A $299 Xbox!?


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    0:00 All natural tech news
    0:11 Xbox Series S, Series X pricing
    1:46 Android 11 rolls out
    2:38 Apple being petty
    3:26 Brilliant
    4:08 QUICK BITS
    4:13 WD is dumb
    4:46 Cheap Surface Laptop
    5:14 4K Switch rumors
    5:42 PUBG Mobile back in India
    6:08 Razer gum
    Series S leaks www.windowscentral.com/xbox-series-s-leaked-render-reveals-console-design-and-299-price
    Was going to be next week XboxP3/status/1303723875264389120
    news.xbox.com/en-us/2020/09/09/xbox-series-x-and-xbox-series-s-launching-november-10/ tomwarren/status/1303684256229658625
    EA Play added to Xbox Game Pass www.polygon.com/2020/9/9/21428819/ea-play-xbox-game-pass-library-free-cost-subscription-vault-xbox-series-x-xbox-series-s
    Xbox All Access www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-all-access
    Might even save money arstechnica.com/gaming/2020/09/xbox-all-access-seems-like-one-of-the-best-deals-in-gaming/
    SSD expansion for $220? IdleSloth84/status/1303497802232852482
    Android 11 rolls out
    OnePlus, Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo get betas
    AR statue www.theverge.com/21427638/google-ar-android-11-statue-how-to-pixel-link
    Apple removing “Sign-in with Apple” from Epic Games accounts EpicGames/status/1303716447831707649
    After suing for damages www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-09-09-now-apple-is-suing-epic-games-for-breach-of-contract
    Apple says Epic’s actions are “theft, period.”
    WD is up to some shenanigans again mislabelling 7200RPM drives as 5400
    Microsoft developing a $500 mid-range Surface Laptop… with 4GB of RAM
    More 4K Switch leads - devs asked to get ready
    PUBG might stay in India sans Tencent
    Razer gum, dude

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    1. JayVBear45

      Why are you wearing an inner enneagram?

    2. mjc0961

      People still play PUBG?

    3. Cydea

      im new to this tech news channel and im wondering if this guy and the other guy with a mustache are on some kind of drugs

    4. Максим Колокольцев

      1:53 The way he pronounced Xiaomi...

    5. Zykor music

      1:16 when autotune goes wrong

    6. DiscreteCinema

      DANG PHILLY :/

    7. The Spiike

      Nintendo swish? Lol

    8. DasMarkmitW

      That box is not made for true gamers They want to pay atleast Twice because...

    9. pool Boy

      Nice TOOL shirt!

    10. Omkar Kute

      Its around 500$ in india...why?🤦‍♂️

    11. Alex 1A

      Something from EA that's free? なに!

    12. Snapdragon 9600

      Promises info on new xbox, delivers mostly info on other products!

    13. TheFFsage

      This is kinda funny to watch as the PS5 digital is prob gonna be 399

    14. krak_a_lak

      So you were born on 9/25? That means you were conceived on either Christmas or New Year's. Now you know.

    15. Ciaran Stanton

      bro same birthday

    16. hereforbeer

      Sign in with Apple implementation requires an active Apple dev account. If Apple kicked out Epic Games, they don't have that. That's the reason. Do some research.

    17. MM Aviation

      Why don’t you mention it’s in USD ??????!!!!!!

    18. Márcio de Paiva Rodrigues

      When you thought the gaming industry couldn't come up with new "gaming" gear anymore... They now have invented gaming gum. Fuck!

    19. superfragilisticatexpialidoshmur

      3:16 the way I see, it's kinda like a journalist and a publisher. Journalist is the creator of the work, but if they can't publish their own stuff to a wide audience, they have to go through the publisher to reach said audience, and the publisher has their own rules, so if the journalist doesn't abide by those rules, the publisher can choose not to host the journalist and publish their work to reach the audience the journalist wanted.

    20. André Fagundes

      1440p 120fps with Xbox Series S sounds like bullshit. 1440p 120fps is roughly 90% of 4k 60fps which is pretty unbelievable for a GPU with 4 TFLOPS. I want to see this result with a single AAA game, just one and I am convinced.

    21. Blender Wiki

      And look like a loser when your friends .comme home and their childs want to play and you have only the cheap 299$ Xbox, and your childs feel ashamed. No thanks, maybe is good enough to put one In the cottage. If you can't afford the big one just own a retro game at least you have the nerdy geeky aura.

    22. Lucian Andries

      Razer gum makes you a pro gamer, and gives you negative latency!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♂️

    23. Cherry Stone

      I like the Xbox series camping stove.

    24. Z Bott

      As an LG phone user, I'll see the next version of Android when I get a new phone.

    25. Johnny Katze

      Who else thinks that the series s is like stupid AF. I think its just refurbished Xbox ones ore Xbox one Xs in new cases. Me a after realizing I do the exact same thing with 4th and 3rd gen i5 OEM PCs.

