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    Judge saves Unreal Engine, ignores Fortnite
    iOS/Mac players will be locked out of the REAL Fortnite
    please don’t buy a 10K iPhone for Fortnite
    Unreal Engine is important..Epic is playing games with Apple and using developers as hostage
    Nvidia Ampere details new design at @2:27, 8:10
    24GB of RAM??
    12-pin connector confirmed
    MX450 too, don’t forget
    The audacity - Oculus Connect is now Facebook Connect
    Facebook Reality Labs
    Instagram getting shopping cart
    LG Wing
    Surface Duo unboxings
    The flipping camera phone is back - ASUS Zenfone 7 Pro
    4K Switch
    Canada stealthily blocks Huawei 5G
    Tiny robuts, in your blud
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    1. TechLinked

      Thanks to Manscaped for sponsoring! Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping at with code LTT at

      1. Supremax67

        NVidia had too much time in the sun, time to talk about something else. A market pro consumer is about diversity regardless if the competition may not be up to speed.

      2. Karu

        code didn't work :/ I used your link to go to their site tho and I still bought stuff bc I needed it regardless of the discount, so I hope you still got credit for my purchase

      3. Cricket England

        mrpmj00 Epic sell out to Apple that’s a joke.... Apple have got more chance of buying the BBC than Epic games even selling out to them, no matter what they offer...

      4. mrpmj00

        Apple and Google should buy Epic and end the lawsuit. Buy no brainer bullet proof cash rich companies: I bought Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Wells Fargo, eBay, Netflix, Home Depot, Lowe's, Intel TRUST THE PROCESS.

      5. LetsGenocide

        I went to buy it and it says code not found :/ Guess I'm not buying it now

    2. Máté Kovács

      BORG Nanoprobes...

    3. 佐藤海翔

      No problem. Fortnight? just use the ask the link download directly from developer. If you won't do it, bitch your ownself for buying an Apple product. Is your property, just Root it. Is as safe as eating food you cook on yourself unless you're a moron that drop poison into your own cooking. Then again, most apple users are pretty stupid. I can't find a better word that can sweeten it out.

    4. William Shearer

      0:00 What the.... ...What?

    5. MrCukydoh

      remember when men were men? that was before they started playing kids games from epic...

    6. Ratzel BlackStar

      Tool :D

    7. Normal Minecraft Lets Play

      Да да да да да да да да да да да да да.

    8. PTNLemay

      Agreed, 1080p or at most 1440. 4K feels like an odd choice. Unless their goal is to better handle the assortment of resolutions from past consoles for better retro/emulator gaming.

    9. __Dudewitagun __

      WOW...... honestly Facebook is kind of dumb for re-branding all of occulus's products... bc nobody is going to want an Facebook rift.. or any facebook branded product (at least not younger adults) I don't think that facebook tablet with for video calls took off either...bc it was just for FB calls.... I swear if FB turns the occulus rift products into something completely different than what they are now (used for steam, games, VR games, VR chat) then I will buy the competitor instead. it's only a matter of time before the competition releases products that are as good as the Occulus products. ...btw this is coming from someone who uses FB messenger regularly. At least leave the Occulus Rift's name alone and let us continue using it the way we were.

    10. Gian Pianerosi

      loved that intro!!!!

    11. SevenDeMagnus


    12. QuannanHade

      While I often find the TechLinked intros amusing, this is the first time I have actively laughed out loud at one for quite some time. Good job.

    13. Hayden Ascot

      Nanotech, the possibilities sound amazing. But you can be sure that someone will use them for seriously nefarious things. I don't like the idea of living in a future where I don't even know if there are tiny robots inside me. Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but I can't help but wonder.

    14. Randy Lahey

      Intro was a hard cringe from me

    15. Victor Valdes

      malo app no todos

    16. El Korvmada

      I'm actually wondering. I read that Google has something to do with what happened. Was Fortnite on Play store for a time? I use a Motorola Moto G8 Power, and my old phone was a ZTE Blade C341. My phone has Android 10, 64 GB storage, 4GB ram, four cameras (16 Megapixels) and a front camera like the Google pixel 4a. And My old phone has Android 4.4.2, 4GB storage and 512 MB RAM. It exists a Android phone with 22 Megapixel camera ( Android camera quality hahahaha). I don't know what OS is better.

    17. Etop Owertwon

      I want a harem of qt smol waifu bots in my blood stream.

    18. Landon da worst


    19. Basil

      That TOOL t-shirt.

    20. Darksage 12

      Day 1 of asking Linus to do a go fund me for a laptop for me for back to school

    21. codybroken

      James James James!

