Sony announces Eye of Sauron (PS5)


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    Playstation 5
    Thought it was going to look like this
    Announced Lockhart before Xbox
    Memes plante/status/1271199588804853765
    Spider-man: Miles Morales
    JK it’s an expansion
    JK it’s a standalone game insomniacgames/status/1271468232881422336
    Many of them coming to PC
    Other not-E3 announcements
    Star Wars: Squadrons on Xbox home page
    Microsoft limits access to facial recognition without federal regulation
    Based on research:
    Apple removes podcast apps after requests from Chinese govt
    Pocket Casts pocketcasts/status/1270875436671614976
    Zoom adds blocking features at request of Chinese govt
    OpenAI starts selling its AI text generator
    Stadia is now available on almost every Android phone
    Could have tried out the leaked Gods and Monsters demo
    Hey Snapchat, make my hair pink
    Internet Archive ends National Emergency Library program
    0:00 Linus gets booed off stage
    0:23 PS5 unveiled
    2:04 Other Gaem announcements
    3:00 Facial Recognition is so over
    3:43 Private Internet Access
    4:16 QUICK BITS
    4:23 China censorship
    4:47 OpenAI selling itself
    5:15 Stadia stuff
    5:44 Snapchat voice
    5:59 Internet Archive avoids lawsuit?
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      THE PS5 IS A ICE CREAM SANDWICH. I don't think gta 6 is coming out for at least 15 years.

    2. Ess Cee !

    3. Kalessin

      The dev kit looked way better.

    4. MooN

      Demon Souls......Demon Souls.

    5. 2020

      ginger lives matter

    6. Glenopolis

      5:50 filter not "fiter"

    7. Zagisa

      "and while it might be hard for pc games to admit, they all look sweet" -Looks like few years old pc game

      1. 7503anthony

        Pc is shit they only have thousands of copy paste platform garbage... Any game worth playing always come to console anyways console is better

    8. hangm4n

      This add read got me to finally get a VPN again after using Tunnelbear. Thanks, the 40$ year deal is actually good value and my internet is 10% slower with 2ms slower ping - completely acceptable for anonymity from my ISP. What encryption settings should I use?

    9. Chrisson Acaylar

      finally! this guy is hosting.

    10. crazedcorgi

      i hope the black box comes back on the ps5 pro.

    11. Sanket

      I guess it looks awesome

    12. Albus Dumbledore

      No one should buy gta v .

      1. Rob

        @Albus Dumbledore They got billions of dollars of profit from GTA V. They sure as heck won't stop pushing GTA V. And you telling 0.001% GTA players on TechLinked comments won't do anything.

      2. Albus Dumbledore

        @Rob so rockstar would be disappointed and realize that no one wants to play gta v. We want Gta VI

      3. Rob


    13. Dustin Provost

      Yeah that facial recognition tech is *SUPPOSED* to disproportionately flag women and POC lol. The evil tech giants are just jumping ahead of a PR flub. They would love to put us all in chains of servitude and oppression and are working feverishly to do it. POC especially are already oppressed and blamed for everything so why not just use them first? I mean, the tech execs are pedophiles, racists, sexists, etc. It's their wet dream. They just need more solid support from the domestic, Chinese, and Russian governments before they make their final moves. Think it's all a conspiracy theory? Just f!@king look at their behavior for the past decade and use at least three of your brain cells.

    14. Gerry Adams

      Actually it’s just an ugly router 👊🏻

    15. Lester Toeaina

      Love this show!!!

    16. MegaShmoot

      I like this guy

    17. Erik Andreas

      Its always funny watching the sheep get excited about shitbox consoles or crapple devices😂

    18. Jak Dan

      Wow that beer belly and gross dirty shirt... so professional.

    19. Erick García

      David performs really well in this format

    20. basilis gkotsis

      No Xbox No Ps but Yes Pc and Yes Nintendo switch for now

    21. airattack 88

      Maybe turn the exposure down a tad

    22. Maxime Di Meglio

      Your videos look unsaturated to my eyes, is it just me ?

    23. Jayson Cowan

      Where you been hiding this guy. He is like a buff Linus. And what’s with the ginger obsession at this company?

    24. LiK

      Is David the biggest dude working there

    25. darren brackenbury

      We need more of the new guy PLEASE

    26. Benjamin Hausmann

      He still Think ea will be do something Good 🤣😂😆

    27. Shane Kräuchi

      I'll getchya. And you're gonna faaalll!

    28. Alex Biohazardous

      David is hot. More of him please

    29. Vaughne

      David's segways to sponsors are way smoother than linus' #replace linus XD jk you're awesome linus

    30. Amanda Pemberton

      I hear Area 51 are waiting for the PS5 release date to start work on reverse-engineering it for PCs. They even have an alien from Oddworld to help translate Mark Cerny's GDC presentation.

