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    0:00 Sarcasm much
    0:09 Epic Games Coalition
    1:04 Amazon Luna cloud gaming
    2:25 RTX 3090 launch
    3:34 Vessi Weekend Shoe
    4:04 QUICK BITS
    4:06 Alexa / Echo stuff
    4:36 Xbox Series X / S storage
    5:03 Windows XP source code leak
    5:26 L4D2 update / Rocket league F2P
    6:04 Tribeca Film Festival adds games
    Epic, Spotify, Tile, Protonmail, Basecamp team up in Coalition for App Fairness
    Facebook gets a deal techcrunch.com/2020/09/25/facebook-vs-apple-revisited/
    Amazon Luna cloud gaming service
    www.amazon.com/luna/landing-page - record video on this page
    Channels www.protocol.com/amazon-luna-cloud-gaming-subscriptions
    Runs on Windows, Nvidia T4 arstechnica.com/gaming/2020/09/amazon-luna-supports-existing-windows-games-on-turing-level-gpus/
    on iOS as web app www.theverge.com/2020/9/25/21455343/amazon-luna-apple-app-store-rules-cloud-gaming-streaming-google-nvidia
    Stadia workaround www.reddit.com/r/Stadia/comments/iqjlov/so_i_got_stadia_working_on_ios_not_clickbait_or/
    RTX 3090 launch… it’s 10% faster than 3080
    Pre-apologized for stock
    www.nvidia.com/en-gb/geforce/news/rtx-3090-out-september-24/ (highlight last paragraph)
    Big Navi coming imminently videocardz.com/newz/amd-sienna-cichlid-confirmed-as-navi-21-navy-flounder-is-navi-22
    Could be faster linustechtips.com/main/topic/1250563-big-navi-might-still-be-faster-than-the-3080/
    Ring indoor security drone + other Echo stuff
    Spherical Echo www.amazon.com/s?k=echo&ref=nb_sb_noss_2
    Ring Car Cam www.theverge.com/2020/9/25/21454772/amazon-ring-car-cam-traffic-stop-police-accountability
    Alexa can bark at intruders www.engadget.com/alexa-guard-plus-amazon-181027220.html
    Xbox 1TB expandable storage costs $220.. Series S is 73% storage
    Legacy Windows source code leaks
    Left 4 Dead The Last Stand valvesoftware/status/1309186922359656449
    Rocket League free to play
    Tribeca Film Festival adding games to official selections

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    1. Eric Johnson

      What brand t shirt are you rocking ?

    2. Connor Lim

      tim apple?

    3. Redz CAiiF

      U enter my house u follow my rules u enter apple house u follow apple rules if u dont like them dont go in apple house simple, i dont like apple a lot of times but im on their side this time

    4. Limboipa Grinds

      Hey guys! Newer tech channel here! New tech review uploaded almost every other day! I’ve broken my savings account for this. Come help me out!

    5. Lasky Labs

      Oh cool more game streaming services... Yeah... I want more of them... Sure... Yeah... Woooo... Yeeeee...

    6. FL4M3

      epic games: CIVIL WAR. chose your sides boys.

    7. Sir Dukingham

      lol and then apple was like "k"

    8. GoldenDoom

      I need spotify in korea

    9. Louis Philip

      2:41 The best line I've ever heard in my entire life.

    10. ThinkAboutThe Planet

      The Cartel for App Fairness is a group of well off companies that do not want to have to pay to use an ecosystem and hardware created by another company. Spotify is the number 1 music streaming service and Tile is not the only company with that product so. Rich whingers

    11. Commenter

      Well everyone takes a 30% cut! Androids Play Store, Sony’s Playstation Store...........! Well yeah some policies may not be competitive, but they need to stop blaming Apple so hard hard on that, while everyone does it!

    12. Minecraft Noob

      Now imagine if you got Luna included with Twitch Prime. THAT would increase Twitch's gamer population by over 50% and it would be 5Head move.