    26. onii-chan's manko

      But can android 11 do porn like android 10 does?

    27. Jean-Francois

      You got 2 ads from me

    28. Dmitry Klevchuk

      Imagine paying a game tax... This post was sponsored by #PCmasterrace

    29. S J

      But it's not 299 you have internet fees aswell


      ...can we just call it $300

    31. Meme Notyou

      If it was $99 I would actually think about it. After the 30 Series was announced, it made this generation of consoles look weak. I havent seen consoles this far behind in PC tech since the 1990s and at this point, the PS5 and new Xbox are going to be more like a Gameboy...weak. They will not even be able to handle Unreal Engine 5 or Unity 2020 games running at 50% their power and that is NOT a good sign since so many games are being developed with those game engines. The PC is going to be looking damn sweet compared to the new consoles in a year, in 2 years PC games are going to make the new consoles look like trash.

      1. Meme Notyou

        @Rob The point, half-wit. Is that compared to the newly announced 30-series, the new consoles ARE THE FUCKING EQUIVALENT OF A CHEAP SMARTPHONE. compared to the NEWEST FUCKING SMARTPHONES. This shit has not happened since the late 1990s...do you understand that? Consoles had been decently keeping pace with PCs for the last 20 years...this now STOPS and consoles are going to be WAY behind again. When FF7 came out on the PS...Ultima Online was hitting the PC and was about 5 YEARS ahead of console games...this is where the phrase "PC MASTER RACE" originates from. A time when PC gaming was leaps and bounds ahead of consoles. That time is now returning due to how shitty the new consoles are. There was already an uproar over the low amount of ram and storage there was along with the unimpressive video-cards before the 30-series announcement and now lol OMG...comparing the new consoles to a PC would be like comparing a PS4 to a PS 2.

      2. Rob

        You can't even buy a decent smartphone for 99 dollars and you want a console for that price???

    32. Neill Hampton

      Apple taking their sign in option from Epic: "lose my number bro"

    33. GWN_ Abe

      Funnily enough, chewing gum increases focus

    34. Doggos And friends

      So is the series s more powerful than Xbox one x !?

    35. Boğaçhan Özdemir

      The One S is 299

    36. iiElysium x

      Xbox series S is rumoured to be £249 in the UK which is amazing!

    37. Zeidlerei


    38. MattacksRC

      Thats nice but when are they going to update that old controller design. i specifically talking the analog sticks. There should be a new controller that is like the steam controller with track pad thumbs. But, it should also incorporate gyroscope control. This is what mobile games like cod/pubg mobile use but with the track pad just being the touch screen on mobile device. Its way better than the analog sticks, atleast with fps games.

    39. Maggie Jetson

      If you want to know where Apple's legal department is, it is in a building called Mathilda 3 in downtown Sunnyvale, right next to Target. Go protest there after the pandemic is over (everyone is working from home now).

    40. Nombre Falso

      ...that only works with a $2000 tv...

    41. Stephen MacKay

      The xbox ssd isn't too too poorly priced if it's a high quality pcie gen4 drive.

    42. PXLCoarl

      I might actually buy a xbox s series even tho I have a pc way more powerful just because its a really good deal

    43. John Collins

      Where did you get the Tool Army shirt? 😲

    44. Paul Cotton

      It’s basically a re branded Xbox one x. Which is why they have discontinued the one x.

    45. Wolfie254

      I really enjoy James' reading of Riley's Tech Linked script.

    46. TheDeeplyCynical

      Series S looks like a cheap bluetooth speaker

    47. Christopher VanZetta

      Xbone: You know the drill, bend over

    48. Helois Gevit

      Don't deceive people by saying the XSS will run games at 1440p 120fps. Games that manage that will be few and far between if any. The hardware simply isn't good enough for next gen games to be hitting this benchmark without some serious graphical downgrading.

    49. Walter Marcus

      so ppl who download applications by googling it without downloading it from the windows store are thieves... wow thats the stupidest thing any company can sue on

    50. vatsal kejriwal

      Laughs in knows one of the Microsoft Xbox devs

    51. Kapono5150

      I would highly recommend just saving another 200 dollars and getting the XSX instead of the S

    52. Bruno Alexandre

      Series s or series x for 1080p 60hz 43 inch sony bravia tv? Also if aditional storage costs 220 for 1tb card...I guess series x is the best option for having more ssd than series s hmm..

    53. Sasanth Bollineni

      I don’t care how cheap the XSS is, I’m always Team Sony PS. Sony always gonna be better with consumers.

    54. Adam Krause

      A $299 Xbox sounds great ... but ... streaming those games in USA can be expensive. ***Cox & Comcast fees= "Data usage in excess of plan may result in a $10 charge for up to 50 GB of additional data and for each additional 50 GB block thereafter ... " =result of Trump appointing FCC Ajit Pai (former vZ lawyer) allows ISP's to unreasonable fees as a result of destroying net neutrality.

