Surface Earbuds are great for Powerpoint


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    Surface stuff
    Surface Book 3
    Surface Go 2
    Surface Earbuds
    Surface Headphones 2
    Oculus Quest 2
    Facebook is trying Free Basics again
    Lenovo Legion gaming phone
    Volvo cars will all have LIDAR
    Vanguard is disabling some players’ mouse and keyboards
    Microsoft offers bug bounty for azure sphere linux OS
    Tom Cruise movie in space

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    1. The Trammell

      Tom Cruise: I'm going out without a suit for this scene. NASA: Sir, the vacuum of space will kill you Tom Cruise: * Smiles * * Runs through space * NASA: ... Tom Cruise: Let me try again with a better angle

    2. TXT_Yássèr

      15.99 wow so cheap yes I know it’s 1,599 I’m just doing it so I don’t look broke with my $50 Android phone with iOS on it

    3. Swirly Kalen

      Those earbuds are ugly af, i will buy them when they figure out style. Apples shitbuds are worse still.

    4. Justin Waters

      The power of the COVID-19 beard: 90s throwback nerd *cough, hoop earrings, cough* suddenly transforms into new millennium daddy.

    5. Piotr Porada

      90W charger for a phone? Excuse me? Are they nucking futs? Many gaming LAPTOPS made by them barely justify having 90W chargers.

    6. Proczorism

      Wheres Francis?!?!?

    7. Tra Bee

      Feedback: I put off watching this one because I thought it was only about the Surface buds. Some indication that there's more content would have gotten me to view it sooner. Best, Travis.

    8. Tanzeel Siddiqui

      How many channels does this guy work with????

      1. Tanzeel Siddiqui

        @jmwloup5110 oh wow 😯😯 That's great

      2. jmwloup5110

        All the ones owned by linus media group

    9. Nirav

      Francis of the filth

    10. Thomas Wade

      Tom Cruise has the biggest Napolean syndrome

    11. Jonathan Villegas Vilches

      Power beats pro are great to listen to songs (:

    12. Skeez iOS

      What are the odds of getting pulseway’s ad with Linus in it on a Linus video

    13. GameGuru

      i know im few days late. Question, im considering pixel buds 2 or surface buds. what does you all think? my phone is pixel 2 xl

    14. elemen

      Wait a second. Microsoft's Linux distro? 🤯

    15. Ninja Please

      Long. Live. Francis.

    16. The Max

      2:07 Sooo, AMP? Yeah, it's fucking AMP No one likes it, no one will use Facebook's version either

    17. Mark Ekperi

      Freebasics still works in Nigeria with Airtel

    18. failure

      2:39 i thought he said wobbuffet

    19. Jie Feng Chan

      who wants to see how long this beard can grow in a year

    20. HeyitsRadin

      I think Linus needs a brilliant course on how to not drop things

    21. Josh Morrison

      Holy fuck dude that background music. So annoying. Please never again.

    22. Evan Seliner

      The phone seemed really compelling until I realized there was no headphone jack... headphones give you a huge advantage in pub G mobile and wired headphones make it where you don’t have to worry about connectivity issues and your headphone battery running out midway through match

    23. UnknownBoss

      Got mushrooms growing outta his ears

    24. Sherrif

      I need a sample of linus saying "get excited gamers" No seriously

    25. Lucas Daniel Orban


    26. sharpSounds

      I kinda like the new backyard set tbh

    27. Nithin

      Captions: the surface book starts at $15.99 ok buddy

    28. Charles Canlom

      But Facebook Free Is already Available In The Philippines Bish!

    29. ChrisSan

      The Spanish captions are actually on Portuguese 😔

    30. Naga Vara prasad

      Wierdly looking like Eminem clone

    31. Wilsu Sonnect

      Oh wow it’s almost like kernel level access on anti cheat software is a bad idea, overkill and nobody should do it. But sure, let’s trust riot with it, the game company that hasn’t been able to put out a single piece of software that didn’t have significant issues and was buggy as hell since 2009.

    32. Boba Vhett

      If you shave Francis off then grow a new beard is it really Francis? I don't think so. If you shave you killed Francis

    33. Dbzfanofgoku

      Hey you shut your mouth, Tom Cruise is awesome

    34. Suzuki Strange

      linus grimes

    35. Exponaut R-01

      Pop up camera on its side Then you're like me where it happens to not be the right side of the phone so you're always ever so slightly spited

    36. Justin Hermann

      I only click on these because of the beard

    37. Sudo__


    38. Hector Herrero

      his viking genes are kicking in

    39. 0013

      1:07 what's with the filthy frank impersonation :-)

    40. vanpride64

      Plz keep the beard

    41. TheMistyBlueLounge

      All I've heard about Valorant is paid-for promotion before release... and people complaining about an overzealous anti cheat program after release. Basically, it doesn't sound worth playing.

    42. Mhar Ped

      WTF so many HUgets Channel always i see is Linus WTH

    43. Laxmi Narayanan KS

      Linus finally hits puberty.