    22. ChrOnicKPoP

      1:11 thank me later

    23. Christian Pönopp

      "We are Borg resistance is futile prepare to be assimilated"

    24. Vincent Lauria

      "No one wants another Wii U." Bite me!

    25. The Official James Martin

      Being from Portland, your wrong untill that phone starts tear gassing it's users

    26. Psycho Doc WO1F

      How many drugs is this guy on?

    27. The Spy

      Fortnite is just a budget looking call of duty remake so no wonder that kids argue over a splatoon shooter knock off

    28. Johnny Tran

      I feel like Apple thinks they own everyone and everything

    29. Aleksandar Grujic

      I would be on board with epic games but they have ONLY attacked apple. Google is charging 30% as well.

    30. Hakim brown

      I live in Portland and I agree 😊

    31. Minhaj Shahriar

      I don't care, man. They shouldn’t have broken the App Store ToS. I still highly doubt their success in court.

    32. muhammad amir

      What is the point of having a 1080ti that cannot run fortnite above 67fps on 4K

    33. Zulkifly Saim

      Please stop those bulshit intro

    34. Sebastian Rosenbach

      That intro was terrible

    35. Miss Myah

      Oh well I ordered a Nintendo switch lite because I love fortnite it’s better than Roblox !

    36. Johnathan Brown

      5:09 "Nanomachines, son"

    37. Junu Jeong

      Wow oculus ditching it's name for facebook? Well there goes my favorite vr company.

    38. Zayn Baksmati

      I just bought a laptop with mx-250 and now the mx-450 is coming out

    39. Matt Morawski

      Nice shirt dude! TOOL!

    40. SigmaR6

      How to solve this: keep Fortnite banned but keep Unreal un-banned, because Unreal is something worth caring about unlike Fortnite

    41. Beybladeat the gamer

      What do u MEAN, "Not another Wii U"! *Intensifies

    42. LegitScoper

      One more reason to not buy Apple

    43. Brandon

      Love the TOOL T-shirt ;)

    44. Anthony Lipke

      Buying devices you get to own and control is now being used. Not that you own the media either. Yes they are fighting who gets to own you.

    45. Elite Accord

      Facebook killed Oculus. No buy

    46. Baby Yoda

      lol stupid iPhone and mac kids windows for life

    47. Joshua DeRush

      Digging the shirt! 10 points awarded to you my friend! ......46&2 just ahead of me


      He had like 2 minute sponsor

    49. rapidfirer56

      So we making nanotrites now? Damn itll be here sooner than I thought

    50. notthere83

      Ouch, just imagine the possibilities with those tiny robots for warfare. Or pretty much any psycho who could just "innocently" spray some mist with a bottle in public. Chill out, it's just water. Or is it...

    51. MK Soul

      Every Fortnite user could switch to a different platform, and it wouldn’t affect Apple’s bottom line one bit.

    52. Crux161

      That face he makes though.... 🤮

    53. MinecraftRedstoneWizard864

      My friend found a way to update Fortnite (go to your purchases)

    54. traeng

      4K screen on something the size of a nintendo switch is totally dumb. Unless you're staring at it from 20cm away, which I don't recommend doing. It will also consume more power for games, but I think most games will be run at 1080p.

    55. Tejas Pandey


    56. Tigershark232

      When you know that you can't afford what's in the sponsor spot so you just skip it because it's pointless for you to watch it...

    57. Nick Miller

      "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."

    58. Joseph Mitchell

      if anyone supports EPIC, you are a poor misguided fool. They singed a contract saying they would pay the 30%. They deserve to be shut down for breaking their contract with Apple and Google.


      Btw its not just about cheaper skins , Epic is trying to break the wheel of the ridiculous 30 percent cut, all of is game developers are thankful to all epic does for the gamedev community

    60. gizmo8671 starlord

      facebook is like that spoiled cousin at the family reunion that comes in your room and breaks your stuff and turns your room up side down

    61. Frozia

      “4K Switch screen... And I mean, that would be great” Nah that’d be horrible, the battery life doesn’t need a hit

      1. Etop Owertwon

        It probably will be 4K only when connected to dock station. Small screen doesn't need 4k. (But then again, same can be said about phones and here we are.)

    62. JayZtunning

      Why you scratch your side when you talked about the nano robot 👀

    63. zon tarr

      5:25 70 microns long and only 5 thick? That could be programmed to kill cancer cells or any viruses or bacteria’s ?! That could be, if it works, the” Holy Grail“ humanity until now.

