Stop Using Zoom.


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    1. Ilya Maximov

      we don't

    2. ok ok

      zoom was so fucking random

    3. David Wright

      What bout chrome os app

    4. Reuben the animator

      Okay then stop using discord.

    5. The Boi

      We should have V.R Zoom meetings

    6. Binging With babish is amazing and I'm not creative

      why the hell does zoom need to log your ip, email, OS, device id, microphone, speakers. Everything we don't know about. Teachers: lets force kids to install literally spyware on their computers becuase screw privacy we need to make sure those darn kids aren't playing them minecrafts

    7. Itz mangle uwu


    8. FrostyGhost

      Linus got sponsored by zoom earlier

    9. kritagyaudel

      Me watching this video on a zoom meeting.👁️👄👁️

    10. Alabora Türkoğlu

      8.50=STOP USING ZOOM. 9.20=My class starts

    11. Kabir khan


    12. Can I Get Subs?

      I wondered why I was getting an ad I couldn't understand That's when I realized my VPN was on and connected to Norway

    13. Creator Scripts

      You can also give Zoho Meeting a try...

    14. Berat Kayaalp

    15. TerriBlue95

      Say No to Zoom.

    16. ShalevHaham666


    17. Good Pumpkin

      Linus : Stop using Zoom Teachers : No.

    18. Liam Pablo

      Linus: stop using zoom Me: *laughs in Google meet*

    19. Nándi Hariton

      Students: Zoom is stopped! Me: Sorry to tell you this but: exists...

    20. jesus jhoh

      Preach this to all the county’s

    21. Blonkburger Pwag

      It’s mandatory for my school “Hey ms champ can we use discord” Ms Champ:”no”

    22. Nathan Flores

      Discord is better Zoom has bad audio quality

    23. Loading

      Discord wouldn't work I dont think anyone would take stuff seriously and I dont wanna have to log in and out of accounts but zoom dose suck they need to fix alot of stuff

    24. yousef banat cook and tech diary

      Well Google meet is a choice And better too

    25. Space Wargamer

      Who uses MAC lmao.

    26. Clarence Loie Prima

      I can't believe schools still don't use online platforms exclusively for education such as Blackboard.

    27. S R I R A M

      U are in 3 channels fucking everything

    28. JDinThehouse 1

      When this pandemic is over I’m deleting zoom and google meets. I wish I could delete it but teachers are just fuckin stupid.

    29. mvaldessch

      Linus from the past: Today’s video is sponsored by Zoom. Linus now: Stop using zoom!

    30. Aether

      Ever wondered why they call it zoom? Because thats how fast ur info gets stolen

    31. Justin Siau

      I swear linus you have promoted zoom in one really old video and now you be 😲😲😲😲

    32. CoolBoyCoolio 57


    33. iDotMoterSport

      0:53 Microsoft Teams.exe has stopped working :(

    34. george mcnutt

      Welp my mom wants me to get hacked

    35. BrickBoiStudios

      It’s called zoom cause that’s how fast your private information gets stolen

    36. Felipe Machuca

      I hate google meet because it forces you to use it in a browser and it lags AF

    37. T4F CUL8R

      You can use Microsoft teams instead of zoom

    38. G Mail

      Don’t want google monopolies everything!

    39. Abood Al khalood

      Why don’t you stop shut up

    40. IceKing 2.0

      Discord, Skype, Teamspeak: **exists** Teachers: *I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that*

    41. Kevin Bissonnette

      I'm using hangout since the pandemic, could really say a bad thing it's working flawlessly.

    42. Sliferrr

      Dafuq, half of this is an ad.

    43. Human Thing

      i heard compelling evidence tiktok is spying on people from someordinarygamers, so i decided to do more research into this to hopefully file a lawsuit or some crap like that (not like i know how)

    44. do you no me

      It’s called zoom because that’s how fast your private information gets stolen

    45. Ranger___ YT

      Me : "laughs in google classroom"

    46. AMAR GUPTA.

      How your beard growing...

    47. Myth Burner

      VERY IMPORTANT! Zoom is a Trojan horse used to spy and collect data, stop using it immediately. Instead start using an open source p2p alternative where security can be audited and proven. SPREAD THE WORD!

    48. Mike Diamondz Indeed intended .

    49. Donavan B LoForte RPN, RCRT, LCRT

      No to zoom!!! It's a pedophile platform. BEWARE!!!! DON'T IDLY SIT BY. DOCUMENT AND REPORT (Important suggestion: if you fear the f*cking tracking police>> CALL KIDS HELP LINE. They can annonsmously report for you. DONT TRUST COPS!!

