Nvidia's on a roll...


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    0:00 listen to ur heart
    0:14 Nvidia RTX A6000 + A40
    1:21 Apple sues iPhone recycler
    2:20 Facebook prepares for war
    3:18 Private Internet Access
    3:49 QUICK BITS
    3:53 Ryzen gains market share on Steam
    4:22 Excel ruins UK case count
    4:50 Cyberpunk 2077 goes gold
    5:18 Spotify search by lyrics
    5:43 Crysis 3 installed on RTX 3090 VRAM

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    1. Woogoo336

      If only they could get Facebook to break up with oculus. Oculus might have a better chance of surviving without facebooks mismanagement.

    2. chillin

      Why does this remind me so much of Linus tech tips

    3. Daffa Satriaputra

      "How much ram do u have?" "32GB" "Oh I mean Vram" "Oh, 48 GB"

    4. TTV AXLR88

      can it store call of duty warzone? xD

    5. TheAnAloGuEguy

      Eli says F linus.

    6. XhellscreamX

      Cant wait to see someone partition them and try to run a game off them......... guess i shouda waited to the end of the vid to post this...

    7. TOMO

      By time we get 1tb we physically wont need to have more VRAM unless theres some massive fully rendered space game in the future

    8. Loggue

      I’ve never seen “can it run crisis” be used so literally.

    9. That Hurt

      When you see a Linus Ad on a Linus Video.

    10. ecm

      Jail worthy thumbnail that face 😂

    11. Andy van Doorn

      Great video haha lots of content in a short time

    12. Dhia Benchahed


    13. Pilotx3mm

      Holy. Fuckin. Shit. 48?!

    14. Noscopekitten4

      The ad Linus is in played before this

    15. nintendians

      nvidia rtx a6000 + a40 - that crazy professional stuff. crysis 3 installed on rtx 3090 vram - i didn't know that you could do that.

    16. Idle Galactic Miner

      The guys comments in the background make me laugh... EVERYTIME

    17. Dead By Daylight

      Only criminals can afford stuff like that anyways.... :(

    18. Alpha fiddlesticks

      The voice in the background is hilarious!

    19. shadow

      Sale your kidney to buy this graphic card

    20. Christopher R

      NVIDIA isn't on a roll. Real people can't even obtain their cards.

    21. Spooky Story Tiem

      There needs to be an anti-trust suit against most big tech right now. They're meddling with politics.

    22. ToDd W3nZel

      "So they can have a Beyblade Battle..."

    23. Jeb Broham

      Facebook has gone the way of Myspace. It's absolute shit, especially now with all the PC crap everyone's constantly belching out on there. It's sickening and should be banned/destroyed.

    24. Mr20below

      Facebook Antitrust.... meh.... remember Microsofts antitrust?

    25. sam hiorns

      Linus has had his fair share of experience with GEEP😂

    26. Tezcan aslan

      GPU’s have more VRAM than our RAM now

    27. Grumpy ol' Boot

      With a memory bandwidth of 16 gbps, and 48 GB of ram, that means it will take the graphics card a full 4 seconds to read all of it's RAM ... that's AGES for a computer !

    28. Caleb Nation

      Modular graphics cards when? Like a card that has RAM slots. You buy a card, it has no memory of its own and supports whatever the current fastest ram standard is. Then you could 1) have as much graphics memory as you wanted and 2) upgrade your card without buying an entirely new card.

    29. Francis

      The guy shouting at background is starting to get annoying.

    30. zle

      The people randomly talking in the background are so cringey

    31. Rehan Khan

      Did anyone else saw the pulseway ad?

    32. Cy Clark

      I like this theme. Very "Late Night Show" style with the hype man in the background haha

    33. Bigbo 1

      Please break up Facebook, it’s getting way too big and basically has a shared monopoly with google over the social media industry

    34. wolfrig2000

      Cyberpunk2077 is made by scum bags with greedy practices and horrible owners I'm glad they delayed it, I wouldn't have had time to realized they were so nasty if it had released on time and probably would've been upset that a single penny of mine went to them.

    35. Karaf

      Em xD Nvidia? Let's talk about availability...