    13. Raditude

      4:15 activated my Echo Show.

    14. jessymotion pictures


    15. Zach B

      Apple has every right to take a commission

    16. TECK CITY

      I love it when this guy delivers the tech news❤️😍😂😂😂

    17. J. Smith

      Me as a rocket league player Riley: "what a save!" Is not a compliment You ruined all the fun

    18. FreakyDude

      I don't know if these companies are stupid at this point.... Apple just turned themselves into the same thing as a console at this point... Their services are bundled with their hardware system with no outside legal means to access them to other devices... They have not sold their software for a long time and even that was only for computers before the current app store based on ios.... Again not for the devices thus the app store of current generations... the one that they are claiming on, only exist in all closed system devices... If this claim has some grounds at all then homebrews would sue microsoft and sony as well for the same thing on their consoles... That is how stupid the claims are... android is at fault for being open source thus these claim would have a ground if they pulled the same stunt as apple but they were open from the beginning with all the warnings to make sure to cover their backs.... so these companies (wolves in sheeps clothing) could cry wolf all they want but the apple sheeps have this in the bag in my view... Fuck epic fuck apple sheeps... You guys are the reason we can't get actual good things.... same with samsung craps....

    19. Nenemon

      Apple could just reduce their tax to 29.999999999999% commission instead 😂

    20. Emeraude

      Let me get this straight.. the dude tried to make Bill Gates look by a bad person with his conspiracy bs... while doing something that is, without a doubt messed up, by releasing something that would leave many business/organizations vulnerable to attacks... some people.

    21. codybroken

      Riley put so much into this episode he dropped his phone

    22. xXDotar SojatXx

      Yeah, AMD cards might be faster than Nvidia, but are they going to be more stable?

    23. Jacob Zeiner

      Riley did not mention Kiki Wolfkill .. get ready for all the feminists quotes " you're sexist " :D

    24. HeelTaker7

      Although I do get the joke, “What a save!” here in OCE is, believe it or not, more often used genuinely than sarcastically...I guess we are just more chilled here 😎

    25. Seth Savage

      YEAH why pay to use your platform, that you provided to us when there was nothing like it before?! It's not like you provide the hardware as well, that you maintain for years so that users can enjoy our games and apps! We'll sue you!

    26. Jedy

      Anybody know the glasses he's putting on, i wanna buy em. Thanks

    27. assassinate241

      I want the weekend shoe so bad OMG I want to scream like Riley did when he put his foot on the desk but for a good reason not like when I scream now and it's usually in pain because I hit a nail

    28. EthanMorris

      epic needs backup trying to network rocket league, they’ve played this terribly

    29. Dalton

      Maybe if they win they could take on Google since they're not that much less bad.

    30. Unity__

      Lets gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo we've got air support

    31. Vessi

      Major shoutout for going all out on your promo - we heard that phone drop, hope everything is okay... 😬😂

    32. Pattern Whisperer

      Except the 30% cut isn't whats killing the competition and smaller companies/devs argue about and every f***ing ape here eats into this

    33. senorchewie

      I can tell Siri to record too. I don’t need Amazon to do it.

    34. Antonio !

      Apple and Epic games be like: It's free real estate....no it's free advertising.

    35. Gammal

      That Epic AND Spotify even dare think that they stand for freedom of choice and fair use is ridiculous in its own right. But hey, the enemy of my enemy, and all that...

    36. speadskater

      Isn't negative latency just Netplay? Slippi, the melee online client uses this.

    37. Sypheur27

      I don't really care if fortnite comes back to iOS I just wanna see how the lawsuit ends

    38. Tim E.

      Hey its Monday guys where's that tech news at 😐

    39. Cricket England

      All the consortium needs to do is remove all their apps from the App Store and set up their own App Store then Apple will really loose out.

    40. tiktok toyatoya

      Epic and Spotify both partly owned by Tenceb🔥

    41. Papa Grounds

      Pre-apology: "We need to talk."

