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    0:00 No nonsense
    0:19 Apple switched because Skylake sucked
    1:27 Apple approves Hey email app
    2:23 Facebook to label nasty posts
    3:21 Displate
    4:03 Intel Xe graphics pictured
    4:25 Microsoft closing stores
    4:46 Pixel 4a + Sabrina coming soon
    5:14 TikTok's grabbing clipboard info
    5:34 AI actors are real
    Apple switched to ARM because Skylake sucked
    Dr. Ian Cuttress’ take
    Apple definitively approves Hey email app for the App Store with free option
    Facebook to follow Twitter’s lead, label deceptive posts after ad boycott
    Social media is calling out lazy posting
    Ooooh look at that big Xe chip
    previously: Rajaontheedge/status/1256248747022942209
    Microsoft permanently closing all physical stores
    Pixel 4a probably coming soon
    and Sabrina Android TV dongle
    iOS 14 exposes that TikTok was grabbing clipboard data like mad MaxelAmador/status/1275961185565904896
    We’re casting robots as actors now

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    1. Sandeep Ramani

      How many channels do ya guys have lol

    2. danwemet

      What the butts!? Closing Microsoft stores?! It was so nice getting surface service there

    3. Vert Valiant

      can i land a helicopter on coltons forehead pls?

    4. Julian Romero

      More Colton Potter tech news 🙌

    5. Basil Daoust

      BLUSHSHIT! Intel is not a stupid 3rd party company and I say this about everyone who makes designs and builds stuff. Yes, you can have bugs but fuck many design books for software at least tell us how to avoid these and testing groups who are not ignored by developers because they don't feel like fixing things is stupid and seems to be the norm. So don't tell me that Intel couldn't find most issues and be ready to fix those that others find and to not write them off as silly issues that don't affect anyone or whatever silly ideas you wish to use. I will finish listening to you but I feel like we are off to a very bad start.

    6. THO games

      It's good to see social media are starting to see that just deleting a post because of violation is wrong, and could be considered a form of censorship.

    7. Israfil Topi

      World hunger: solved _bam_

    8. Make Weird Music

      Colton is the best host

    9. Ogrodniczek

      "What a joker" 0:18

    10. Master Jet

      Man I love some Colton tech News 😁

    11. Kevin Lorengel

      i could have sworn colton was fired in 2019

    12. NajtuWorld


    13. suP

      So ya'll can color correct a thumbnail but not the video?

    14. Bogs Zadronski

      Ah Big Tech's crackdown on free speech continues. How surprising!

    15. Karen

      Thank you for not wearing a facial bank-robbing disguise

    16. Terrigan Reina

      Too bad, MS store is closing. One of my go-to checking out laptop before order it online...

    17. juselara02

      Bro, If apple´s, google´s and amazon´s hefty wallets are throwing shits loads of money at you, you definelty CAN (and MUST) afford the man power to catch all the bugs.

    18. MR.C&A Video911Game

      apple listening is expensive

    19. jull1234

      Can we retire the color based teams? I really don't think it improves the way the content sounds.

    20. jull1234

      When was the list time Linus Tech Tips listened?

    21. Joshua L Benitez

      Love that "Yup", in the background; true support 🤙

    22. Muhammed Thafseer

      Tiktok along with 59 Chinese apps are BANNED in India 🇮🇳 🔥

    23. Alexander Lee

      Hahahah I love this show 😂 Riley is fucking hilarious

    24. duard cabral


    25. Joshua Brown

      Where's the dinosaur?. I miss it!

    26. Sharif 9941

      Is Apple ditching Thunderbolt technology? It Apple already transferred it’s Thunderbolt trademarks to Intel. The MAC mini given to developer have USB c instead of thunderbolt 3. Is it reduce the cost of developer version of MAC mini or we won’t be seeing thunderbolt 3 in future Apple products?

    27. Super_Pl3b /Pl3b_Black


    28. Terra Florim


    29. Adam Volný

      Maan, if Colton did all the tech news, I would watch every single one of them. Gotta love that guy

    30. Josiah Magnusson

      Unilever didn't leave as result of the stophateforprofit campaign. They left because reactions to American ads have become over polarized.

    31. Epic Brony Gamer

      Good luck googling that movie

    32. Luis Gonzalez

      Yay!!!!! x86 is finally gonna die!!!!!!

    33. novicetheaf

      Classic Apple

    34. joe

      colton is awesome, more colton TL please maybe even a talk linked. much better than james...

    35. Jyu Series

      is this cringe, or this funny xD, damn you dongle man, you confused me

    36. The King

      Now that is callled a cry 1:24

    37. Nwokolo Godwin

      You guys have a damaged sense of humour

    38. Kabelo Osunde

      Thought he was fired

    39. Leechy

      Ben and Jerry’s is owned by Unilever

    40. Waylon Flinn

      "increased moderation"

    41. LobarRobotic

      Uh oh! Donglegate comes back again!

    42. tabnaak news

      who is Mr zuckerman?!!!!

    43. Mark

      “CEO Mr. ZuckerMAN!” love Colton.

    44. Reji Music

      I want a 6 core mac mini for my music production

    45. OrderlyHippo

      Brush your teeth kids

    46. BlindBison

      Intel has really screwed up so bad these past couple years. They had so much time to turn things around, but didn't and now AMD and ARM are wrecking their tar in.

    47. James Solis

      I like the spaces on the time line not bad youtube

    48. mt-32

      "Francois pee-peed Noel" thx automatic captions!

    49. Adrian XenoRay

      Is colton the actual main gamer in ltt ?