    55. BongoWalrus

      Background: WOOH YEA

    56. Metroid55

      the 300€ laptop I bought 11 years ago also came with 4gb of ram xD

    57. Stewart walker

      Was that a tool shirt?

    58. ITS Tayvion Avery

      Xbox Series S and X are Trash

    59. YKS Game

      Stimulate your senses

    60. Mohammed Nihal M

      james and i have the same birthday

    61. Jeffrey Richards

      Yep 299$ for gamepass or 499$ for gamepass have fun with that. Ill get PS5 thank you no games on xbox worth mentioning we are going to see 10mil PS5s pop off the shelfs in record time I am worried I wont get one. Even if I don't I will wait xbox really f-up.

    62. Gameplay

      It is 399usd in India

    63. userl R.I.P - Minecraft & more

      Let me go order one right now

    64. Screen Patch

      What it feels to drink razer 5gum: Headshots through wall, 360 noscopes, 720 quickscopes, 420 noscopes, epilepsy

    65. N Patrick

      …and the power of CHEWING!

    66. Michael 101

      I can't wait till Microsoft says in 3 years only this dlc works with the upgrade Xbox sorry lol Don't waste your money on this garbage if you're going to buy by the good one

    67. Aniket Ghongate

      It's Good Man No Kidding....Real Good...I Can't Get Through A Week Without A Nice Dose Of Pure N Refined Tech News...❤️

    68. Victor Valencia

      Xbox s is just gonna be a streaming device, something I can do with my phone or pc already

    69. Go Phish

      Dang?....🤔 Dang 😎

    70. ijuwan

      “ ... just 3 day before my birthday “ Hear that Linus, if you don’t want James to leave and do keyboard reviews on his own... Someone get this man a series S 🤣🤣🤣

    71. Troll Boy

      Yay which means $600+ at where I'm at!! No thanks...

    72. monkeywithrabies

      James is a member of the Tool Army. Could this man get any sexier?

    73. Water Bottle

      Chewing actually helps me concentrate on aiming.

    74. Nourishyam Pune

      ngl But series s in india is 480$ and series x IS 690$😭😭😭 xbox is gonna take 690$ From meeeee

    75. Khairul Gaming

      wow preorder 4 days before my birthday

    76. zype


    77. Sunny Srivastava

      In India its still $476 :)

    78. NachoReggiano

      Remember when the PlayStation cost that?

    79. Zeke Pingoo

      I wonder what the people who say "the human eye can't see more than 60 fps" are gonna say now lmaooo

    80. yonizo2

      why do the most randomest people have the same exact birthday as me lmaoo

    81. Jimmie G

      EA: Play At No Extra Cost Xbox Game Pass: we're now $10 instead of $5. (game pass for pc)

    82. Arrogath


    83. Jamie Fairclough

      Apple played the big brain move with their legal work here. Anyone that thinks apple will or was going to lose doesn’t know apple at all.

    84. 2012 should have been the apocalypse

      But if you're not into gamepass it's not that enticing. I got one will never get a subscription, I prefer to have physical games.

    85. Cryptshadow

      No wonder james is awesome he was born month as me ;) also mines on the 10th.......will i get myself an xbox x? hmmmm probably not.

    86. Landon Mitchell

      1440p, 120fps at 300$ is actually a really fucking good deal. A PC that can run that will cost more than 300 just for the GPU.

    87. remle ikawura

      that Series S. oof, if I try to build a PC that can do 1440p at 120fps, that would be around 400-450bucks on PC parts and nowhere near that small. havent owned a XboX in my life, id probably buy one in the future, assuming Sony didnt match it with a similar hardware and pricing

    88. Chemy Torres

      That respawm will do

    89. Duke Goobla

      The Xbox Series S is still more powerful than a majority of Linus Tech Tips viewers' personal computers, myself included.

    90. mbos4115

      Old news

    91. THDhack

      I hear autotune

    92. Deon Spates

      Android 11 FTW!!

    93. tkondor

      also, the game pass is getting more expensive as well :D

    94. Joe Beech

      Can’t wait for Debuar to get hold of respawn and add a 1000mg of caffeine and sticks it in liquid nitrogen.

    95. KoudeZuurkool

      James, bound to that flesh, rocking that awesome shirt again.

    96. J T


    97. Steven Silva

      im no fanboy of any console, I have both ps4 and xbox one love them both. But I think microsoft is playing "good boy" since the failure of the xbox one The cross platform thing that everybody was booking sony, microsoft did it first

    98. Cobalt

      I would love to see a Linux jailbreak to use the Xbox as a "normal" computer. Would be a nice box for developing/ gaming

    99. Naamã dos Santos Silva

      Surface means " Apple product without any of the advantages".I don't get why MS still sullies their brand with this shit.

    100. Droid Motorola 388

      is just an Xbox one x with an SSD isn't it?