Sorry consoles, PC's getting it FIRST!


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    Big Navi might arrive before consoles
    Sega “fog gaming” will turn arcades into data centers
    Google is getting sued because people don’t understand Incognito mode
    Cool your CPU and RAM together because WHY NOT
    Germany to require electric vehicle charging at all gas stations
    Apple has problems automating the screwing in of tiny screws
    Delivery drones could hitch rides on delivery trucks
    Australian researchers make flexible OLED displays out of human hair - did an AI write this?

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    1. T0b3yyy

      As a German I can confirm that Angela Merkel herself will kidnap and torture every owner of a gas station who doesn't install car chargers until they do install them.

    2. Simple Z4ck

      Title is still false and always will be.

    3. IRMacGuyver

      @2:45 yeah simple solution don't allow people to log in through incognito mode.

    4. JN

      Frick it ill get a ps5 and open the case for the specs

    5. manicniceguy

      How the hell does this guy get subs?

    6. Max Fill

      I love when the script trails off tech news, it freaks my mind

    7. Real HIFI Help

      Good luck to those suing google. Nothing is ever safe: Bitcoin, VPN, Incognito mode. It always relies on information that at some point can be misused.

    8. ᗷOY ᗯOᑎᗪEᖇ

      Holiday twhenny twhenny

    9. toxicyoutuber

      pretty sure the consoles are getting them first. its far off from pc

    10. Sai

      Why is so easy for people to make money out of lawsuits in America? I don't understand... One minute irregularity, BOOM 10 million dollar lawsuit. Can they just quote whatever crazy amount they want? My phone keeps crashing, I lost my work once, I want 10 billion

    11. Sir U

      como siempre explicandolo todo tan claro como el agua!

    12. criss chan

      adding drone will make USA a real "The Division" lol

    13. Ashley Rajam

      There's only one argument that wins PC MASTER RACE = More FREE EPIC Games

    14. Danny Big D

      this guy is not funny

    15. chen bayun

      wait, what if electric charger in the gas station ignite the gas

    16. social3ngin33rin

      Hopefully Linus will be the tiny robot AI manager

    17. Edgunsuk

      the only difference between cloud and fog is height lol these techy types are dumb !

    18. fredd metall

      Bullshit. PS5 gets "custom" zen 3 cpu from AMD with custom SSD and custom controller. It looks like the same Hardware but it isn't.

    19. Winterniqht

      Nice chill house music

    20. pswiisixtee

      At what price?

    21. Kray Zee

      Apply should hire LTT guys to develop robots, they never had a problem of screwing things up))

    22. TheEpicGamer

      But... what kind of idiot signs in to an account when they go on incognito mode and still expects privacy

    23. Apipoulaï

      2:52 dude I thought you were married.... or do you have an open relationship? :P

    24. Ragnar 7

      As much as I have tried to l this guy I don't. Let Riley do the new you just be quiet.

    25. Phillip Nunya

      Well, I'm glad I don't live in Germany. Seems they went from actual Nazis to progressive Nazis.

    26. Kepler

      I wish more local gaming and arcades would come back.

    27. Max Richie

      wait, incognito literally has a warning about that on the incognito new tab...

    28. IONATRIX

      this deserves a like

    29. animahon3000

      The corsair dark core is great, but I'm only using 200 dpi when I'm playing

    30. Keith Codd

      more James plz :)

    31. Rox Fox

      04:25 did you have Merkel in your studio? This was definetly her! Also: the 103 billions are not only for electric charges it´s for a lot of project to help the german economy grow after the hard corona times.

    32. Darklazer magic

      Need little hands than use kids in China

    33. frenchiveruti

      Chrome does that, Firefox doesn't

    34. robert moore

      how many weddings do you get invited to?

    35. Azrixl

      Only a month before consoles release and prolly gonna be the price of a console tbh

    36. momonga

      league ad at 1:52 lol

    37. Vertrix

      4:03 learning about local events on techlinked huh. For real didnt know about that.

    38. almadioner

      I don't like what you do at the beginning of your videos nor the thumbnails PLEASE STOP!

    39. MakingTechSense

      Robots can be designed to feel resistance when torquing fasteners. It's probably restrictively expensive to do it at such a small scale though.

    40. brow1920

      This is for sure my favorite techlinked of all time.

    41. Jacinto P M Da Costa

      There is no better TL combination than James and Riley!!

    42. GECKman88

      I did not need a naked smeagol/dobby image of Linus in my head.

    43. Shiro Craft

      soo Fog Gaming ita actually P2P Cloud Gaming

    44. MaxPanicked


    45. Tommaso

      2:00 why’d you become Italian?

    46. Indiana Stones

      electric cars are bullshits thats why wo dont buy them. i dont wann apay 40cent per kwh

    47. Nugget YT6

      "SORRY CONSOLES" You don't need to, i already had situations where pc games randomly froze, randomly crashed, didn't perform nearly as well as on console and refused to launch offline on pc while they worked just fine on console.

    48. Techdude Sonic

      LTT: I apologize to Sweeny he corrected me LTT: RDNA is coming to PC first!!! Sorry Ps5 Chumps Sweeny burned you...

    49. DmPlagueDstroyer


    50. Wayne Price

      So, I'll be able to get an LG TV made out of my own hair?

    51. Patrick Caresosa

      I don't understand incognito, I'm stupid let's sue google I'm not going to be stupid alone. Lawyer: mmmmkay

    52. DRWXP

      That wedding comments remind of the movie "28 days".

    53. nagato yugito

      Arrive holiday 2020 ????.. What's the last 3 moths been???