    36. Sadtiric

      This was fun

    37. BillBarker420

      Could anyone give me any tips or suggestions on my first build also unsure of power supply wattage necessary. Cooler Master MasterBox TD500 Mesh Airflow ATX Mid-Tower ASUS Prime Z390-A LGA 1151 (300 Series) Intel Z390 SATA 6Gb/s ATX Intel Motherboard Intel Core i5-9600K Coffee Lake 6-Core 3.7 GHz (4.6 GHz Turbo) Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition CPU Air Cooler, SF120R RGB Fan, WD Blue 3D NAND 1TB Internal SSD - SATA III 6Gb/s M.2 2280 Solid State Drive CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 32GB (2 x 16GB) 288-Pin DDR4 ASUS ROG STRIX GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER ROG-STRIX- If you can suggest parts that are better and similar in price please do. Thanks in Advance Awesome People

    38. pida siouy

      It's believed that the MS Excel error was caused by storing the cases in columns, not rows, for which the maximal is 16384, 2^14. Got to love the UK governments ineptitude

    39. MorDreadful

      To correct you Linus on the UK government data for under reporting. My fiance works with a Data analytics company and they are doing things with the data for the UK and US that isn't being done elsewhere. The actual figure was 20,000 under reported or more. Secondly. Excel isn't the problem. They use CSV files but the data was being saved by people in .xlsx format instead. This means altering the how the data is gathered to be displayed etc. Excel is NOT the issue. People are the issue. This btw, comes from those who know and work with the data. Excel can save in .csv file format used for data analytics with program such as R and Python with add on packages such as SciKit. I know, there will be some out there disagreeing with this and even though this comes from those that know and I do know and I also do Comp Sci and know this, even so, non-experts seem to think they know it all.

    40. BytemeVV -

      Waiting for the RTX TITAN II

    41. Taylor Khan

      Tell lithe guy stfu

    42. Shadow Hound

      If apple really cared about the planet they would resell old products themselves. And only recycle non operational products.

    43. Nycesz 79

      Bitwit Viewers Also Watch This

    44. TerryDax

      "put in wap"

    45. Lmao Lmao

      I laughed

    46. henrique costa

      gezzzz. Linus stop making new channels no one of them are good... u will lose all the viewers...

    47. cedric habschi

      What the fakt from tadl is still better :')

    48. JoAn .P. * myWORLD4war *

      the best

    49. abbsnn cose

      When Linus makes a Beyblade reference

    50. Monkey D. Luffy

      When will we have 1tb gpus

    51. Dawood Ghauri


    52. Albin9000

      How long til you can use a graphics card as the entire computer?

    53. lmao kfc

      2020 is not just a horrible year, its a revolution

      1. abbsnn cose

        I love the background hype man

    54. shattered Ruby

      Nivida we got new graphics cards with amazing vram The consumer can I buy them? Nivida "out of stock"

    55. Tejas Aithal

      when this graphic card has memory 4 times than ur ram

    56. She- Devil

      Please, please , have some do what Riley did in this videos in most, if not all of your videos it just feels so much more fun and relaxing to watch.

    57. Retro Guardian

      It's funny. I build custom computersfor a living but only use fm2 for personal. This news means nothing to me!

      1. Retro Guardian

        @alida flus I'l let it slide in that case. It's about time linus gets some attention from the ladies. people rag on him to much. That facial hair gets the ladies. If I was without this mustache I'm not sure what I would do.

      2. alida flus

        Is it okay if I simp for linus a bit? He became such an attractive man out of the blue

    58. Ali Imtiaz

      Where can i buy the rtx 3080 man. It’s only 1000$ It’s never 699$

      1. Ali Imtiaz

        @alida flus Apparently making fun of the fact that i’ll never get the 3080 for 699

      2. alida flus

        Anyone else notice The Hacker sign behind the facebook sign about 3 minutes in? What's that all about!!

    59. bilishu aliss

      I only watch these for the interjections by Riley, they make my day 😂

    60. Sonny Boiii

      imaging going to a micro center and plugging in ur gpu to a show pc and just running crysis off of it

    61. Blink180Dew

      Someone forgot their ringer 2:37

    62. Adam Smith

      Funny thing about the Excel story - they used the old *.xls format, which is why they hit that limit. The *.xlsx format can deal with much more data. Although really, WTF were they doing that in Excel for anyway?

      1. bilishu aliss

        I love the peanut gallery comments in this video. 10/10.