    64. NameLess

      A company I trust less than Epic... Facebook, the one company that’s really messed up this decade...

    65. Blue Prince

      China: Huawei Canada: No-wei CHINA: HUA-WEI CANADA: NO-WEI! CHINA:🤧😭

    66. EzronTheLegend- Gaming

      how about just buy a 1000 $ android and buy another 1000 $ iphone and play fortnite on android and spend 8000 on a car and a house ehh

    67. primeviltom

      tool army

    68. Redo 11

      Facebook just trying to show that they own us. Soon there will be facegram and no whatsapp. Just messenger

    69. DavidFish

      laser-powered everywhere in your body do they also have a tiny laser to follow it inside? I doubt they'll use a laser powerful enough to pierce a human.

    70. Kaoru Sugimura

      I have a distinct dislike for Nintendo. They purposely release products below demand all the time, especially with anything "collectable". It wouldn't surprise me if the whole "sold out" and price gouging fiasco were also part of their marketing to get people more interested in the Switch by pretending there's extremely high demand. This "4k" story is also likely a ploy to grab attention off Sony and Microsoft's next gen as Nintendo already stated they aren't releasing a new console yet (so obviously the attention went to Sony and Microsoft). That said, it's not like Sony or Microsoft are saints either but damn it feels disgusting hearing anything Nintendo atm. Especially since it has been over 4 months since switch units have been "sold out" and price gouging has been going on with Nintendo slowly drip feeding units which get bought up and the cycle continues. Scummy marketing maneuver for sure.

    71. Gengy28

      5:14 NANOMACHINES... eh micromachines

    72. HexaDroid

      Facebook will now know your height and body shape. MOAR DATA, MOAR ADS. Anyone using an oculus should burn that thing

    73. Patrick Gorsseling

      Sick T-shirt my dude 🤘🤘

    74. Zion

      uuuh wtf @ intro lol

    75. lazyreuvin

      You get a like for 1:52 🤣!!

    76. C҉ R҉ A҉ S҉ S҉

      When James started talking about small robots in your body *scared antivaxx and 5g conspiracy theorists noices*

    77. Denis Bachurin

      3:30 Emhm, did I misheard hassle free to something else ?

    78. That Dude

      F*CK Epic for their greed, also for milking an annoying game, and for making PC games exclusive to launchers.....

    79. Ryan Larkin

      VR is super cool Facebook is not . just let the name stick the oculus rift sounds so much better rather than sticking your ego into VR

    80. pogo

      "free gift" - dear corporations who write sales-talk scripts .. .. what is a gift if it's not free?

    81. Super Noob Gamer

      Ok 👌

    82. Ayush2727

      why did epic even need to get into beef with a company which is much bigger

    83. Webber Xu not making decision but still apologize. real canadian fashion way to do thing.

    84. KAFTARくん

      what is up with that start

    85. JCinematics

      I wouldn't buy any Facebook branded product due to the history of the company being a bit shady. They should have just kept it as Oculus as this is well known already

    86. Alexsszzz

      Fortnite isn't a good game anyway so good job apple.

    87. DQuiLon

      I agree about the Switch, Nintendo should stick to a 1080p or 1440p screen at most and leave 4K gaming for when docked. They need to make Switch affordable and compatible with current generation games as well. Hopefully newer cartridges will have the same form factor.

    88. Adrian Sz

      Love the T-shirt :)

    89. Steven Vargas

      Men do respect

    90. Steven Vargas

      You don’t understand

    91. Steven Vargas

      Your ego high

    92. William Taylor

      If your a diamond boomer like me

    93. The Solid lad

      Nanomachines, son.

    94. Nolan Pearce

      If you’ve already purchased fortnite you can still get it. At least that’s how it works for me...

    95. Calvin the Eliminator

      I think the Portland of the phone industry would be the Galaxy Note 7 since it is spontaneous and burst into flames.

    96. Ultimate Gaming Friends !!!

      i like where this is going, they say fortnite cant be banned from the app store but apple may block its update 🤣 thats the best joke ive heard luckly i dont play fortnite haha

    97. Tech Altitude

      Fantastic #techaltitude check it

    98. RandomMercy

      I have a switch and honestly a 4K screen would be utterly retarded, keep a 1080p screen and up the battery and performance

    99. Kimberly Jacobsen

      Huawei spying says USA. Denmark is currently uncovering a Huge Spy case on danish nationals by the NSA . USA stop your selves. Ohh your the good good guy’s! 🤨

    100. Damon Dahl

      idk about you. but for me... I just saw this man quench his nipples slowly.