FOUR New iPhones!?


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    Apple rumors
    Ipad like
    4 models
    New Steam Controller??
    Chromebooks got Android apps, now they’re being taken away?
    Transfer files between Windows 10 and Samsung phones
    LG comin back in the phone biz y’all get ready
    F@H is now 16 times faster than the most powerful supercomputer
    IG is embracing the web
    First DMs
    Fallout 76 is making players move their campsites for the DLC

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    1. SմԹҽɾ ʍɑӀí357 ժíɾҽkԵ_HD

      The iPhone 5 and iPhone SE Had *_A L U M I N U M_* flat sides not _S T A I N L E S S S T E E L ! ! !_

    2. Muni O

      How dare you insult peeps!

    3. Tim R.

      LGs only problem is their stupid Marketing but they think the reason why their phones are not successful is because they don't have this stupid edge displays -_-

    4. Joshua Johnson

      People need to stop hating on the Steam machine. I got one for $5 and I use it CONSTANTLY. To play games? Not really. To cast my computer into the living room so I can use it with just a wireless keyboard with a track pad? Yes. It's INCREDIBLY useful.

    5. arikelvara

      2 and a half years later, dude still looks like he jumped out of a dumpster 😉!

    6. Lance Smith

      “Flat stainless steel edges in the older iphones” Older iphones like 5s were machined from a single block of aluminum, new iphones use stainless steel, as will iphone 12 because it requires a glass sandwich design

    7. Sinom

      Easter is more than a week ago by now...

    8. patrick barney

      Apples really likes money dont they.

    9. Sinister

      Never hated a presenter as much as I do Riley

    10. ek2660

      The windows link is like 5 years behind what Apple is doing with their iOS and it has no limit and works seamlessly instantly out of the box... Sigh

      1. RC14Hz

        And? Still better.

    11. Jis van Overschot

      PWAs aren't "short cuts to websites". It's more like installing a website on your computer.

    12. Chraman


    13. Lado Z

      Í love how every year people are going crazy on how the new iPhones are going to look like and feature and how APPLE just shits all over every apple fannboys dreams BUT...BUTTTT somehow people are still amazed and buy them. Damn.

    14. Hk r

      iPhone 8,8+ iPhone ,xr,xs,xs max iPhone 11,11pro, 11pro max 2020: iPhone 12 iPhone 12pro iPhone 12pro max iPhone 12pro max ultra 2021: It's time .........

    15. Certified Casual

      You'd honestly look better with contacts

    16. pigzzry

      Riley is really channeling Ian Hecox this episode

    17. Dr Mario

      I enjoyed the Steam Controller. It's clunky when compared to a dedicated gamepad or keyboard but it worked well for a living room HTPC where you don't really want a M+KB lap desk and some PC games refuse controller support.

    18. Cole J. Franchuk

      KDE Connect has been doing file transfer better with any android phone for a long time

    19. Garrett K

      "ChromeOS fans, if you do exist" - *types this from my Chromebook* ... fuck

    20. Explicit

      Who else has gotten ads with linus in it? Pulseway anyone?

    21. Vash TheStampede

      hehe I loved that steam controller only used it to play Ori though.. PCMR !!!

    22. Erdrick The Hero

      I love the steam controller. I don't understand the hate. They are definitely designed for games meant for mice and keyboards, so it's not going to replace your DualShock 4 or XBox One controller for platformers or kart racers, but the Steam Controller blows either of it's contemporaries out of the water when it comes to RTS and FPS games.

    23. Nimit Vaishnav

      iPhone SE 2020 is pathetic.

    24. Ilya Tarasov

      huawei phones have wireless native win10 file transfer for years now

    25. Tiltrelia

      where is my iPhone 4

    26. Brandon Lucia

      Nice of you Canucks to find time in the Apocalypse to Consoom product

    27. Noah Paulette

      3:30 but you can already do this through the file explorer with now file limit like wtf

    28. Somekiddo

      As a Chromebook user, *please do not use a chromebook unless you are a rich guy wanting to flex*

    29. tannerdudeman

      I think a large amount of people that disliked the steam controller didn't try that hard to customize the controls and settings to their liking, they just wanted a plug and play xbox controller alternative.

