Apple Strikes Back!


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    0:00 No spoilers
    0:08 Uber, Lyft dodge law
    1:08 Newsies join the Apple fight
    2:18 TikTok will endure
    3:09 Privacy
    3:40 QUICK BITS
    3:48 Chonky RTX 3090
    4:06 Pixel 5 renders
    4:33 PS5 controller things
    4:56 Control upgrade things
    5:23 Fighter jet AI beats pilot
    5:43 Surprise Carpool Critics ad? wtf James
    Uber / Lyft
    can continue operating
    It’s not like they weren’t warned
    Uber’s former security chief charged
    News Publishers join the fight against Apple
    #FreeFortnite tournament
    Apple files declaration saying it’s Epic’s own damn fault
    TikTok deletes hundreds of thousands of hate speech videos
    will continue to operate despite ban
    Alphabet considered bid
    The RTX 3090 is enormous
    Pixel 5 renders
    PS5 triggers will lock when your weapon jams. Sounds fun
    505 games “explains” why you have to buy Control again
    An AI F-16 pilot defeated a real one 5-0

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    1. Jeff Anderson

      JAMES just isn't as god as Riley!

    2. Mythholl

      Who Comes from Jazza

    3. zuhair shahid

      When RDNA2 is making about to start Nvidia 3000 series is not exist ... so if RDNA2 is not destroyed 3000 series dont critisize AMD when RDNA 2 is making that time 2080ti is in the market so RDNA2 is killer 2080ti AMD WIN...

    4. Ethan Miller

      whys this in a jazza playlist?

    5. Diego Ruiz

      What kind of watch are you wearing at 3:45 ????

    6. Joe Tashji

      Is that a Rode NTG 5 on that boom pole? I’d love to see a video on LTT’s Audio gear/setup

    7. metaleggman18

      ew rick and morty references

    8. Kitty Blue

      is that a Samsung G9 desktop back there? why is noone talking about that?

    9. TheOddDiabetic

      What good reason is there for a US company to acquire tiktok? It seems to be buried in sh*t, and if it disappears then something else will take its place

    10. The gamer goats

      You need to make a singing channel because you actually are a good singer

    11. The Xpert

      Why is this on jazza channel

    12. BeastOut


    13. N H

      I thought that JAZZA collaborated with LINUS!!!

    14. Nightmare

      Nice art challenge.

    15. Remy Vermaas

      Why is this in Jazza's "Art Challenges" playlist ? 😂😂

    16. Moenikr

      I've agreed with Riley once, and I'll agree again this time with James (or Riley, if he indeed wrote the script): Stealth world, please stop making AI pilots for fighter jets. thanks.

    17. ODB Legion

      Literally been trying to get a G9 since the whole thing that happened with them and Jake is just casually playing one right in front of me....hurry up Samsung!!!!

    18. PjayBlaZeTerror

      Wooooooow my mom talking bout she gonna give me a iphone for fortnite and then this apple vs epic things happen😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    19. melek Rebai

      I hate Apple, I love epic for giving me so much free games so yeah, I hope apple loose

    20. Justin Nani

      No more statements on Apple Vs Epic? I'm for EPIC. This episode is strange, I'm missing some usual TechLinked power in this vid.

    21. Quietus Plus

      Yea, both parties are at fault. Epic tried to get treated differently and went past policies. Apple was a little child by trying to revoke Epic's developer access (which affects not only Epic but every developer using Unreal Engine on that platform). Both companies want more money and pretty much only customers are being affected. So petty.

    22. Star Gunner

      I feel like most Uber Drivers here don't want to be employees, that's why they choose UBER,... ?!

    23. Psymøn

      "wags tongue" yeah that's a pretty accurate subtitle i guess lmao

    24. Robotic Nerd

      I use TikTok for memes. I rarely see tits and lip syncing

    25. Tony Dakota Roberson

      it should only be 30% up to a certain number. after that epic is supporting apple more than apple is helping them. Why game on a crappy locked down phone anyways? I seriously cant think of a single reason to ever own an apple product. Their success really baffles me. It shows how little the common customer knows or even cares about technology.

    26. DriitzzCabal

      3:44 best part of this video

    27. Guy Jordan

      Stealth is a fun movie. Unreal but fun... just like Riley ! 🔥

    28. Ultra Veridical

      2:10 Why would anyone hate epic in this situation? WUT?

    29. rubbers3

      That AI vs Fighter Jet scenario has A LOT of asterisks attached to it, mainly in how it was conducted and how it scored stuff (only gun kills and no missiles), the AI had perfect view in every direction (radars and such exists, yes, but can be jammed IRL), the AI had perfect info about both planes (with the exception of fuel), human had to use a VR headset, which has a much lower resolution than actual human eyesight (plus it was a rather low visual fidelity simulation to begin with), there was no simulated "trigger pull", only thing necessary was for the aircraft to be in the "cone of accuracy", with I believe limited calculations on bullet travel time, leading the target, angle of attack (ricochets and such) nor the place where the shots landed. So yeah, the AI was better in this particular simulation in this particular scenario. Still a long way off from beating a person in actual combat, with real planes.

