I can only buy ONE PS5??


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    0:11 Apple using TSMC
    1:03 Ya can only buy one PS5, sad
    2:14 Hong Kong VPNs leak data
    3:19 Massdrop x Sennheiser
    3:51 QUICK BITS
    3:53 OnePlus Buds
    4:20 TSMC loses Huawei
    4:52 Google Maps gets bike-sharing
    5:50 Mozilla VPN
    6:14 KFC 3d-printed nuggets

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    1. JoJoseph Star

      Stop taking 2 PS5's! other people want them too you hoarders!

    2. stormlord121

      1:56 to 2:13. LMAO! Not only did the PS5 get hit by this but also the RTX 3080s. Damn scalpers...

    3. superchibiwings

      luckily my wallet just had a heart attack after Nvidia announced RTX 3000 series.

    4. Doug DimmaDaddy

      Jokes on sony, no one wants that shit router box.

    5. Levi Lemke

      I'm curious as to what company manufacturers the ltt water bottles

    6. Matt Matyas


    7. Thomas Olson

      Why didn't you just take it to the ride share and jog the mile?

    8. Archis Joshi

      And we thought the multiple cameras on the iPhone was just a phase

    9. Metal Videos

      we already make 3D food in the netherands. literally nothing new here lol

    10. Metal Videos

      we dont need that bullshit bike tracking thing from google in the nehterlands. we can perfectly do that on our own. we are for a reason the bike capital of the world.

    11. Metal Videos

      and thats why i dont use VPN. never have and never will. as long as i can still download illegally with torrents and still dont get any problems with my ISP i am ok with it. fuck VPN.

    12. DeAn H

      This guy spens his time hating on the p PS5 and its ssd technology, and then complains he cant buy more then one on release, STFU LINUS, who still watches your dead channel, old jokes and the same shitty editing with click bait videos

    13. Steven McKenna

      Hmm i wonder how small you can make a high spec gaming pc now days.....

    14. Major vlogs

      This sucks but does this only count for preorders or when they are launch at retailers is it the same because I need two one for me and one for my stepdad

    15. Spray101

      No giveaways then

    16. DNO SON

      Buy one on ur adress then use somebody else

      1. DNO SON

        Boom 2 ps5

    17. Dusan Vukobratovic

      Linus changed dude

    18. AnGamingAsian

      Mr. beast: LET GO BUY A LOT OF PS5 Sony: emmmmmm no

    19. StealthyPower

      Do I can only buy 100 Xbox Series X it’ll get more views

    20. Video Game Bot

      What if u have multiple gamers in ur family and each want separate console due to not bring patient enough to take turns

    21. Mark Rizzo

      Any new Call of Duty game that is released before the next-gen console, is a big mistake and I will tell you why. It will revolve around the architecture of the PS4 only. Even though it might be playable on the PS5, it will not harness any of the PS5 architecture capabilities. It might upscale it a little bit but that's about it. In fact you may not even see a noticeable difference in my opinion. The smarter decision for Activision, would have been for them to release a major DLC add-on update for previous Call of Duty fans, starting from Black Ops 3 on up and just release a new version of Call of Duty for the PS5 in 2021. That's just my opinion. This could also hurt Sony sales of the PS5 if it is in fact scheduled for release this holiday. Due to the many millions of COD players, why would they want to spend $499-$699 USD just to play their existing title's? I think the gaming industry as well as the console industry, just maybe a year too soon. Every gamer should do themselves a favor and just wait one more year for the console price drop. Otherwise you will be dealing with game glitches and console bugs. I will purchase my PS5 holiday 2021 and the next Call of Duty game I will buy, will be the next one released in 2021. Better to play it safe, then to be disappointed by both.

    22. bo0mzy


    23. big_ jump

      bruh they should have done this in the first place them damn scalpers would have bought 20 of them and sold them on ebay for more

    24. Artos Bear

      ok the VPN thing was actually a good piece of news

    25. Artos Bear

      who cares

    26. Gecko

      yes because i was going to buy two

    27. Blazeco

      I wish the news about the ps5 was with healed. So then I can watch all those bastards who wanted to resell the ps5 for profit, faces drop and lose their dumb minds. Just like that lady who wanted to buy all the iPhones during launch day.