    54. Wise Tekniquez

      The peasants will ALWAYS be peasants 😂

    55. Angel Furry FG

      PC Gamers are racists you know

    56. Drepplay

      The jokes in this episode were A+

    57. Maurice van Creij

      Screeching wierdos. What a waste of time.

    58. L90S

      Lmao that Angela Merkel impersonation

    59. Oleg Moroz

      petition to have Riley host an episode in angry Angela Merkel's voice

    60. twothreebravo

      The only reason I can see to get married is to have James crash the wedding.

    61. User Name

      Sega has money for this kind of R&D

    62. Jason

      It could be called fog because it's connecting to you from a nearby location to reduce lag, just like how fog IS a cloud but close to the ground. Edit: I now see that someone else already made that connection. Oh well

    63. Taunter Atwill

      Don't try to be popular or a clown, act normal if you really have a message!

    64. Tatenda Marapira

      I don't to split hairs... :)

    65. Jed Pad

      Huh crashing a wedding sounds like quite the time! Thanks for the instructions James!

    66. Thomas Kalcher

      That Merkel Part was hilarious!!

    67. Kakoe

      4:42 That information is kind of false, robots should know how many newton meters the screws need to be tightened to, they should also be able to know how many newton meters the screw is currently at, so it should feel the resistance screws have since the resistance is in newton meters.

    68. Gareth Wigglesworth

      pc guys poo themselves because consoles are becoming ridiculously powerful. This is just a video about something that will cost the earth. Im out. Bye nerds. P.s you won't beat Sony or Microsoft PC guys because they have unlimited cash. Keep trying we'll get you on our side in the end. Enjoy your little lights in your PC....them lights make it much more

    69. Karol Wesołek

      I prefer Chinese hair in my TV than in my bread.

    70. Kazuto Kirigaya

      Rip console gamers🤣

    71. tommy Bull

      Why buy a pc when I can save $3000+ ?? PS5 = newest ryzen 8 core 16threads + rtx 2070 super level gpu + 825GB SSD(9GB-22GB/s compressed data) + new controller + 16GB GDDR6 Ram. How much to beat that on PC? $3000+ other hardware? Gonna need that expensive $3000 ssd Linus had lol PC Will irrelevant to most. PC is for people who don't mind getting ripped off for hardware. Console gaming is cheaper no matter how many steam sales or stolen cd keys lol Plus PS5 exclusive that use the SSD won't be coming to pc for a while. You don't need a high end pc to play pc exclusives like DotA and tf2 which some of the most top played games. High end hardware will be needed for PS5 exclusives. PC hardware is rip off compared to next gen consoles......

    72. ragtop63

      "Fog" isn't any more stupid than "cloud" (i.e. a bunch of computers in a data center). If cloud is a higher level abstracted computing solution, then it makes sense that fog is a lower level abstracted computing solution.

    73. Jack Boland

      Its not queenslind, its queensLAND, like the Queens land, every Queenslander is not really offended, we are like the florida of Australia

    74. Henry Austen

      I love this guys energy Hahah

    75. shamamomo

      For fewer number of games if there any to begin with.

    76. Quebecois American

      I dont really care. Id never buy any amd gpu.

    77. Luis Posada

      “I don’t to split hairs here, but . . . “

    78. white fatalis

      Just ànother pc fans who get rekted by ps5, yeah even pc using the best gpu out there, still didint perfome well, sory pc master race, the end

    79. Mark Harrison

      "it sounds.. mist-ical." Boooo. Boo this man

    80. Mayank Singh

      Devendra Kumar .... U butchered his name 😂😂🤣 it rhymed with something funny in local language. If that was intentional then u guys are .............. GENIUS


      I don’t really think they should have ads right now because they need to pay respect to George Floyd

    82. bob445566DE

      The Electric Car situation in Germany is stupid. There is no future in this technology.

    83. PR Yeti

      Yeah but it’s Going to break our Pockets

    84. Leo Ufimtsev

      You are becoming a really good presenter!!! I see your vids in snap shots, months apart. Keep it up.

    85. Mark Lane

      Is Reilly the inhouse AI or just the laugh track?

    86. Barrett Olson

      This is great but it feels like mostly a rehash of WAN topics maybe keep those in quick bits and link to the show? Love it either way just a thought

    87. Héctor J. Román P.

      AMD made the architecture available for console makers so it's obvious that it's ready to manufacture GPUs with it.

    88. elon muchiri

      Riley in the background is hella funny 😂😂

    89. Kay JB

      Dang James is wild this episode

    90. MardaX

      PCMR like always xDD

    91. Koka Tea

      I got an ad with Linus in it...

    92. David Simpson

      This is good news, we will see how they operate before I make my console purchase 😁👍🏼 hoping that it's as good as anticipated

    93. Vishal Kumar

      Can we take a Moment and Appreciate Indians - Scientists & Engineers making these Billion Dollar Companies BREAK INNOVATION BOUNDARIES !

    94. Jordan Harris

      Your awful puns are mystical.

    95. Shivam Thakur

      If RDNA 2, according to the rumours, costs like 350-400$. Then I think I'll wait and purchase the ps5.


      With what price ?

    97. John Bash-on-ger

      PCs getting superior Rdna 2 earlier, first. PC master race superior confirmed! Console peasantry inferior confirmed! #pcmr #pcmasterrace

    98. Piter De Flames

      Once again PC gamers will be the beta testers..

    99. Schniebel

      4:18 oh yeah that will fix the issue because electric cars charge so fast...

    100. MrConminer

      exactly how german sounds like xd