    42. Claudiu Grigore

      and ca booomm luna wat !!!! caca pu pu !!! that is, after I subscribe 6$ to the service, I also subscribe to the evri per game as a channel, but in about $ 2 per month ... helll no !!! I propose to return to the base !!! the best version of the classic media store that also had dvd movies and music and pc games and console games + other accessories A CLASSIC STORE WITH PHYSICAL THINGS !!! that's disappointing luna caca ! unbelievable per for evi chanel / game / ridicilos upsine :-( elvis has left the building !!! and its gone !!! pupupu !!! and its goooone .. out of the bool parc luna game portal !! in the uk store exist cecx and game !!! uk.webuy.com/search/?superCatId=3 www.game.co.uk/ they are still with us ... an in ro there are a few more around us !!! for the normal store . tha end !! :-! ! ? ! ...

      1. Claudiu Grigore

        @Rob nop ... it si gooon amazone luna perpel blablabal. spuf . per canale per month 2 per game per month ! get it goone it left tha bilbing .

      2. Rob

        wtf is this spam

    43. Tuuli

      Spotify: **has managed to lower the share of their revenue paid as royalty by over 20% since 2011** "Artists should be making new music instead of complaining about our cut" Also Spotify: "Apple's cut is so unfair to poor us boohoo"

    44. Just A Fan

      Don’t care, still hate epic.

    45. Exit0ne

      Riley If you want to learn the duplication spell, stay awhile and listen!

    46. one guy

      I obviously want devs to get their fair pay. But this way of forcing a company to lower its prices thru lawsuit and intimidation sets a bad precedence for the future.

    47. Mubashir Ul Haq

      Riley ma man!!! Gimme a high 5!

    48. Roshan

      Ok now update windows XP so it can use all the modern apps since we have the source code

    49. Roshan

      Even creditcards don’t ask for 30%

    50. gameflux

      Great ! Another game streaming service !

    51. Luke M

      The 30% cut isn’t really that big amount of income for Apple. They could lower it. Though if they did. They’d complain more and request it lowered, again and again. It is a situation where you have to stick to your guns. Arguably the idea that way Amazon pays less is bullshit. But at the same time they went a smarter route. They talked to a board member, not forcibly request.

    52. Daken-dono

      If Big Navi does put out better performance or at least competitive performance with the 3080, then I don't mind the card having a power draw like their old titan killer. This generation of cards are guzzlers anyway, people better future-proof.

    53. Daken-dono

      Isn't Spotify exploiting their artists and are known for Kotaku levels of being SJW? Doesn't seem like a good ally to have to prove a point against whatever Epic is trying to paint Apple as the bad guys.

    54. Bruno Lucena

      Left 4 dead????? I look to my son -> weel his about 10 years old now... My head: So... FFfffffck It's been 10 YEARS!!!!

    55. dravid decoteau

      Hey this is a reminder to pick your phone up

    56. John E

      Spotify has enough problems 😂😂 bunch for censoring twats! lol

    57. DctrGizmo

      If Amazon can release Luna via a web app on iOS, Microsoft should the same for xCloud.

    58. bzacon

      Stan LOONA

    59. David Eltz

      Between home drones and omnipresent Alexas, Amazon's starting to feel a lot more like Skynet these days.

    60. Rômulo Ruas

      Nvidia used Google negative latency technology to apologize before the 💩 happened.

    61. NonsensicalVids

      Amazon go up against stadia I mean is that a challenge, maybe microsoft with project xcloud

    62. fezlsezl 17

      6:00 damn, he knows his stuff

    63. Henkecool15

      Damn, this episode was funnier and better than (the extremely good) usual!

    64. Jake Passafiume

      the 3090 is designed for 8k gaming, thats why it has 24 gigs of v-ram. dont buy it for 4k gaming its a waste if money

    65. MrSandman127

      Thumbs up if you play RL with a mouse and keyboard!