    44. Allan Vasquez

      Los subtítulos en español están en portugués.

    45. Andy Woodcock

      Should definitely do a hair cut at home video, you never know with the beard and a cut you might finally silence all the low testosterone comments 😂

    46. KirasNote

      1:10 is that an Animal Crossing Steep Hill remix that I didn't know I needed in my life?

    47. Roman Beck

      Francis the Leprechaun beard!

    48. Kitsune Senpai

      Canadian Shaggy? is that you?


      You actually look very good with a beard linus

    50. phokeybladewar

      I watched this video cause of the beard

    51. Ronald Reagan

      He named his beard Francis

    52. Venus Is Bad

      Tom Cruise: Alright I am ready for the explosion scene Everyone on the ISS: **Nervous sweating**

    53. michael jeacock

      today on francis tech tips we will be building a PC out of OAK!

    54. Teri Hornych

      "I waited for the non-clickbait title" squad!

    55. FarmYard Gaming

      Was called "PowerPoint Earbuds. Really." Before this, *if* you were wondering.

    56. CraynotCreigh

      FRANCIS... Also digging the outside setup.

    57. Phil T Kaswahl

      Soon Francis will take over as the true intelligence. That which was known as Linus will merely be a host.

    58. Deep Indane

      Nobody is gonna talk about the fact Microsoft themselves doesn't uses windows

    59. Davide Madera

      "Do you like dogs? Fuck that sheets..." 🗨🤧🏺

    60. Ero-Usagi-Sama

      He still looks gay even with the beard.

    61. 18matts

      0:56 seconds in and I can't watch this advertisement anymore

    62. justinl458

      Ajax: "What's my name" Deadpool *oh I'm gonna spell it out* _Francis_

    63. NYAD

      On the Turing Completeness of Surface Earbuds

    64. Jescae Jul Saavedra

      Always love me some good star wars metaphor.

    65. Hazzy Sheikh

      At 0:23 the captions say 15.99 instead of 1599. Also at 0:43 it says 3.99 instead of 399 Also also, at 1:01 it also says 1.99 instead of 199

    66. Mohd RaheesAli

      0:20 did you say Intel's fifth gen CPU's...?

    67. Burgunbeerd

      Get this man a scrim and a c stand!

    68. Burgunbeerd

      Losing beard = losing subs

    69. kungleng phou

      U look hot with beard damnn

    70. Smiling Assassin

      Man how did he got beard I thought he is one of unique guy who can't grow beard. Seriously did he do surgery? It's like not a single facial hair to full grown beard.....

    71. Peter Gruev

      If you shave I really can't tell if the video is from 10 years ago or from now but with that bear u show some age

    72. startrek03

      Just imagine doing a presentation and having to swipr on your ear the whole time. Wonderful!

    73. Chris Waldrip

      Tom Cruise is just trying to get closer to Xenu!

    74. RexBo_

      The vr is selling out virtually everywhere 👏👏 nice one Riley

    75. Netro1992

      That beard looks great on him, not gonna lie. No homo.

    76. wWeeD

      is alex livin with u linus?? u are evolving into Alex 2.0 or maybe James

    77. DevTurtle

      Powerpoint earbuds. Really.

    78. Nord Kitten

      ok linus has finally started passing the awkward point of a beard

    79. Jasem Kashani

      If the beard goes, so does all my subs to LMG channels... Just FYI

    80. nocturnal dream

      Surface Earbuds sound ideal for work at home. I plan on getting the headphones.

    81. alzhn

      Vanguard also broke vmware. Idk what kinda anticheat riot games thought they made, but they clearly didn't test this out on more than a few machines/configs. Why not just go with easyanticheat?

    82. Hosty

      0:53 MKBHD: Say no more, fam.

    83. Ralith

      I feel like the next step for Tom Cruise is when we're ready to start colonizing the moon, he'll make a documentary of the making of his moon side cottage.

    84. Ελευθέριος Παπαγρίβας

      HAHA you are crazy, I love you :P


      inb4 Taran finds a way to use macros with the Surface Earbuds.

    86. Ralith

      Linus 2014 "I don't grow a beard because it's a shit beard" Linus 2020 "actually it doesn't look half bad i think im keeping it"

    87. Rickey White

      Natural background and Linus has a beard. It's almost better this way....

    88. iEchoWulf


    89. iEchoWulf


    90. Jonathan D

      Pewds be like: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD

    91. Kamil Kutowski

      "Are You student looking to get a-head ?"

    92. TreborSelt


    93. Dreamy

      It’s not the same without screaming in the background. Get them back!

    94. Patrick


    95. Lucky Luciano

      nice fence bwo...

    96. mustard roshi

      02:47 yes i am a student looking to get a head, how did u know

    97. MKrap

      Proud to be a peruvian, even though I don't use Facebook

    98. jokamutta

      Francis?? :D

    99. Not Telling

      Isolation "beard"... Press X to doubt.

    100. evn

      Francis the isolation beard. Please give us merch