    30. Target Bear

      Boycott Uber. Buy your own f***ing car. #freedom

    31. Aurobindo Ghosh

      flee in a uber or lyft if apple strikes back

    32. Harold Corbett

      Jake's ego has been itching since its been a little while since he's been obnoxious in a video.

    33. Eliad Buchnik

      Finally I can justify the 480 radiator I have for the GPU.

    34. tcdude

      They may be both evil (Epic/Apple), but never assume to know what Rick Sanchez would or wouldn't be proud of!! You're not even close to that level of intelligence. If you think otherwise, it is just the result of the Dunning-Kruger effect working its charm on you...

    35. WfB.Subtraktor

      The App-Store is an abuse of a monopoly position, same as the PlayStore. Google already lost a law suit pertaining to that in the EU

    36. Daniel Black

      Surprise Carpool Critics ad? wtf James

    37. Jtzkb


    38. Walter Marcus

      tbh ever pc gamer already hates EGS for making hitman 3 their exclusive game for the first few months and crysis remastered too but here's the one is goona betray lord gaben when they give their money ...and if they claim "EpIc Has More PPl now"its just ppl who have a account(or accounts xd) to get free games

    39. Faint

      Fortnite is gay that’s why


      All this right before apples stock is supoosed to split lol

    41. DizzProductions

      being reminded of STEALTH has me very scared.

    42. UFO ForMdAd

      Can anyone recommend a tech news channel that doesn’t have awkward jokes?

      1. Alexander Khlifi

        the rick and morty reference musta hit ya hard eh...

    43. roul3688

      Washington Post and the New York Times are fake news. Pure propaganda.

    44. Nick Channing

      Yeah I don't feel bad for two giant billion dollar companies crying about each other.

    45. Jean-Francois Leblanc

      More Jake (in the background)!

    46. Moe Assaf

      "Tim Apple" came out so naturally that I've forgotten Tim Bake's ACTUAL last name.

    47. Brandon Allen

      It would be funny if that email was true because Epic claimed it was never asking for special exemptions, and even more so when you consider that Epic blames apple for anti-consumer monopolies (the whole reason I hate them) and went on to pull another Epic exclusive deal with Crisis remastered, as though forcing people to play on their service (if you want to play a year before everyone else) was a pro-consumer move. Where are they the underdog in this? As far as I'm concerned I hate them both as liars, hypocrites, and anti-consumer companies. Apple charges an arm and a leg for a device it practicaly treats like a black box rental, and Epic makes me wait even longer to play games on a platform of my choice (Steam fan here BTW).

    48. Virru112

      Apple asking a dev. for a cut is just business. You’re using their platform to reach the masses. No different to selling something on Amazon.

    49. ByDeckerex

      Please tell to operate in europe!!

    50. BlazingTonk

      2020 is weird

    51. H. A.

      There's going to be only one torment happening this week which is to Epic's CEO Sweeney.

    52. Wesley Jones

      All of the digital stores that charge 30% and take a cut of in app/game sales are going to be screwed in the next couple of years. They are going to be regulated into getting nearly nothing because they were greedy and refused to budge on this issue. So "capitalism listening to consumers and makers while making adjustments to their business model" didn't happen. It never happens because the only thing that makes companies stop focusing on profit is government regulation which nearly 50% of the US thinks is bad. So maybe we can get some laws that don't allow companies with a monopolistic storefront to take advantage of the people who want to sell things on that store.

    53. juan granados

      maybe they should regulate the percentage of the price that would be considered the employee to the contractor. example. 7% of cost max as a contractor more than that and employee.

    54. justanother musicnerd

      It’s hard to be on the side of epic game’s since they’re accusing apple of being greedy while literally breaking the rules of the platform just to hoard more money.

    55. Antimonkat

      So what we're all just going to call Tim Cook, Tim Apple now, cus Trump is an idiot?

    56. Paul Imisi

      What’s Oracle going to do with TikTok? Put it in a shrine?

    57. Adam Aarts

      I have to use Uber to get around as I have a disability that prevents me from getting a license. It has been a huge blessing to help me feel normal and be able to meet people in other cities, etc. I really hope it doesn’t have to go away, it would be a huge blow to our family.

    58. Sleepa Zord

      There are going ALOT of broken controllers in the future, Outstanding move SONY

    59. TeleFata

      Greedy corporations makes me excited to play Cyberpunk 2077😏

    60. DovahRS

      James, why you gotta spoil the episode before it even starts man. That ain't right.

    61. gameflux

      Cool !

