Good luck selling Playstations, Sony!


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    0:11 Gamestop getting Xbox revenue
    1:24 Quest 2 users locked out
    2:28 Google's stupid Music strategy
    4:02 QUICK BITS
    4:06 Intel CPU leaks
    4:35 Google could sell Chrome
    4:57 HUgets cracks down on QAnon
    5:25 Xbox Elite Controller warranty extended
    5:47 Doom on a graphing calculator powered by potatoes
    Microsoft to give GameStop a share of Xbox digital revenues
    Oculus Quest 2 Facebookening has its first casualties
    Google Play Music is in the Endgame now
    meanwhile HUgets music gets an app on Apple Watch… but not on Wear OS
    BUT you can hum to identify songs now
    Intel Rocket Lake-S can turbo up to 5.5GHz?
    And look, an Alder Lake-S CPU
    Multiple govts are looking at forcing Google to sell off Chrome
    HUgets cracks down on QAnon content that targets individuals or groups
    Microsoft extends Elite controllers warranty to 1 year in response to complaints
    Doom on potatoes

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    1. Mitch Reid

      this guy is almost the crapgamer for xflop, almost


      Well now that they are recording party chat. Yeah alot of people will be moving to X box. .

    3. Andy

      Sony are CCP sympathisers, I have been with Sony for years. Never again.

    4. Chris Blanchette

      Nothing is worth supporting Google, Twitter, or Facebook. And yes, I realize I'm supporting HUgets by commenting this lol. Its pronounced 'Kay-non' and it doesn't promote violence it calls out the globalist elites and oligarchs who run the democratic party...thats it

    5. Jonathan Hughes

      Sony is not going to win this one because they are two different plans for two different models.. what do I mean? Microsoft is going to make sure they have hundreds of millions and maybe a billion with their cross Computers to Xbox series S&X.. Qanon isn band but if someone does violence and says it’s because of Qanon, even if they don’t advocate it? Yeah that’s going to be used against conservatives but never the left because of AntiFa.. how can you not see that.. there are people coming out all the times claiming, oh it’s for X reason.. But former content reviewer that worked for Facebook, HUgets, etc.. say these policies say that but it’s really targeted against ideas they just don’t like.. what happened to the internet repressing true freedom of ideas.. hypocrites.. I’ve watched Jordan Peterson’s online Content after seeing him on Bill Maher.. on line they say he’s a racist, bigoted, Nazi and yet no one can find the places he says this.. He Destroyed Cathy Neumann, but instead of just admitting that she had miss understood and move own. Instead they claimed that Peterson’s fans had gone at her and threatened her.. well SO what. He didn’t and he didn’t tell them too.. Who knows, Maybe BBC one did the Threatening themselves to save face. But another interviewer the next werk pointed out to him this and said they where his fans. The GQ woman basically told him it was his fault.. He told her quit quickly that 10 million people had watched it, he has about 2 million subscribers. He’s not responsible for policing them. Even worse than that he supposed to take blame for something a stranger said? Screw that, and people where upset he didn’t kneel saying It’s all my fault she looked stupid in the interview. Women are equal to men up till a stranger insult them and then it’s a man that has to save them? Wtf, oh yeah we are also supposedly to Always pay for the meal even if she reaches for her wallet.. those are alligator arms. ..Then I’m supposed to be sorry that no 6’ft 5 wide receiver isn’t dating them.. hint ladies, if you’re a 4 or 5 then you’re going to attract people that are 4s and 5s. Sorry you think the rules are different, but people dare in the spectrum.. if you have a 65 IQ, a smart guy he can’t talk to you so don’t think he wants to date you... just the wake up and stop thinking you’re special.. that’s what equality looks like.

    6. GoldRaider97 Gaming

      Welp now I have litterally seen everything when it comes to playing Doom. For christsake if playing it on a graphing calculator wasn't enough.

    7. Slaphappy Duplenty

      This format is corny.