    66. Oscar Medina

      Xbox: "you can only use our proprietary ssd." Gamers: "Tf that's dumb who would do such a thing!" Sony ps vita: *sweats nervously*

      1. Will Wunsche

        Yeah and proprietary expensive memory cards are arguably a major factor that killed the ps vita. Xbox should be nervous

    67. Tyler Leutner

      My smart devices were going off like crazy this episode lol

    68. ashmasterc

      This is my favorite episode I've watched.

    69. sheivon gamboa

      we want leak windows 7 source code...

    70. Burger Buddy

      I dont get this whole freedom of apps stuff, like seriously your using apples platform. If your gonna get this upset about somewhere around 10% of your million dollar profits just make your own phone.

    71. Akai

      3:39 Did he just drop his phone?

    72. Someoneelse

      Apple store should get 10% of the price of any app downloded from their store, but they should not get anything for in app purchase or subscriptions, that's a transaction between me and the app provider.

    73. BlueIceC4

      I do not understand their problem. If they can bundle as apple. Or they can try their own OS ... it is not forbidden ^^ - they should shut up and pay ...

    74. Tarso

      your mustache is ashamed and wants to run away

    75. Thomas Corrigan

      I love how he puts a waterproof phone in the shoe tho at 3:50

    76. DCMK

      THIS IS THE ONLY WAR I LOVE the longer the war the more free games

    77. Richard Russell

      "...taking fellow cloud STORAGE giants....." ???

    78. Ronjon Capul

      I really like the streaming game service specially the game pass, too bad our country is not available and we have trash ISP, because all ISP in my country is a trash, they may have different names but they provide the same service.

    79. Gg_launtis _67-The Golden Slime

      yeah videogames are art, take undertale

    80. Miles Finch

      It looks stuck on!

    81. JM TM

      Nice episode!

    82. EddiexElite

      Spotify started the trend lol

    83. Mahfuj -The Tech Nerd

      Only If "Steve Jobs" Were Alive Today...😢

    84. FAT BEARD

      Steam and Linux gaming needs to get their shit together. I'm not mad at them just feel like it is getting way behind.

    85. Ben W

      I hope Xbox cloud comes to iPad

    86. Ozzymand

      So far Nvidia is the only good cloud gaming platform.

    87. Just a random idiot on the internet

      No one's talking about the fact that corsair went public 3 days ago

    88. PicsBoson

      3:14 Codenamed Sienna Cichlid and Ned Flanders

    89. Drew Patterson

      Mark my words we are about to see L4D3 VR

    90. Ye Liang

      I'd be a lot more sympathetic to Epic if they actually passed the 30% savings to customers but you know that's never going to happen.

    91. N G

      Apple banned Spotify payments because it competes with apple music

    92. Sandesh Maharjan

      *mobile drops* sad beeping noises

    93. Il Cuggino Canadese

      Hey google, bark like a dog...

    94. Balasubramaniam Natarajan

      If we could draw a Venn diagram TechNews is 80% about Computer/Console Games or Graphics cards which might make your games look better. It would be good if that could be toned down a bit to under 20 to 15 % so that we will really know what's going on.

    95. Raxcental Ruthenta

      Uhg. Bill gates isn't even part of Microsoft anymore. Hasn't been for a long while. I wish this misconception would stop getting perpetuated.

    96. G K

      Echo, meow. *does various meows.* Echo bark like a dog. *woof woof woof.* Echo, but can you beep beep like a sheep? "I'm sorry I don't know how to do that."

    97. PocketDrummer

      L4D fans: Can we please have an update? Valve: ....... L4D fans: PLEASE? Valve: ........... L4D fans: Fuck it, we'll make it ourselves. Valve: Approved.

    98. Lawrence

      No mention of new unbreakable glass storage device... 🤔

    99. Colin Girvan

      Can I just say, Riley's attitude towards life is something I strive to achieve.... Like my guy how do you do it????

    100. how was that not a headshot

      the negative latency joke had me laughing for over 2 minutes