    62. dtbsz

      I like this guy :)

    63. Joe The Hammer never forget

      Its becomming pretty obvious who the msm is getting there paycheck from

    64. SteveAkaGoatpile

      "Carpool Critics Bleehergheeh".

    65. societal reject

      Apple is still more cancer than fortnite

    66. Andrei Andreev

      Too bad is limited to just a handful of countries.

    67. Hmm Doh

      Epic the evil one \

    68. Paco

      Unfair Uber (and others) employment system is quite common here in Spain, is so called “false self employed”.

    69. kamaro4444

      2:13 I hated them both before this situation.

    70. Azarilh

      Apparentyl i'm smart. I didn't klnwo. huh

    71. Wut is my life?

      I have a question since you guys now more about cumputers buy i wanna know if my hp stream 11 can handle fortnite cuz i just wanna know cuz i play mobile and ios and its getting banned so please just wanna know

    72. Oshyrath

      Why doesn't Epic just use a third party source? Why does it have come from the Apple Store?

    73. EPIC12EPIC

      Microsoft funded Apple at the brink of bankruptcy which then made Fortnite try to sue Apple which then Apple is striking back to destroy Fortnite Thanks Microsoft????

    74. Pole Tooke

      Who’s Rick Sanchez?

    75. Uche Oji

      Stealth movie is like Stanley Kubrick's Hal, if Hal had access to a military aircraft. Oh dear.

    76. Reiner Braun

      “Theyd never do if they wherent banned by the us” Why didn’t you say the same about apple and their greedy rates? Ah, because American companies never do the right thing even under logic pressure.........

    77. Ultimate

      Ps shit

    78. tomikun

      Privacy is not the new Raid: Shadow Legends or Raycon cause they be everywhere

    79. Me Vs The World

      Epic knows what's going on. They had that Apple parody skit ready to push out right when all this news happened.

    80. Soundwave Superior

      Battle of the Tims

    81. Jade[d]

      1:59 This is actually false. Tim revealed that they asked for ALL users of the apple app store to have the same policy extended to them. What Apple released was just a smear on their little campaign... This messy fight kinda reminds me of the two big parties in a smear fight right now...

    82. Robert Burke

      asking fortnite to be exempted would be a problem if exemptions had never been given. since there was precedent, a company with clout and shit tons of transactions would be stupid not to try to acquire the same deal if at all possible.

    83. Robert Burke

      Uber provides an app and money processing services. how can you force them to make users employees.

    84. Bhuvan Kumar Gunessee

      It just means that Control Standard Edition will not be available on next gen to buy and that given that it's not listed on next gen, giving Control on next gen would mean giving the Ultimate Edition (the only edition available). As for why they can't just list the Standard Edition and make it not purchasable, it could either be them being lazy or greedy or terms of the Store. I don't know if you can't just upgrade to Ultimate from Standard on current gen and then get it on next gen for free though. p.s. I haven't followed what's going on with it, so this comment is pure speculation from what has been said in this video.

    85. PassingDaoist

      Did anyone else get a Linus ad before the video started?

    86. Mike B

      So what is the "App store model" , Apple maintains a server and uses their own pay portal to collect money and count their hundreds of billions they make every year... and App developers just bend over and take it because Google does the same thing, and there is not other options?

    87. Mike B

      Uber drivers want to be classified as employees... meanwhile every other Uber car I see also has a Lyft sticker on it. So yeah this could backfire, Uber (or Lyft) may demand "their employees" not work for the competition.

    88. Nolan Manning

      Jake, what you doin bud?

    89. Randy Bobandy

      Damn dude... can y'all lay off the political shit for ONE episode? The first 3 segments of this video are pretty much just you doing political advocacy. I wanna watch LTT/TL/QB for tech related things, to GET AWAY from constant political garbage. I really don't want to stop watching TL, but i also really don't want to hear about you, or linus's, or luke's, or anyone's political opinions. And this is coming form someone who agrees with the vast majority of your political statements...

    90. bromanbro the2nd

      i’m hating epic. mainly fortnite. i hate fortnite

      1. Flickz Visions ツ


    91. Daniel Jensen

      I feel like Jake was in the middle of setting up for a different video and then James just stormed in and started doing tech news.

    92. Zaryab B

      I'm not sure how were supposed to hate epic in the scenario? They're taking on an asshole company and I'm all for it.

    93. Benny Gandelman

      the 440 dislikes are the fortnite kids, because he said Epic is at

    94. Daniele Bruncent

      There is other games to play for now, try Gronions, it's actually cool ;)

    95. Xyphyn

      Am I the only one who is glad Fortnite is banned?

    96. Sierra William

      weebs dont use tiktok

    97. Jeremy Trees

      Prediction: GTA 6 will be a vr title.

    98. Leorick Girthrie

      I dont hate Apple but i certainly don't like them. However I like Epic Games.

    99. Qwaci

      Why is someone working in the background?

    100. HB B

      Hey Jake