    30. Mason

      Apple: SIKE WE JUST GONNA DROP THE SAME FUCKING PHONE JUST FASTA! ok but fr this is actually a good thing. makes iphone more available for everyone guys.

    31. уσυя мσм'ѕ тυвє

      Tim Cook: "We are proud to announce 2 new lines of iphones that are completely totally original and will revolutionize the smartphone industry. The new iPhone note will be just like a normal iPhone, but bigger and more powerful, and will include a smart stylus for those of you who always wanted a phone you could be artistic with. The other new addition to the family will be the iPhone series A. It will feature much of the same tech as the standard iphone, but at a more affordable price. iPhone users: this is brilliant, only Apple could come up with 2 new phones this brilliant, Android users will finally be forced to submit to our superiority. Android users: ... when will they learn ...

    32. XGeohound

      Siri still better than Google Assistan

    33. TheYumYumCookie

      Btw peeps are like Swedish fish. They are good until you have had more than 3 and you get sick of it really fast

    34. Ladislav Sieber

      As together communists propaganda payed by China 😮😮😮 Ltt confirms being evil organization that promotes communism ☠️☠️☠️

    35. Libtarded

      Need to "come out" to your parents? No need... they know you're an iPhone user.

    36. Sean Menge

      Of all the criticisms to give 76... Lmao Come on guys. That's a shameless bandwagon

    37. UnicornsOnLSD

      I'd love to see new Steam Machines. Linux and Proton have come a long way so as long as Valve doesn't completely mess up on the hardware like they did last time, it may be a success

    38. Prochu97

      Samsung allows to drag & drop files to windows? the limit is 512 MB? HA *speaks in already downloaded the ftp app on my phone*

    39. HeyHerdy

      Honestly, i really love my steam controller for FPS's, other games I had to take more time to program the controller for it to do what i wanted. I applaud valves attempt at it as I think it was the best out of any other new controller and the tech they developed to make it will serve them in the future.

    40. everyone likes potatoes

      Disliked for hating on peeps

    41. Wikram Abbas

      - his moustache matched with orange color in the background

    42. Jayson James Guerta

      they shall make it all boxy like iphone 5

    43. Theo Dove

      This guy looks like he puts cool mint gum in the microwave

    44. AnAverageGuy

      Why u hating on peeps!!!!?

    45. jan merc

      This was one of the best episodes of all time !

    46. Butimar Seabird

      Apple new shit is out for those dumb brainers, new ones will be out in 6 months too....... Apple like you longtimeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    47. Phillip Parr

      Everyone in the UK: What are Peeps?

    48. Ronit Satapathy

      As the lockdown progresses so do the madness and PJ s of Riley

    49. RyzenLevels

      What steam controller 😅

    50. Eirik Heggelund

      It surprises me how people on Windows platforms install and use applications for Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch, when you do in fact have the full-fledged experience in a web browser.

    51. Carlos

      You know that people has a lot of free time a home when there are subs for your language.

    52. dnyalslg

      Why are these videos still not in 4K 60fps???

    53. i swear im not burning oil guys please

      Remember when the steam controller was 5 bucks

    54. Joshua de Vera

      This shit's been reported since January...

    55. Paul Cosentino

      So well spoken Riley. Google is such a disappointment. Forget the way they control what comes up when you search a specific thing. I bought a google 3D when they first came out. The guy literally sounded like he was surprised I was gonna spend that much on it. The tv functioned well for almost a year I think. Now it doesnt support any apps and all the smart functions it had are no longer functions. Go fuck yourself google. Lol also make sure Dennis' first peep is a stale one. They are much better that way.

    56. Halpy

      iPhone SE2 when :(

    57. assassinate241


    58. Nova 29

      Bruh uh oh

    59. J

      California government: *no evictions* Bethesda: *hold my beer*

    60. Daniel Pan

      Poor LG, no company can withstand Riley's laughter.