    31. _drk-.-h

      What annoys me more...something bad, or everyone on youtube talking about how bad it is as if they're the only ones talking about how bad it is...?

    32. DoctorX17

      I don't like the PS5 look either... The Xbox is kinda boring, but it's not bad

    33. Jorge Álvarez

      5:36 Is BQ alive?!?!?! What? It would be awesome.

    34. Archer

      Men who wear nose rings like getting pegged: Change My Mind.

    35. mark swishersweets

      just going to wait until they drop the "pro" versions of the consoles. no reason to go out and rush for these new toys this Christmas.

    36. ETO统帅叶文洁

      what was the box thrown at Linus at 00:13?

    37. Skyler Cook

      Hehe beautfiul

    38. Mahesh Velayudhan

      Man, I never thought I will be hearing about DU in techlinked.

    39. John M. Ungerleider

      I love pcs. I just dropped 1350 on a surface laptop 3 with an i7. But I have to admit I've spent so much time on my ps4, I can't not be excited for PS5

    40. Ron R.

      PS5 emits Eye of Sauron Marketing: It's a feature! Me: Well, I for one, welcome our new dark Overlords!

    41. johnny ulate

      He is not as funny as Rilley

    42. Faizan Ullah Khan


    43. J Z

      Lmao put this guy on more often

    44. Ginger beard

      In my opinion I really like how the PS5 looks.

    45. Ben J

      5:07 I thought his nose ring fell off lol

    46. DauntingKitty

      Is it me or does this guy have incredibly small hands

    47. Valaraz

      Dawn begins when the sun starts rising, David, so it is darkest just before there dawn, David. David? Are you listening to me David? David!

    48. Rolando Rodriguez

      Wow sexy guy! Haha

    49. Paul Texter

      Other Gaem announcements, u got an error in the one integrated timestamp

    50. Wolfsokaya

      Using AI for Reddit moderation? At some places it cant be worse then the ones doing it now. :]

    51. Rajhiem Daniels Public

      Fck y’all bih

    52. pinghajen

      At least the PS5 isn't just a box

    53. saulo sobral

      Damn... David is hot!

    54. Things & Happiness

      Not gonna lie, love the design.

    55. James Porter

      The ai text generation was not harmful at all. It's sad to see LTT complicit in this kind of bull. Sad to say this will be my first downvote

      1. Rob

        How do you know? Downvoted.

    56. deedas

      The only thing I could focus on during this whole video was that metal bugger in his nose.

    57. deedas

      So this is what the plebs are going to slumming in the next 5 years? At least the Xbox 4 looks better.

    58. Pizza Sub

      5:50 spelling mistake, supposed to be filter not fiter

    59. Zaw T

      A sailor...?

    60. Zak

      I use pocket cast for my podcast and i LOVE it. I like it even more know that they are standing up to that BS!

    61. TwistedSouL

      Tim’s Weeny.

    62. Savvy Gadgetz

      The PS5 looks like an over stuffed folder!

    63. Genes Gene

      i can tell you love beer

    64. Duncan

      "other gaem announcements"

    65. VanPhoenix

      Excuse me, It`s horizon one dawn now

    66. origionalwinja

      we need to get away from big brother int he first place. the government shouldn't have access to anything like this ever, with or without regulation!

    67. Bread Senpaiii

      2:12 other gaem announcements 😂😂😂

    68. Hobbit

      i dare anyone to find a ceo that tells his employees to throw stuff at him and record it to put it on the internet lol

    69. Tanpopo-sama

      David Gauthier is such an excellent and communicative host! Keep him around _please._

    70. Psymøn

      TIL that Microsoft, Amazon and IBM all have facial recognition. I thought only Facebook did it as well as that company that has databases of all our faces that got leaked or whatever. Huhhhh. Well, thanks TechLinked for that info.

    71. Kylixion _

      No fiter can fix that face. Sorry

    72. Abhi Supreem

      Why that guy in background shouting

    73. Stan804

      Linus the PS5 is bullsh*t. It’s a limited non upgradable computer, so PC FTW!!

    74. vampov

      4:23 what is up with you kids thinking it's totally cool for Apple and Zoom to bow down to a evil country like communist China. It's almost as pathetic as Google who refuses to work with the DoD but is more than happy to work with Communist China (military) by helping to produce AI. There is nothing to celebrate that these USA companies sell out to this evil power that tortures and imprison people that speak out of line, has concentration camps, forced sterilizations, organ harvesting of political dissidents.

      1. Rob

        Are you really that dense? They aren't celebrating it???

    75. vampov

      2:58 These big companies are such a bunch of hypacrits. So they talk about how they suddenly care about law enforcement using facial recognition software. But google, amazon, and microsoft won't think twice about tracking you, listening to your conversations and using that data against you.