    50. realsifocopypaste

      please use riot im 😊 its use jitsi backend for video conference

    51. ZRH Trainspotter

      zoom is CRAP

    52. dino._k0uvr

      One day in my zoom some one named Kenny yang put a sexual video on

    53. Andy S

      Zoom is funded by CCP (China government) they are taking all your data and also saving the Zoom calls. Take care guys. Wake up and smell the coffee before you get burnt.

    54. Roblox Box

      Badluck My Teacher Using Website Tape BUTTTT There Still Lucky About It I can Skip Classs!!!

    55. MadhuKraft

      Bruh now some of my friends and my parents use zoom for every single video call. WY NOT HANGOUTSS

    56. NawrasTheKing1

      Discord: respects privacy Zoom: sells your digital info on the dark web. I say that Discord is better than Zoom.

    57. Nothing In Particular

      French teacher uses Zoom so I refuse to bother to do any of her assignments.

    58. GD Elusiveplayz

      HHAAHAHAHA MY SCHOOL USES DISCORD HAHAHAHA still tho I hate school overall

    59. Brendan axelrod

      Teachers: today I will be teaching you how to use zoom Students: Discord Teachers: NO kids: yes yes yes Teachers :Ok discord is ok

    60. Bakuretsu La La La

      Schools should just use discord It's free and doesn't steal your information

    61. David Boris

      That one from Microsoft and subconscious thoughts is real. And fucking scary. Those bastards are unethical

    62. Ollie Gueret

      Chinese billionaire zoom owner Yuan shut down a pro-democracy group because they were holding a vigil for those who had died during the Tiananmen square movement. He supports the CCP!!!

    63. Jonathan Douch

      Linus: stop using zoom Me: stop using zoom Teachers: ZOOM

    64. xtrafunnii


    65. Leolaus spooky edition

      Zoom: *the speed in which hackers spy the lessons and steal your homework*

    66. Sir KF review

      U gotta be kidding me

    67. Bacon Squad


    68. Anne Natalina

      Linus: stop using zoom My dad: stop using zoom Me: *but i use google meet?*

    69. Pixel Dude

      How many accounts does Linus have now

    70. Frqgy

      When I download zoom for my online class, it did not download zoom but it downloaded some random game that I could not uninstall. When I asked my teacher what is zoom, she said it is like discord. Then why not just use DISCORD???

    71. TypowyTwórca

      Students:Disco- Teachers:Zoom or doom!

    72. vér pistikexdd

      My phone before online class: normal My phone after online class: 57980 degrees

    73. EPIC12EPIC

      My parents wanted me to have it so I put it in my virtual machine

    74. drifzy

      My teachers use discord

    75. Flakoik

      People: okay discord, hangouts or google meets? Teachers: none, zoom

    76. Iska Mag

      i can’t stop using zoom bc school forces

    77. Nancy Drew

      Just use Microsoft Teams guys. Fucking hate these Uber popular applications.

    78. Who Is That

      Oh come on just use discord its the best

    79. nepaliHonii

      Gosh...just subbed your 3 channel and then found this one........

    80. Devesh Sharma

      Please explain this to our teachers

    81. kian_mhmdyyy

      we use teams,

    82. Braća Kyler

      Zoom is PC edition of COVID-19

    83. matt miller


    84. Higgles

      how did you know my name?

    85. Paul Eden Assoua

      ummmm linux edition

    86. Drinking With Beeh

      mostly him looking money and views ,,,, skip

    87. OBLIVION YTOfficial

      Yeah , zoom sucks. It sucks up all your devices audio and information.

    88. Bacon kingz

      My fucking school watched it and said it’s fake if they read this then go fuck your fucking fuck fuck face

    89. v6FiRE !

      imagine using zoom this post was made by the discord gang also my school blocked discord i hate you

    90. later

      Microsoft Teams is the best in my opinion.

    91. Denba

      Schools: No, I don't think I will.

    92. CG Crow

      One day I hope schools will switch to discord. Maybe us students can teach our teachers something this time.

    93. Burger Cat

      G O O G L E M E E T

    94. ʟᴇᴠɪ ᴀᴄᴋᴇʀᴍᴀɴ

      Use VPN and Protect your Privacy and what VPN means?

    95. 2wheelphoto

      Yeah their servers are in China 🇨🇳!!!!

    96. K4l3l

      My friend's online classes use google classroom for us? School is finished for uss

    97. rsanjur

      3:27 little Linus!

    98. Genesis Tumacder

      Zoom apparently does not allow good seamless music performance ...terrible!!! Murdered a performance using a soundcard , guitar..

    99. DeQu

      Gonna send this to my teacher