    61. meme EXE machina

      Bethesda should take all those campsites and create little grave markers in their places

    62. vasanth vasanth

      consistent with their bullshit

    63. Logan Sass


    64. Shadicgunman

      The next Steam controller should come in the colour "Valvet".

    65. _-'EliE FlaG'-_

      But can WE run crisis?

    66. lastchanceihave

      How many iPhones do *you* need? 1 per year?

    67. rois martin

      Thanks for the news Snowden

    68. Matthew Adebiyi

      NPC gentrification is the funniest thing I've heard today

    69. StReef

      Madred: "How many phones do you see?" Picard: "There are *four* phones!"

    70. PhaseSkater

      Please don’t bring 5g to iPhones. LTE is fast enough for me

      1. Me A Moose

        Nah, 5g would be much appreciated, especially for using ShadowTech

    71. Mac D

      F@#K apple

    72. Hatagashira

      Awww Riley realizing Dennis doesn't know what peeps are was such a cute older brother moment he forgot to do his entertainer persona

    73. Armandt du Preez

      Riley is freaking hilarious

    74. Marc Girard Alleyn

      FO76 is such a trash game goddamn. The *only* fallout game (tactics included!) where the player character’s actions are irrelevant to the story. Horseshit.

    75. lordkanesoulreaver baker

      lodas up deate for fallout 76 pach happens ... now has t oredownload game ... after getting to 99.9% game stops downloading and says last megabyte will take 173 years to download ... pc insta bluescreens after reloging back in to steam game needs redownloaded agin ... looks like im stuck in a loop agin

    76. Mark A

      I feel like Riley just formed a cult.....

    77. Sara M

      why do they publish "patents" for anything

    78. விவேக உலகம்

      iPhone 11 Pro Max not secure தமிழ் | latest release iOS 13.4.1 | Face id failure #needmoneyback

    79. Tarma

      Riley please I don't eat eggs.

    80. Kimberly Jacobsen

      Sun rises are silent! So the senheiser are crap? I always thought they were good 😬

    81. deep hazarika

      great to hear folding at home is getting so much processing capacity. now waiting on any good result it can find.

    82. AlgenCrew

      S20 2months later s21....

    83. George K.

      Riley, you hypocrite! Advertising those Sennheiser headphones and then making fun of the only smartphone manufacturer who not only kept the headphone jack, but developed this essential feature and has been including a dac amp for years! But what do you know about useful tech gadgets - you're just an actor...

    84. Dino Rexy

      The steam controller is ugly, and looks uncomfortable to hold.

    85. Christian Little

      Stop disrespecting my peeps 😤

    86. Trash Panda

      That’s suck a bullshit fallout 76 complaint

    87. Pastry Bear

      The new controller will be released with HL3

    88. Gustavo Vilaça

      This guy could carry this channel on his own.

    89. Bjørn-Oskar Rønning

      Huh. F@H should make a "game" for the consoles so they, too, can participate, and even compete.

    90. iinRez

      Area 51 has been Researching and Developing with impunity for 50 years. The fastest Super Computer on the planet is more than likely in the bunkers near Groom Lake.

    91. PkmnPwnage

      I like peeps...

    92. ricky v

      I enjoyed this bit of news a lot. Apple releasing 4 iPhones is nothing new to us, it's been in the news a lot. For those that use a Windows PC and Samsung phone the news of them being more connected is great and I am glad to see companies doing their best to move forward with compatibility fixes.

    93. Logan Shoemaker

      I like peeps......

    94. Simple Things

      a lidar sensor to map your house!

    95. Cristian Ocampo

      Peeps are great

    96. Zizi Mugen

      Why would apple go back to the flat edges when all the iPhone se fans prefer the rounded edges?

    97. feel toofree

      At least they are consistant with their nonsense lmao😂

    98. Chang Bi

      Really? Wireless file transfer between Win and smartphone is news? Are you guys live in the last decade or DO YOU GUYS NOT HAVE CLOUD DRIVES?

    99. Raheem Abdul

      "Eggcelent" wow i cant contain my laughter! Needs to be more originial and cheesier!

    100. ThatGamePerson

      I'll be buying 2 of those controllers. Lol I love my original and I was sad when they went away.