    28. Nob the Knave

      So essentially, flippers, who already have multiple machines running multiple bot accounts with different credit cards will still be able to mass buy the PS5; while ordinary families will be screwed. Good job Sony.


      How about 5 PS5’s?

    30. Aiden

      I’d only buy ps5 just to have something a bit powerful and play some new games, whilst I save up for a gaming pc.

    31. Maxco ASMR

      Oh nooo. Poor Linus can only get one ps5

    32. Ashen Ninja

      Can’t you just get one ps5 then come back later and get another one🤔

    33. sg cabbage

      Use a 2nd account

    34. Pudding Roblox

      Uhhhh in my country no one caring about corona

      1. Pudding Roblox

        But my family is

    35. Dan Del Aguaro

      Not going to stop scalpers and bots. Good luck getting a PS5 unless you are a douchetuber

    36. Sanichuka kun

      You know Linus has skipped English classes when you make titles like that xD there you go buddy: I can buy only ONE PS5?

    37. Craig 27

      You only buy one PS5 what happens if it breaks or someone stole it. well looks like you're fucked.

    38. Fuz Beatboxer n

      Mr beast cant give away ps5's:(

    39. Saganage

      I wonder if I can get away with me and my wife buying one separately. We usually keep a PlayStation in the living room (my system) and one in the bedroom (hers).

    40. Foogi

      I swear I saw linus in like, 20 different channels now

    41. MultiGoCrazy

      That’s only if you doing it online if u pre order through a store u can get multiple people

    42. AJ

      Man, the last few weeks yall have had some fun episodes. not going unnoticed.

    43. Brian Strang

      3nm chips? particle physics stopped existing!?

    44. Kieran Chisholm

      "I-" *"**LTTstore.com**"*

    45. deathlab

      Linus should be the last person to own a ps5.

    46. Emaad Dar

      1:39, “how am I supposed to try out both versions if I can only buy one.” Solution, buy disk version, test it out, then when you want digital put tape on the disk drive.

      1. Kîngy MâBrâh

        Emaad Dar comedy just aint yo thang :/

    47. WiCkeDsHoX

      Good all u psycho game nerds would buy 2+ and they’d be sold out instantly for somebody who’s sane and just needs 1

    48. Mr Cyborg

      I am still going to use Xbox lul

    49. fade2black001

      Its still possible to buy more than 1 PS5

    50. Syed Faisal Hasan Kazmi

      Linus: YOU CAN ONLG BUY ONE PS5 Me: OMG!! anyways

    51. Rooracleaf

      "I'm thinking of retiring"

    52. Flex4249

      lol when i hate ryzen and dont exactly like the new change from intel to apple lol

    53. Just Cookie!

      So I can just make different accounts and get them shipped to family and friends houses and then resell?

    54. Дрозд Афанасьев

      What a joke, "You can only buy one", i still cant afford PS2 what are you talking about.

    55. Velocity

      He is complaining about not being able to buy 2 PS5 I can’t even afford half a PS5

    56. Marcos Vargas

      You don't need to but one. Your are biased. You're and Xbox fan. So why do you care?....

    57. arPos Kraft

      no you can only use one ;)

    58. Elliot Andersson

      Can't you just buy one ps5 from 1 website and the other one from another website?

    59. James Holder

      Linus: “I can’t buy multiple PS5s” Me who can’t even afford one: 0 _ 0

    60. Niwar 8 Years Ago

      Why would anyone need 2 ps5's

    61. Nubslayer

      Jokes on you Sony, imma buy a PC with my 500 dollars

    62. Galaxy

      Pro tip: make everyone in the office buy a PS5. Problem solved !

