Intel might ACTUALLY be able to compete!


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    0:00 LIEnus
    0:08 Xe laptop graphics shown
    1:08 EA games but mostly Squadrons
    2:26 Moar Apple antitrust stuff
    3:48 Blinkist
    4:42 QUICK BITS
    4:45 Apple closing stores again
    5:13 Stadia State Share
    5:46 Link Fragments
    6:07 Geforce Now games coming back
    6:39 Space balloons
    Intel Xe iGPU shown running Battlefield V at 1080p 30fps - but with memory restriction on
    EA Play Live
    Apex Legends expansion, coming to Steam + Switch with crossplay
    Sims 4, Titanfall 2, Dead Space 3 to Steam also
    Rocket Arena
    It Takes Two
    Star Wars Squadrons
    Skate 4 EA/status/1273764835080024064
    Fifa 21
    Apple says Hey email should have never been approved for the App Store
    Apple re-closing stores after coronavirus spikes
    Stadia gets first State Share game with Crayta
    Geforce Now continues its slow climb back to the top
    Google’s Chrome extension can link to specific text on a page
    Balloon your way into space

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    1. Andrew Lewis

      The space balloon thing is surely designed exclusively for flat-earthers.... Send them up... Not to see the curvature of the earth but just... Y'know so they can't annoy us anymore.

    2. Timothy Moore

      It died

    3. Freak80MC

      It's almost like a company that gets part of the revenue from hosting apps would have a conflict of interest if those apps start trying to get revenue without them...

    4. legendarysannin65

      Making fun of flat earthers? Well sir you just got a new subscriber!

    5. Mike Lyons

      Can't stand this guy

    6. AMAR GUPTA.

      How......... Beard?

    7. Udon't Sayxxx

      linus looks like a junkie...

    8. T3CHNOLOG1C

      as a New Englander that image EA showed of Tom Brady in the Tampa uniform for Madden 21 triggers me

    9. wydv sgwushv

      Linuses wife def won't let him shave

    10. engitect

      Wait for DDR5 to drop and just watch Navi integrated graphics perform!

    11. Johnny Space

      I laugh how they cut the video and said: 7:23

    12. Choose

      Apple opened their stores for like a week here and I wasn’t able to get an appointment to fix my airpods pros which randomly buzz and make my voice and music sound robotic. So yay I can’t get them fixed in my year warranty because no one in Florida can wear a mask.

    13. Bogs Zadronski

      What is that hair style LOL

    14. AFK

      Aww and I was really hoping for more Linus Rants in the rain videos.

      1. AFK

        I joke of course, competition is a good thing.

    15. Habib_The _Panda

      Lol apple is Blackmailing them hahahaha

    16. Alienhead

      Dude you need to take a shower and fix yourself. I don't come here to get my tech news from the homeless guy down the street ;)

    17. somebody

      But can it run crysis?

    18. Sid The Geek

      Finally some Good breeze of air for poor gamers 🌝

    19. Steamed Hams the prophecy foretold....

    20. MoDRun

      right so what could they possibly change in every new football game they release every year? you cant change the rules of it so wtf is the point? the graphics are also pretty much at the point i cant tell the difference so idk i cant imagine thats the whole thing

    21. Wood Ant

      Disappointed at the lack of lttstore promotion for boxers at: "I might even put it down my pants"

    22. speshal

      nice hair linus

    23. Julian Rodriguez

      I need my quick bits pls sir

    24. 2tek _

      What happened to today’s video?

    25. No

      "So some back on monday [...]" 😭

    26. OilTycoon83

      Google making a GMod knockoff

    27. stilllife8

      Is that Gary's Mod but for Stadia so it's worse?

    28. The Raz

      Even tech news makes fun of retarded flat earthers. Fantastic.

    29. Victor

      He looks so cute with the beard

    30. nonetrix

      I can skip the sponsor using the time stamps hehe :DDDD

    31. FranGamer1892

      "not enough for esports" AMD: Athlon 3000G for esports

    32. 8arbarossa

      I used to watch Linus Tech Tips, but people told me he was low testosterone and i only take advice from real man.. But today i found this vid and i dont know who that bearded Alfa man is but i like it. i like it a lot If you play it at 0.25x speed it even seems like this guy has a lower pitch voice

    33. pablomax3045

      what's with the pedo stash?

      1. loganfunnies


    34. Kitsune

      wtf is a space balloon?!?!

    35. AmsterdamDriver

      First second i heard i was all about laptops, quit the video. Im outta here bro

    36. Valentín Rodríguez

      Covid-19 recommendations: shave beard Linus: grows a Viking on his face (don't know if where he lives applys... It's a joke salties)

    37. Sev Rummelhoff

      Intro lmao

    38. ne0tic

      Titanfall 2 hype!

    39. Helaman Gile

      I will only by one if it's $50

    40. TheThunderGuyS

      5:53 this is why HTML IDs existed, in 1993.

    41. TheThunderGuyS

      Still waiting for Crysis 3 on Steam.

    42. S A M

      00:00-00:05 Felt like the starting of an Eminem Song! Specially that hood thing

    43. 3kTone


    44. Adam Wylie

      Still no news on the Orange Screwdriver...

    45. Hans Wurst

      I dont know if this intel graphics card will be super awesome ar lame.

    46. Hans Wurst

      Nice Video!

    47. Canterhood

      Apple needs to be fined into submitting to ethical competition.

    48. KRIO CS

      Wow even Intel got beat so hard that they are trying to compete in the Gpu league

    49. Mav

      Love Riley's comments from the back. They get a good giggle

    50. Abd Alnablse

      When did youtube implement this future?𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝕥𝕚𝕞𝕖 𝕨𝕚𝕥𝕙 𝕥𝕖𝕩𝕥 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕟𝕘.

