New GPUs!? I'm AMPED!


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    1. A. Chin

      The lineup goes like this: the Nvidia GeForce GTX 10 Series is great for 1080p, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 20 Series is great for 1440p, and the Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 Series will be great for 2160p(4K).

    2. John

      The 3090 is a twin gpu card , the cooler with the opposing fans is a 3090 only cooler for that twin gpu card That is why you’ll notice there is NO Sli socket on the leaked 3080 cards.

    3. Silver

      Go watch it on disney plus IT S U C K S

    4. Chris Benn

      Ohhh so the camera on the new iPhone SE is the same as in the old iPhone 8?! :-(

    5. Brett Jones

      Where has Linus gone?! I tuned in and was presented with an old bearded dude, I mean it sounded like Linus but.....can that fuzzy guy really be him!

    6. Roberto Gonzalez

      LMFAO @E-Sports comment, actually made me chuckle out loud... Love u, Linus!!!!!

      1. Roberto Gonzalez

        Wow, and this was only the beginning!!! LOLOLOL One of the funniest vids I remember seeing in a while... ah, good times!

    7. Luis

      linus doesn't look punky any more aww

    8. Toast Army

      my wallet isnt amped

    9. Trajce Drvodelecot

      linus hot af wit dat beard.

    10. wh

      get rid of that guy talking in the background

    11. SoggyWaffles1984

      This is the first TechLinked I have seen and has me ROTFLMAO Love it :)

    12. John !

      Linus: says "pandemic" once.... HUgets: DEMONITIZED!!!!! NO MONEY FOR YOU! FAKE NEWS!

    13. Ammon Mckay

      Like the just woke up look haha

    14. 1ipodworld

      Yes but, Can it run crysis Remastered ?

    15. William Joseph B.J. Blazkowicz

      How many channels does Linus haveeee ?!?!

    16. HydroViperKing

      He’s waiting for a dollar shave club sponsorship

    17. HydroViperKing

      Is this another Linus channel?

    18. ArkaynAdrian

      "It is a bad movie and no one should see it" Yep 100%, a once great franchise that is now a mockery of itself.

    19. Ray Gaf

      Who the hell is that guy that keeps talking in the background??

    20. Saif Ob

      Fire the asskisser please

    21. Saif Ob

      Please fire the asskisser

    22. Saif Ob

      Please fire the asskisser

    23. Noud van Gemert

      pandamic situmulation? (00:25)

    24. Alex Dodge

      They're doing the thing where the cameraman talks the whole time! So authentic!

    25. Beck

      This new 6mm beard makes Linus look faster and stronger! I wonder how the cooling performance is.

    26. ASMR Klotz

      The funniest part was that after the video ended I immediately got a post video add for star wars episode 9

    27. Eric Mann

      Loved the background commentary, especially yelling "IT SUCKS!" in the end LOL

    28. Samuel Schwager

      Linus woke up like this.

    29. patriotpaul

      Thank Godness most of the USA is Back To Work! Woo Hoo! We did lose 400 out of 6.1 million in my state to the "panderimic" tho! Hopefully NYC and Cali, Maine and Illinois citizens will get their states open someday when they are absolutely 100% safe and secure and all the people are tested and tracked !

    30. Diaperpoopman

      Linus please keep the beard it makes you look less like a lesbian

    31. ThatInsuranceGuy

      Louis nutted at the SE news

    32. Slice of Cheese

      So I should wait if I’m looking build a new pc

    33. HavenPlays

      I love announcements of announcements of announcements!

    34. Frank wo1fer

      Just hearing 3080 is a pure laugh for me Nevermind the fact that I am sitting with my rx 580

    35. Solve Everything

      based linus giving the truth to the people

    36. N E B U L A

      cant wait for the ampere going to release .Now i can save money to buy Gtx550 ti

    37. CobraFeelTheHeat

      is linus depressed?

    38. WespectRamen

      I love the Riley and Linus dynamic. Riley was great during the Linus roast. His delivery was on point 👌

    39. TSM Esports Racing

      Lol I didn’t recognise him lol 😂

    40. Neil Sen

      Legend has it he now lives inside the tunnelbear.

    41. WhatAmIDoing

      My boy is looking good.

    42. Aritra Banerjee

      "May the 14th" be with you 😆😆

      1. KrispyPencil

        Ur defo a wrongun

    43. Nogardtist

      AMPER Amputate your wallet

    44. Anjim Shafique

      Your wife married you for your passport you dumb shit .

    45. Sumbody Real

      They are trying to drag it out. but this war will be over soon. Computers can only get so small untill physics change and computers as we know will be gone

    46. WiTey

      I was about to get a Zotac GTX 1080ti Mini for 320$ NEW and then I see this....

    47. Bobtheconqueror 42

      I don’t understand why everyone hates Star Wars episode 9

    48. TaidaDave

      Linus acting skills are comparable to Michael Scott's I mean his role

    49. beaR

      Why is Asmongold on Techlinked?