    50. Nicholas Blackburn

      YES BOI , Colton is Super thick

    51. Tyler

      We need to be very careful. Demanding that social media moderate posts is scary. We need to stay on our toes and make sure that these companies don't start moderating the truth to fit their personal agendas. There needs to be a good balance. Perhaps having several different organizations moderating facebook and double checking each other would be better than facebook doing it themselves.

    52. Gerard Kean

      So AI researchers have replicated Kristen Stewart?

    53. Audun Ystgaard

      Keep on using Colton as a host please!

    54. Dylan Kirdahy

      More colton pls

    55. Angry Misfit YT

      Sorry but I cant see him any other way because he wore that dress

    56. Clint Keepin

      Mr Owl, please read me the news

    57. Víctor Vásquez

      B Movie

    58. Dreamcatcher_11_

      Anything above 3% app revenue cut is extortion!

    59. Kevin McMahon

      So this thing can do stuff. Not one example shown to us. Prove it.

    60. Spatial Awareness

      As an actor, I have to say, the AI actor doesn't phase me. Bet they'll keep humans in theatre, and that's where I perform.

    61. Teu pai foi comprar cigarro


    62. Scott Leitch

      Colton fronting more videos please!

    63. jamaludeen ibrahim

      apple's never listened to no one that's why ther are going down with they stupid attitude and bad customers service to costomes now tthey dont seel well the same phone in 10 eyes

    64. InterMob


    65. Karl Heinz

      I like the the new section thing just like Pornhub lol

    66. noname noname

      lmao its the B-Movie

    67. Mark Bilik

      I like this guy and the rotating cast of characters. Super fun!

    68. BOOGY110011

      great host

    69. Angel Ocaranza

      Love this guy his energy is awesome!

    70. Michele Bugliaro Goggia

      The little jokes are brilliant. We need to see FireColton more around here.

    71. Stu Diggler

      Why are you trying to be Linus?

    72. Weird stuff

      i really like both of you guys . riley is my favorite and colten is the one that have more fun

    73. Keiran Roles

      I think news media companies are to blame for the problems we have with social media.. you can't go and use the platform 2 push your bulshit and then when the rest of the world use it against you you can't go and just stitch it up you have to reap what you sew a little bit...

    74. serversC13nc3

      Question, If apple manage to remove intel in their system, does that mean no thunderbolt?

    75. davk

      Guys please fix this crappy background noise!

    76. Jorge Bustillos

      Riley did it again

    77. Next Gen Games

      Is this Avenger End game?😁

    78. Le. L

      Apple always listenes... isn't it Siri?

    79. D M

      Apple listens? That’s a funny one! And I’m not being sarcastic.

    80. Arpan Ghosh

      Colton: be serious Riley: spiderman cosplay baby😂

    81. D M

      They should have switched to AMD. But it makes sense to use their own design company they bought.

    82. pnnytx

      Why not AMD? oh i know, the heat.

    83. M

      This guy should host because he's got mad energy

    84. DreamEater76

      I'm so glad Colton wasn't fired, hes the best

    85. StartCodonUST

      "BUT, will the Blue Big Boys be better than Nvidia's Big Babies? Baby, best beware." That was one of the most hilariously ridiculous lines ever, and Colton delivered it masterfully.

    86. Jase

      STOP!! You suck dude. Let others do the videos

    87. Garrett Clement

      Says “I thought I was having a stroke”, and then proceeds to grab his chest. 🤔

    88. ThunderBlastvideo

      Can ltt please just stop doing videos about apple??? Omg it's so annoying

    89. hydrolife tech

      Zuckerberg, more like Scumbag! Running a sh!tty social media platform for grandpas and grandmas. It's not that he believes in free speech because we all know that is pure BS. He just wanted to stay open for business for anyone who will pay him and run disinformation and hate campaigns as his stock(the geezers using the platform) are highly impressionable and more susceptible to believe the disinformation they are being fed by the advertisers. Only acted now that big ad clients are boycotting Facebook and that will hurt him worse financially. Anyone using still using Facebook should deactivate their account, clear app data, uninstall that privacy-invading app and clear all cookies from all their browsers as they are know to track you everywhere on the Web even after you log out of their website

    90. Fabrice Guindon-Tremblay

      His name is Francois Footchristmas

    91. Aaron D'Souza

      "...they've even got one of Riley, they've also got a 100-day return policy" lol

    92. Youtube Cult Destroyer

      All stocks dipped on Friday. Maybe advertisers would use that as an explanation for some SJW points. But in actuality, their revenue and forecast are down. So marketing budget was slashed. ROR on Facebook ads is terrible compared to HUgets anyway. Some free marketing and clout by saying "oh fb is evil". Most corporations will kill children for extra revenue. Lobby and get away with it. Because people are consumerist pigs who just want to spend. Learn to save your money, stop burning it on garbage.

    93. controal

      Nice work Colton

    94. the man

      i miss steve for apple..he was married.............

    95. Jon V

      here I was hoping the App Store would get redesigned again to bring back the wishlist. Disappointing.

    96. Honey BBQ Sauce

      They are always Listening if you know what I mean, Wink wink.

    97. iBoolGuy

      I almost like Riley more of a background host than a host 😂😂 he’s fkn hilarious

    98. papamaanbeerVideo

      aha nice those props get some use

    99. Andrea R.

      apple allowed them to have ext sub since the start, as phil said, just add a free tier... they did end of story...

    100. Belgian Star

      I love how the picture in the article at 2:45 really is just a thumbs up picture, turned upside down