If I wrote something wrong excuse me please, my english is not perfect.

    78. Spedracer55

      time to bring out the old 1st gen ipad

    79. Ronald Chow

      Lettuce have a taste of this extraterrestrial salad.

    80. usernames are overrated

      Everyone: wants to experience iOS without spending 1000$ on bad hardware Hackers: DID I JUST HEAR ANDROID FOR IPHONE?!

    81. Game?

      Me being from uk it’s already Monday where’s my tech news

    82. Alex

      Yea, cause when I type antivirus on Google, it completes my search with "ANTIVIRUS FOR CORONAVIRUS FREE DOWNLOAD"!!!! I MEAN WHAT THE FREAK!

    83. H2V PRO Eternal

      lawsuit comin lol

    84. Arttu Mahlakaarto

      The news about sonos make me happy

    85. moonie toonie

      Android on an iPhone seems like they just have a goophone

    86. joetylerdale

      3:36 Riley, LOL...Whatever...

    87. EddiexElite

      Left the blurred layer in top right corner from 5:00 and on

    88. Andres 007

      Every John signing up to brilliant

    89. Panayiotis Toumazou

      It's better for the guy because android is the best ios Paid apps for free in other app stores

    90. Aurora The Otter

      Has a thinkpad x230 with intel mc nuked

    91. Leo Czarnecki Auger

      The modern hackintosh

    92. TechTube Pro

      i remember using android on my jailbroken iphone 3gs like maybe a decade ago.

    93. Limp Wibbler

      5:06 they blur virus, which is fine. But if you notice the blur remains for the rest of the video when ever it is an on set talking head.

    94. John Bamber

      I already have Brilliant on my phone, Linus.

    95. Dark Squad

      I Also install android on my iphone By buying one

    96. J

      Joke's on you, my Intel cpu is more than 5 years old. :(

    97. Neroshy

      Id rather have ios on a samsung ohone 🤔

    98. kidonefornow

      My name is John : }

    99. Brandon Whaley

      Android doesn't deserve this kind of disrespect.

    100. Isaacminer1

      I'd so get an iphone if i could get a full android experience on it