    63. Supershackda

      As both a Brit and a data analyst, I do feel compelled to clarify that the error was because they were using the wrong file format. They were saving the files as XLS(a format which dates back to 1987) which can only hold around 65,000 rows instead of the ~1.5million that can be stored in the much more modern XLSX. With the current rate of testing, this would have been more than sufficient. That being said, we should be testing more, and with more and more testing XLSX would also become insufficient eventually. That being said, it's still fucking unbelievable that they felt excel was the right tool for the job. They were importing the data to excel using CSV files then uploading the excel documents to a central system. The stupidest thing about this is you literally don't need excel at all. Any database software worth using can read and import CSV files. At the company I work for and probably almost any other company that handles large amounts of data you can load a CSV file directly into a table within the central database and make it available for anybody in the company that has access to said database. How the ever loving fuck does the UK government not have the technical capability or knowhow to do this.

    64. Andrew Conrad

      didn't like the back and forth, just fyi!

    65. Richard Smith

      Apple gets no profit from the used phone market. They want their phones incinerated once their original owner is finished with it, so future customers must buy from them. You don't become the most profitable business on the planet for no reason.

    66. Sweat

      is this that linus tech tips guy?

    67. Diamondddude

      I love the background hype man

    68. Quaky Bird

      I.... I dont think that will role

    69. Ettienne Vorster

      Wait, I swear I saw an RTX 8000 quadro, I think that was its name, several months ago that came with 48gb already. (Was something like 5k for it, or 3k, can't remember) So the news of a 48gb gpu is kind of old news at this point. XD

    70. John McCullough

      What is with the random camera guy voice in the background yelling random junk? lol.. It's annoying on Jay2cents... now it's here? Could 2020 get any worse?

    71. Kyle Stewart

      I don’t care if 2077 is a little bit buggy at the start. I just want to play it already. I’ve just been replaying older games and waiting for CDPR to deliver the goods. It’s the only game I’ve ever preordered and seeing it in my Steam library every time I open it just hypes me up more and more.

    72. Dave T Jock

      Anyone else notice The Hacker sign behind the facebook sign about 3 minutes in? What's that all about!!

    73. Leugim

      Is it okay if I simp for linus a bit? He became such an attractive man out of the blue

    74. Ralph Warom

      Reselling is the ultimate recycling. So...

    75. Im Done With Life

      2:38 Anyone else hear that?

    76. Justin Hughes

      Claymore benchmarks next time would be nice.

    77. Jon Smith

      I love the peanut gallery comments in this video. 10/10.

    78. alida flus

      ah yes, the old monopoly excuse of "Its too hard and expensive to break up"

    79. Christopher Chism

      When did Linus get a hype man?

    80. umad?

      Linus, I love your videos, but your thumbnail for this one just about gave me cancer

    81. grave367

      Didn't you call Geep that one time in Scrapyard Wars?

    82. nexus1g

      "automotive-sounding" =.=

      1. alida flus

        But can people actually buy it ?

    83. Serhiy Sedlovsky

      Listen to UR heart, who's UR?

    84. Jonas Beck Simested

      someday in the future I will be able to install modern warfare onto my graphics card.

    85. Thoughts Feeder

      4:54 what exactly does a "sigh of release" look like again? (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

    86. Motazio 1

      You. Lók so dump

    87. Didi Abdillah

      Past : installing Windows in RAM Now : installing Crysis in VRAM

    88. Colin Nye

      But Linus, you got the Excel issue wrong! The missing cases were because they output to the 97-2003 file standard, not the newer format. Cause of missing cases was because there was nowhere for the lines to load (as you said) but the row limit in the 97-2003 version is around 64k, if they used .xlsx they would've been fine!

    89. Garrett T

      Whoever was commenting in the back made the video

    90. Paras Manchanda

      Soon graphics card will come with pci express slot to put another graphics card in them and that one will also have its own pci slot.😑

    91. SMR0M

      Next year: “this graphics card has more RAM than the storage in your SSD.”

      1. Felix_S10

        Amd sells gpus with built in 2tb ssd as backup if the 16gb vram gets filled

    92. Ryan Joseph

      That card has more memory than my phone has storage and 32GB sd card added too

    93. alida flus

      4:28 Omg, what is it with governments and their excel spreadsheets 🤣

    94. Roro747ifly

      Advertisement in your video for vpn, underpants or other make shit video

    95. CinePhil101

      More impossible to buy products...

    96. Nekminute

      But can people actually buy it ?

    97. Ameer Hassan

      another ltt channel

      1. alida flus

        Linus with rileys "stop it" in the background its my favourite combo .

    98. Tommaso Leonelli

      Guys i'm confused, how many channels does Linus have?

    99. Tyler coombs

      Who the hell is using .xl in 2020 for data science. print('Hello dumbasses my name is python')

    100. executor-97

      I can't buy it. I don't care