    8. Joel Williams

      Dude is cringy asf

    9. Bidwellz9

      no one shops at gamestop

    10. mucxlx

      I wonder. Does a potato run out of juice? How many Watt-hours can you get out of it, and what happens to the potato when its empty? Can you recharge it?

    11. Bob Bobhouse

      I use brave browser

    12. Bob Bobhouse

      Because we all trust HUgets/google

    13. NinjaSpecter7

      It you’re banned on Facebook you can’t use the VR. Lame!

    14. shoulderBirb

      wow nice grift gamestop, is there a way to have less than no soul?

    15. KimJongWins

      This video is sponsored by Microsoft

    16. Stereo Entertainment

      I've been clickbaited....AND I DON'T EVEN MIND

    17. Bob Ross

      So you can’t use your hardware unless Zuck can spy on you and you can’t get music from your google music source. Welcome to the Democratic Party aka the new world order. Go globalism!

    18. WorldTravel1518

      5:53 PotatOS (GLaDOS): "So, how are you holding up? Because I'm a potato."

    19. WorldTravel1518

      4:49 IDK, maybe the second most used browser in the world, Microsoft Edge Chromium?

    20. WorldTravel1518

      1:59 Valve Index: "Am I a joke to you?"

    21. draco89123

      Edge is pretty good. Chrome just eats RAM. Firefox is pretty good too. Opera is good if you're okay with chinese spyware.

    22. Blair Jacobs

      I am conflicted by the next gen ps5. On one hand I feel. Let's get rid of physical disk spinny shit n reduce the cost so that we can have cheaper digital releases. On the other hand buying a used physical copy after 4 months at 50 to 70 percent its value or just bargain bin hunting for hidden gems would be non existent and that is half the fun of owning a console.

    23. Brett Hagey

      Microsoft needs to step in an impose VR standards, like they did with CD's

    24. austin podann

      Extra amount of background comment in this one lmao Linus-"Well, if you can't beat em just make the socket bigger" Background- "That's what my grandma used to say!"

    25. Levi van es

      Tip: there is a vanced version of youtube music

    26. Kody Nish

      Qanon is not stupid

    27. Aramis D'Nivra

      Funny that using captions shows Linus's name as "Lioness" each time it's pronounced...

    28. King

      Playstation is still going to sell more consoles. It's what they've always done.

    29. Untitled 1

      "Now it is time for the *BuTtQuAcKs* "

    30. Big -z

      I got a ps5 add before the video....🤣🤣🤣🤣 and a linus pulseway add at the end....

    31. Jaydub

      Force Google to sell Chrome 🤔? I must be missing something here but how would that help anything considering that Chrome, like some other notable browsers, and now recently Edge, is based off of Chromium. Chromium is open source. Unless they are saying to sell the business portion that involves Chrome? I still got questions lol. I think I will use my Chrome browser to google search why the feds want Google to sell Chrome to see if their anti-trust concerns make any sense. 😂.

    32. RockSolitude

      Microsoft are already trying to trick grandmas and parents with the Xbox Series S.

    33. Phillip Fiorentino

      I feel like this time the Xbox Series X will outsell the PS5. This isn't like PS4 dominating the market when the Xbox One was out and Microsoft made poor choices fixing it to be a $100 more than the PS4 and making you buy the camera bar, which next to no one wanted and even less people used. This time Microsoft has all the deals, a technically more powerful system, a merger with Gamestop, and they have the most competitive deal with their ultimate game pass. Sony is gonna have a very hard time competing with this since they are always too reserved and stingy with business. Microsoft is even taking a profit loss at the sales price of their new system, and they are clearly showing that the gamers and all their previous purchases are not invalid the second a new system comes out, which has been happening over the years on consoles. Now that's ended and meanwhile, sony just wants their newer system to have new features than the previous one. It's clear they don't really value the consumers as much as their product. Yikes! We will see, but mark my words, the Xbox SX will outsell the PS5.

    34. IG_WalkinTrees

      This looks like that Linus guy🧐

    35. Kian J

      From a business standpoint I understand why Google ditched Play Music and combined it into HUgets; from a customer's view however, I never liked Microsoft changing their product names as well as Google axing their services, there's no loyalty to speak of at all.