    76. Ismael Aguilar

      No wonder non gamers see gamers as dorks and childish . I couldn't watch the entire video...

    77. Thomas Allen

      Who is this guy? Lame. Can't finish watching.

    78. Travis

      Kinda think it’s smart. Sleek design but not sacrificing cooling. Probably quiet and will look cool on the self under the 4K. Haters gonna hate

    79. 2FAB4U

      Is it possible to be less fake?

    80. Efren Agan

      Oowwh V is like roman numeral 5? So they want PS5 to look like V?

    81. CMDR Mawortz


    82. Patrick Collins

      Can someone please explain why a PC gamer would buy an Xbox over a PlayStation?

    83. CaptainHorn

      Oh man, that's what Neo-Amish Linus looks like!

    84. sk8gamer

      o t h e r. g a m e. a n n o u n c e m e n t s .

    85. Brandi Raine

      when the people who are never on camera, show why theyre never on camera

    86. DA Master

      Is that this nerd that everyone used to hate? I dont hate him as much now with the new haircut and trimmed beard ,He gets a Pass but disliking something when you are new is not how to do it. Tone down the nerdness bc we already have a fav nerds.

    87. TheReddeadmovie

      i think it looks good but hope they come in different colors

    88. Kepler

      “Better than a weird shaped v pizza holder dev kit” *luke crying face*

    89. Alan Acevedo

      I thought it looked like the Eye of Sauron too!!😂

    90. Maximus Crown

      Davids' voice is so animated. He should be doing more presenting.

    91. Al Capwn

      If Facial Recognition isn't "as good" (I'd like to see what the disparity is in figures) with women and ethnic minorities then factor that into the algorithm, and increase the margin of error factor accordingly so the point at which the police are notified about a "person of interest" is equal in terms of outcome

    92. Will Palmer

      Meh at leased it doesn’t look like a brick 💁and all the new Xbox has going for it is halo which no one even cares about anymore sooooooo have fun on a dead system with very little games 🤗 ps5 exclusives look amazing

    93. Daniel Rodrigues

      Best presenter ever. Please make it to be allways him

    94. k680B

      all people thinking that i'm - as a pc gamer - mad about ps5 exclusives bitch, my pc has been XSX level performance for 2 years now, so i can easily buy PS5 instead of upgrading my graphics card or CPU i'm not mad about ps5 exclusives, i'm laughing cause you think i am mad

    95. jay wyse

      So they stop it's use because being able to identify white people wasn't it's intended use.😒 Your vague description left that wide open.🤔

    96. Craig Carpenter II

      Because everyone knows that governments enforcing copyrights is totally capitalist.

    97. Jaco Oosthuizen

      Console looks cool!

    98. Remy Jordan

      Imagine: Its 2025. You're getting pulled over. A community representative approaches to let you know you have a taillight out. They don't need your license and registration, they don't write you a fix-it ticket. You're back on the road in less than five minutes. You swing by the store and grab a new light, not because you're afraid of what the city will do to you, but because you respect your community and know that having all your lights working is part of the driving privilege. Your neighbors got into a loud spat a few weeks ago and without fear or hesitation, called a domestic assistance number. A counselor arrived and was able to talk the couple down and suggest solutions for their disagreement. No one was hurt, the kids participated in the discussion, and it's been quiet ever since. Your friend has been struggling with addiction and you fear they might be a danger to themselves or others. You call a substance abuse specialist and they talk you through ways to help your friend get treatment. They offer to send an agent out to speak with your friend directly and provide information on harm reduction centers in your area. Black and brown people are no longer being exploited through tickets and fines to pay for police. Trust is slowly being fostered in the community. Teachers are being paid a living wage and students are being given more time, attention, and education. Books are up to date and classrooms are optimized to keep up with technology. Trump is out of office. It’s been a very long time since the name of a murdered black person was used as a hashtag. Casual racism is no longer tolerated. The KKK has been classified as a terrorist organization. The Confederate flag isnt flown and has been removed from any official state flags or insignias. Most Confederate monuments have been taken down and placed in storage or museums. You trust the investigation force to deal with crime the same way you trust firefighters to put out fires. That's what 'defund the police' looks like. What we've seen in the last few weeks shows how overreaching and power-drunk many officers are. We asked too much of them and then called them heroes despite evidence to the contrary. We let them think that they could get away with anything, including murder. Its time for change. Copy and Paste This

    99. Iolite

      Didn’t these guys also make the facial recognition China uses on its citizens? Do we actually think they care about how it’s used in the US? Or are they avoiding bad press...

    100. SimGunther

      3:38 Let's hope companies and the 3 letter agencies get more than a slap in the wrist if they violate those "regulations" for the sake of *MUH JUSTICE!!!*