    50. piece of wood

      Linus downloaded more beard

    51. Kyle K.

      that background commentary was pretty weak

    52. Flynn 10

      How can linus have better beard growth then ksi

    53. TheSparky1942

      I hope they drop the prices.. If they do I'll buy one.. If not.. I'll wait to see what AMD have to offer..

    54. vu3aym

      Linus: 2nm will surely make 7nm process a little self-conscious Intel: *crying in its bedroom* I'm the fattest processor in the market...

    55. Gea Sih

      I'm not buying any GPUs until EUV 5nm process

    56. TonkarzOfSolSystem

      Am... "pier"?

    57. Jimmie Wilson

      “And now its time for our sponsor” *quadruple clicks*

    58. Mike Adams

      I'm loving the rugged Linum

    59. Micro Tasker

      I'm oot.

    60. Jose Gonzalez

      Son of a.... I literally just bought an RTX 2080 TODAY! after months of saving and working 44 of 45 days (I think, I lost count after 41)

    61. Jason

      Think I shall be waiting for my new build thn.

    62. Obi Nargothrond

      Damn daddy

    63. Imad Qadri

      JUNE 14THhhh In the ps4 xD

    64. Xanelyne Storm

      Meanwhile intel still stuck on double digit nm.

    65. xxxToTheKnees

      So I’m making a computer and my parts are already bought they are just shipping right now I bought a RTx 2070super I’m not much of a pc guy this would be my first build should I wait or would it matter cuz I’m quite sure prices decrease when new things come out I would also appreciate some help if someone has time

    66. lorenzoo90

      So around 2011-2014 TSMC Was R&Ding of 4nanometer but with a priority into 8nanometer R&D

    67. Trysten Hemmah

      Why is someone talking in the background?

    68. mr. chair2157

      i like linus with a beard

    69. Abner Balboa

      2:15 pruhsessuh

    70. TheTargetlockon


    71. Taifun Wenger

      He Looks a little Bit Like a nerd Eminem

      1. TonkarzOfSolSystem

        Eminem is a nerd Sorry you had to find out this way

    72. Allan Chow

      his leather jacket would match your 15 year old ear rings.

    73. martinman04

      linus looks like a bum now!

    74. Vurze

      Linus and me now have something in common. We both grow beards during pandemics, but, only peach fuzz outside of it.

    75. Casual Mime

      Star wars 7-9 are actually the most intelligent in the entire series. It just requires a larger IQ to appreciate them.

    76. True or False

      Why Linus is everywhere?

    77. Lucas Jones

      LInus, you should always have a few drinks before a filming!

    78. Scott D

      Pandemic silver lining... this show is going places.

    79. Gabriel Prandini

      "pandemic sitimulation"? What does that mean??

    80. Busybay

      Do they ever sell any of their extra parts??

    81. Alpaca

      I liked solely because of the comment about that shit show of a movie.

    82. Amaroq Starwind

      Shave, man!

    83. NaecoHK

      I hope there is something like this every month, talk about what's new, what is going on with the tech world, any new tech products and ect.

    84. Ahmadullah Gamer

      Kind of good news

    85. Paolo Roy

      "kickflips?" Really? Nice.

    86. ༒Gorm Auslander༒

      You can't really say "X atoms wide". That's like saying "it's about as wide as 3 buildings". They aren't all the same size.

    87. RageFireBullets

      I’m looking to upgrade my rx480 4gb to a rtx 2060 super. Should I wait for the 3000 card to come out?

    88. IntoTheVortex

      I can smell his segues a mile away nothing a quick double tap on video doesn't solve to FF past it 👍

    89. barfbangboom

      I’m here for the beard 😍

    90. 王昱博

      Damn, just bought my EVGA 2080ti. Bad timing🤦🏻‍♂️

    91. Brad the Jew

      Whoever that is being so energetic in the background needs a pay raise

      1. Sniper916

        Its literally his job to talk to linus while they are filming. ITS CRINGE

    92. Lillian Niffelheim

      all the new uploads have been so fun.

    93. Fendoroid

      Linus with 14 mm beard process

    94. Reza Lutfi Al'ayyubi

      P A N D E M I C S T I M U L A T I O N

    95. georhodium Geo

      I’m excited for 0nm.

    96. Preston Tucker

      Lol cyberpunk at 4K60. Not with all these refreshes... *ba dumm chhh drum role

    97. Stormfelt

      Linus somehow looks younger with that beard, just like to point that out

    98. Daniel Riley

      The Star Wars bit was right on point. Nine was absolutely terrible. Well 7, 8, and 9 were all bad.

    99. 3d illusions

      I thought this was supposed to be a tech channel. So why aren't they using robots with monitor heads to live stream co hosts?!? The world has gone mad.

    100. ryekia

      Soooo nvidia is releasing another gpu that will cost 200$ more than anything amd has with 10% of gain.