    36. Suzy Sixpack

      Sony put the Marxist violent symbol of blm on their platform canceling my account pz Sony . I’ll game on pc . Oh and Fck oculus

    37. Zidane Steiner

      Xbox will outsell Sony 2:1 this next gen

    38. Enzo

      QAnon is not violent 😂

    39. ViciousAlienKlown

      I'm thinking Xbox will sell better this gen.

    40. jat xe mo


    41. Gaming-Zombie13


    42. Matthew Palmer

      Firefox gang

    43. Kristiyan Dzhakov

      Why is every Linus video a clickbait?

    44. Amethyst Spark

      I've never been more disappointed in Microsoft in my life. Just let those scumbags die.

    45. Kristal Dawson

      Original xbox - 29 million units (number as of 2006) PS2 - 155 million (number as of 2012. These were harder to find. So dont count them) Xbox 360 - 84 million Units. Playstation 3 - 89 million units (and it came out AFTER the 360 and was way more expensive) Xbox one - estimated 50 million units Playstation 4 - 113 million units. (More than double) And now studies and interviews have been done that show that 72 percent of gamers who placed pre orders (or were planning on it but didnt get the chance to) are buying the PS5. I see many more Xbox Series X pre orders available than I do PS5. And PS5 pre orders sell out in seconds. While the series X lasts for quite some time. We will see

    46. Pablitos205

      I want see his face when sony sells more than microsoft 🤣🤣🤣

    47. pyronmasters

      Ahh gamestop, In the olden days, I went to buy a power brick for my PS2, it was $19.99, I wanted to trade in my PS2 with both controllers to get the PS3, they offered me $20 WITH the power brick.... so I joined eBay and Amazon to DESTROY those greedy bastards. It worked in the long run🤣🔥

    48. slandshark

      Chrome sucks, been using the new microsoft edge and it's SOOOO much better. Faster, less hungry for ram, and I legit keep 70+ tabs open and it doesn't mind at all.

    49. Clay pyrotech

      Who buys stuff from gamestop I haven't bought anything thing from gamestop since 2008 I have always gone to the local game store or meijer.

    50. Bingsta33

      Imagine having to give money to a dying company just to push your console more pretty sad and a little shady, just make games people want and they will buy your console not get employees to suggest something they may not agree with.

    51. Streamerlafe

      Sorry but the ps5 will not sell more consoles

    52. Killerspieler0815

      @TechLinked - This is why I avoid this account enforcement garbage when ever possible ! All this "Smart" stuff is made for the garbage dump.

    53. The LiftedStarfish

      Fun fact. I hate every one of the intros on this channel.

    54. pino de vogel

      90 day warrantee we laugh at that in the eu. 2 years if they like it or not.

    55. cesar brown

      Was this whole video a ad

    56. H Grimes

      HUgets is censorious, imagine that. Notice they're not kicking rioters off the platform?

    57. FatCatMedia

      Linus should go on Joe Rogan and test bench some shrooms.

    58. Ham

      Those intro jokes are getting stupider and stupider and are full blown cringy at this moment!

    59. Tobias Rieper

      Joystick drifting is not good, but in some games you have these effect, cause it belongs there. For example in Flight Simulator 2020, if you piloting a single engine plane, this machine will have a light drift to one side. Usually the planes drift to the right. So pls check your controller with a plane with 2 engines, or use another game. Another thing is, plug the controller in with a USB cable, then the console checks the driver of it. Maybe your Controller is not broken, it just runs on an old firmware.

    60. The Freakin'Bot

      They are trwins!

    61. lucid dream

      Clickbait. Tis tis tis. Tis tis tis.

    62. FireMrshlBill

      No idea why my CC is turned on, but glad that it refers to Linus as "Lioness".

    63. Mat's Play Time

      If your grandma buy’s you and Xbox series x Christmas than I’m gonna marry your grandma

    64. Michael Juliano

      Did Linus just BSoD on his sponsor segue?