    63. dracko712

      free vpn collecting data? :shockedpikachuface:

    64. KorAllRBare

      I am seriously thinking of unsubscribing because this crap is just add crap

    65. Mike 3878

      I hate PlayStation it sucks

    66. moon_boi

      the moment he mentioned trusted vpn i turned mine on

    67. Junior Theking

      Every1 will buy the regular 1

    68. Nick M

      No PS5 from mrbeast😔

    69. DanielHolt17

      GOOD! might be able to pre-order a PS5 for Launch now!

    70. Subscribe because my names Nacho PLZ

      Muhahaha fools just cuz I can only buy one doesn’t mean I’ll only get Hahaha the power of family is stronger than ur mortal resurrections while u suffer with only one ps5 I rejoice with 4 ps5 HA HA HA HA

    71. Logan

      Yes.. I am glad you are only able to buy one .. cause you probably were planning on buy 20 or so to tear apart for testing... thanks Sony

    72. RdL

      visit 2 stores, done

    73. Anders Throzell

      Can preorder many in sweden.

    74. Jonacraft7 Gaming

      Half of the video is sponsors

    75. Silverboy005

      Its Sony they kindda suck

    76. Kurtis the frog

      How much HUgets channels dose linus have

    77. Luis Erasmo Miranda Bojorquez

      PIA or Tunnel Bear then Linus?! What to choose? tell me!!!!!!

    78. spookyoh

      im buying a pc instead of a ps5 this year.

    79. OGKendrickLamar Fuh

      My dad going to pre-order 2 PS5s by using his email and our family email. so we’re getting 2

    80. silph

      Us: SHUT UP AND TAKE OUR MONEY!! Sony: no thank you

    81. Tommy Ramirez

      Does Linus even get what’s going on right now if they allow people to get both of them than other people won’t get the chance to buy one. That’s why they’re only letting you get 1 out to the both so people will have a chance at getting a PS5. @Linus tech. I mean you’re smart right ? I hope cause you should’ve thought about this.

    82. Joao Costa

      I live in Brazil and this is bad news for us. We either rely on some friends that are going to USA to bring one for us or the people who buy on USA and are reselling here in Brazil. Oficial price here are usually just unbelievably high. On ps4 release it was cheaper to go to US spent one week there and buy a ps4, than just buy a ps4 here.

    83. AlanFrost115

      Idk why people are making a big deal about this, it means everyone can get one that wants one

    84. Bruno de Souza

      I always had a console and a PC every generation but I never see the point of buying them on launch... IS not like they are launching with a killer game that doesn't run on current Gen anyways

    85. Team Liquify

      I’m not buying a single ps5 pc gang

    86. Someguyfrom Arcticfreezer

      No wonder they do that, I mean, DID you see latest Halo trailer gaming? That looks 2010 nostalgia and have NOT next gen wipe.

    87. madmanjam_3

      Linus is so cringy

    88. James S

      What about shared households?

    89. sshaunss


    90. Matias da Silva

      I’m so grateful for this news! Perfect 👌

    91. A Skeleton

      I just watched an advert with you in it

    92. Tyler Wolf

      Thx john

    93. ImMysticc


      1. Rob

        did you hide under a rock during the quarantine?

    94. Rob MTZ

      I like this idea of only buying one ps5 there's no need to have more than one, so that way everyone planning to buy it will have a better chance of getting it.

      1. wack

        it sucks because what if two people in a family want a ps5 or someone wants to do a giveaway but who knows it could just be one at a time meaning that one day you can buy one and the next day you can

    95. Rafael Canelas

      It's really a shame that linus retired, but at least this Chuck Norris fella knows whats he's talking about

    96. Abhisar Rawat

      "one console per household" Homeless people: *I have no such weakness....*

      1. 24 24 24

        @Demery Dough r/woooosh

      2. Demery Dough

        Doesn't that mean he can't have even 1 ps5

    97. Raven Cape

      I’m glad we can only buy only one PS5 this way retards can’t buy multiple consoles then resell them online

    98. Kalessin

      Just wait for the PS5 Pro...

    99. unsetup

      third world problems

    100. Localisings

      people who live in gaming houses or have roommates who will want one aswell