    51. fink

      SKATE 4

    52. Nighthawk

      Linus would make a good heroin addict.

    53. SangoProductions213

      "...In fact that's why [the pandemic] doesn't end. Stop doing that." *Meanwhile Justin Trudeau marches with hundreds of thousands, should-to-shoulder, while still having those hosting a family BBQ sent to jail.*

    54. Mahad Javed

      Isn't Crayta same as Parsec?

    55. Backmarker Racing

      Am I the only one that is slightly creeped out by Riley’s mustache?

    56. jeff phillips

      Star Wars YAY. My first big boy computer was a new 486 and I played Tie Fighter on it

    57. Marcel Reiter

      Just wondering how the capule of the space-baloon returns back to earth safely? Like "popping the baloon" doesn't seem a very viable option...

    58. D Gillies

      The beard and hair are emitting a "Linus Game of Thrones Berserker" vibe ...

    59. TheJooomes

      Finally, some good graphics that don't needs firmware blobs.

    60. Koda

      Titanfall 2 yeah!!!

    61. Josh Nelson

      Get some sleep Linus.

    62. Kevin Monzel

      If you're going to let the guy off camera talk the whole time give them a mic please

    63. Gaming-Zombie13

      Intel 1080p at 30fps not cool AMD at 4K 60fps is cool...

    64. Felix Iaccarino

      using amd for 10 years.... its sound retarded to use intel :S

    65. Dave Marsh

      I enjoy Riley’s short takes. Nicely done.

    66. Trump

      Douche bags commenting in the background while filming, apparently that’s the “in” thing right now in tech HUgets channels

    67. Mia Sangold

      "CoD has a ZOMBIES mod." - Linus 2020 Excuse me *SIR* it's called a MODE.

    68. Roroh

      Linus looks like he just woke up, he needs to 3d print a comb

    69. Eragon Cranel

      Hey! Linus, how about you fix your hair like Riley and show us the result, I think you could look great 🤣


      Is that intel gpu would beat my GT-1030?.

    71. KillahMate

      SW Squadrons is confirmed to support HOTAS, and fuckin' VR! Both on PC and PS4! I wasn't sold, but that kind of news makes me reconsider... And I'm sure Linus will like it.

    72. Shawn Gunnison

      Star Wars is a kids thing at this point. No interest.

    73. TX - 130

      Does Linus make sure to mess up his hair before recording? "Alright we're rolling-" Linus: "Hang on...." *messes up hair Linus: "Okay there we go."

    74. IUseThisName ForMyGoogleAccount

      On the other hand, that Suicidal Space Balloon for rich people could be the most important development of 2020. Even if it only takes out like, *two* Billionaires, that would definitely do more to improve this world than anything else this year.

    75. Derp Marine

      > textfragments Normal links can link to specific elements on the page if they are marked with a unique (within the page) using a 'fragment' at the end of a URL. It's been this way for decades. The "problem" with it is websites have to actually add it manually. TBH this is typical google chrome team - not trusting web developers and implementing half-assed workarounds to bad webpages that break far more functional ones than they fix, and generally cause more pain than necessary.

    76. HTPC HTPC

      wish he would have shown a video of BFV on medium or low settings on that laptop. Wouldn't be surprised if it hit 60fps...

    77. omar defnany

      Damn and I thought that Apple was such a JERK before !!!

    78. Simon Adams

      "no microtransactions"... yeh good one EA, we're heard that one before. fking Jokers.

    79. Mark Smith

      Let's hope skate 4 will be on pc🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    80. The Mysterious Tin Can

      Someone get Linus a hairbrush, a comb, anything!

    81. Emilian Lafer


    82. Arvind Bakshi

      linus when are u doing dell G15(ryzen + 5600M) hackintosh?

    83. K0gashuk0

      No surprise Apple would take a liberal stance and shut down stores. They no doubt want to make a political statement while cutting costs since less people are going into their physical stores right now.

    84. Alzorath Gaming

      Surprised there was no mention of the "Must also use Origin" garbage tied to EA's flood on steam lol... mmm... that triple layer of DRM :P

    85. Freddie1980

      lol no micro transactions, that's EA code for 'We have found a new an innovative way to rinse the customer of all their cash'.

    86. Guru

      He looks like the guy from techquickie

    87. hunter4760

      "No mincrotransactions" i wonder what EA is going to call them then? Suprise extra payment

      1. Yum! Yum!

        lol what about the thousands of dlcs?

    88. Evean Green

      Is it us?

    89. BrbImAt TheMoon

      Why was Linus' right eyelid pinker than the other?

    90. Jorge Bustillos

      Riley took over 👌🏻

    91. Tom Kazansky

      Shrout? Yea....... ok.

    92. nickious9

      Where's Dennis?

    93. Levo GAMES

      Funny how "no microtransactions" is now used in marketing.

    94. Sinom

      First timestamp name. "LIEnus"

    95. Ruuku1

      we need CHEL on the PC

    96. 1Vaudevillian1

      IS EA actually turning into a good company. I'm confused.....

    97. Saeed skeshmir

      It looks like Linus finally hit puberty.

    98. ricky v

      I know people are focusing on RAW numbers on Geekbench for CPUS and GPUS. Intel is focusing on hardware accelerators to make our basic tasks faster and more efficient. Thus these new "XE" compute units are exciting news from team Blue. (:

    99. PhoenixMM

      Super dark at the end but still loved it

    100. Dry Saliva

      An apple a day will keep the doctor away (cuz you can't afford him)