    65. maruftim

      wait a minute, this isn't Linus, this is Lioness!

    66. Alex Crouse

      HUgets Music is hit garbage. First time i used it, it mixed non-music youtube videos into my music. GARBAGE.

    67. J Wag

      Firefox is all that matters... but they are often sellouts. Check out qutebrowser.


      how ironic firefox has turned into the new Internet Explorer of browsers. its clunky AF now. some website features don't even work when you're on firefox, so just to be safe i migrated to Brave. pretty sad really.

    69. Dre Dre

      Good clickbait. Thought he would address the recording of anything and being banned for saying God bless you to someone who sneezed because they can. Oh and bowing to the laws of the PRC govt (Peoples Repub of China).

    70. Civilized Anarchist

      Click bait, click bait, click bait.....unsubscribed.......👎

    71. RoboticusMusic

      I will never buy a Facebook product lmao They're like a bunch of leftwing terrorist racoons practicing eugenics on the world; in a trenchcoat. Privacy is the least bad thing Facebook does!

    72. Greg A

      Who goes to GameStop anymore.

    73. HaloFunGaming


    74. Sholities

      The HUgets Music App is utter garbage.

    75. Arismendy Almanzar Acosta

      "If you can't beat it, make your socket bigger" 🤣🤣🤣

    76. Svenska VargenTV

      bell botton dose not work anymore, dont get any mail about release from chanels.

    77. ukpauliogazzio

      Oculus & Facebook blocking people's accounts, even by accident, is *exactly* the reason why people don't want to use a Facebook account to use hardware!

    78. Ram Gupta

      Deepfake is so good.

    79. Juan Morales

      You should have a set up like the Lew Later tech news

    80. Gemayel Daniel

      Did i miss the ps5 news in the thumbnail and title ? Who did i get clickbaited😅

    81. Zan Jayna

      I foresee a number of Surfaces sneaking out the back door

    82. Oliver Grant

      youtube music suuuuuuuucks!!!i loved me google

    83. reneg8

      Lioness = Linus. The subtitles are on point. And its my new headcanon

    84. Kwistenbiebel200

      Enjoyable content!

    85. Quacktics are Go

      I'm very glad I jumped ship to Spotify a few years ago.

    86. Shooter Q

      Techlinked intros are getting increasingly aggressive...

    87. jacob bridgewater

      How will Google sell off an open source browser?

    88. Glycerin

      Linus should start his own social media platform, called "FaceLinked"

    89. Dan Shanks

      When I pick up my Ps5 I am canceling membership to gamestop/ebgames walmart will take my money now.

    90. Dr.Bluebox11

      The people probably got banned for their political affiliation.

    91. Alexander Jones

      why is there a guy shouting in the background again?

    92. Fractured Raptor

      Sony will sell more because they'll have good games coming. Microsoft not so much. That's been their biggest problem. If that changes I'll consider picking one up but until then I go where the games are. Just between every Playstation and PC I have a massive library to pick from.

    93. Daniel Dulu

      I wrote this on FireFox

    94. Friendly Salad

      with the amount of money they have if Microsoft wanted to be dicks they could destroy play station at any time.

    95. jo JO

      Having to create a Facebook account to use oculus quest, in the current year.

    96. The DBZ Collector

      🤣 they don't need luck 🤣

    97. Noctilent

      switched from chrome to firefox a year ago and its been great, fyi

    98. NeverForget1776

      A few grandmas? Its fools who support on line digital purchasing over physical products ( is that you Linus) that will lead to higher consumer prices and fewer consumer rights. If however your someone who prostitutes yourself out to Sony and Microsodt then I can see why you'd sell out the rest of us. NOTE: all of this is applicable only if Linus is promoting digital over physical.

    99. GOD

      Ban qanon videos and posts while leaving antifa videos and posts that do the exact same thing Talk about political bias..

    100. Liam Forlong

      i mean you could use brave its my favourite browser